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Chapter Two: Anything but Ordinary (title pirated off of Avril Lavigne) Author: TomFoolery
A few days had gone by since Hermione had gotten her letter. The thought of returning to school sent shivers down her spine, in spite of Cassie and Janelle’s repeated eye rolling and tongue-clicking at the thought of returning to school. One day, Cassie was looking at Hermione’s shaggy, scraggly hair and stood and shouted: “I can’t take it anymore! Why do you have to look like a bag lady?!” Janelle smirked and nodded in agreement. “Well, what are you talking about? Aren’t I, pretty enough?” Hermione asked with a wavering voice. “No!” Cassie and Janelle said simultaneously. “Oh I know!” Janelle shouted triumphantly. “We can give you a makeover!” Janelle quickly ran downstairs to grab a pair of scissors and Cassie fiendishly looked over a very nervous-looking Hermione. “What did you have in mind?” Three hours later Hermione was to be found in the bathroom and was the very vision of a succulent goddess. She had long straight hair that flowed as a curtain down her back, hip huggers that showed off a rather nice-looking pair of hips, lip gloss that made her lips lusciously kissable, and a sexier pair of smoky dark eyes than any that ever graced the cover of Vogue. She was so hot. Fleur Delacour was a bow wow in comparison. “Mum’s going to kill me…” Hermione gasped as she stared at a pair of breasts she had hardly ever noticed before. “Wow!” she thought. Hermione’s back straightened and her chest puffed unmistakably out a bit as she smiled in the reflection. *************************************** September 1st rolled around sooner than everyone had expected it to, and it wasn’t long before everyone was packing their trunks and making ready to go away. Janelle and Cassie moaned and groaned, Hermione anxiously ran all over the house (tripping in her new clogs and fashionably torn jeans and low-cut shirts) searching for more spell books to cram in her trunk. Miles away, Draco Malfoy sat listening to his father weave the same old tale about upholding the family honor and staying away from unclean Mudbloods. He hadn’t yet told his father that he would be sharing a room with Granger. He knew his father would find out eventually, but he didn’t want to be the one to tell him. Such news would only make Lucius Malfoy angry, and an angry father made for unpleasant circumstances on Draco’s part. In seemingly no time, young witches and wizards began filling the station at King’s Cross and Draco was filtering out his father’s words of caution when the most beautiful creature (likely the most beautiful thing in all existence) walked through the barrier behind him. She had a sense of self about her that blew him away. Her long, rich brown hair flowed down her caramel-colored shoulders, her honey brown eyes (though looking in another direction) held such fire and lust in them. Not to mention that the tank top she wore showed off a perfectly fit and trim tummy finished off with a light blue belly button ring that Janelle had talked her into getting. Cassie had ripped her jeans in a few provocative places, showing yet more skin. “She’s hot!” Draco screamed silently to himself. She looked up and looked him dead in the eye and it hit him suddenly who it was. It was Granger… Hermione looked straight at Draco Malfoy and felt her heart jump all over the inside of her chest. Hermione felt herself going weak at the knees and she wanted so badly to fall into his arms as she stared into his cold grey eyes. What was it about those eyes?... Was that… love?! They walked along to the Head’s compartment in awkward silence as Janelle and Cassie, makers of this new, sexy little girl walked away with her former enemy. “What was that all about?” Cassie hissed to Janelle. “I think your little cousin ditched us for a guy. How freakin’ typical.” Janelle complained. “Well, you know what the only solution to our predicament is?” Cassie asked mischievously. “Go get some for ourselves…” Janelle said, slightly distracted as a tall, ravishingly handsome boy with raven hair and glasses ambled past, along with a mysteriously muscular and sensual red head. “Ka-ching!” Janelle said as she spit out her gum and stalked in for the kill. Cassie looked over at the boys and followed her. Both girls had an unmistakable swing in their hips as they walked after Ron and Harry, a special swing that turned a lot of boys’ heads on that Platform. It was going to be a very long year indeed.

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