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“Can we all take a moment to exchange money? What for you ask? If all involved in the bet of whether Livy and Al would marry please see James, Freddy or Dom at some point during the night we would all be very grateful. But also I have it on high authority that the person who guessed the closest date to their marriage will be announced in James’ toast” Rose revealed starting off the toast’s apparently.

“Did you really bet on our future?!” I exclaimed, mouth wide open, looking at almost everyone in the room.

“You guys bet on the gender of my babies!” Rose laughed (and just to point out... I was right with Leo), “Now, shall we start the toasts properly?”

“I think that would be a good idea” Al nodded, laughing.

“Then we will. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Rose, Al’s cousin and best friends to both Al and Livy and that’s something I’m very proud to say. Obviously, since I’m the elder, I’ve known Al my entire life, he’s been one of my best friends for as long as I can remember and for a very long time I did almost everything with him. I’ve been saving him from stupid situations since he was born and I couldn’t be happier that his marriage is not one of those situations. Although, as I am the maid of honour, and I wasn’t aware we were going to have a back to front sort of wedding, my speech is all about Livy" Rose started, I looked over at Al and saw his face light up, he loves his cousin and I couldn't be happier that she got to be my best friend.
Rose however quickly caught my attention when continuing "I met the bride in question on the Hogwarts Express and as it has done for many others, it created a life-long friendship in the two of us. We’ve been through first boyfriends, broken hearts, stressful exams, makeup, teenage pregnancy, adult pregnancy and now a wedding each together! She’s already done her speech for me and it moved me to tears, so, my best friend, I hope mine does the same to you” she laughed, and so did everyone else in the room.

“I remember you on the train the first time we met, an incredibly excitable little girl who didn’t know the first thing about magic. We had to explain everything to you but it was great, you didn’t have any preconceived ideas about us. Scorp, Al and I weren’t seen as anything to do with our Dads, because you didn’t know who they were. It was the most ideal situation for us. The thing was though, well, it could have been anyone, it could have been any random muggle-born, but it was you! It was little Livy Adams! Al and I could have walked into anyones compartment, but I count my lucky stars it was yours. Not just because I met my future husband there but because I met you Livy” Rose started her speech, it went on to be spectacular. I cried. So did some other people though, so it wasn’t just be being wimpy.

She gave me a huge hug once she'd finished which made the tears just flow more. Her speech made me remember things I'd long forgotten, times when we did nothing significant were mentioned, like "one baby step", but obviously they meant the world to her. I was grinning so widely though that it was okay and the tears dried up quickly enough as Scorp started his speech.

“How to follow that then? It’s a good question, but hopefully I’ll do it well. I’m Scorpius Malfoy, the best man at this event. I’ll say a few words about Livy as well, just to keep in with the backward tone. I obviously also met the bride and groom on the Hogwarts Express, from there on we forged a friendship that will never break. Livy, had and still has a special quality to her, she has the ability to make people love her from the moment you meet her. I immediately fell under this curse, Livy is the little sister I never had which means I would do anything to protect her. This includes giving Al ‘the talk’ this morning, hopefully, I’ve successfully scared him into never doing anything to hurt you” Scorp stood up and started to deliever his speech and it's safe to say, I was already laughing and crying again.

“Officially scared” Al nodded, hiding a laugh rather unsuccessfully.

“There you go then, Livy, you can thank me later” Scorp laughed, “Right, now, today I am Al’s best man, so now I will talk about the groom although, not too much, because his brother is here to tell you more about him. Al is one of the most important people in my life. He’s my best friend, he’s my daughter’s godfather and I’d trust him with my life. We met and my first impression was that he was Rose’s sheep but I was wrong. He may have been in the past, but Hogwarts certainly made him more independent, which is not a bad thing. He has been a wonderful friend to me over the years, it’s been is 15 years 1 month and 27 days. Yes, I calculated that myself. You have been there for me when I didn’t know what to do with Rose and no, I can’t name just one time. We were eleven when we first met and now, well, that seems like a lifetime ago” Scorp also went on to do a fantastic speech.

I cried at his too. This time it was just me though. The whole day was pretty goddamn emotional and his speech made it worse. It may not have been about me but because it was about Al, there weren't many moments that I didn't remember. Considering we've been friends for a lot longer than we've been dating. 

James told many a hilarious story about Al as a child, the winner of the bet was Lily actually. She guessed a long time ago, when we were about 15, that we’d get married at the age of 25 in August, which was the closest. Peyton also shared a few baby photos of me and and as many funny stories, some of which she must have got from Mum. Then we did our speeches too. Which were admittedly impressive.

"Not a day goes by that I don't feel thankful for my life. I have a wonderful family, my parents have always provided for me and have done everything in their power to help me in any way possible. My brother, James, at this point, I'd like to thank you for your advice that you have given me, for the laughs you have shared with me. Now Lily, my little sister, you have caused me stress but have also been responsible for eliminating it. I love you all, my family, for loving me too, especially when it was difficult to. I could go on and talk about you forever because you have helped me through too much and have loved me through everything too" Al spoke up now doing his speech. 

We decided that we each had people to thank and they got to be mentioned first, each one getting something extra special as a gift. Parents, siblings and The Malfoys got flowers and chocolates in between the speeches though.

"The Malfoys may not be immediate family, but they may as well be. Rose and Scorp, we can’t express how much you two mean to us but we hope you know, roughly, at least. Then our not so little goddaughter Maia, you make us so happy, we love you so much and are always here of you ever need us. And now little Leo, you haven’t been around for too long but we love you too and care about you very much as well" Al thanked, giving them hugs and as did I before giving them some gifts.

"Now, onto my new family, my own little family. First to my baby girl, Willow Rosalie Jean Potter, you may not fully understand this bit right now but I hope when I show you this on your birthday or wedding day, it'll make more sense. You, above everything in the world, even your Mummy, are the single most important thing in my life. I wake up everyday and can't wait to see your face. You make me smile by just being alive and I can't wait until you're old enough to understand I love you, because I'm sure this annoys you all the time from me. I love you so much and I'm grateful for you every second of every day" he grinned and 
I have a lot of women in my life, but one stands out above all, I love her almost as much as our daughter and she's the reason we're all here today. "Olivia Adams, but call me Livy", the first thing you said to me, yes, I remember.
You were my best friend, you are my best friend and I know I’d be a different person today if I hadn’t met you on the train to Hogwarts for the first time. Back then of course, I never thought that I’d be standing here, in front of you, declaring to the world how much I love you, calling you my wife. But here I am doing exactly that” Al’s speech went on for much longer, and I cried, obviously. It was just so sweet. I definitely married the right man.

"I'm really glad you feel like this, because I was considering leaving after you left me to last!
So, before I talk about you, our life, our journey, and since you’ve already thanked a large majority of our most important people, I'd like to talk to our baby girl too because you're right, there is nothing on this planet that's more important than her. She's a rainbow on a rainy day. She's that little bit of light in the dark. She's what brings us even closer everyday. I’m so so proud of you baby, you know, you said Mum Mum first, no matter what your Daddy says. I’d like you to know that everything I do, when I have to leave you to go to work, it breaks my heart but I do that because I love you. I hope this embarrses you slightly when you get older because this is part of the reason we’re doing it. Providing you with the memories, that you’ll probably forget tomorrow. Mummy and Daddy love you so much, please stop growing up, we’re not ready yet" I just couldn't help myself. Willow is quite literally my little wonder, she gets bigger everyday and never ceases to surprise me the knowledge she has.

"My baby sister Peyton, I love you so much, the older we’ve got, the closer we are and I couldn’t be more happy that that’s how it’s been. Our Christmas’ Eve games days are outstanding and I am determined to beat you this year!" I laughed and gave her a big hug handing her some flowers and chocolates too.

"My other little sister, Lily, I know Al’s already mentioned you, and I know we’re only just officially family, but I’m just going to say, you’ve always been there for me and I couldn’t appreciate it more. I love you.
Personally, I’m surprised that Al hasn’t already done this, his extended family, all Weasleys should be thanked for their continually help and reassurance, in times of need and in times of congratulating. Each and every one of you. We love you all. Oh and can we give a shout out to the two pregnant women in the place? Beau we all wish you and Freddy loads of happiness with your first baby and Lizzie and Louis, we hope you enjoy life as much as we do with a baby girl around" I said, picking out those two couples to prove that we still go mad for babies around here! 

"Now, Albus, I guess this is where I talk about you. You’ve given me everything and more I’ve ever wanted or needed. You’re my soul mate and I love you” I began and this was my heart wrenching speech, which also moved me to tears.

Basically there was a lot of crying on my behalf, but they were happy tears. I pretty much had the best day. Everyone was having fun and laughing constantly, it just good to see my family enjoying themselves. They did dancing and we even had a bit of karaoke, the kids table was full with loads of different activities to play, it was perfect. I wandered around everyone, getting congratulating, dancing with adults and children alike, perfect. Most importantly though, it was the feeling of belonging somewhere that made my day. I was finally part of that big family I always hoped to be a part of. I was related, through marriage, but still, to all Wotters. To Rose and Scorpius and everyone else. I was actually an Auntie now and I had a niece! It was the most amazing feeling.


One thing we did do, is record the whole thing, everything was recorded, so Willow could see it when she’s older and any other little ones that aren’t here yet, they could see it too. I think it’s the best idea I’ve had in a long time and it worked well. In fact, Liv got everyone to record a message to their kids and their future kids as well as us.

“Hi Willow, I bet you don’t recognise us. We’re Mummy and Daddy, but much younger than you know us, not that we’re that old to you now though” Liv laughed with a serious undertone, she couldn’t be that old.

“This is our wedding day” I gestured around and the camera followed my arms looking around the room.

“and we just thought we’d let you know we love you lots and lots” Liv smiled

“Look there you are” I pointed out a little girl on the dance floor, “look at you dancing with Nana Ginny and Nana Molly!”

“You’ve got some groovy moves!” Liv agreed, “So, to you, Happy Wedding Day! I hope you haven’t seen this before your big day. But I can’t wait to see you all ready to go!”

“I’ll walk you down the aisle in a bit. Hope you’re ready, because I know your Mum and I aren’t” I grinned at the camera.

“Okay baby girl, we’ll say bye now” Liv waved at the camera, “Mum Mum loves you”

“Dada loves you” I added while the camera was being turned off.

But before it could Liv shouted, “Hope you haven’t cried too much!”

We then did another one, for any other kids we might have. It was slightly difficult, seeing as we didn’t know them yet, but we needed to do it to be fair.

“Ummm.... Al, what do we say here?” Liv asked me

“How about.... Ummm.... So, I’m Daddy and this is Mummy. But you probably already knew that” I smiled.

“Yeah, and this is our wedding day” Liv grinned, “If you’re wondering why it looks so amazing, it’s because Auntie Lily, Rose and Peyton helped quite a lot. When you see us, make sure you don’t mentioned to us that we look very young in this clip, because we can’t possibly be that old to you, right?” she turned to me.

“No, we can’t be that old, so don’t pull that one on us” I warned, “Here’s the thing though, you don’t remember this event because you haven’t been born yet. This means this should be some massive surprise for all of us!” I decided

“We’ve made one of these for your sister Willow because she’s alive, but you’re not. So we’ll give you the best pieces of advice we can think of and don’t knock it, we may only have been married for a couple hours, but we’ve been dating for 8 years and living together for 6” Liv explained,
“So, if we have another beautiful girl, first of all, I bet I get to name you Ivy or Eliza, if not hi Lacey, I'm really sorry I let your Dad win” she rolled her eyes, “Anyway, advice. Sometimes, you just have to go into typical wife mode, I know equality is important, but who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies? You probably know that’s pretty much all I can cook. It makes everyone happy, including you”

“It’s true, all of it. Now, if you’re my handsome son, Daniel. Yes, sorry, we’ve already decided your name. If there’s more than one of you though… I’m sorry mate. Now, advice. Your soon to be wife? She’ll almost always be right. I can guarantee it. But hopefully, you’ll land a lady who doesn’t mind being challenged, that way you can tell her she's wrong. If you don’t though, be very careful and never ruin a good thing over a simple matter. You may never find anyone more meant for you” I advised.

“There you have it then. Our best pieces of advice. And our love, we may not know you right now, but we can’t wait to meet you. Love you!” Liv blew kisses at the camera.

“Daddy loves you too. We’ll see you in a minute.Tell us when you're done watching this, we want to see your little face!” I blew a kiss and grinned into the camera.

Hey Guys!
Okay, so I have some bad news... this story is almost done... I know, it's sad... I'm devastated. Trust me!
So, I've got one more chapter of this one... like an epilogue and then I'm done.
I think I'm going to write a little short story collection. Going into each member of the Next Gen so you guys get a sense of what I believe happens to them as they get older. That's good right?

Now, to this chapter.
Did you like each of the speeches? (I have a real problem... I write too many weddings... and therefore speeches!)
And Liv's idea of the recording to the kids? (Remember that, it's going to be a bit important)

Please leave me a review letting me know any views you have. I reply to them all (as of 04/12/2014), so you'll get a response!

Thanks so much for reading!
Emz xxx 

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