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Darkness covered the sky, shrouding the thick layer of ice in the ground below. There were no small pinpoints of light shining nearby. No sign of civilization. Nothing. Except…

CRACK. The sound expanded and was swallowed by the vastness of the area. The shuffling of feet broke the silence that ensued after the crack.

“Lumos,” said the voices of multiple people, one after another, until there were dots of light at the end of four wands.

“Darren, look at all this ice,” one man said, pointing his wand down at the ground.

“Duh, we’re in Antarctica,” Darren said, snickering. “Antarctica does tend to have quite a bit of ice.”

“I don’t suppose we’ll run into any penguins, while we’re at it?” a third man asked, laughing.

A more monotone, serious man with wind-blown chocolate brown hair, opened his mouth. He hadn’t spoken yet. “The penguins are probably too scared of this place. But not us.”

“It’s a pity Page didn’t want to come. Newman, do you have the parchment?”

“Yes, I have it here, and my wand. We need to go about ten feet further, ” Newman said, the serious man. Wands thrust out, the men swaggered forward, jostling each other. Their laughs filled the void.

“Here we are!” Newman, exclaimed happily. “It’s right beneath us.” He held out his wand, and cracked the ice around them. Three others jumped off the broken piece of ice on which they were previously standing.

“Merlin, you could have given us a warning,” Darren grumbled. A wicked, teasing grin filled Newman’s face.

“Can I destroy it?” a different person asked. “We will have to destroy it eventually.” Receiving a nod in return, the man cried out, “Reducto!” The ice shattered into a thousand pieces, spraying into the air. Dark, icy water lay underneath.

“Do we seriously have to swim down there? I hate swimming,” Darren said.

“Well, at least we have warming charms so we aren’t cold. I dare you to go first.”

“Dare you double.”

“I’ll go first,” another man said. He cast a bubble–head charm on himself, and the others followed his lead. He plunged into the water. The three remaining people glanced around at each other, and then they dived into the water.

Four bursts of light illuminated the black water slightly, so shapes were now distinguishable. Down and down the men swam, until their fingers fumbled on a hatch. One man used his wand to repel the water. All four of the men jumped down, slamming the hatch behind them. They landed in a slightly damp room made of concrete. Mold flourished in the corner. The room was empty except for a dark, black door.

“Talk about dismal,” one person said at last. “Are you sure we should be doing this?”

One of them smiled confidently. “Of course. We’re rescuing the king of all dementors. He’s powerful, and we’ll be his saviors. Just tell him what you want, and he’ll do it for us. He wouldn’t dare hurt the people who saved him. Newman, do you have the incantation?”

“Yep, I do, Parkinson,” Newman said. “Aperiesque ostium. Prope periculum intelligimus.” He spoke slowly, clearly, and concisely. All of them held their breath.

They were rewarded. The loud crunching and grinding of rock made them jump as the stone slid across to form an opening. A narrow stone staircase could be seen, but beyond that? Darkness.

“Lumos,” they all said at the same time. Excitement and eagerness shined on all their faces. They trampled down the staircases, shoving each other into the walls and laughing. Torches once lined the walls, but the wood had long since rotted. Only the rusted, metal holders remained. At the end of the staircase, there was a locked door, identical to the one earlier. They huddled together in the cobweb-infested area.

“Bulstrode, do you have the other piece of paper?” Newman asked. “It’s a different saying to open this door.”

“Got it,” Bulstrode said excitedly. “I’ll read it this time. Aperi. Huc ad terrorem. Consequentia nota.” He raised his wand. “Alohomora.”

The door opened with a click, opening only an inch. Before either of them could raise their hand to push it all the way open, they were briefly blinded with bright red light. The door blast off its hinges. The men froze, unmoving. Sweat glistened on their foreheads. With a terrified glance in front of them, they fell flat on their faces. Their souls entered another spot only three feet away.

In those three feet, a dementor silently glided, but… it was not a normal dementor. It was twice as tall as a dementor, and instead of being purely black, it emitted a faint red glow. Despite the small amount of color, the rest of him was darker than a black hole. To see it was terror all in itself. That didn’t include the power radiating off the dementor, stretching for several miles. The King of Dementors had risen once more. A king that was starving.

The prison itself was not dark. It was built specifically for the Dementor King. Dementors liked the dark, the damp, and the cold. Instead, a beautiful, blue sky was enchanted on the ceiling, with wispy, white clouds. A faint rainbow stretched to the ground. On the walls, near the bottom, there was an image of lush green grass, and dozens of flowers. Lilies, daisies, roses, tulips, daffodils… every type imaginable. Paintings of laughing children rolled on the ground, filling the prison with happiness and life. Everything a dementor despised. The dementor glided up the dark stairs, escaping the world it so hated. It glanced back at the four fallen bodies at the entrance.


Such a pleasant beginning to Albus Potter and the Chosen Four! (That's sarcasm, in case you can't tell.)

If you have not yet read Albus Potter and Slytherin's Office, I urge you to do so at once. This chapter isn't spoiler-y, but if you read on you will receive HUGE spoilers. So do that immediately! *threatening glare*

I hope to upload a chapter about every two weeks or so- that's the plan, anyway. Sometimes I don't follow my plans.

Sorry for the short chapter. There wasn't much else to add! THe next one is much longer, I promise. And from the point of view of Albus.

Read on (if the next chapter is up, that is!) and please leave a review!

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