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A/N- Just a quick note. I know this probably should be from Al’s POV. But we started off with Livy in the fic, so I had to finish with her!

“Alright gorgeous?” I asked, looking up from my desk quickly as Maia walked into my classroom.

“No! Livy! I can’t believe I’m leaving this place!” she complained, moving her hand widely and walking through the room, stropping almost, “I mean, do you remember when I used Wingardium Leviosa right here for the first time?” then running to stop by the window, “And here, this is where Pippa’s wand fell the first time I ever disarmed anyone!" she exclaimed, naming anything she could remember about her DADA lessons.

"I remember" I nodded in agreement, still doing a bit of marking.

“Oh! And there” she pointed to the desk at the back of the room, “that’s where Carter held my hand for the first time” she reminisced, “under that very desk” she then came up to stand my desk, “Here though, this is where you told me you were pregnant with Ivy! Do you remember that?”

“The first thing you said to me was why I needed another kid! Because I already had two!” I laughed, “and then how much time I’d have off!”

“I didn’t want to be here without you” she shrugged, shrinking into herself slightly.

“Tell me about it! I don’t want to be here without you either” I agreed with her, I cannot believe that she is old enough to leave Hogwarts. “I remember when your Mum and I snuck you in when you were a baby, just so you could see the place" I laughed at the memory, stopping the marking, "you screamed your head off and blew our cover. McGonagall was furious!"

"Didn't you hide me under your robes?"

"Yeah and it worked before you started crying"

"Sorry" she apologised, "I'll be crying again soon enough, this time though it'll be because I don't want to leave"

"Come on where's my brave little Gryffindor gone?"

"No where, she's just not feeling very brave anymore”

“Oh! So you’re finally more like your parents! Are you feeling more Slytherin or Ravenclaw Angel?!” I joked.

“Ha ha. Very funny. I’m not feeling smarter or more cunning. Just a sadder Gryffindor today” she sarcastically laughed and then frowned.

“I know all about those. I’ve got one of those at home” I laughed, trying to make her feel less upset.

“See, it happens! Besides, Al’s my family, being a Gryffindor is in my blood” she defended, “I just don’t wanna leave Livy!”

"I don’t want my favourite godchild to leave either, you’re our eldest baby” I stood up and sat on the front of my desk, “Don’t tell your brother, or your cousin for that matter, I’m not meant to have favourites” I added, although, there is no denying that there will always be a special place in my heart for Maia.

“I promise. I won’t tell Cas or Lexi as long as you keep our midnight walkabouts promise” she raised her eyebrow at me in a way that would challenge that of her Mum.

“Cross my heart” I grinned, Maia’s quite the rebel sometimes, I’ve found her out in the middle of the night all the time, something she’s made me swear not to tell her Mum or Dad. As the coolest Auntie/Godmother ever, it is very common for me to do awesome things like keep secrets from parents. This is a good example, I mean, she’s not stupid enough to get caught, so why not let her have a bit of fun?

“Good!” she sighed, sitting down next to me.

“You know what, I also remember sitting right here watching everyone try and create a patronus” I elbowed her in the side in a playful way, “You looked so surprise when you did it! That peacock was amazing though!”

“Thanks” she leant her head on my shoulder, being gifted with height, she was already significantly taller than me so she had to lean significantly. “I’m seriously goin’ miss you Auntie Livy” she looked up towards me, making me melt when she said ‘Auntie’, big girl Maia stopped calling me that a long time ago.

“I know Mi’, but I’ll miss you more” I frowned, looking into her big blue eyes, her long blonde hair slowly attaching itself to me as she was still leaning on me, “It’s not going to be the same without my little gossip buddy” I laughed.

“Exactly! Who’s going to give you the low down on everyone if I’m not here!” she sat up straight and looked at me in the utmost seriousness, “I’ll just have to stay!”

“Come on, I’ve got Noah” I reminded her.

She looked quite upset and frowned, "You and I both know he's not going to be the same"

"Maybe not but Ash is still here, she seems to have followed in your prying footprints!" I joked but continued when she looked outraged, “Sorry, and actually, Willa’s constantly moaning to me you’re leaving. She’s not too happy about her ‘big sister’ not being here when she comes next year” I frowned

“I know, this is what I’m telling you, I don’t wanna leave!”

“To be honest, I may need some moral support, my biggest baby starting Hogwarts is not something I’m used to. You may not mind being seen with me but I have a suspicion that she won’t want to” I sighed, Maia’s always been there to hang out with her favourite Auntie and I’ll miss her because she was always that little bit of home, which technically should continue as my daughter who actually lives with me comes, but I highly doubt that.

“Exactly! You know you’re just supporting my case right now?”

"I know, but you can’t stay Angel, as much as I wish you could. You’re going to go into the big wide world and be a journalist, and finally write all the stories they’ve been writing about you. Prove the world wrong”

“I know, I know. I just wish I didn’t have to leave all this and still have the chance prove them wrong” she sighed

"I wish there was a way too"

“Not that I don’t love journalism, because I do. It’s just, why do I have to leave here in order to do it?”

“I don’t know” I shrugged, she may expect me to know everything, but I don’t.

“Why is it, actually, that people assume that because I’m the result of a teenage pregnancy, I’m a total mess up?” she continued, getting more angry, tears starting to glaze her eyes.

“I don’t know Mi’, but no one knows better than us, that they’re wrong” I stood up holding my arms out for a hug.

“Very wrong. I guess I don’t want to leave because that means exposure, I’m smart enough to realise that’s what this castle protects me from” she frowned, ignoring my hug.

“It protects us all” I agreed with her.

Witch Weekly and other gossip magazines, apparently, have had nothing better to talk about but Maia. Unfortunately, she’s been the centre of attention since she was born.

“Come on Angel, don’t ignore Auntie Livy when she wants a hug” I stretched my arms out even further.

She accepted my hug and held on tight, “I just don’t want to leave” she whispered in my ear.

“No one ever does” I shook my head with some difficulty as her head was tucked into my neck.

She looked up at me, frowning, telling me with her eyes that she didn’t doubt me for a second.

“Teeth are always in style gorgeous, smile” I stroked her face, brushing away the remains of a few tears.

She did as asked and smiled, her face getting brighter, “Happier?”

“Much” I nodded, grinning at her too.

Hey you gorgeous guys!
I'm sad to say this is it. The last chapter of Teeth are Always in Style!
So, how do we like the end?
Maia's left Hogwarts! Wait... you don't remember her starting? Well, a lot of time has passed at this point!

A HUGE GIANT THANK YOU to every single person who has taken the time to read this.
THANK YOU to everyone who has left a review.
THANK YOU to all you beautiful people who have favourited this as well! (In alphabetical order) Flaming Phoenix, Ginny Wesely Potter, Happiness, harrypotter417, hogwarts 4 7 , kayleefrank, Laney, LunaTheFieryWitch, Pottermore0609 and sweetlis01.

Basically just THANK YOU!

Emz xxx 

P.S- I will be making short story collection. One for each of the Next Gen Couples and their future families. It'll be called Only You Can Control Your Future (yep, keeping up the Dr Seuss quotes!)

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