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James stood silently in the corridor as he watched his brother and Elizabeth. Neither of them had seen him and he was glad. The past few days had gone quickly and he had been busy quietly making trouble for the couple.

The young pair had been very open with their snogging sessions which had drawn some disapproving glances from professors and reports to Professor McGonagall. The elderly Headmistress had been aware of the issue for several weeks and had hoped the pair would be a tad more retrained in their shows of affection. All of this played right into the plans that James was making.

‘I won’t have to do anything at all,’ he thought. ‘Sooner or later McGonagall will be talking to them. The most that I might have to do is start a few well-placed rumors. Whether they’re true or not won’t matter, they will get everyone’s attention just the same.’

He turned to walk away and noticed a group of first years sitting on a bench along a wall. The young students had witnessed the snogging session between the boy and girl and now were talking excitedly amongst themselves. This worked out incredibly well for his plans because he didn’t know them and he doubted that they knew him. Now was the time for a few comments of disgust.

“Did you see those two snogging? Doing that out in front of everyone is disgusting,” he said to the wide eyed first years. The young students hung on every word of the fifth year who wore the pin of a Quidditch captain. “Of course, you’ve all heard about what they do when no one is around, haven’t you?”

The group of students shook their heads as one and looked up at the older boy who stood before them.

“No, what are they doing?”

James smiled inwardly as he began laying out a story to the stunned students. By the time that he was finished their minds were swimming with the lurid details of the tale that he had told. He knew that the group would spread the story and sooner or later McGonagall would hear it. He would keep telling the story to those that he didn’t know when he had the chance. Before long McGonagall would have to deal with it and hopefully it would tear the two apart. Once that happened he could move in and take the girl for his own.

Unknown to him, Scorpius was involved in a similar endeavor. He had also noticed how close the pair was and had put his own scheme into play. The girl was supposed to be his! His parents had even told him that they considered Elizabeth to be the perfect mate for him and he believed them. How dare she select Potter when she knew very well what her future was supposed to be.

It hadn’t taken much persuasion to get other Slytherin to go along with his plan. Potter and the girl would soon earn the wrath of McGonagall. If the stories created enough of a stir perhaps the pair would part and he could deal with them separately.

The pair walked on together as they made their way to class. Albus looked at Elizabeth as they walked and admired the girl who was beside him. Elizabeth had something about her that made every move that she made breathtaking. Albus swore to himself that he had never seen such a beautiful girl and refused to think of a time when they might not be together. The pair clutched hands as they walked and talked on the way to their destinations.

When they arrived outside the Potions classroom they kissed quickly and then Elizabeth pulled her hand away gently.

“See you later?”

“You can count on it,” he answered.

She stepped through the door, but looked back over her shoulder to watch him walking away as long as she could. She turned back around just as she collided with Professor Tindwell who had come to close the door to late arrivals.

“Miss Blackwell, a word please,” he said as he indicated the corridor.

A quick chatter broke out as she stepped back out into the corridor with the professor. Excited whispers went around the room as the girl vanished and Lily shook her head as she watched her friend go. Elizabeth had been very distracted lately and they knew that it was all about Albus. In the corridor Elizabeth stood ready to face the professor, her heart was pounding as he closed the door quietly behind him.

“Miss Blackwell, you seem distracted lately. I think that your attention would be more useful if you applied it towards your studies. I will not tolerate you coming to class tardy, am I understood?”

“Yes, Professor Tindwell.”

“Miss Blackwell, I trust that you can read the assignment that I have written on the board?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well then, get back in there and get on with it.”

Elizabeth made haste to get back into the classroom and to her place. She knew that she had been tardy to class and that the professor was rightfully upset with her. The girl had been aware of several sets of eyes watching her as she left the classroom so that the professor could dress her down. She opened her book and began preparing the potion that was required of her.

Albus was also running into problems. He had walked into Transfiguration late and Professor McGonagall watched with annoyance as he hurried to his seat.

“Mister Potter, you are late again! This is the second day in a row that you have done this and I will not stand for it. Five points will be taken from Gryffindor for your lack of responsibility.

“Five points…”

“For each day that you have been late to class.”

“Yes, Professor McGonagall.”

Albus drew his wand and began casting the spell that would transform the matchbox in front of him into a large trunk with many drawers. The difficult part of the spell was the fact that the drawers had to be filled with specific items. He could see that many students had already produced the trunk, but none had managed the rest of the spell. Fifty points were the reward for being the first in the class to complete the difficult task.

While Elizabeth and his brother were in class James sat stride his broom during flying practice. He really didn’t see the need for it, after all he was the Captain of the Gryffindor House Quidditch team and knew how to fly very well. Still it gave him time to think of ways to drive a wedge between Elizabeth and his brother.

Elizabeth! She was all that he could think about. He went to sleep thinking about her, dreamt about her and awakened in the morning desiring her. She obviously didn’t know what effect she was having on him. He had watched her many times from a distance and was entranced by the girl. Everything that she did was poetry in motion to the boy. Her smile was dazzling and her eyes captured him without effort.

The girl was highly intelligent and talented too. She was at the top of her class in at least three subjects and near the top in all of the rest. She could almost be a teaching assistant if she were only two years older. The possibility of her becoming a professor or an Auror when she finished her seventh year was very real.

He was shaken out of his thoughts by the whistle that Madam Dayle was blowing.

“That’s enough for today. Everyone head back to the castle,” the professor yelled.

He hurried the broom that he was on back to the landing area and was soon on the ground. Madam Dayle watched as he landed and approached him with a stern look on her face.

“Mister Potter, you may be one of the best flyers out here and the Captain of the Gryffindor House Quidditch team, but that does not exclude you from following my directions.”

“I’m sorry, Madam Dayle, I was just a little distracted by some rumors that I have heard about my brother and Elizabeth Blackwell.”

“Rumors, Mister Potter?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Is there anything that the professors here at Hogwarts need to know about?”

“Well, I just heard about it and don’t know much…”

“Why don’t you tell me and, if I think that it warrants attention, I will pass it along to Professor McGonagall.”

James sat down on a nearby bench and, after the professor had taken a seat beside him, began to relay the rumors that he had been spreading about the pair.

“I've heard that they have been doing a lot of snogging in the corridors and other public areas of the castle. They really don’t pay much attention to who is around them and might see them. I saw them myself in a corridor today. They were busy snogging in front of a bunch of younger students. It didn’t seem to bother them that there was a crowd of people around them.”

“Well, if that’s all that they’re doing…”

“But I have heard that there are other things going on, Madame Dayle. I've heard that they sneak off to some of the unused rooms in the castle and do other things.”

“You don’t mean…”

“Yeah that’s what I have heard. Madam Dayle, I don’t think that I’m ready for that, so I don’t think that Albus is and Elizabeth definitely isn’t. I don’t want either of them hurt and I really don’t want to be an uncle any time soon.”

Madam Daye considered what she had been told. The information disturbed her and she was disappointed with a student that she had high regard for. Elizabeth Blackwell was a favorite student of hers and she hated the possibility that the child might be involved in something like this.

“Mister Potter, I want you to keep me informed about any further happenings. If things get too intense I want to know immediately.”

“Shall we inform Professor McGonagall?”

“Not yet, I want more information before we go to her.”

“You don’t think that they will get into trouble, do you?”

“I know Miss Blackwell’s father. He would be outraged by this and very likely would pull his daughter out of Hogwarts. I can’t even imagine what he would want to do to your brother.”

James gasped at the thought of Elizabeth leaving Hogwarts. He hadn’t considered the girl’s father or the reaction that he might have to the rumors. Suddenly he was very afraid that what he had begun might hurt the girl that he had fallen for.

Madam Dayle got up from where she had been sitting and then walked away, leaving James to his thoughts.

“What have I done?” he asked himself. “How do I stop Elizabeth from leaving Hogwarts?”

Potions class had come to an end and Elizabeth walked out of the room to make her way to the next class with Lily. As they walked she became very aware of whispers as she passed and many strange glances from other students in the corridors. They were nearing their destination when they encountered a group of girls who parted silently as they neared. Elizabeth and her friend walked through the opening and were ready to enter the room when one of the other group spoke out.

“You want to watch your boyfriend with Blackwell around. There are stories all over Hogwarts about what she and Albus Potter have been doing in the shadows.”

Elizabeth stopped short and then turned around to face the older girl.

“What did you say?”

“Only what I’ve heard around school.”

“Well, I don’t know what you’ve been told. But whatever it was, it’s a lie!”

“Oh, so you’re denying the stories about you and Albus Potter.”

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

The girls around the tall brunette tittered as the girl drew herself to her full height. Then she began relaying the stories that were now making the rounds through the students of the school.

Elizabeth gasped as she heard what the girl was saying about her and Albus. Her face turned red and tears poured down her cheeks as she turned and fled the scene. The older girls laughed as they watched her run away from them.

“Elizabeth!” Lily yelled as her friend ran from the area. Then the young girl turned on the girls, who were still laughing. “You should all be ashamed of yourselves, spreading rumors like that.”  Then Lily rushed after her friend as Elizabeth vanished into the distance.

Albus was making his way to his next class happy with himself. He had managed to be the first in his Transfiguration class to successfully complete the task. The ten points that he had lost for being tardy were outweighed by the fifty that he had earned for Gryffindor. As he walked through the corridors he became aware of groups and individuals giving him strange looks. He started into the classroom that he was bound for and was surprised when a seventh year from Ravenclaw slapped him on the shoulder.

“Way to go, Potter. I didn’t think that you had it in you. At least you chose a good looking girl like Blackwell.”

“What are you talking about, Malloy?”

“You don’t have to be coy with me, Potter. Most of the school has heard the stories about what you two are doing in the dark.”

The younger boy looked at the older boy in front of him who stood with a grin on his face. Anger flared within him and he nearly lashed out at the Ravenclaw. Then he realized that Elizabeth might also have heard the rumors. He turned and hurried in the direction that would take him to Elizabeth’s next class. He was nearly there when he ran into his brother.

“James, have you seen Elizabeth?”

“No, I wasn’t looking for her. What’s the big hurry?”

“I need to get to her. Someone’s been spreading rumors about her and I.”

“Rumors? What kind of rumors?”

“The kind of rumors that can really hurt someone and maybe even make Elizabeth leave Hogwarts.”

“Tell me about it while we look for her.”

Albus relayed what he had been told as the brothers hurried down the corridor in search of the girl. Both of them wondered where she had gone, but for different reasons. Albus was concerned that the rumors had reached his girlfriend and that she was upset. James was worried that the stories that he had started would cause the girl to leave Hogwarts forever. He was also worried about the possibility that someone might discover that he was to blame for the rumors and take that information to Professor McGonagall. If that happened he could be in for a lot of trouble with her and his parents.

Elizabeth had come to a stop on a balcony that she had discovered many months before. It was a wonderful place to stand and think. The mind of the girl was swimming with thoughts about what she had been told by the older girl.

‘How could anyone start rumors like that?’ she thought to herself. ‘What will Albus think about me when he hears the stories about us? He’ll hate me for certain.’

She stood on the balcony and cried silently as she thought about the reaction that Professor McGonagall would have. She was certain that she would be told to leave Hogwarts and be branded as being an undesirable student. No school would even consider accepting her if she were thrown out of a second school.

‘Why are they doing this to Albus and I? We’ve never done anything to anyone. Why can’t they just leave us alone?’

Lily stepped through the door that led out onto the balcony to find Elizabeth crying brokenheartedly and stepped forward to touch her friend gently on the arm.


Elizabeth turned and looked at her friend with a stricken look on her face.

“Lily, Albus and I aren’t doing those things. Please believe me.”

“I do believe you, but the problem is that a lot of people have heard the stories and believe them.”

“What do I do? Professor McGonagall will probably throw me out of school and, if she does, no other school will take me. I’ll be finished.”

“We have to talk to someone about it.”

“But who? Professor McGonagall might just decide that I’m more trouble than I’m worth.”

“But if we don’t get to her right away she’ll hear the stories herself, then who knows what will happen.”

Elizabeth thought about what her friend was saying and then nodded. What Lily had said made sense. They had to go to Professor McGonagall and get things cleared up.

Elizabeth and her friends were nearly to the office of the Headmistress when they encountered Albus and James. Albus looked nearly as concerned as Elizabeth about the rumors that were circulating about the castle. They both knew that they had only one option and that was to speak with the Headmistress. Elizabeth reached forward to knock on the door and was surprised when it swung open to reveal the professor on the other side.

“I've been expecting you two. Come in and have a seat. The rest of you may go.”

Elizabeth shuddered at the tone in the voice of the professor as she entered the room and walked to one of the chairs that sat in front of Professor McGonagall’s desk. Albus took the chair next to her and they both looked up as the teacher sat down behind her desk.

“I would very much like the two of you to explain the rumors that are circulating through Hogwarts about you. I need to tell you that if I am not convinced that you are telling the truth you will both be on the train back to London tonight.”

“Professor, we don’t know where these rumors are coming from, but they’re lies. Elizabeth and I have never done anything like that. I care for her too much to even suggest it to her.”

“Miss Blackwell?”

“Albus is telling the truth, Professor McGonagall. We haven’t done any of those things. Please believe me, I would never lie to you.”

Minerva McGonagall looked at the students who sat before her, fear evident on their faces. She believed them, both had looked her directly in the eyes as they talked to her.

“I believe you. But we need to get to the source of these rumors. If they are allowed to continue growing they will get out of control and both of you would be in for trouble. Until we get to the bottom of this you two need to show restraint in your displays of affection. Do not add fuel to the fire that is already burning. You will no doubt continue to hear the rumors, but I can do little to help that.”

“What will happen to the person who started the stories?”

“That student will cost their house many points and possibly be expelled.”

“Thank you for listening to us, Professor McGonagall.”

“You did most of the work yourself by coming to me instead of me having to call you up here. Guilty people don’t often do that.”

Elizabeth and Albus rose from their seats and then turned to leave the office. Not for the first time, she looked longingly at the cabinets that were filled with interesting and captivating items. Some of them Elizabeth thought that she knew what they were, while others were unfamiliar to her. She jumped as Albus touched her hand and then they left the office and a very concerned professor.

The Headmistress sat behind her desk as she considered what had just occurred. She was very fond of the pair of students, but had been hearing the rumors around the school for many days. She had seen the displays of affection herself and they had seemed rather innocent. But the rumors had painted an entirely different picture of the pair that she wasn’t sure that she liked.

Of course, it was very possible that someone with ulterior motives was planting the rumors in an attempt to get Albus and Elizabeth into trouble. After the pair had come to her office and approached her she felt that it was entirely likely that this was the scenario. Nothing angered the professor more than rumors being spread to harm others and she had every intention of finding out who was responsible. She might not expel them, but they would lose enough points to make them very unpopular with their housemates.

James had parted company with the girls and sat quietly in his dorm room. He knew that trouble was coming and he knew that he was the cause of it. The possibility of Elizabeth being expelled frightened him immensely. He knew that if that happened he would never see her again and even if he did there would be little chance of her speaking to him. If she ever found out that he was the responsible party she would definitely never speak to him again and would probably inform Professor McGonagall. Then he would be the person leaving the school, Albus and Elizabeth would stay together as a couple and his parents would be furious with him. He would probably end up working at Weasley’s Wheezes selling Puking Pastilles for the rest of his life.

Rose and Lily sat in the Great Hall talking amongst themselves as Elizabeth and Albus entered the room. The pair of girls watched as the couple made their way swiftly to the Gryffindor Table and sat down in their normal places.

“Are you in trouble with Professor McGonagall?” Lily asked quickly.

“No, she believed us, thank Merlin,” Elizabeth answered. “But if she finds out who’s spreading the rumors she said that their house will lose a lot of points, probably enough to stop them from winning the House Cup. I know that I wouldn’t want to be that person.”

“Malfoy, it has to be Malfoy,” Rose cut in. “You know that he hates you and Albus.”

“I’m glad that he hates me,” Elizabeth said quietly. “My parents wanted me to marry him someday. They even talked about an arranged marriage between us. I can still hear my father gushing about the possibility of me marrying into the very fine Malfoy family.”

“They want you to marry Scorpius? Ugh!”

“That’s what they want. At least my father does. My mother says that I should be allowed to marry whomever I want,” Elizabeth said as she looked at Albus. “I guess that this one would be an okay choice. He is a little cuter than Scorpius.”

The girls laughed at the shocked expression on Albus’ face as he realized what the girl had said. He swiftly reached over and gave her a poke in the ribs, then laughed as she squealed and jumped.

“For that you get no Cherry Crisp tonight at dinner,” she said with mock anger.

He feigned sadness as she continued to pretend to be angry with him. Finally, she could no longer pretend and then began to laugh at him. The happy group talked quietly as the time passed and didn’t even look up as a group of Slytherin students walked into the Great Hall.

Scorpius noticed the group at the Gryffindor table and fixed his gaze on Elizabeth, who seemed to be ignoring him. She was talking and laughing with the others around her. The rest of the hall seemed to be out of her notice and it angered him that she was with them. Obviously, she wasn’t concerned about what he thought of her and her presence with those that he considered undesirable.

He walked with his group to a Slytherin table and then they sat down to talk amongst themselves.

“Look at her over there talking to Gryffindors!  Blackwell knows very well that her father wants her to marry me. I’m kind of grateful, though. I wouldn’t want to marry someone who has so few brains that she consorts with that kind of low life. They’re bottom feeders, every one.  

“Once those rumors get to McGonagall, you won’t have to worry about Blackwell and Potter," Jeremy Howellston said as he glared at the Gryffindors.  "I've told enough people about them to make Rita Skeeter proud. There is no way that McGonagall won’t hear them and then, once she does, out they go!”

“Well, Mister Howellston, someone will be leaving Hogwarts, but it will not be Miss Blackwell or Mister Potter.”

The Slytherins turned in their seats at the sound of the unexpected voice to find Professor McGonagall standing behind them. She had walked into the hall so silently that they hadn’t noticed her.

“You and any of your friends who have been spreading these scandalous rumors may pack your bags and then report to my office. I will not tolerate such hurtful things being said about any of my students. I will be sending owls to your parents informing them that you will be returning home. You may apply for readmission next term, but you are done for now.”

The group watched as the boy rose and started to turn to face the professor. Scorpius held his breath as the boy then looked into his eyes. One word from the boy was all that it would take to send him packing as well. But Jeremy Howellston was no fool, he knew that the Malfoy family was famous for making those who angered them pay. He turned and then walked out of the Great Hall to make his way to his dorm.

“Well, who else is involved in this scandal?”

The Slytherin kept their eyes downcast as the angry professor stood over them.

“One hundred points will be taken from Slytherin House, for the part that a member of that house has played in this.”

The professor whirled and then left the thoroughly cowed students behind her.

“Now, what do we do?” Tom Cramer said when the professor was far enough away that she could not hear him. “McGonagall will be watching us like a hawk. Malfoy, I’m not getting expelled because Potter is snogging Blackwell. You had better hope that my name doesn’t reach McGonagall, because if it does I’m singing like a canary. If I go I’m taking you with me! I don’t give a damn who your family is or what their reputation is. Don’t forget that my grandfather is the Deputy Minister of Magic.”

The group got up and left the table, leaving Scorpius to sit alone. The ploy had collapsed, a Slytherin had been expelled, they had lost a hundred points and now many in the house were against him. He believed what Cramer had said, his grandfather would protect him. That family had nothing to fear from the Malfoy clan.

Elizabeth looked up to notice that Scorpius was now sitting alone after Professor McGonagall had spoken to the group. She had seen the Slytherin boy get up from the table in a hurry and rush from the Great Hall as well as the reduction of points from the Slytherin hourglass. Something serious had happened and she wondered what it had been. She didn’t have long to wonder as she suddenly felt the presence of the professor behind her.

“Miss Blackwell, Mister Potter, I need a quick word with the two of you.”

The couple rose as one and followed the professor out into the hall. Their hearts were pounding in their chests as they considered their fates. Once the group was in the Entrance Hall the professor turned to the pair who stood trembling before her.

“You are not in trouble,” she started as the students sighed in relief. “I overheard Mister Powellston admitting that he was spreading rumors about you. He has been expelled for the remainder of the term. I will continue to investigate this incident and will let you know if any more students have been involved and I am still going to urge you to show some discretion about your displays of affection in public. However, should I discover that any of the more serious allegations about you two are true I will see you both out of Hogwarts. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Professor McGonagall,” they answered quickly.

“Now, I expect you both to be in your classes this afternoon. Inform your friends that they also need to be in class after lunch.”

“Yes, Professor McGonagall.”

Jeremy Howellston arrived in the dorm that he would very soon leave. He walked to his bed and pulled the trunk out of the shadows where it had rested since the start of the term. A house elf appeared next to him, no doubt the creature had been sent by McGonagall to assist him.

“I am at your service, Master Howellston. Professor McGonagall informed me that I was needed here to pack your trunk while you spoke to her in her office. I am instructed to inform you that you need to report immediately to her so that she can discuss a matter of importance with you.”

The boy nodded silently as he picked up his traveling clothes. He stepped into an alcove and when he emerged his laid his school robes onto his bed for the elf to pack. He watched sadly as the elf made short work of the job and then, after a quick glance around the room, departed for the office of Headmistress McGonagall.

The trip had never seemed so long before, he had made it several times. Finally, he was outside the door and knocking on it. It swung open slowly and he entered it to find the professor sitting behind her desk.

“Mister Howellston, have a seat.”

The boy quietly took the offered seat and then looked at the woman who was seated at the desk before him. He had seen her angry before, but never to the point that she was today. The elderly Headmistress was nearly shaking with fury.

“Mister Howellston, I have never, in all of my years at this school, had to deal with anything even remotely resembling this. You deliberately sought to harm two students by spreading vulgar falsehoods about them. You sought to ruin their reputations for your own gain, although I fail to see what you stood to gain from doing this. Can you explain yourself?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Were you angry with one of the students that you sought to defame?”

“I don’t like Potter or Blackwell.”

“So, because you dislike them you decided to destroy their reputations?”

“Yes, Professor McGonagall.”

“Was anyone else involved in this scheme? If there was please let me know and they will be punished as well.”

Jeremy thought about it for a moment and then remembered that spilling the story would have horrific consequences for him once the Malfoys caught wind of his betrayal. The decision was made for him in a moment.

“No, Professor McGonagall, no one else was involved. I was the only one who was spreading the rumors. Once I told people the stories they kind of spread them on their own.”

“Very well, Mister Howellston, you will face the discipline alone. I have sent owls to the Department of Magical Studies and your parents. I need your wand Mister Howellston.”

The boy handed his wand slowly to the professor and watched as she broke it in half. He noticed that she had regarded it sadly as she had done so and wondered what her true feelings were about his expulsion.

“You may go, Mister Howellston. The carriage will be waiting to take you to Hogsmeade Station and the train back to London. Your belongings are already on the train and it will leave within the hour.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

He got up slowly and then walked out of the office. There was no doubt in his mind that his parents would be extremely angry with him. He made his way down to the Entrance Foyer and then left the castle to walk to the carriage. He shivered slightly as he walked through the wind that was blowing. Then he climbed into the carriage and left the school for the second time that term.

Elizabeth sat quietly in Defense Against the Dark Arts class and wondered if the spreading of the rumors was truly all over. She had seen Professor McGonagall deal with Jeremy Howellston and the other Slytherin. She hated the fact that yet another student had been expelled because of her, but the stories couldn’t be allowed to continue. Finally, she turned her attention back to the reading that she had been assigned.

Professor Grims was discussing the Animagi again. It still made her very uncomfortable to think about the subject and Elizabeth wondered again just how many of her grandfather’s abilities had been passed on to her. She hoped that none had been because she didn’t want to spend life stuck in the form of an animal after the spell went wrong. She knew that becoming a true Animagus was a lengthy process and not many had the determination to spend so many years studying it.

When class ended she rose from her seat and walked with her friends to the Great Hall for dinner. She spent the evening talking with her friends and enjoying the thought that maybe life would get back to normal. Laughter cascaded from the group as they chatted and joked amongst themselves. Elizabeth thought that this was the happiest that she had been for a long time. She wanted to kiss Albus, but remembered the warning that Professor McGonagall had given them. Albus looked at her and then she felt his hand searching for hers. She took his offered hand and they sat with intertwined fingers for the rest of the meal.

When dinner ended they rose to walk back up to the Gryffindor Common Room. Tiger was waiting for his snack and she enjoyed caring for her pet. They found Tiger sitting in the middle of the room watching them enter. He rubbed against his owner as she ran her fingers through his fur. Elizabeth knelt to pet him as she pulled the piece of chicken out of her pocket and sat to watch him eat his treat.

When he had finished the chicken she gathered him into her arms as she sat on the couch talking to her friends. The rest of the evening was passed with pleasant conversation. Finally, they rose from their seats and made their way to their dorms. Elizabeth sat Tiger on her bed while she changed into her night clothes and then she climbed into bed. Tiger moved up to snuggle against her and she smiled to herself. The trouble was over and everything would be just fine.

She had no idea just how wrong she was.

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