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Scorpius Malfoy shifted in his seat, watching the man across from him picking at his food uncomfortably.

“Did I give you too much?” asked Scorpius. “I can always make you another plate.”

“No, it’s fine. I was just thinking.”

Scorpius wasn’t altogether convinced, but dropped the issue.

Lysander Scamander used to be healthy. He couldn’t tell you exactly when things changed, but after Hogwarts he fell into a bit of a rough patch. Some would call his entire adult life a rough patch.

Scorpius ran his hands through his hair. “We should visit your mum soon.”

“She’s been owling lately--asking if she’d ever get to meet you again,” he laughed.

Scorpius squeezed his boyfriend’s hand across the table and gave a weak smile. “We’ll drop by sometime next week. Luna is just so sweet.”

It’s not that Lysander never ate; that was far from the truth. Of course, that only served to make it more difficult for anyone to realise that something was wrong.

He was unusually particular about food, requiring a specific texture, smell and portion size in order to stomach anything at all.

“Albus invited us to his poetry reading.” Scorpius sipped from his goblet, never breaking eye contact.

“That’ll be fun,” said Lysander. “Al’s events always turn into parties by the end of the night.”

“Why do you think James still comes to these things?” he chuckled. “I hear we’ll finally get to meet this elusive girlfriend of Al’s.”

Lysander took a small bite of his mashed potatoes, chewing steadily. “You mean she actually exists?”

Scorpius bit back a laugh. “Yeah, it’s looking like his love poems finally paid off.”

The biggest risk to Lysander’s health was exercise. Usually, working out is considered a positive life choice, as you know.

Lysander took it a bit too far.

At one point, he was running ten miles a day, pushing himself well past the point of exhaustion. He’d begun pulling away from friends and family, who couldn’t fit into the strict schedule he kept in order to reach his calorie burning goals.

“You’ve got to hear the stories Rose tells me about the Senior Healer she’s assigned to,” said Lysander.

“I could only make out the words ‘rigid old git’ the last time I asked her about work,” Scorpius grinned.

This was the second Valentine’s Day they’d spent together. They always stayed in because Lysander’s finicky eating habits weren’t exactly suited to dining out.

Scorpius smiled proudly, remembering the state his boyfriend was in the last time they celebrated this holiday. He was still far from okay, but he was doing better.

“Even though my Senior Auror isn’t nearly as bad as Rose’s Healer, I see where she’s coming from,” Scorpius thought aloud.

Lysander raised his eyebrow. “Do you?”

“You don’t know what it’s like--you run the apothecary yourself,” he explained. “Working under the scrutiny of someone is tiring.”

“I guess that explains why the new assistant I hired glares at me as if I’m out to ruin her life.”

The two men ate by candlelight, conversing about anything and everything that came to mind. The flickering shadows concealed all but themselves. The night wore on and drinks came out.

Scorpius eyed the other man with a provocative smirk. “Do you wanna take this party upstairs?”

“I’d make fun of you for that pickup line, but - if we’re being honest - the answer is a resounding yes.” Lysander grabbed his boyfriend’s hand, leading him away from the table.

Scorpius couldn’t take his eyes off of him. There is no doubt that Lysander Scamander was flawed, but he was worthwhile; a constant reminder that some people were worth fighting for.

Author’s Note:

This story exists in the same universe as my other one-shot Your Life, Your Love. I plan to continue on with this little ‘verse of mine, so keep an eye out for that!

This story was largely inspired by the song ‘2 Years On’ by the immensely talented How To Dress Well.

And finally, if you--by any chance--are suffering from an eating disorder of any kind, I do encourage you to seek professional help. And in addition to that, feel free to find me on the forums under the same name [crestwood] and send me a message because I am always here to help. And that concludes this far-too-lengthy AN.

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