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 “Oh my stars. I can’t do this Rose. I can’t go down on my own. I just can’t” I locked myself in the bathroom at The Burrow, screaming this through the door.

“Why am I getting a sense of deja vu?” Rose joked from the other side of the door.

“At least we know things have gone back to normal” I sighed.

“This is Mrs Granger. It’s almost time, 15 minutes Future Mrs Potter” the walkie talkie I’d forgotten I’d taken in with me buzzed, (we used them to try and save our voices, because, of course, we normally scream everything. And we decided on code names that basically consisted of our last names or maiden names)

“Can I come in?” Rose asked.

“No and I’m not coming out either” I collapsed onto the toilet seat and started to cry, “Why did I decide I could do this on my own? You should have known I wouldn’t be able to Rose!”

“It's going to make things more difficult if you stay in there” Rose pointed out the obvious, “I can’t help you if I’m on the wrong side of the door”

“Give Al a talkie, I’ll tell him if you like” I offered, still weeping and ignoring Rose.

“Oh yeah, and what are you going to say? I’m really sorry Al, but I can’t marry you today, or any day for that matter. I’m not prepared to walk down the aisle. So sorry about the expense and the whole waste of time this was. Give everyone a slice of cake and tell them to leave?” Rose mocked.

“No” I replied, “I want the cake” I smiled to myself, the crying drying up.

“Well that’s not fair” Rose responded, seemingly lost for words.

“This is Mrs R Malfoy, Future Mrs Potter is refusing to leave the bathroom. She can’t walk down the aisle alone we have a total of just under 14 minutes. Any suggestions or help?” Rose spoke into the walkie talkie.

“This is Miss L Potter. Who do you want to walk you down then? Uncle Ron? Draco? Scorp?” Lily asked.

“This is Mr S Malfoy, standing by” Scorp spoke into his talkie.

“No one. I don’t want anyone” I frowned into the walkie talkie.

“Miss L Potter still here, you have to do this. You can do this. I believe you can on your own. This was your decision” Lily tried to install some confidence.

“I can’t. I’m so sorry. I just can’t” I repeated.

“Livy?” Peyton’s voice came from the other side of the door.

“Pey’ I’m sorry. I can’t do it” I repeated again.

“I’m not the one for you to be telling that to” she sighed

“Someone. Anyone. Could you tell Al?” I spoke into the walkie talkie.

“What?!” A voice said startled down their walkie talkie, “Sorry, I mean, Sorry, this is Mrs G Potter, oh forget that, Livy? What exactly do you want to tell my son?” Ginny essentially shouted.

“I want nothing more than to able to do this, but I can’t. Can I have my baby please?” I asked for some comfort

“No. You can not. I’m sorry Livy, as much as I love you darling, you’ve got to get married today because this is what you want. Not what I want. Not what anyone else wants. It’s what you want” Ginny asked, clamer, telling me what I needed to hear.

“If I came out, could I see my daughter then? I just need a hug from my baby girl” I braved it.

“Okay. We’re coming up lovely” Hermione’s voice came through the talkie.

“Thank you” I unlocked the door and walked out to find Rose and Peyton waiting for me, and Willow being carried up the stairs by Hermione.

“Mum Mum!” she squealed at the sight of me and I immediately trapped her into a hug, a huge sigh of relief falling out of me.

“Livy, not to alarm you, but you’re meant to be walking down the aisle in about 2 minutes. Everyone’s ready. Everyone’s in place” Hermione held onto my arm and frowned at me.

“I’m not ready though! I can’t do this. Please. I want to, so much, I want to. But I can’t do this without my Dad” I shook my head and held onto my daughter tighter.

“How about you take Willow down?” Peyton suggested, stroking a loose bit of hair out of Willow’s face.

“No, that wouldn’t work. She’s your responsibility” I frowned.

“Hermione Granger. Do you need me to come up, I have waited a whole minute and” Hermione’s walkie talkie buzzed, Ginny’s voice blaring out sounding incredibly stressed, “I have 9 kids down here ready for take off and none of them are happy about sitting around for much longer”

“Oh my stars, why did I think it was a good idea to get everyone involved?” I moaned.

“I don’t know, but you insisted” Rose shrugged.

“I’m getting married today. I just need to sort myself out” I decided, talking Rose’s walkie talkie from her, “Maia? Little Miss Malfoy?” I asked.

“Auntie Livy? Why aren’t you ready yet?” she asked, confused and innocent.

“I don’t know Mi’ but I need you to do a very important, oldest cousin job” I claimed, “I need you to ignore Auntie Ginny and everyone else and take the walkie talkie you have straight to Uncle Al” I instructed.

“Okay” she said proudly, “I’m going right now” she sounded as if she were running, “I just had to run past Daddy and Auntie Ginny. They looked angry” she said, giving us a description of what she was doing.

“Maia, this is Mummy, don’t worry about Auntie Ginny and Daddy” Rose explained to her daughter, she understood this needed to happen too.

I didn’t hear anything for a while after that, I even went to sit back down on the toilet, allowing Willow to sit on my lap, until Al’s voice appeared in the walkie talkie.

“Liv? What’s happening? Maia’s just handed me this and said you needed to speak to me. She said you won’t come out of the bathroom. What are you doing?” Al questioned.

“Al! I’m sorry. I’m just so sorry. I needed to speak to you before I even tried to, well...” I gasped, “Actually the bathroom door is open for the record” I laughed.

“Liv, I’m sorry, but you sound a little crazy” Al sounded puzzled.

“I know. It’s just, Al, I can’t walk down there without my Dad. But I’m going to figure it all out. Just give me a moment. I love you” I blurted out.

“I’ll walk down” he replied.

“What?” I asked, all 3 women upstairs frowning at me, not knowing what he meant.

“Oh, and I love you too” Al added as if that’s what I was implying.

“No, well, yes, thank you. But, no, what do you mean you’ll walk down?” I questioned.

“We can swap. Have a backwards wedding? I mean why not, we do the same, just backwards. Mum?” Al explained.

“Yes Albus?” Ginny said, crossly.

“Will you give me away?” he wondered.

“Yes of course” she sounded a lot less cross and more proud, then going into organiser mode “Al, I need you inside immediately. Pass the walkie talkie to your Dad, he’s going to have to explain to everyone” Ginny instructed, “Wait. Albus. Go straight into my room when you come inside. Rose, you go and meet him there and then give Liv the clear to go downstairs with your talkie” Ginny said, making up a plan as she went along

“I’ll see you real soon. I love you so much Livy, stay brave” Rose hugged me and then kissed me on the cheek.

“Love you too” I said in the hug and Rose ran down the stairs.

I hugged Willow tightly for one last time and handed her to Peyton who took her downstairs to get ready with all the other kids. Hermione and I adjusted the sparkly belt on my big puffy lace ball gown of a dress, let’s just I can’t move very fast and my arms are cold because I have no sleeves, but it’s probably big enough to hide about 5 kids in it. We also checked out my hair, making sure the waves were just right. Then Rose’s voice went through the walkie talkie and Hermione snuck me into the marquee through the side entrance and everyone gasped at the sight of me causing me to jump and hold onto Hermione tightly.

“Don’t worry. You’re just so beautiful people are overwhelmed” she whispered.

“Oh! Merlin, I feel stupid now” I frowned.

“Don’t be. Smile a little bit too. You’re meant to be happy my lovely” Hermione laughed and left again to tell everyone we were ready.

I stood there in anticipation, feeling incredibly stupid as was completely alone, I don’t see how men do this all the time. It’s so awkward. I didn’t even have my bouquet to fiddle with. I looked out into the people in front of me, grinning my face off when I saw Grandma Linda waving at me and Mum rolling her eyes at her and at me probably, I had a hunch I’d have to explain this properly to her later. Ron and Harry were both pulling faces at me, I think to calm me down, but I was relatively calm at this point. Everyone I loved were in front of me, or at least about to be.

I jumped again when Hermione appeared behind me, placing a reassuring hand on my back and instructing the band to start playing then taking her seat.

I looked up and saw Peyton, dressed in her plain but beautiful coral dress, standing at the top of the aisle, Willow on her left, holding her hand, Maia on her right, sprinkling pink petals all along the aisle. Both flower girls wearing what we’d planned, white dresses with coral petals inside the skirts, with coral belts and a wreath with the same coloured flowers around it to match. Peyton glowed, her now naturally brown hair (she likes to dye it constantly) was tied up in the same hairstyle as Lily and Rose, a plaited twist into a bun sort of thing (I decided I got to be the comfortable one and have my hair down). Peyton got to take my daughter and goddaughter down as they were the people she knew best. She just looked so grown up, I had to remind myself she was 22 and I was 25, so neither of us were particularly young anymore.

After Peyton, was James, Ashley and Logan. James and Logan rocking the grey suits we’d talked about. Logan looked so adorable at the age of 6 wearing a little suit, he looked a bit disgruntled having to scatter the petals with Ashley, but James seemed to be enjoying himself, holding Ashley’s basket in one hand and her little hand in the other.
He got to the end and whispered to me, “I think you just made my day, my brother is a bride” he stood opposite me and grinned his face off.

Next up was Lily, Aurora and Noah, Lily had Aurora on her side, carrying her down the aisle. Noah, stood up nicely, by Lily’s side and sprinkling even more petals on the ground, the white was now getting lost in the amount of petals there actually were on the floor. Lily seemed to be whispering into to Aurora’s ear for a bit until she looked up from where she was nestled in Lily’s next and saw her Mum, Dad and grandparents waving at her to which she got excited and waved back too quickly. Lily laughed subtly as she tried to wiggle out of her grip and run to her Mum.

“Mum made us promise not to make fun of Al” Lily whispered as she walked past me, getting into place.

“But, the rest of his life? That’s up for grabs” James whispered over to me too, making me laugh slightly.

Scorp, Leo and Clayer followed them. Scorp was carrying his son, who seemed to have decided to not want to do anything at all but hide into his Dad. Clayer on the other hand, looked gorgeous and strikingly like her Mum, even at the age of 6, while she was perfectly posed and scattering more petals onto the ground. The two of them made a total of eight kids down and two more to go, and it was looking as if having the little ones as part of the wedding was a good plan.

Lastly there was my best friend, Rose, and as bad as this sounds the last two kiddies Elliot and Lola. Both of them had a basket and were scattering even more pink petals down the aisle. At this point I could see no, number two shade of white, all I could see was a sea of pink, the petals leaving a trail for what was meant to be me, the bride. Rose was grinning the whole way down, not having to hold anyones hand or carry anyone, she was professional but just looked happy. Which was an immediate relief for me, even though I was calm, seeing her so happy made things better.
Once Rose had reached the end, and was in place, (so it went, James, Scorp and then Me, Rose, Peyton and Lily) all at the front. All the kiddies were in place as well, sat with their parents or grandparents, whoever they wanted to sit by really. “Ready?” Scorp whispered from opposite me, smiling widely.

Before I even had the chance to respond it happened, ‘here comes the bride’ came on and I looked away from Scorp to the direction of the entrance, where Al and Ginny appeared. First the look on his face showed amazement, just sort of shock while I shrugged and waved at them discreetly, not really knowing what to do otherwise. After that he tried so hard to keep and serious face and I think Ginny next to him was trying to fight the urge to laugh. I on the other hand just couldn’t, there was no way I could keep a straight face and ended up laughing, not very loudly admittedly but I did. Ginny and Al, looking at me got the giggles and silently moved up and down with laughter as they continued towards me.

“You’re not allowed to laugh. I wouldn’t laugh at you” Al smiled when he got the end.

“Yes, but I’ve spent about five hours getting ready this morning, that would be rude” I reminded him.

“You look very puffy, stunning, but puffy” he laughed as Willow managed to hide herself in my dress.

“I know. Thank you” I laughed to, trying to guide Willow out of the dress where she’d gotten stuck, “If it keeps her warm though?” I questioned.

“Good way of looking at it” Al nodded as Willow came out and wanted an “Up!”

“Are we ready to start the ceremony?” the registrar asked, taking us out of our own little world.

“Oh yes, sorry. Mum, can you do one more thing for me today?” Al asked Ginny, she responded with a nod of the head and a laugh and picked up Willow and took her to sit down.

The ceremony was like any other ceremony I’ve ever been to. We said some basic vows and that was the ceremony. Basic but nice. It didn’t last long either, which was good. We then had the dilemma of going outside, where the wind had decided to pick up and take pictures. But pictures with nine kids and then trying to fit the entire family inside was practically impossible.

“You’ll freeze to death if you’re outside for too long Livy dear” Nana Molly fussed.

“I’ll be fine Nana Molly! My hearts still beating so fast I’ll keep warm” I laughed.

“No, I can’t let you do it. How about we do the photographs in here? Everyone can go inside while they’re not being photographed” Nana Molly decided, the similarity between her and Ginny still astonishes me.

“But that’s a lot of people Nana” Al pointed out.

“Nonsense Albus” Nana Molly shook her head, “Rosie my dear, could you explain to everyone the situation? And get all the family in here for a second, we’ll do friends first”

Rose nodded and sorted everything out. In fact, she figured that no one really needed to come inside at all. She just got rid of the chairs at the back, so everyone just stood around and chatted while people came in and out of pictures. We stood in the ‘altar’ thing for the pictures and the photographer used the petals on the floor to his advantage. Managing to get it in quite a lot. So anyway, we had friends pictures first, that mainly consisted of Al’s family friends, like Luna, Rolf and the twins, but we had a few old Hogwarts friends too. Liberty was there as I still owl her quite a lot, some people from work as well, that’s mine and Al’s. Then we did my family, so Peyton and Mum, and then my Auntie Rachel and her sons Harvey and Lewis, who I don’t ever talk to actually, she’s my Dad’s crazy sister, but we had to invite them or else it’d be rude. After that was the challenge of the whole Wotter family, and then of course each little family separately, like the Potters and then cutting that down further to be just the ‘kids’ of that family’s little family, (James, Anna and Ashley for example). Of course, then we had to have bridesmaid photos and flower girl photos and pageboy photos and groomsmen photos. Then the maid of honour and best man. In the end it was just Al and I, which was quickly becoming very uncomfortable as everyone decided to watch in the end until we were done and everyone had to have a moment of freeze to death before we went back inside the marquee for the meal.

Hey Guys!
So, this happened...
The walkie talkies? Did you like them?
Livy freaks out. Thoughts? Rose tries to help? Complete deja vu! I have a thing about writing weddings apparently!
Al has a sudden super brain wave. Good idea?
Ginny's going a bit crazy, she's normally quite cool and collected, but she's kind of taking over Hermione's job as head organiser... Maybe she's just protective? He's her first baby to get married, remember that!
The descriptions of everyone walking down the aisle? Did you like the idea of having everyone involved?

Please leave a review letting me know all your thoughts! I love to read them and will reply!
Thanks so much for reading though!

Emz xxx

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