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Chapter Fourteen: Daylight

"Here I am staring at your perfection in my arms so beautiful. The sky is getting bright, the stars are burning out, somebody slow it down. This is way too hard coz I know when the sun comes up I will leave this my last glance that will soon be memories." (Daylight by Maroon 5)


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldives Island – 11:04 A.M.

"Why don't we go to the beach? I mean, we're in Maldives, aren't we suppose to enjoy the ocean and not the pool?" Draco asked as he watches Hermione emerge from the water.

Hermione wiped her face with her hand and wrinkled her nose; "But it's too hot out there, I don't want to end up being burned" she said.

"We have potions for that you know?"

Hermione rolled her eyes before hefting herself out of the water; "You can go, I wouldn't mind" she said as she walked towards one of the sun beds.

Draco smirked; "But it wouldn't be fun without you there"

Hermione plopped down and angled herself so she's facing the blonde man lounging on the other side; she grabbed her towel and began drying her arms. "Pray tell, why?"

Draco sat up and dangled his legs on the side; he leaned forward and braised his elbows on top his knees. "I think that question is rhetorical, aye?" he said while wiggling his brows suggestively.

Hermione's eyes widen as her cheeks began to blush; she threw the towel at Draco's face and averted her gaze, clearly flustered. "You're a pig!"

Draco laughed as he placed the towel on his lap.

"I'm not making out with you at the beach! That is so inappropriate!" Hermione shrieked.

"Aha! So that's the reason why you don't want to leave this place-so we can make out" Draco teased.

Hermione felt her face become redder so she shot up from her perch and began walking away without a word.

"Come on Granger! I'm only kidding!"

"Whatever Malfoy! Talk to me when your head is out of the gutter!"

Draco chuckled as he watches Hermione enter the house.


Malfoy Manor – Whiltshire, England – 8:01 A.M.

Theo was just dusting off the soot from his clothes when the fire place came to life again; he turned around and saw his friend emerging from the flames. "Blaise?"

Blaise stepped out of the grate and furrowed his brows; "Did Aunt Cissy owl you as well?" he asked.

Theo nodded; "Do you have any idea why?"

Blaise pointed his wand on his clothes and vanished the soot with one flick; "I also don't know, is it just us?"

"I think so"


Theo turned around and saw an elf standing a couple of steps away from him. The tiny creature curtseyed and bowed its head; "Mistress is waiting for you at the Sun Room, Mimi will take Masters there."

Blaise raised his brow as he walks towards his friend; "There's no better way to find out than the source, let's go" he said.

"Right" Theo said.


"Pansy? Are you here? Where are you?" Millicent asked frantically.

Pansy yanked her bathroom door open and peeked her head out; "Millie? Is everything alright?"

Millicent turned around and saw her friend standing behind the door; she made a bee line towards it and stared at Pansy in horror. "I need your help"

Pansy furrowed her brows upon noticing her friend's agitation; "Just give me a minute," she said before closing the door behind her.

Millicent began pacing as she fumbled with her hands anxiously.

The bathroom door opened and Pansy stepped out; "What's wrong?" she asked as she ties a knot on her robe.

Millicent stopped pacing and turned her pale face towards Pansy.

Pansy's eyes widen upon seeing tears trickling down Millicent's face; she hastily shifted closer to her friend and braised her hands on the other witch's shoulder. "Why are you crying? Did you get hurt? Tell me?"

Millicent let out a sob before dissolving into tears; she buried her face into her palms as her shoulders shook.

Pansy stared at her friend with alarm before pulling her into a hug; "Millie? You're scaring me"

Millicent didn't respond but her cries intensified.

Pansy cringed; "Calm down-Ssshhhhh" she cooed.


Malfoy Manor – Whiltshire, England – 8:09 A.M

"Aunt Cissy, Good morning" Theo greeted as he entered the Sun Room.

Narcissa stood from her perch and smiled; "Good Morning Theodore, thank you for coming with such a short notice"

Theo grinned as he walks towards the older witch; "You know I'd do anything for you" he replied cheekily.

Narcissa engulfed Theo into a hug; "You'd do anything for my cakes" she said.

Theo laughed as he pulls away; "That too" he said.

Narcissa turned her eyes towards the other man standing behind Theo; "Why are you just standing there? Aren't you giving your old Aunt Cissy a hug?"

Blaise smiled fondly at his best friend's mother; he walked towards her and pulled her into a tight hug. "It's been a while Aunt Cissy" he said.

Narcissa chuckled; "And whose fault is it?" she said before pulling away. She then eyed her son's best friend's and pursed her lips; "Ever since you guys grew up, you never even bother to visit your poor old Aunt Cissy anymore."

Theo looked sheepish; "I'm sorry—it's just that I've been busy with work and-"

Blaise snorted; "More like busy with Pansy"

Narcissa's eyes widen in surprise; "You and Pansy?" she asked.

Theo threw Blaise an annoyed look before smiling awkwardly at Narcissa; "Uhm-it's fairly new..."

Narcissa beamed as she claps her hands in delight; "That's good to hear! I've always known you have a soft spot for Pansy"

Theo averted his eyes as his cheeks redden; "Err-"

Blaise laughed and patted his friend's back; "We all knew mate, no need to be ashamed"

Narcissa laughed; she then gestured towards the empty chairs around the table. "Why don't you two sit down and have breakfast with me first, we can talk later" she said while sitting down.

Blaise pulled a chair and sat down; "Where's Uncle Lucius?" he asked curiously.

"He left early, he need to take care of some things"

"Where's Draco?" Theo asked as he sits down.

Narcissa smiled; "He's on vacation but he'll be back in two days time" she said.

Blaise smirked; "How did you convince him to go?"

"I have my ways" Narcissa said. She then gestured towards the food on the table; "I know you two haven't had breakfast yet so help yourselves"

Theo grabbed his napkin from the top of his plate and smiled boyishly; "You always knew how to spoil us" he said while eyeing his favourite breakfast food.

"Of course" Narcissa said before taking a sip of her morning tea.


"-And then I took the test and its freaking pink!" Millicent bawled.

Pansy closed her eyes as she rubs her temples; "Did you try it again?"

"I did it 12 times and it's always pink!"

Pansy took a deep calming breath before opening her eyes; she stood up from her perch and began walking towards her walk in closet.

"Where are you going?" Millicent asked in panic.

"I can't very well go to St. Mungos in my robe, can I?"

Millicent's eyes widen; "Why do we need to go there?"

Pansy paused and turned her face towards her friend; "We'll see a Healer"

"Can't we just call Draco? I mean he's a Healer right?"

Pansy raised her brow; "Draco is not here, he's on vacation."

Millicent pursed her lips; "Can we just call him and ask him to come back?" she asked petulantly.

"It's his first vacation in years so we will not disturb him. There are other competent Healers in St. Mungos that can check you."


Pansy rolled her eyes before closing the door behind her.


Malfoy Manor – Whiltshire, England – 8:30 A.M

Blaise furrowed his brows; "Ireland Montgomery?"

Narcissa nodded; "Yes, she came here last night and introduced herself to Lucius and I"

Theo threw Blaise a confused look; "I thought Draco's girlfriend's name is Iris?"

Blaise leaned back on his chair and crossed his arms on top of his chest; "That's what I know as well," he said. He then turned his gaze towards Narcissa; "Can you describe her Aunt Cissy? I met her once and I can still remember how she looks like" she said.

"She has caramel eyes, pale skin and she's a blonde" Narcissa said.

Blaise sighed; "It matches Iris' description"

Theo furrowed his brows in suspicion; "Why a different name then?"

"That's also what Lucius and I thought that's why I called you here. We needed confirmation about her name because as far as we know from Draco, he'd always called her Iris."

"Did you tell Draco?" Blaise asked.

Narcissa sighed as she leans back on her seat; "We haven't told him yet, we wanted to be sure first before we tell him anything but I already sent him a note, asking him to come home in two days."

Theo nodded; "Did you and Uncle Lucius hire an investigator to check on her story?"

Narcissa nodded; "Yes, he's talking to him now"

"It just doesn't make any sense, why now? I mean, Draco has been looking for her for Merlin knows how long" Blaise said with exasperation.

"Exactly my point dear, exactly my point" Narcissa said.

"There's something wrong with this picture and we will find out" Theo said.


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldives Island – 3:04 P.M.

"You don't have to do this to prove a point you know?" Draco said as he follows Hermione.

Hermione scoffed as she makes her way towards the beach; "I'm not proving a point, you were right. We have this wonderful beach at our disposal, why not take advantage of it."

Draco bit his bottom lip to keep himself from smirking; "It's a private beach"

Hermione paused and turned her head towards him; "Pull your head out of the gutter Malfoy" she chastised.

Draco shrugged his shoulders; "Just saying" he said.

Hermione rolled her eyes and continued her trek; once she found her spot, she neatly placed her towel on top of the warm sand and plopped down.

Draco stood beside her and stared at the witch confusedly; "We have some recliners there, why are you sitting on the sand?"

Hermione tilted her head and met Draco's gaze; she smiled teasingly before gesturing towards the spot beside her. "Live a little Malfoy, you won't die by just sitting on the sand. Come on, don't be squeamish"

Draco raised his brow; "I'm not squeamish Granger" he said before copying her actions.

Hermione lowered her shades to her eyes as she lay down on her back; "I will murder you if you don't have the potion you promised."

Draco chuckled as he sat crossed legged on his towel; "What do you need the potions for? You're pretty much covered" he teased.

Hermione turned her head to the side; "My arms and legs are exposed, they can burn" she said in a-matter-of-factly-way.

"I can't believe your sunbathing wearing a t-shirt and skimpy shorts, you'll have a very unflattering tan lines."

"You're only saying that because you want to see my bikini clad body again" Hermione said cheekily.

Draco grinned; "You have a very nice body."

Hermione giggled.

"It's true. You wore it in the pool, why not wear it where it should be worn?"

"I'm wearing it under my clothes so hush" Hermione said.

Draco's grin spread wider; "Take off your clothes then,"

"You're impossible"

"I try" Draco said smugly. He then stretched his arms upward and yawned; "I think I'll hit the water, want to join me?"

"Nope, I'm fine here" Hermione replied.

Draco stood from his perch and began tugging his shirt off, exposing his well toned chest and abs.

Hermione felt her breath hitch as her eyes rake his form under her dark shades.

Draco threw his shirt on top of his towel before turning towards at Hermione; "Are you sure you don't want to join me? The waters temp is the best at this time"

Hermione swallowed hard; "Err-you go ahead, I'll follow" she said.

"Okay" Draco replied before making his way to the shore.

Hermione hefted her upper body up and braised her elbows on the sand; she followed Draco with her eyes and watches him as he submerge himself under water. "Why do you have to have that sinful body, huh?" she asked aloud. She then let herself fall back on the towel and groaned; "You're in trouble Hermione Granger" she said.

Draco did a few laps before he decided to take a rest; he walked back to their spot and hovered above Hermione.

"You're blocking my sun Malfoy" Hermione said.

"You took off your clothes" Draco said.

"Well spotted. Now, move your arse."

Draco smirked widely before bending forward and scooping Hermione into his arms.

Hermione's eyes snapped open and began flailing her arms; "Put me down! What on earth are you doing?" she shrieked.

Draco ignored her rants and began running towards the shore.

Hermione eyes widen in horror; "Oh no—no-no you don't! You wouldn't dare!" she squealed.

Draco rolled his eyes; he held Hermione tighter to his chest as he continues his descend to the water.

Hermione wrapped her arms around Draco's neck tightly, clinging to him; "Come on Draco cut it out! Bring me back to the shore!"

Draco shook his head; "Nu-uh!"

"You will pay for this Malfoy, I'm telling you-" Hermione's rant was cut off when she felt herself being engulfed by water when Draco fell on his back, soaking them both.

Draco emerged from the water, laughing loudly as she watches Hermione sputtering.

Hermione wiped her eyes and glared at the Blonde man laughing beside her; "That was not funny!" she snapped. She shifted closer to him and began hitting him with the palm of her hands; "That was evil Malfoy!"

Draco continued laughing as he deflects Hermione's hands; he wrapped his hands around her arms and tugged her to his chest. He smiled at her playfully and stared directly into her eyes; "That was not so bad Granger, admit it, it was fun."

Hermione narrowed her eyes; "It was not fun! I ingested some bloody salty water!"

Draco's eyes strayed to Hermione's lips; "I can see that" he said huskily.

Hermione felt her heart skip a beat when she notices the change in Draco's demeanour; she licked her lips nervously and swallowed hard.

Draco slowly lowered Hermione's arms to her side and met her gaze; he then snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking now Hermione?"

Hermione felt her cheeks flush; "Depends on what you're thinking..."

Draco lowered his face and leaned his forehead to hers, still maintaining eye contact; "I'm thinking how delectable your lips tastes like..."

Hermione bit her bottom lip to keep herself from smiling.

"How you moan when I nibbled on you lower lip..."

Hermione licked her lips.

"How you say my name when I kiss your neck..."

Hermione gasped.

"How you-"

"Draco?" Hermione said cutting him off.


Hermione smiled; "Shut up and just kiss me."

Draco grinned before leaning forward and capturing Hermione's lips.

Hermione moaned as she snaked her arms around Draco's neck, pulling him closer.

Draco smiled into the kiss and wrapped his arms tighter around Hermione's waist.


St. Mungos, London England – 11:30 A.M.

"Are you sure? Can you do it again?" Millicent asked tearfully.

"She's done the test five times now Millie, I doubt the results will change" Pansy said comfortingly.

"Ms. Parkinson is right Ms. Bullstrode, the test has 100% accuracy, you are 5 weeks long" The Healer said.

Millicent burst into tears as she buried her face into her palms; "What am I suppose to do now?" she whimpered.

Pansy wrapped her arm around her friend and pulled her into a hug; "I don't know but we'll figure it out" she said.


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldives Island – 3:30 P.M.

Hermione popped a grape into her mouth and groaned out loud; "This is so sweet" she said.

Draco just smiled as he took a swig of his wine.

"I still can't believe you were able to arrange this" Hermione said.

"I'm a Malfoy, I can do anything I want"

Hermione rolled her eyes before plucking her wine glass beside her; "You and your huge ego."

Draco chuckled; he leaned forward and plucked a piece of cheese from the platter. He popped it into his mouth and chewed with vigour.

Hermione took a sip of her own drink as she watches Draco eat; after a couple of seconds she burst out giggling.

"What?" Draco asked.

Hermione shook her head; "You're such a snob" she said.

Draco raised a brow; "What do you mean?"

Hermione gestured towards the food between them; "Cheese platter, truffles and wine? Come on, don't tell me that doesn't scream as snob to you?"

Draco cocked his head to the side and pursed his lips; "You have a point there" he conceded.

Hermione smiled; "But that's okay, I know you're not" she amended.

"Good to know" Draco replied with a smile.

Hermione took a sip of her wine again; "So—you're flooing back to England a day after tomorrow right?" she asked.

Draco nodded; "Yes, mother told me she needs me for something but she didn't really specify." He then furrowed his brows; "It worries me though, she wouldn't normally cut this vacation if it's not important."

"Maybe it's about work."

"I hope so" Draco replied. He then shook his head to rid himself of thoughts before meeting Hermione's gaze; "How about you? How long will you be here?"

"I actually don't have any idea. What I do know though is I have to go home soon, I mean, I can't hide here forever" Hermione said with a sigh.

Draco leaned forward and gently placed his hands on top of Hermione's; "Stay here for as long as you like" he said.

"Thank you" Hermione said.

Draco squeezed her hand again before pulling it away; "Since tomorrow is my last day on this Mum imposed vacation, anything you want to do before I leave?"

Hermione bit her bottom lip; "Can we just stay here? I'm really not in the mood to explore town" she admitted.

"Okay then, we'll stay" Draco said.

Hermione smiled before taking another sip of her wine.


Brown's Cottage - Surrey, England –2:57 P.M

"Have you heard anything from Ronald?" Leila asked as she enters her daughter's room.

Lavender tore her eyes away from the book she's reading; "No, should I?" she asked, clearly confused.

"He should be talking to you about your impending marriage"

Lavender snapped her book close and glared at her mother; "He's not interested in marrying me Mum, he already made that clear the last time we saw him."

Leila crossed her arms on top of her chest and narrowed her eyes at her daughter; "He dragged our name into this scandal, he will marry you, even if I have to Imperio him!" she snapped.

Lavender shot up from her perch; "You will not do such thing Mum! I love Ronald and you will not curse him!"

Leila scoffed; "We'll see about that!" she said before turning on her heels and leaving the room in a huff.

Lavender rubbed her temples tiredly as she plops down on her bed; "What a mess you've gotten yourself into Lavender" she murmured to herself.


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldives Island – 7:43 P.M.

Hermione stepped out of her bathroom and made her way towards her bed; she climbed up the mattress and popped the moisturizer cap open. She squeezed a dollop on her palm and began lathering it on her warm arm; she shifted her eyes on the open balcony door and fixed her gaze on the dark starry night sky. She just asked Draco to kiss her again and it felt good, really good. Draco on the other hand seems not to mind, in fact, he looks like he enjoys it as much as she does which makes things more complicated. Are they each other's rebound after being jaded? Is there more to this? What will happen to them when they both return to England? Will they still continue with what they're doing? Or will things go back to the way it always were, ignoring each other's existence. Hermione let out a sigh; she'll never get the answers unless she asks him and that itself, is terrifying.


Draco rubbed the towel on his hair as he steps out of his balcony; he took a deep calming breath and closed his eyes. Hermione just asked him to kiss her again and it's driving him insane; it has been a long time since he felt this compelled to kiss someone and it's starting to freak him out, big time. He licked his lips and opened his eyes; "What are you doing to me Hermione Granger?" he asked himself.


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldives Island – 8: 34 A.M

The next day: Draco's last day

Hermione opened her eyes and felt a heavy weight settle inside her chest; Draco will be leaving tomorrow morning and she'll be alone here again. She sat up from on her bed and hugged her knees to her chest; she leaned her chin on top of it and let out deep sigh; what's wrong with her? She's not supposed to feel this way and she's not supposed to be attached but why does it feel like her heart is falling to her stomach every time the thought of him leaving crosses her mind. She let out a loud ground and buried her face into her arms; "What's wrong with you Granger!"

"Is something the matter Miss?"

Hermione's head snapped up and saw Didi standing at the foot of the bed; "Err-I'm fine Didi" she said.

"Master Draco is already awake and asked Didi to check if Miss is awake, should Didi tell Master that Miss is still sleeping?"

Hermione shook her head as she scooted to the edge of the bed; "No it's alright, I'll get up."

Didi smiled toothily; "Master Draco is cooking breakfast so Miss should hurry up to the kitchen"

Hermione paused and stared at the elf; "He's cooking? Does he even know how to cook?"

Didi nodded; "Master says he can and it looks good."

Hermione raised her brow; "We'll see about that" she said.


Draco was wiping the side of the plate when Hermione entered the kitchen; he smiled widely upon spotting the brunette and pointed towards the breakfast bar stool. "Have breakfast with me."

Hermione hopped up the stool and stared at the plates with amazement; "You cooked all these?" she asked.

"Yes" Draco said proudly.

Hermione lifted her gaze and met Draco's eyes; "I didn't know you could cook" she said.

"One of my many talents that you don't know-yet" Draco said.

Hermione felt her heart skip a beat upon hearing the word "yet", she cleared her throat as she plucks her fork beside her plate; "Now, let's see if this tastes better than it looks" she said with a smile.

Draco grabbed his own cutlery; "My Eggs Benedict are perfect Granger, I'm sure it'll keep you coming for more."

Hermione sliced the egg in half and felt her brows rose in surprise upon seeing the perfect runny yolk ooze on top of the muffin.

Draco smirked as he notices his companion's reaction; he cut a small piece of his sandwich and speared it with his fork. He lifted it from the plate and shifted it closer to Hermione's mouth; "Here, taste it" he said.

Hermione tore her eyes away from her plate and threw Draco a confused look; "Eer—I have my own plate Malfoy, remember?"

Draco ignored her words and began wiggling his fork right in front of her face; "Just open your mouth and eat this" he said.

Hermione narrowed her eyes at Draco suspiciously; "Did you put too much salt in that?" she asked.

Draco rolled her eyes; "If I wanted to kill your taste buds I would've just shoved salt in your mouth instead of bothering with cooking" he said.

Hermione thought for a moment; "Point taken" she said. She then leaned forward and obediently accepted the food that Draco is offering; she chewed for a couple of seconds before swallowing it.

Draco lowered his fork and stared at Hermione expectantly; "So?"

Hermione smiled; "Impressive Draco, really impressive" she said.

Draco smiled boyishly before cutting himself a piece; "I'm glad you liked it" he said.


Malfoy Manor – Whiltshire, England – 4: 13 A.M.

Narcissa opened her eyes sleepily when she felt a weight settled beside her; she turned to her side and saw her husband just getting in. "What time is it?" she croaked.

Lucius pulled the duvet to cover his legs before settling down; he turned to his side and faced her wife. "It's still early, go back to sleep, we'll talk about it later."

Narcissa scooted closer to her husband and placed her head on his chest; "Um-yeah, we'll talk later" she murmured.

Lucius hummed contentedly before closing his eyes.


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldives Island – 9: 00 A.M

"Don't tell me you will spend the whole day reading?" Draco asked as he plops down beside Hermione.

Hermione lifted her gaze and turned towards the Blonde sitting beside her; "What do you want to do?" she asked.

"You look cute" Draco said.

Hermione wrinkled her nose; "I'm sorry?"

"You look cute with your glasses on, I didn't know you wear one"

"I only wear it when I'm reading that's why"

"I see" Draco said. He then leaned back on the couch and furrowed his brows; "There's really nothing much to do here since we're in a secluded island, you already told me that you down want to go down town so—I'm running out of ideas" he admitted.

Hermione dog eared her novel and threw it haphazardly on top of the coffee table; "Let me think" she said.

Draco turned his head sideways and grinned widely at Hermione; "We can just make out" he said.

Hermione pulled the pillow behind her and began hitting Draco with it; "Get your head out the gutter!" she shrieked.

Draco shot up from his perch and began laughing; "I'm just teasing you Granger, no need to be violent"

Hermione threw her pillow at him and pursed her lips; "You're so annoying!"

Draco caught the pillow and hugged it to his chest; "Find me once you think of something to do" he said.


Malfoy Manor – Whiltshire, England – 9:24 A.M.

"Why are you up?" Narcissa asked as her husband sauntered inside the dining room.

Lucius yawned as he walks towards his wife; he leaned forward and planted a kiss on her head before sitting down. "I already slept before I came home last night that's why I'm not that tired" he replied.

"You look tired love, you should've slept in" Narcissa said.

Lucius smirked; "And keep you sitting on pins and needles until I wake up?"

Narcissa laughed; "You know me so well" she said. She then gestured towards the food; "Eat first, we have a lot to talk about" she said.

Lucius nods as he fishes out the napkin on top of his plate; "We have a lot to talk about indeed" he said.

Narcissa let out a sigh before taking a sip of her tea.


"Did you double check?" Theo asked.

Pansy rolled her eyes; "She checked 12 times and the Healer checked her 5 times, how many times do we need to check?"

Theo leaned back on his chair, clearly in a daze; "I can't believe she's pregnant!" he said incredulously.

"Tell me about it."

Theo narrowed his eyes; "Who's the father? Does she know?"

Pansy threw her beau an indignant look; "Of course she knows! Millie is not like that!"

Theo raised both of his hands in surrender; "I'm just asking, so who's the father?"

Pansy crossed her arms on top of her chest and pursed her lips; "Weasley."

"Merlin! Didn't she just publish something in the Prophet to humiliate him?"

Pansy huffed; "She did but she called Rita Skeeter to call it off when she found out that she's carrying his spawn."

Theo puffed out a breath; "I can't believe the Weasel got her pregnant. What will she do?"

"I don't know yet, she's still in shock."

"We can't blame her,"

Pansy nodded.


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldives Island – 12:05 P.M

"I can't think of anything to do around here" Hermione said as she approaches Draco.

Draco patted the space beside him; "Sit here and we can just talk" he said.

Hermione raised her brow; "I'm not making out with you in broad daylight" she huffed.

Draco smirked; "Now who's the one thinking about perverted thoughts? I'm asking you to just sit beside me."

Hermione pursed her lips before walking towards the couch; she plopped down on the other end, keeping distance between them. "I'm bored"

"We can always go to the beach, have you tried snorkelling? They say it's fun" Draco suggested.

Hermione wrinkled her nose; "Nah-not into fishes much"

Draco nodded; "Same here" he said. He then leaned back on the couch and lifted his feet on top of the table; "We can take a walk along the shore and talk?"

Hermione let out a small smile; "That doesn't sound bad" she said.

"Can we do it later though? It's really hot outside and I'm hungry"

"Oh! That's also what I came here for, Didi told me that lunch is ready" Hermione said as she hopped off of the couch.

Draco pulled his feet off the coffee table and stood up; "Let's eat," he said.


Malfoy Manor – Whiltshire, England –10: 45 A.M.

"So you're telling me that she is who she claims she is? She's the same Iris that Draco talked about?" Narcissa asked with wide eyes.

"Yes" Lucius replied.

"But-but she told us her name is Ireland!"

Lucius began rubbing her temples; "Iris is her childhood nickname, people call her that because it's confusing to call her Ireland when their in Ireland."

Narcissa fell back on her chair; "I can't believe this is really happening Lucius-our poor son—what will happen now?"

"I also don't know, what I found out about her is pretty solid, we just have to wait for Draco to come home so he can see her for himself."

"He will be devastated-my poor baby"

Lucius sighed; "We just have to be there for him" he said solemnly.

Narcissa buried her face into her palms.


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldives Island – 3:05 P.M

"It's really beautiful here," Hermione said.

Draco threw Hermione a side glance; "Yup."

Hermione continued staring ahead; "You excited to go home tomorrow?" she asked cautiously.

Draco halted in his steps and tugged on Hermione's arm, making her pause too. "We should talk about it you know, we can't keep on burying our heads in the sand."

Hermione let out a sigh before meeting Draco's gaze; "I don't know what to talk about to be honest" she admitted.

"About us-what will happen when we both go back to England."

Hermione bit her bottom lip anxiously; "What-what do you want us to be?" she asked, completely leaving the ball in Draco's court.

Draco licked his lips; "I-I want to see where this will lead us-" he paused. He then stepped closer and stared into Hermione's eyes seriously; "I know that this is not the right time to broach the topic because I know you're not ready for it-yet, all I'm saying is that I want to keep seeing you. I-I've never enjoyed anyone else's company like I did in the last couple of days and kissing you-Merlin, kissing you made me feel things I thought I'd never feel again..."

Hermione felt her heart soar upon hearing Draco's admission; she took a step closer and let out a smile. "I like kissing you too" she said.

Draco smiled back; "I can tell" he teased.

Hermione giggled; "So-we'll keep seeing each other then? We won't pretend that we can barely stand each other's presence?"

Draco took another step closer and wrapped his arms around Hermione's waist; "Ignoring each other's presence will be futile, the pull we're feeling for each other is too strong and that's already proven, don't you think?"

Hermione bit her bottom lip as she nods in agreement; "Yeah" she said.

"Don't bite you lip"

Hermione automatically let her lip go; she stared into his eyes before voicing out her fears. "I'm scared..."

Draco leaned his forehead to hers; "I'm scared too"

"It's just that-I don't know if I can do this again. I like what you make me feel but I'm scared of diving into this least not yet"

"I think we're on the same page Hermione"


Draco pulled his face away to meet her gaze; "Yeah-you know my story"

Hermione's eyes widen in surprise; "You mean you never had anyone after—after Iris?" she asked.

Draco shook his head; "I didn't think I can-but kissing you changed that" he admitted.

Hermione felt her breath hitch in her throat.

Draco slowly snaked his right hand towards Hermione's cheek; cupping it; "No need to feel pressure Granger, I'm just being honest"

Hermione let out giggle; "No pressure, huh?"

Draco smiled; "Yeah—no pressure or whatsoever. Like what I keep on telling you, we'll see where this takes us and we'll go from there"

Hermione rested her cheek on his palm; "You're right, no need to rush into things. There's still a lot to learn about each other" she agreed.

Draco pulled Hermione into his chest and hugged her; "Yep—like if you snore when you sleep or if you're collecting hairballs" he teased.

Hermione hit Draco on his back as she laughs; "You're awful Malfoy, really awful"

"You like me anyway" Draco quipped.

"That's true."

"Good, because I like you too"

Hermione let out a full blown smile as Draco smiled contentedly.


Hermione stepped inside the house laughing with Draco in tow; they were half way through the living room when Didi appeared out of nowhere, startling them both.

Didi winced and bowed her head; "I'm sorry Master and Miss, Didi didn't mean to startle you" she apologized.

Hermione smiled at the elf; "its okay Didi" she assured.

"Didi wants to know what Master and Miss wants to eat for supper?"

Draco shrugged his shoulders; "Anything will do Didi" he replied.

Hermione thought for a moment; "Why don't I cook something for us? You made me breakfast and it's only fair that I return the favour, don't you think?"

Draco smiled; "You don't have to that, I cooked because I want to make you something special not because I want you to return the favour"

"I want to make you something special too since it's your last day here, I promise I won't poison you" Hermione said.

"Are you sure?"

Hermione smiled; "Of course I'm sure" she said. She then stepped behind Draco and began pushing him towards the hallway to his room; "Go take a shower or something, I'll handle it. I'll send Didi once dinner is ready."

Draco lifted both hands in surrender; "Fine—fine" he said with a chuckle.

Hermione waited for Draco's back to disappear behind the corner before she turned towards the house elf with a smile. "Do you know Draco's favourite food?"

Didi smiled toothily; "Yes Miss and all the ingredients are here"



"Everything seems to be in place" Hermione said as she pulls off her apron.

"Miss can really cook" Didi said as she stares at the food on the table.

Hermione chuckled; "My Mum always insisted that a woman needs to learn how to cook, hence, the food on the table."

Didi nodded; "Should Didi call Master Draco?"

Hermione shook her head; "Err-I'll just take a quick bath first then I'll call him myself" she said.

"Is there anything else that Miss needs?"

"No Didi, you've been a great help, thank you"

"Didi is happy to help Miss"

Hermione smiled fondly at the elf before turning on her heels and walking towards her own room.


Draco was lounging on his bed when he heard a faint knock on his door; "Come in"

Hermione peered behind the door and smiled; "Dinner is ready"

"I thought you'll send Didi for me?" Draco asked as he climbs down his bed.

"I changed my mind."

Draco made his way towards Hermione and pulled the door open; he stopped right in front of her and raked her form with his eyes. "We had the same idea I see, you look beautiful" he said.

Hermione felt her cheeks flush with the compliment; "Great minds think alike I guess, you look good too" she replied.

Draco smirked; "You sure you still want have to have dinner?" he teased.

Hermione winked sassily at Draco before turning her back on him; "Oh-you'll want to have dinner, trust me" she said.

Draco watched Hermione sashay away before shaking his head; "Minx" he murmured.


"Too much?" Hermione asked with a cringe, waiting for Draco's reaction.

Draco shifted his eyes between the dimly lit den and Hermione; "You—you did all of this? For me?" he asked quietly.

Hermione bit her bottom lip anxiously; "You don't like it? I mean it's the last day of your vacation, we might as well end it with something nice."

Draco moved towards Hermione and placed his hands on her shoulders; he pulled her closer and planted a chaste kiss on her forehead. "I love it, thank you."

Hermione tilted her head and smiled brightly; "You haven't seen the food yet" she said.

Draco smiled; "Whatever it is, I'm sure I'll love it."

Hermione stepped away from his arms and began pulling him towards the table; she pointed towards the chair and smiled. "Sit down" she said.

Draco chuckled as he follows her instruction; "I love you how you boss me around" he teased.

Hermione pulled her own chair and sat down; "You need a good doze of bossing that's why" she quipped.

Draco sat down; "So-what did you cook for me?" he asked with a huge smile.

Hermione pulled her wand from her pocket and pointed it towards the dome lids; she flicked it once and automatically, all the lids were lifted and disappeared.

Draco's eyes widen upon seeing the array of his favourite food laden right on top of the table.

Hermione smirked upon seeing his reaction.

Draco turned his gaze towards Hermione, clearly stunned; "How did you-wow" he gasped.

"I asked Didi for help so I don't take all the credit" Hermione said.

"Nobody has ever done this for me-wow-Hermione, I don't know what to say"

Hermione placed her hand on top of Draco's; "A simple thank you will do. Now, why don't we dig in before the food gets cold" she said as she pulls her hand away.

Draco grabbed Hermione's hand and squeezed it; "Thank you," he said with a grateful smile.

Hermione smiled back; "You're welcome, now eat."

"Don't mind if I do" Draco said excitedly.


Draco moaned out loudly.

Hermione giggled in delight.

Draco licked his fingers clean and let out another moan of satisfaction.

Hermione licked her lips and smiled; "How was it? Did you enjoy it?"

"You were incredible-that was-heavenly" Draco said.

Hermione chuckled; "Heavenly?"

Draco smirked; "Well there's no way to describe it, so yeah,"

Hermione grinned, clearly satisfied.

Draco leaned forward and took another piece of cupcake from the dessert tray; "As a matter of fact, it tastes so good I have to have another one" he said smugly.

Hermione grabbed her coffee cup and took a sip; "I'm glad you like it, it's actually my Grandmum's recipe."

Draco took a bite of his cupcake and lifted it to his eye level; he peered inside the small confection before swallowing. "How on earth were you able to put dark chocolate ganache inside this tiny thing?"

"It's a secret" Hermione said mischievously.

Draco shrugged his shoulders and popped half the cupcake into his mouth.

Hermione leaned back on her seat; "Did you pack your things already?"

Draco nods as he swallowed his food; "Yeah—Mum only sent me here with a couple of clothes so it's not that hard to pack" he replied before leaning forward and grabbing his coffee.

"I see" Hermione said.

Draco took a gulp of his coffee before wiping his mouth with a napkin; "You done?" he asked.

Hermione emptied her cup and placed it on top of the table; she grabbed the napkin on the table and patted her mouth. "Yeah"

Draco stood up from his perch and offered her his hand; "Let's move this outside, it's a nice evening and the stars are out" he said.

Hermione accepted his hand and stood up from her chair; "Lets" she replied.


Malfoy Manor – Whiltshire, England – 07:51 P.M.

"Draco will be arriving tomorrow, right?" Lucius asked his wife.

Narcissa shifted her eyes away from the fireplace and stared at her husband; "Yes"

Lucius walked towards her and sat beside her; he gathered her hands onto his lap and squeezed it comfortingly. "We'll tell him together, it wouldn't be easy but we'll do it."

Narcissa scooted closer and rested her head on Lucius shoulder; "I'm just scared-he was so broken when he thought she died. I don't want him to go through that again-not when he's finally moving on."

Lucius let out a defeated sigh; "I wish the circumstances are different love but we just have to deal with cars we've been dealt."

Narcissa closed her eyes.


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldives Island –11:07 P.M

Hermione pulled her face away from Draco as she catches her breath.

Draco planted a chaste kiss on Hermione's lips before smiling contentedly; "Are you convinced now?"

"Yeah" Hermione whispered breathily.

Draco leaned his forehead on hers and stared into Hermione's eyes; "I like you Hermione-a lot"

Hermione smiled; "I like you a lot too"

Draco smiled; he then leaned forward again and captured Hermione's lips and kissed her hungrily.

Hermione wrapped her arms around Draco's neck and shifted on her seat; she hefted herself and straddled Draco's lap.

Draco groaned as he trailed his hands along Hermione's waist, settling it on her hips.

Hermione moaned as the kiss intensified.

Draco continued kissing Hermione for a couple of more minutes before pulling away; he licked his lips as he panted.

Hermione leaned her forehead on his and caught her breath too.

"We should slow it down a bit" Draco said hoarsely.

Hermione closed her eyes as she tries to calm her breathing; "Yeah"

Draco planted another kiss on Hermione's swollen lips before lying down on his back, dragging the brunette with him.

Hermione rested her chin on top of Draco's chest and continued staring at him; "I wish you didn't have to leave so soon" she whispered.

Draco met her gaze; "Me too"

Hermione wrinkled her nose; "I think I'll have to cut short my vacation too," she said.

Draco chuckled; "I'm flattered that you can't stand not seeing my handsome face Granger but don't cut your much needed vacation short just because I'm leaving. I can wait, it's not as if I'm leaving London or anything."

Hermione felt her cheeks flush so she thumped his chest with her palm; "Not everything is about you Malfoy!"

"Oh yeah?"

Hermione started to pull away but Draco wrapped his arms around her waist tightly; "I'm just kidding" he said.

Hermione huffed; "You're an ass"

Draco chuckled; "I have my moments"

Hermione placed her cheek on top of Draco's chest and stared at the dark sky; "I also have to get back soon you know, I still have my job and my cat to come home too"

"The old orange furball you call a cat is still alive?"

"Yeah, he's staying with Harry and Torry"

"Figures, Candice must be in cloud nine, she loves animals" Draco said fondly.

Hermione chuckled; "Crooks loves her too, he doesn't like that much people though. I dated Ron for years and he never takes a liking to him."

Draco huffed; "Your cat is smart" he said.

Hermione let out a small smile; "That he is. "

Draco began rubbing circles on Hermione's back lulling her to sleep.

"Don't do that-it's making me sleepy" Hermione mumbled.

Draco ignored her complaints and continued his actions; "Sleep then" he replied.

"We can't-I can't sleep here"

"Says who?"


"No buts Granger-we only have until daylight together before I leave for home so let's not waste it by bickering about where to sleep"

"I didn't know you like cuddling"

Draco closed his eyes; "I'm surprised with myself too, one of our firsts together" he said.

Hermione smiled as she closes her eyes; "Yeah-one of our firsts"

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