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The next few days were a blur of classes and anxiety. I got an appointment with Healer Chang for Thursday – the earliest she could take me. I was lucky she agreed to take me at all.

As Thursday approached, I got more and more nervous. I felt that I was constantly teetering on the edge of panic and exhaustion and Scorpius was absorbing the brunt of my outbursts and mood swings. Of course, he was being absolutely rotten about it. He was so completely understanding and compassionate; it was aggravating me all the more. Luckily, Selenia’s prenatal potion had really helped my nausea most days, but on the big day of the appointment, it wasn’t doing anything to ease my stomach.

“All right there, love?” Scorpius was rubbing my back as I retched into the toilet just after breakfast.

“Does it sound like I am all right?” I shot back as soon as I could draw in a breath. I was talking into the toilet bowl because I couldn’t lift my head up any higher for fear of dizziness. But that didn’t stop my tirade. “Yes, absolutely. Doing the technicolor hurl into this porcelain bowl approximately ten minutes after eating my eggs and toast is completely fantastic!” The words left my mouth shortly before another round of heaving took place, and I felt the guilt build up in my head along with a pounding headache.

“I’m so sorry, Scorp. I didn’t mean it.” I said, rubbing my head as soon as I could get the words out. The tears came to my eyes and I gingerly stood up and rinsed my mouth out at the sink. He didn’t deserve my anger. I began brushing my teeth, but I was still talking. “I’b buss so mermous aboud seeig be Heaber pobay.” I pulled the toothbrush out of my mouth, spit the toothpaste into the sink, rinsed and lifted my head up only to be spun around and tightly hugged.

“Even when you are trying to be snippy, you are cute and sweet. I know you’re nervous, but I’m coming with you and we’ll get all of the news together. Then we’ll go and see Harry and just take it from there.”

“Scorp,” I said into his chest. “I love you and I appreciate all of your support. But if you spin me around like that right after I just threw up ever, ever again, I will make sure that the next vomit session ends up on you. In fact, I can almost guarantee it.”

He took a step back and had a look of slight distaste on his face. I felt satisfied that I had finally gotten to him – at least a little bit.


About an hour later, we were in Healer Chang’s office, discussing the pregnancy. She was incredibly nice – and thorough. She answered all of our questions. I had a lot, but Scorpius had even more.

Officially, I was about 13 weeks pregnant. That meant that I was in my second trimester and hopefully the nausea and fatigue would get better, but there were no assurances. I should start showing a little bit very soon, and would need to get some maternity clothes and robes. I could participate in training until the baby was born – as long as I felt good and there weren’t any other problems. From all of the sickness, I had lost nearly five kilos from my normal weight. This information caused Scorpius to spiral into a complete panic.

“Is that alright?! I mean, she barely weighs anything as it is! Shouldn’t she be gaining weight?!” I was used to him being the one to steady me, or even navigating his anger from time to time, but blind panic was a new emotion and I wasn’t exactly sure how to juggle this.

Not to mention the fact that I could’ve possibly been doing my rounds with this woman when the internship part of my training began, and I didn’t want to be known as the patient with the completely insane boyfr- I guess fiancé - who went off the handle because of a few pounds.

But Healer Chang didn’t bat an eye. Instead, she spoke directly to him in a calm and soothing voice, “Actually, Scorpius, it’s quite common for women to lose weight in the first trimester. And I will definitely be keeping an eye on Rose because we do want her to start gaining a few.” This calmed him down considerably, but didn’t ebb his tidal wave of questions. I sat silently while he fired question after question at her.

“How often does she need to come to see you?”

“About once per month for the time being, but as it gets closer to her due date, there’ll be more frequent visits.”

“Does she have the baby here? At St. Mungo’s?”

“She can, if that’s what you two decide. We have an excellent maternity ward. Some witches still choose a home birth, but that’s up to you and Rose.”

“Is it safe to apparate? What about floo?”

“Rose can safely apparate until the third trimester. After that it’s floo only until the baby is born. Some witches find flooing really uncomfortable and choose to use muggle transportation.”

Scorpius nodded intently, hanging on her every word. He didn’t say anything for a few moments, so she continued. “In short, Rose, you are a very healthy young woman. Now, it is time to see your baby!”

“What? Why?” I was surprised. I knew from training that women don’t get their first scan until 20 weeks. “Is something wrong?” I felt Scorpius tense beside me.

She smiled and placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder. “We just like to check with women who discovered they were pregnant after the ten week mark. It will give us a more accurate idea of your due date and we can take some measurements.” She gave me a gown to cover with and instructions for how to put it on. Then she left to give us some privacy for a few moments. I looked over at Scorpius, who was beaming.

“You’re excited to see the baby, aren’t you?” I asked, taking off my skirt and handing it to him.

“Uh-huh.” He was bouncing up and down in his seat next to the examining table. I spread the gown over my bottom half.

“All set?” Healer Chang asked from the door before entering.

“Yes!” Scorpius answered before I could say anything. She stepped through with what looked like a white roll of parchment in her hand. She gently pulled the gown down, exposing my bare belly to the cool room. It was only cool for a few moments, however, until she squirted some very warm jelly on it. She unrolled the parchment and cited Levipapyrus, at it. It hovered in mid-air, eye level for both Scorpius and I. Next, she pulled a transducer from her robes and affixed it to her wand. I was familiar with all of this equipment and even knew the order of the spells needed to create the image. However, being on the patient side of things was entirely different.

She gently applied pressure with the round end to my abdomen. She shifted and slid it around for a few moments, and finally she declared Infans Imago, and a fuzzy image appeared on the parchment.

All of my worries and anxiety disappeared in that moment. It was as if someone had chanted Evanesco at my head and they had never existed. As the image of our baby came into focus, my thoughts became clearer as well. There it was: with a tiny little head and a body that was mostly belly. The thin legs were curled around each other and tucked up against it. I could even see the umbilical cord that I knew led to me – and then it hit me. The realization that our baby was growing inside me, swept through me, hitting every nerve. I had seen many scans during my obstetrics course, seen women cry at their own realizations – even seen some men cry. It was touching, but nothing, nothing like this. This was Scorpius and me, together. Physical proof of how much we loved each other.

“Everything looks great!” Healer Chang exclaimed. She began touching and tapping the part of her wand that wasn’t attached to the round object like she was playing a flute, while muttering the incantations under her breath. Little lines were drawing on the parchment and I knew she was measuring the head, spine and other important parts of the baby, but I didn’t even see all of that. I was too enamored with the fist picture of my baby.

“Oh, Scorp…” I couldn’t say anything else because my throat was so tight. He was now standing and leaned against the examination table so that our heads were next to each other and as close as possible to the parchment, squeezing my hand. It was absolutely the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Healer Chang began to point out the different parts of the baby. The head, spine, belly (super cute!), we could even see a tiny little nose. Just as she was showing us one of the hands, the baby moved its arm up to its head. Scorpius and I both sucked in our breaths. I gripped his hand for dear life as a few tears escaped. I glanced away for a moment to capture his eyes that were also bright with emotion. “I love you,” he mouthed. He brushed my tears away with his free hand. I could only nod, because if I opened my mouth I knew a huge sob would come out. Our eyes turned back to the baby and Healer Chang began to speak again.

“According to these measurements, you are thirteen weeks as of yesterday. That puts your due date at-” she was calculating in her head. “-October 31st. How fitting! Everything else looks great.”

We were still too engulfed in the picture to speak to her. She carefully pulled her wand away and handed me some tissues to wipe off the jelly. Her wand now free from the rounded object, she tapped the parchment and it rolled up. She tapped it one more time and conjured a thin ribbon. It wrapped around the outside of the roll and tied itself together. She handed the parchment to Scorpius. “We save a copy here, for our records, but this one is yours to keep – your first memento of your little one.

“Our last little bit of business is the matter of a pre-natal potion. Since you’ve been so sick, it may be hard for you to keep it down in the morning, so I recommend taking this at night.” She handed me a bottle.

I was broken out of my reverie. “Actually, Healer Chang, my friend, Selenia Cooper created one for me that works great! She is a fellow Healer trainee and I have hardly experienced any nausea since I started taking it last weekend.” I handed her the potion that Selenia had created.

She took it and examined it with her wand. “How interesting! This is a fabulous concoction. Many of my patients would really benefit from this. Cooper, you say? I seem to remember the name. I believe she was top of your class for the obstetrics seminar – after you, of course, Rose.”

“She is really phenomenal – and I think she may be interested in choosing obstetrics as her specialty.”

“Please tell her to contact me. I’d like to know how she makes this potion – and if she is serious about obstetrics, I would be willing to take her on as my trainee.”

“I will, Healer Chang. She’ll be very excited to know that!”

Please, call me Cho. Now, if you’ve no further questions, please be sure to make an appointment for one month. Also, I want to see that you’ve gained at least three kilos by then, if not more.”

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem, now that I’m not as sick.”

“Fabulous. Take care!” She said on her way out of the room.

Scorpius helped me off the table and I put my skirt on.

“Look at this,” he said softly, pointing to the parchment. The ribbon around the outside was labeled ‘Weasley-Malfoy Baby – 13 weeks, 1 day.’ He gently rubbed the edge of his ribbon with his thumb.

“Wow,” was all I could say. “Kinda makes it feel more official, huh?”

He only nodded and grabbed me around my waist with one hand. The other one was holding the parchment against his chest like it was his most prized possession. Actually, at that moment, it was both of ours most prized possession. I lifted a hand and placed it on the roll, at the same moment that Scorpius lunged forward to take my lips hungrily. Initially, I was surprised at his boldness right there in the examining room, but I had to admit, I felt a whole lot better after the visit. My free hand found the back of his neck and pressed him to me.

The kiss lasted for at least an entire minute. When we finally broke apart, Scorpius gently moved the parchment between us and untied the ribbon. It opened and we could see the image of the baby again. It almost looked like it was waving at us when its hand moved. The air in my lungs released into a cross between a sigh and a giggle. My eyes looked up at Scorpius and he was so captivated by our little miracle that he didn’t even see me put on my cloak. He only looked up when I touched his arm.

“Come on, love.” I coaxed him out of the room. “The easy part is over. Let’s go see Uncle Harry.”

A/N: Hi all! So yet another fluffy chapter... I'm sorry, but I know some of you are loving the fluff - hehe. Either way, the next chapter has more plot - I promise.

So I must thank EVERYONE who has left me a review - they all totally make my day! Special thanks to crestwood, my beta reader. He has been cranking out some AMAZING stories lately, and I encourage everyone to check them out!

♥ Beth

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