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Chapter Three: Honey (title pirated off of Mariah Carey) Author: looneylupin
Cassie and Janelle followed the two delicious boys to their compartment and found to their great surprise that there were already two people in there. The girls watched as the boys said their hello’s and sat down across from the chubby but modestly cute boy and the red haired girl. Cassie and Janelle made sure that Hermione was preoccupied with that gorgeous blond before they decided to move in on their prey. The two girls walked over to the door of the compartment and both leaned against the door frames. “Hello boys!” Janelle purred. Everyone in the compartment looked up at the two scantily dressed girls occupying their doorframe. The raven haired boy was the first to speak. “Er, Hello..... Have we met?” Cassie decided that he was the one she wanted. “No, but I’d like to get to know you a little better. I’m Hermione’s cousin from America and this,” Cassie pointed to Janelle. “Is my best friend Janelle. We are transferring from Salem Academy where we can no longer attend due to some extracurricular activities.” Janelle walked in and stood beside Cassie, she saw both Ron and Harry were staring at them withal dangerous look in their eyes. She walked over to Ron and held out her hand. “You must be Ron Weasley? Hermione talks about you so much!” “And you!” Cassie cut in on Janelle by holding out her hand to Harry “Must be the famous Harry Potter, I’ve heard all about you but Hermione never said you were this sexy.” Both girls smirked as they saw the boys blush. After a few minutes of mindless talk about themselves Hermione interrupted them by gliding into their compartment. Ron, Harry and Neville seemed very shocked at the new Hermione. “They like our work I see?” Janelle whispered to Cassie as she saw the look on the boys faces. ****************** That night after the feast Draco and Hermione were sitting in their common room waiting for their friends to join them for a rousing game of truth or dare. Hermione had came up with the idea during the welcome feast and her cousin Cassie, Janelle, Ron and Harry all thought it would be a good idea to play. Hermione was watching the fire cast shadows that danced across the room and as she waited, she noticed how the light seemed to make Draco glow. She watched as he stared into the flames, the fire reflecting in his grey eyes, his chest heaving up and down slowly as he took a breath. She was caught off guard when he turned to her and smiled. Draco was doing anything he could to keep his eyes off the angelic figure that was in the room with him. It had been drilled in his head for 17 years that Mudbloods are below him and he was to never associate himself with one. Only this time he was captivated by her beauty, the way her hair cascaded down her shoulders and framed her perfect face. The way she seemed to always smile when she saw one of her friends, and even the way she chewed on her bottom lip when she was thinking. He turned his attention to her and saw that she was staring at him and he smiled making her blush. He walked swiftly over to the sofa she was sitting on and watched as she became nervous around him. He moved a strand of her brown hair behind her ear and rubbed his thumb across her cheek; he leaned down and plants a sweet kiss on her tender lips making her shudder. He intensified the kiss making Hermione moan in response. Draco began to feel for the buttons on her shirt when a knock at the door stopped him. He swore loudly making Hermione giggle, she quickly straightened herself up and opened the door letting her friends come in. The game went on for hours; it ended up with Cassie and Harry having to snog as well as Janelle and Ron. Hermione laughed at the dazed looks Harry and Ron gave when the two girls were finished with them. Finally it was Cassie’s turn to ask someone and she knew just who she wanted to ask. “Hermione” she said to her cousin. “Truth or dare?” “Well, truth... no, no, dare... ok, ok, truth.” Hermione couldn’t decide what she wanted to do. Cassie smirked at her cousin; she was going to make her reveal her real secrets. “Ok Hermione, how do you really feel about Draco.....? Now?” Cassie saw Janelle smile at her from the corner of her eyes. Draco just sat there dumbfounded that Hermione’s cousin would make her actually say this in front of Potter and the Weasel King. “Well... I guess I like it. I like him a lot!” Hermione whispered. “What was that ‘Mione?” Harry asked his best friend. “I said,” Hermione darted her eyes around the room nervously. “I like him, a lot.” Ron and Harry both seemed to be confused about what Hermione had just said but Draco had a look of triumph on his face. Instead of speaking to anyone he leaned over and kissed Hermione passionately, all she could do was return the favor by accepting the kiss and moaning his names against his lips. Neither of them saw that Hermione’s friends had left, Harry and Ron being dragged by Cassie and Janelle, both boys with a look of frustration on their face.

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