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Kieron grumbled as he stretched on the sofa, his back clicking and discomfort filling him as he sat up slowly. The sofa in his parents’ house looked more comfortable than it actually was and Kieron didn’t want to go upstairs to his old bedroom and wake them up, he had drunk more than he should have done and with someone that he probably shouldn’t have spent his time with.

Running a hand over his face, Kieron was glad that he wasn’t hung over, or still drunk. He had a lot of things to work through and he needed a clear head to do so.

“So, to what do your mother and I owe this pleasure?”

Repressing a groan, Kieron looked up at his father, Theodore Nott, who had entered the room silently and was leant against the doorframe, arms folded over his chest.

“Can’t a guy spend the night on the sofa without being questioned?” Kieron asked with a cheeky grin spreading across his face, Theodore raised his eyebrow at him.
Kieron’s mother Lavender came into the room behind Theodore, holding her arms out so that she could pull her son into a tight hug. Kieron clutched to her greedily, his mothers hugs would always make him feel better about everything, and he really needed it right now.

Lavender pulled away from him and brought her hands up to place on the sides of his face, pulling him down to her height so that she could place a tender kiss on his forehead. Kieron couldn’t help but grin at the way that his mother’s scarred face lit up at seeing him. Especially because his two younger siblings were at Hogwarts leaving his parents alone in the large house.

“As lovely as it is to see you, Kieron,” she said softly, eyes searching his face for a sign that there was something wrong and she could work it out just by looking at him. “What’s wrong?”

“There’s nothing wrong, mum,” Kieron lied smoothly, standing up straight and moving his face out of his mothers hands, “I just wanted to see you all, that’s all.”

Lavender nodded once, before turning around to walk over to where her husband. “I’ll be in the kitchen making us all breakfast. Kieron, you’re staying and I’m not taking no for an answer.” Theodore gave her a chaste kiss before she left the room and walked further into the room.

“I know you’re lying,” Theodore told him honestly. Kieron didn’t look at him, choosing instead to put his feet into his shoes.

“I need to leave, can you talk to mum? Tell her that I’m sorry I can’t stay?” Kieron tried dodging passed his father and heading towards the door. He should have known that his father would stop him when it closed shut in his face. Kieron groaned again, turning around to face his dad who now had his hand out and pointing towards the door, looking pointedly at him.

“You should know by now that you can’t get out of it that easily,” Theodore told him, nodding down at the sofa. “Now sit down and we’ll talk without Lavender interrupting us. You won’t be able to get away if your mother starts.”

Kieron walked slowly over to the sofa and threw himself down on it, running a hand across his jaw, his stubble prickling against his hand.

“Why did you stay last night?” Theodore started. Kieron avoided his eyes and didn’t answer.

“You should know by now that silent treatment never works for long,” Theodore told his son, who was still avoiding his gaze. “So, I’m assuming it’s about you and Dominique. Have you had a fight?”

Kieron stayed silent again, slouching on the sofa and leaning with his head back, hands falling to his lap as he wondered just how long he would have to do this. He knew that he should have left earlier, or stayed out; he would have been able to avoid this.

“Why are you fighting?”

“Can I go?” Kieron asked, finally looking at his father.

“Kieron, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

Kieron fixed him with a hard look, eyebrow raised challengingly at him, as though telling him to do his worst. Theodore gave a chuckle before waving his hand and causing the door to swing open again.

“Lavender?” he called and Kieron groaned again.

“Fine, fine I’ll talk,” Kieron told him reluctantly. He knew that his mother would manage to get every piece of information out of him and there were some things he didn’t want his parents knowing. Like whom he almost spent the night with.

“Yes, Theo?” Lavender asked walking into the room and looking at him questioningly.

“I think I want to take you out for breakfast.” Theodore smiled at her, Lavender’s face lit up again at his words.

“I’ll just go and get ready. Kieron are you coming with?” she asked as she turned to look at her eldest child.

Kieron shook his head sadly, “I can’t mum. I’ve got somewhere to be.”

Lavender nodded sadly, “I’ll go and get ready.”

Theodore waited until she left the room before looking at Kieron expectantly.

“Me and Dom have broken up,” Kieron admitted to him quietly. Surprise crossed Theodore’s face at this admission.

“How comes?”

Kieron sighed as he thought of how to tell his father.

“We’ve been drifting apart for a while now, we never have time for the other one with work, and the time we do get it’s never alone. We’re more like friends then we are a couple.”

“Do you still love her?” Theodore asked him.

Kieron nodded, “I do. It’s just... Ever since Victoire got pregnant, Dom has been wanting a kid. It got worse a few weeks ago when Remus was actually born. She wants a kid and I don’t, not yet.”

“And you’re breaking up because of it?” Theodore asked slowly.

Kieron nodded. “I’m not ready at all; I don’t think that we’re ready for it. Especially when I’m already having doubts about our actual relationship, adding a kid to that I feel is going to make it worse rather than better right now.”

Theodore watched him for a moment, eyes skimming over him as though reading him. Kieron couldn’t look him in the eye.

“I hope that you know what you’re doing, Kieron,” Theodore told his son as he began walking out of the front room, turning around to look at Kieron as he neared the door. “And I don’t just mean with Dominique. If you’re going near Nikolos Demarcus again, it’s not going to end well.”

Kieron just stared at his father, not sure how he would even answer that, or even how his father knew that was who he had been with the night before.

Was it all worth it?


A sense of guilt had been slowly filling Louis up the longer he lay in the bed. He was a terrible person and he had successfully betrayed his cousin as well as Rachel.

Horatio shifted next to him as Louis tried to ignore the horrible pulling in his gut that he was a terrible person.

“Stop over thinking,” Horatio’s voice was gruff with sleep, his hand found Louis’ face and he stroked it gently as Louis turned to look at him.

“What we did last night...” Louis began and Horatio shook his head to stop him.

“It shouldn’t have happened.” Horatio finished for him, almost sadly. Louis nodded slowly.

“We can’t do this to Molly, or Rachel.”

“I know.” Horatio said slowly. “I don’t regret it. Any of what we had or have had.”

Louis watched him, opening his mouth to speak but a knock at the door interrupted them, and Louis couldn’t help but feel the nauseating guilt fill him again. It was only when he heard his daughter speaking that he calmed down slightly. Horatio moved out of the bed, as he was the closest to the door and pulled on his pyjama bottoms, picking up Louis’ and throwing them at him so that he could do the same. He waited until they were both decent before he walked over to the door and opened it so that Samantha could come in.

“Daddy, breakfast tim... Mummy!”

Horatio frowned as Samantha ran at him, crashing into his legs and almost causing him to lose balance. She pulled away from him and jumped up and down on the spot for him to pick her up, arms thrown high in the air as she kept yelling, “mummy ‘Tio!”

Horatio picked her up and carried her back over to the bed, as he seemed confused about what Samantha was saying to him. Louis couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped his lips at the sight, Horatio retaliated by plonking Samantha down onto his chest and winding him slightly. Samantha wrapped her arms around her dad quickly, smothering his face with kisses and Louis was happy that she had woken up in such a good mood.

“Is she calling me mummy?” Horatio asked, still shocked as he sank down onto the bed beside Louis again, staring at Samantha as a smile began playing at his lips.

“Yep, she started yesterday when I was at mum and dad’s. It was when I gave Remus back to Victoire and said something about him going back to his mum. She said that when she came home she was going to give her mummy a kiss. For a moment we were all terrified that she meant ....” Louis dropped off; he didn’t want to bring Freya up again, not wanting to start another argument with Horatio after it. “She thinks that you’re her mummy. You’re the closest thing she has to one other than me.”

Louis noticed the tears in Horatio’s eyes as Horatio picked Samantha back up with ease; she was small for her three years of age and was as light as a feather. Any food that she did eat - and she ate a lot of food - just seemed to burn off her straight away, it was probably because she was such an active child, always running and jumping around. Samantha squealed in delight as Horatio lay on his back and held her up in the air above him; Louis couldn’t help but smile at the scene.

It was like they were a family and Louis could help to think that this is what they could have been if he hadn’t made Horatio go back to Molly.

“What are you thinking about?” Horatio asked, bringing Louis out of his thoughts. Louis didn’t even realise that he had started to daydream; he shook his head and smiled.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s silly,” Louis told him, sitting up and pulling a face at Samantha, who copied him as she lay down in between where Horatio was laying and Louis was sitting.

Horatio watched him for a minute before he looked around the room, his eyes falling on a camera – which Samantha had brought in after taking a picture of her own face. Horatio grabbed it whilst hooking an arm around Louis’ shoulders and pulling him back down to lay on the bed. Louis giggled as he moved Samantha onto his chest and looked up at the camera that Horatio was holding above them so that he could take a picture of them all.

“Say ‘daddy smells’” Horatio told them and Louis couldn’t help the laugh as Samantha yelled the words loudly.

“That’s not nice!” Louis exclaimed as Horatio put the camera down and laughed as Louis tried to poke him in the side.

“Print me a copy of that when you get the camera developed,” Horatio told him as he got out of the bed and grabbed for Samantha, pulling her off of the bed as well and setting her down on the floor. “Come on Koukla; lead the way to the kitchen.”

Samantha ran out of the room, leaving the two of them alone. Louis played with the camera in his hands as he thought about how easy it was with Horatio and how easy it was to slip back into how they were, whilst hating himself for wanting things to be different.

The bed dipped again beside him and Louis looked up in time as Horatio captured his lips with his own, hand fumbling for the camera in Louis’ hands. Louis brought his hands up to the sides of Horatio’s face, wanting to cling to the moment for as long as he had, because after that moment Louis would make sure that he wouldn’t hurt anyone with this relationship again. He didn’t want to be the one responsible for other people being broken hearted; he could barely get through his own. A flash broke them apart and Horatio smiled slowly at him as Louis realised that Horatio had taken a picture.

“You’re not the only one who thinks about the ‘what-ifs’, Lou-Lou Belle,” Horatio told him with a smile as he got back off of the bed and put the camera back onto Louis’ bedside cabinet.

“Don’t make me start calling you Ray,” Louis yelled after him with a smile.

“It may very well be the last thing you ever do.” Horatio replied loudly, although there was a hint of laughter in his voice.


Louis was in a better mood for the rest of the day, trying his hardest to ignore the guilt he was feeling and hoping that it wouldn’t begin eating away at him. It helped that Molly hadn’t come home yet, she was probably still at work or with Lucy, so he didn’t have to face her. He was dreading the moment that he would have to and he had yet to see or contact Rachel, as it was his day off from working at his Uncles shop. Unfortunately, he still had his shift at the restaurant to attend, which was where he was now. He just wished that he was at home with Samantha, but she was having fun with her mummy ‘Tio, making cakes for when Louis would come home in the early hours of the morning when his shift finished.

“I’ve seated two more people at your table,” Matthew, another waiter who was slightly older then Louis said coming over to Louis. Louis nodded as he grabbed for his notebook and watched as Matthew walked away, he had been making a habit of putting most of the customers on Louis’ side of the restaurant, mainly so that he wouldn’t do as much work himself. Louis didn’t mind, it meant that he got more tips, but it still irked him at times. Thankfully, today wasn’t that busy so he didn’t mind as much.

“Good evening, my name is Louis and I’ll be your waiter today,” Louis began as he walked over to the table where a couple were sat, walking up behind the woman who had her back to him and smiling at the man who was looking at him. Louis flipped to a blank page in his notebook and gripped a pen. “The specials today are –“

Louis stopped his words dead as his eyes took in the woman that he turned to look at. He felt his body begin to fill with anger as he took her in, his jaw clenching and his hands clenching. Of all the places Freya had to turn up, it had to be here.

Freya appeared just as shocked as Louis was; she was staring at him with a slight fear filling her widened eyes, before glancing at the man that she was sat with.
Louis would guess that he was in his mid to late twenties and according to the fearful look in Freya’s eyes; she didn’t want them to know about each other.

“So what were the specials, mate?” The dark haired man, sat opposite Freya, asked politely.

Louis swallowed bile as he looked down at the notebook in his clenched shaking hand. The specials, which were just on the tip of his tongue, had vanished and his mind couldn’t process anything but her. He looked back up at Freya.

The dark haired man looked between the two, unsure why they were reacting the way that they were.

“Do you two know each other?” he asked slowly, pointing between them.

Louis opened his mouth to speak, but Freya cut over him quickly.

“We went to school together.” She gave a small shrug as though it was nothing more.

Louis raised his eyebrows at her but she was looking down at her hands, which were rearranging her cutlery, careful to avoid eye contact.

“We dated once,” Freya muttered quietly. Louis almost slammed his notebook down in anger at her. They had done a lot more the date.

“Oh, that Louis! Didn’t you lose contact with each other in sixth year?” the man asked, which surprised Louis at first that she had mentioned him. But after the last part of the statement, Louis couldn’t believe his ears. He clearly didn’t know why their relationship really ended.

“I dropped out because I had a baby to look after.” Louis snapped out, trying his hardest to keep his tone calm. He didn’t want to kick off at work, didn’t want anyone to know that there was going to be a problem.

The dark haired man actually looked stunned at Louis’ words.

“Wow, a kid that young? Must have been tough, are you still with the mother?” he asked politely. Louis almost laughed in his face, trying his hardest to not shoot a dark look at Freya as he done so. She was unbelievable, bombarding him as to when she could see the daughter she clearly missed, but not telling her apparent boyfriend about being a mother. Louis was beginning to lose his patience in the whole situation, he could tell that he was about to do something stupid and he needed to get out of here. But apparently his brain to mouth filter wasn’t working in his favour and he spoke before he could stop himself.

“No. She abandoned us; apparently she had a ‘life’ to lead and didn’t want us holding her back.”

Freya’s head snapped up to look at him sharply, but Louis was too far gone in his anger. He couldn’t stop himself.

“That’s incredibly selfish.” The man actually sounded sorry for what Louis was going through, not actually knowing that the cause of it all was sitting in front of him and trying to make herself seem like she wasn’t there.

“Don’t I know it.” Louis couldn’t keep the venom out of his mouth.

“It’s a good thing that you stuck around to be, what I can assume is an amazing dad. I don’t know how a person could be that horrible to abandon her own child.” Louis actually liked this guy. He wasn’t judgemental about Louis or his life in the slightest.

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?” Louis stated, causing Freya to turn a whiter shade of pale. He then turned to face Freya, “after all she is sitting right in front of you.”

A/N: This update is dedicated to Maelody! Who has been wonderful and reviewed so much of Louis' story in the past day! And of course to all of you who are reading (and I hope reviewing :P) now!

I must apologise for leaving this cliffhanger, mwahahaha I'm so evil!

Let me know what you think!! :D 

Once again Koukla is doll in Greek :D

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