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Chapter Eight: Just give it time

"Still waters, heavy hearts, plans we make all fall apart. Disillusioned and lost in the gray, how can we fix the heart when it breaks? Don't know how much more you can take. Just give it time, it's gonna get better..." (Just give it time by Jon McLaughlin)


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldvies Island – 10:00 A.M

Hermione woke up with the fresh scent of coffee wafting inside her room; she yawned sleepily and stretched her arms upward. Once the kinks are gone, she threw her blankets off her body and sat up; her eyes wandering inside her room, looking for the culprit of her awakening.


Hermione's eyes widen upon hearing the voice; she hastily scampered towards the side of the bed and snatched her wand from the side table. "Didi?" she called out.

The tiny elf appeared right at her side and bowed; "Miss is awake, did Miss have good sleep? Did Miss see the breakfast that Didi made?" she asked brightly.

"Didi, I—I heard a voice—"


Hermione stop mid-question and turned her gaze towards her bedroom door; she gripped her wand tightly in her hands as she stood up.

Didi winced and tried to pull on Hermione's left pant leg; "Didi is sorry Miss, but young master seems to be in a bad mood" she said apologetically.

Hermione frowned; "What do you mean young master? I thought I was alone here?" she asked suspiciously.

Didi immediately began hitting her head on the bedpost; "I am sorry Miss...Didi was not supposed to tell!" she wailed.

Hermione crouched down and pulled on the elf's shoulder, keeping her from bashing her head further.
"Stop that Didi, I forbid you to hurt yourself!" she said.

The elf stopped struggling; she turned her tear-stricken face to Hermione and sniffed; "Didi is a bad elf. Didi should punish herself" she sobbed.

"Well I am your Miss for now so you better follow what I say"

Didi sniffed again and started to look at her feet.

Hermione sat on her haunches on the floor and crossed her arms on top of her chest; "Now Didi, as you're Miss, I want you to tell me who are you referring to as young master? And how did he get here? I thought I only have access to this place for the time being?" she asked.

Didi began fumbling with her hands; she was about to answer when a loud bang resounded inside the house.


Hermione scowled; "The young master you're referring to is quite a character, aye?" she huffed.

Didi winced; "Didi must show herself to young master, Didi is suppose to answer to her master. Please Miss, don't leave this room. Didi will go to young master" she pleaded.

Hermione stood up; "I can't let you do that alone! What if he hurts you?" she said.

Didi let out a little smile; "Don't worry for Didi Miss, young master won't hurt me. He is good" she said.

Another door slummed shut inside the house; "If that's your only basis of good, I doubt your judgement!" Hermione snapped.


Didi threw Hermione a pleading look and snapped her fingers, disappearing right in front of her eyes.

Hermione huffed; "I better see who this young master is!" she said. She then padded towards the edge of the bed and began searching for her flats.


Malfoy Manor – Whiltshire, England – 6:10 AM

Lucius groaned and turned towards his wife; he moved towards her side of the bed but found that it was empty. He sleepily opened his eyes as he struggled to sit up.

"You can still have a lie in, it's still early"

Lucius turned towards the window and saw his wife standing beside it; "What are you doing up so early?" he croaked.

Narcissa turned towards her husband and smiled; "Nothing...just thinking" she replied.

Lucius yawned and leaned back on the head board; he threw a look at his wrist watch and yawned again. "Your son must be up by now" he said.

Narcissa chuckled; "I wonder what happened" she asked.

Lucius sniffed; "I'm quite sure he's throwing a hissy fit by now and sparks are flying everywhere, I just hope they won't damage our furniture's beyond repair" he said.

Narcissa grinned; "Oh how I want to see the both of them together" she gushed.

Lucius shook his head and closed his eyes.


Pansy was picking up her things in a hurried phase; she was about to open the door successfully when strong arms enveloped her waist. "Leaving without saying goodbye?" Theo asked while nuzzling her neck.

Pansy instantly stiffen; "What are you doing Nott?" she asked.

Theo stopped and pulled away; "What got into your knickers? It's still early and you're already fretting" he asked.

Pansy sighed and turned towards him; "I'm sorry Theo...I'm just not used to...use to this" she admitted.

Theo studied her face, after a couple of seconds; he pulled her towards his chest and hugged her tightly. "Well you better get used to this because I like cuddling in the morning" he said.

Pansy shyly wrapped her arms around his lean torso and buried her face into his chest; "Well I'm glad, I like cuddling too" she replied.


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldvies Island – 10:18 A.M


Draco stopped pacing and turned towards the sound; "Didi?" he said disbelievingly. He padded towards the elf and crossed his arms on top of his chest; "What is the meaning of this? Is this the errand that Mum is talking about? Why am I here?" he asked frantically.

Didi lowered her head; "I is don't know Master" she replied.

Draco eyed the elf for a couple of minutes and felt his temper flare; he was about to lift his hand in defeat and exasperation when he felt a spell hit his back, making him topple over the sofa bed.

Hermione lowered her wand and began moving towards the stiff man; she crouched towards the elf and began checking her body for injury. "Are you alright Didi? Did the man hurt you?" she asked worriedly.

Didi's eyes widen as she began to shook her head; "No Miss, Didi not hurt. Master did not hurt Didi" she squeaked.

Hermione felt guilt gnaw at her chest when her eyes fell on the man laying face first into the sofa; she hastily pointed her wand at his back and began levitating him. She felt her jaw drop when she recognized the face of the wizard who's floating stiffly in front of her. "Malfoy?" she asked.

Draco just moved his eyes.

"Oh Merlin!" Hermione exclaimed. She gently moved him towards the sofa bed and pointed her wand at him again. "Finite Incantatum" she said.

"Granger?" Draco asked confusedly. He then felt his temper flare again so he clenched his fist tightly; "What are you doing here? What the bloody hell is going on here?" he asked furiously.

Hermione felt blood rising into her cheeks as embarrassment and indignation began pounding into her ears; "I don't know what's going on here so don't you shout-!" she yelled.

"You stupefied me! You cursed me in my own house!" Draco said cutting her off. He then stood from the sofa and began pacing; "I can't believe you have the audacity to pull your wand at me after I saved your life!" he said.


Draco stopped pacing as her words began to sink in; he turned towards the red faced Hermione and furrowed his brows. "That's what puzzles me too, how did you get here and WHY are you here? This our beach house" he said.

Hermione sniffed and crossed her arms on top of her chest; "Harry and Torry sent me here because I told them that I needed to leave London after what happened" she said.

Draco's angry face softened; he then padded towards the sofa and sat down. "Oh I see..." he replied.

Hermione took a deep calming breath; "I can leave you know...I didn't know that this place was yours" she said.

Draco shook his head as he leaned back on the sofa; he began rubbing his eyes tiredly as ire left his body. "You don't have too, I'm sorry that I screamed at you, you are welcome here" he said. He then opened his eyes and stared at her; "I was just so furious because I was sent here without my permission or my knowledge" he said resignedly.

Hermione moved towards the sofa and gestured towards the space; "Can I?" she asked.

Draco nodded.

Hermione then sat down and gathered her hands on her lap; she turned towards Draco and stared at him. "You mean you don't know how you got here?" she asked.

Draco nodded again.

Hermione furrowed her brows; "That's curious...I used a portkey to get here and I don't think there's any another way of travelling here aside that..." she said.

Draco huffed; "That's also why I'm raving mad. The last thing I remember is eating lunch with my parents and voilla, I'm here!" he said.

"Oh..." Hermione gasped.

Draco was staring pensively at the coffee table when realization dawned on him; his eyes widen as he shoot up from his perch. "The cherries! Those bloody cherries! Oh Mum just wait till I get my hands on you!" he hissed.

Hermione was taken aback by his reaction; "What do you mean cherries?" she asked.

Draco began pacing again; "My mother gave me some chocolate dipped cherries from Paris last night. When I finished the first one, there seems to be a weird after taste so I told her, but she dismissed me! I popped another one in my mouth to see if it's the same but before I even got the chance to speak my world blacked out" he said thru clenched teeth.

Hermione stared at Draco confusedly; "So, you were duped by cherries?" she clarified.

Draco stopped pacing and stared at Hermione sternly; "I was not duped by cherries, I was duped by my meddlesome Mother!" he said.


Draco resumed his pacing; "I just don't understand why I'm here! If she let you use this house, why did she send me here in the first place" he asked.

Hermione began fumbling with her hands; "I really don't know the answer Malfoy..." she replied.

"I didn't think you would" Draco replied.

Hermione thought for a couple of seconds; "If portkey is the only way to come here then you must have it with you. Did you check if you have it, because Torry explicitly told me to not lose it because if I do, I can't leave" she said.

Draco stopped pacing; he turned towards Hermione and let out a wide grin. " . !" he said. He then dashed towards his room in a flash, leaving Hermione.

Hermione smiled triumphantly; she then turned her gaze towards Didi and asked. "I wonder why Narcissa sent his son here, do you know anything about this Didi?" she asked suspiciously.

Didi frantically shook her tiny head; "Didi doesn't know anything Miss" she replied.

Hermione was about to reply but was cut off with Draco appearing in the living room again; he glumly walked towards the sofa and sat down.

"Did you find it?" Hermione asked.

Draco frowned; "Mother must have planned this thoroughly, I can't find anything inside my room aside from my luggage" he said. "Luggage! She had the audacity to pack my things!" he said indignantly.

Hermione's eyes widen; "Looks like she did plan it after all!" she replied.

"I know!" Draco said. He then turned towards Didi; "If my Mum planned this all along then there is no means of leaving this place, I know for a fact that there's no way of asking Didi's help because she's my Mother's personal elf, she is bound to her" he said resignedly.

"How about my portkey?" Hermione asked.

Draco huffed; "Knowing my Mother, she might've tinkered with it to not let you leave as well" he said.

Hermione groaned; "But why would she do this!" she exasperatedly.

"I also don't know" Draco replied.

"What will happen to your job then?" Hermione asked.

Draco sighed and leaned back on the sofa; "My mother doesn't do things half way, for sure she already settled it with my boss" he replied gravely.

Hermione shook her head in disbelief; "I just can't understand why Narcissa would do this to you" she said.

"Me too" Draco replied.


Potter Manor – London, England – 10:34 A.M:

"Fifi is sorry to disturb Mistress but Mr. Weasley is at the door" Fifi said.

Astoria planted a soft kiss on Candice's head and stood up; she carried her daughter towards the play pen and lowered her down. "I'll be back munchkin, Mummy just has a visitor, be nice, okay?" she cooed.

Candice let out toothy grin; "Mummy!" she said while giggling.

Astoria gently patted her daughters head and smiled; "I'll be back" she said. She then towards the elf and furrowed her brows; "Did you let him in?" she asked.

Fifi began playing with the hem of her dress; "Fifi left him outside the foyer because Fifi doesn't know if Mistress will have him" she replied.

Astoria smirked; "Very good Fifi, I'll just go to the foyer then" she said. She then began padding towards the nursery door.

"Does Mistress want Fifi to make tea for the visitor?"

Astoria stopped and turned towards the elf; "No need Fifi, he won't be staying long" she said.

"Ruddy elf! Didn't even let me in! I'll have Harry know about this!" Ron spat furiously while pacing back and forth.

The main door flung open as Astoria stepped out of the threshold; she had her chin up as she stared at her husband's former best friend. "Ronald" she said coldly.

Ron let out a wide smile; "Torry" he greeted. He then began walking towards her and stopped at her front; he was about to hug her but Astoria took a step back.

"What do you want Ronald?" Astoria asked frostily.

Ron read her demeanour and took a step back; throwing her a pleading.. "I take it that you already knew the news then?" he resignedly said.

Astoria crossed her arms on top of her chest and crinkled her nose; "It was splattered on the Prophet, only a blind person won't see" she said.

Ron's shoulders fell as he stared at his shoes; "Harry also knows?" he asked.

Astoria sniffed; "Of course he does! He was there to clean up your mess and help Hermione pick up the pieces" she replied acidly.

Ron's head snapped towards Astoria; "So he knows where she'd gone to?" he asked hopefully.

"And if he does, pray tell, why would he tell you? You've already done enough damage, leave Hermione alone" Astoria spat.

Ron's face turned red as he clenched his fist; "Who are you to tell me to leave Hermione alone? You don't know what we've gone through so you don't have the slightest right to say those words to me, you're just Harry's wife!" he hissed.

Astoria felt her cheeks redden as her temper flare; she pulled her wand from her robe pocket and pointed it towards Ron. "I have ALL the right because I am Hermione's friend too! I may only be Harry's wife in your eyes but you are philandering scum in mine! Leave this house Ronald Weasley and don't you ever come back, you are no longer welcome!" she spat.

Ron laughed manically; "You don't own this house this is Harry's house so I will come and go as I please!" he hissed.

"I dare you then" she challenged. "Come back once Harry is here and let's see what happens!"

Ron huffed; "I will come back and you'll eat your words!" he said.

Astoria smirked; "Then by all means come back, just don't forget the fact that Hermione is also Harry's best friend and you hurt her" she said.

Ron felt a pang in his chest but he chose to ignore her biting words; he sneered at her and dissapparated with a loud pop.

Astoria shook her head in dismay.


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldvies Island – 2:14 P.M

Draco walked inside the Lanai and stared at Hermione whose reading a book; he padded towards the couch and sat down. "Granger, you have a beautiful house in your disposal but you chose to read your book" he said.

Hermione tore her eyes away from her book and turned her gaze towards the blond man sitting a couple of inches away from her; "I like this book and I plan to finish it today" she replied.

Draco inhaled and smiled; "I like the smell of the ocean" he said.

"Are you here to make small talk Malfoy?" Hermione asked.

Draco turned his head towards her and crinkled his nose; "You always call me Malfoy" he observed.

Hermione dog-eared her novel and closed it; "Does it bother you? You call me Granger all the time," she replied.

Draco averted her gaze and began staring at the blue sky; "It doesn't, it just reminds me off school and I guess that's what I don't like" he replied.

Hermione placed her book beside her and turned towards Draco; she crossed her legs as she studied him. "You were a prat then," she said.

Draco chuckled; "Oh Hermione, you're too kind. I'm not a prat then, I was worse than that" he said.

Hermione felt a jolt inside her chest upon hearing her name from his lips; she felt her cheeks redden but blamed it on the scorching sun. "You're right, you're worst than a prat then Draco" she said nervously.

Draco's head instantly snapped towards her; staring at her intently.

Hermione uncrossed her legs and sat straight; "What?" she asked.

"I like it" Draco said.

Hermione's brow lifted; "What do you like?" she asked confusedly.

Draco smiled widely; "Hearing my name from you" he said.

Hermione's felt her cheeks heating up but she ignored it; she sat straighter and turned her gaze towards the blue horizon. "This place is really beautiful" she said, changing the topic.

Draco shook his head with a small smile painting his lips; he turned towards the vast sky and took a deep breath. "Mum bought it years ago, she always loved beaches" he replied.

Hermione closed her eyes as the warm ocean breeze caressed her face; "Narcissa has good taste" she replied.

"Don't let her hear that, her head is big enough" Draco joked.

Hermione chuckled as she opened her eyes; "I'll tell her you said that" she replied.

Draco just smiled.


Large green flames burst into the fireplace as Astoria's face illuminated through the fire; Harry's face turned towards the grate as he recognized his wife's face.

"Harry?" Astoria called out.

Harry stood from his desk and began padding towards the fireplace; he kneeled right in front of it and let out a smile. "Hey love" he greeted.

Astoria smiled; "Hi love" she replied.

"Is there anything the matter?" Harry asked.

Astoria let out a sigh; "Ron was here" she said.

Harry furrowed his brows as anger began seeping into his blood; "What did the Weasel want?" he asked.

"He knows that Hermione left" Astoria replied.

Harry swore.

Astoria crinkled her nose in disapproval.

"I'm sorry love, I can't help it" Harry said sheepishly.

Astoria's face softened; "That's okay...he was asking where Hermione went" she said while tucking a stray hair behind her right ear.

Harry frowned; "Did you tell her?" he asked.

"Of course not!" Astoria huffed. She then cleared her throat; "In fact, I told him off" she said proudly.

Harry laughed; "You are brilliant" he praised.

Astoria grinned widely and puffed her chest; "I know I am" she replied.

Harry smiled; "Well, serves him right!" he said.

"" Astoria said.


Astoria then winced; "He is coming back" she said.

Harry smiled darkly; "Then it's much better" he replied.

"Don't do anything that will send you to Azkaban, okay?"

"I won't" Harry promised.

Astoria let out a sigh of relief; "Moving on to another topic, what would, what would like for dinner?" she asked brightly.

Harry thought for a couple of seconds; "I think I want Indian food" he said. "Do you mind if I just buy us some take outs?" he asked.

"I don't mind, just don't forget to buy some extra Naan" Astoria said.

"Alright" Harry replied.

"And oh! Please don't forget to buy some Khe—"

"Kheer, I know love" Harry said, cutting her off.

Astoria clapped her hands excitedly; "We can eat at the Balcony again!" she said.

"Yes we can dear"

"Oh, and don't forget to buy Chicken Tikka Misala for Candice, she loves it" Astoria added.

"I won't forget that" Harry replied.

Astoria then flung out a flying kiss; "Thank you love! See you in a few hours!" she said.

Harry smile; "Okay, love you" he said.

Astoria winked; "Love you too scarboy" she said.

Harry laughed.


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldvies Island – 3:20 P.M

"I'm hungry" Draco whined.

Hermione lowered her book and turned towards Draco; "Eat then," she replied.

Draco pouted; "I don't know what to eat" he said.

Hermione closed her book and raised her brow; "I'm sure Didi can fix you some stuff" she replied.

"Have you tried any of their delicacies here?" Draco asked.

"They have?" Hermione asked, awestruck.

"You mean, you've been here for a day and you haven't tried any of it?" Draco asked disbelievingly.

Hermione shook her head; "Didi has been preparing me English food" she said.

Draco rolled his eyes and stood up; "Wait for me here" he said. He then padded inside the house, out of Hermione's sight.

Hermione leaned back on the couch and crossed her legs; "I wonder what he's up to" she said to herself. She then plucked the book from her lap and continued reading.

After several minutes...

Draco reappeared inside the Lanai with a large grin; he moved towards the couch and sat down.

Hermione tore her eyes away from the book; "What did you do?" she asked curiously.

"I asked Didi to make us some snack" Draco replied.

"Oh" Hermione said.


Didi appeared inside the room with a huge smile; she padded towards the square table and lowered a tray laden with plates and tea pot. "Didi made snacks and drinks, please enjoy" she said. She then snapped her fingers and disappeared.

Hermione closed her book again and set it aside; she leaned forward and took a sniff. "This smells good...but what is it?" she asked inquisitively.

"This is one of my favourite delicacies here" Draco said. He then leaned forward and began setting up the saucers and forks; he placed one in front of Hermione and began serving her piece. He then lifted the saucer into his hands and offered it to Hermione.

Hermione accepted the food and smiled; she brought it close to her eyes and began studying the crescent shaped confection on the plate.

Draco smiled; he then offered her a fork and a napkin.

Hermione accepted it and began prodding the food; "This looks like a bizarrely folded pancake" she observed.

Draco took his own saucer and began cutting the food into bite size pieces; he stabbed a tiny piece with his fork and began munching it with vigour.

Hermione copied his action and took a small piece; she brought it closer to her mouth and took a sniff before eating it.

"Do you like it?" Draco asked.

Hermione chewed for a couple of seconds and swallowed; "This is good! I like it!" she said brightly.

Draco took another bite; "I thought so" he said.

Hermione began cutting it into bite size pieces; "What do you call this stuff? And I can taste coconut!" she exclaimed.

"It's called Huni Hakuru Folhi, it's made of coconut, sugar and flour" Draco explained. "It's one of their famous snacks here, and Didi makes it best" Draco said proudly.

Hermione took another bite and let out a moan.

Draco turned his gaze towards Hermione and felt his mouth drying; he cleared his throat and placed his saucer on the table. He then began pouring tea on each cup; he plucked his and took a sip.

Hermione didn't notice his reaction and continued eating.


"Is that tea?" Hermione asked.

Draco nodded.

Hermione then leaned forward and placed her saucer on the table; she then grasped her tea and took a tentative sip. "It tastes different" she observed.

"It is different, it's not our normal tea way back home" Draco explained.

Hermione took another sip; "It's also good, what is it called?" she said.

"Kalhu Sai" Draco replied.

Hermione took a sip again; "It's good in washing off the sweet taste of the food. I think this could go well with the desserts that Torry makes" she said.

Draco chuckled; "Astoria and her famous desserts!" he said.

Hermione laughed; "Good thing we have potions to stabilize blood sugars because if we don't, I'd be sorry for Harry" she said.

"Too true!" Draco replied with a smile.


"What are you doing here?" Ron snapped.

Lavender ignored his question and padded towards the couch; she sat herself without invitation and crossed her arms on her chest. "We need to talk" she said.

"We have nothing to talk about, please leave" Ron said stiffly.

Lavender glared; "I saw Millicent Bullstrode inside your backyard last week, are you sleeping with her as well" she asked.

Ron huffed; "It's none of your business" he hissed.

Lavender felt her face turning red as anger started bubbling inside her chest; she slowly uncrossed her arms and placed it on top of her lap, fist tightly closed. "I need to know" she said through gritted teeth.

Ron ignored her rant and took a sip of his whiskey.

"Don't be a prat, answer my question" Lavender hissed.

"Go away!" Ron replied.

Lavender hastily stood from the couch and snatched her wand from her pocket; "I'M NOT PLAYING GAMES WITH YOU RONALD WEASLEY SO YOU BETTER ANSWER ME BEFORE I SEND YOUR SORRY ARSE TO OBLIVION!" she threatened.

Ron gazed at her for a couple of minutes and burst into mirthless laughter; he then shook his head and stood up. He padded towards Lavender and closed his hands on hers; "Don't point your wand at me witch, I know you don't have the guts to hex me" he jeered.

Lavender met his gaze; "Don't you dare me!" she replied stonily.

Ron snatched the wand from her fingers and threw it at the back of the couch.

Lavender's eyes widen; she then began hitting his chest with her bare hands. "You are an arsehole!" she yelled.

Ron took several blows to his chest before he was able to get a hold of her arms, seizing it effectively. He then yanked it down, fastening it tightly by her sides. "Don't you dare hit me" he said menacingly.

Lavender snarled and began struggling again; "No wonder Hermione left you! You can't keep your prick inside your pants!"

Ron chuckled darkly; "Same as you can't close your legs love!" he retorted.

Lavender's eyes widen as tears began building up; "I hate you! I fucking hate you!" she shrieked.

Ron's grip loosened; "Get out" he said.

Lavender freed her arms from his grip and pushed him roughly; she wiped her tears from her cheeks as she angrily turned her back. She padded away from him and walked towards the back of the couch; she snatched her wand from the ground and continued walking briskly towards the open door. Once outside the threshold, she turned towards the man standing inside the living room; "I hope you rot in hell! You are nothing but a selfish bastard who doesn't deserve to be loved" she said gravely. She then turned her back once and again and charmed the door to close behind her with a loud bang.

Ron sighed as he clenched his fist; he then walked towards his seat and slumped back.


Malfoy's Beach House – Maldvies Island – 5:44 P.M

Draco sat with Hermione inside the Lanai for another hour after their afternoon snack; he sometimes asks questions but for the rest of it, he lets her be. Hermione was on the last page of her book when Draco stood up; he walked towards border of the cup shaped pool and towered over it. He then stretched his hands upwards, eyes fixed on the setting sun; "One loves the sunset, when one is so sad" he quoted.

Hermione's eyes instantly snapped towards him in surprise; "The Little Prince?" she asked.

Draco nodded his head, still not facing her; "That's my favourite line from the book even though I don't agree with it" he said as he lowered his arms to his side.

Hermione set her book aside and stood up; she then padded towards Draco and stood beside him. She turned her gaze towards the fading sun and crossed her arms on top of her chest; "Sad people likes watching sunsets, I for one, loves it" she said.

"I know..." Draco replied.

Hermione turned her head towards Draco; "What do you mean?" she asked.

Draco still didn't turn towards her, his eyes still fixed on the horizon; "I know you are sad, that's the reason you're here" he said.

Hermione felt emotions rush inside her chest so she looked away.

"I know what happened but I won't ask you to tell me. You're here to give yourself time to heal so you will have it..." Draco said while turning his face towards the woman standing beside him.

Hermione bit her bottom lip as tears began heating up her eyes.

Draco noticed her reaction so he opted to avert his gaze; he faced the sky again and let out a deep breath. "For me, sunset is a sign of new beginnings. During the war, I've always anticipated every sunset, you know why?" he asked.

Hermione discreetly wiped the tears that escaped her eyes; "Why?" she asked.

Draco turned towards her again and met her gaze; "Because It's a promise of a better tomorrow. An assurance that no matter how hard life is at the moment you will eventually get through it, that there is a great chance that tomorrow you will be okay" he said.

Hermione's strong facade broke as tears began trailing down her cheeks; "Do you think I'll be okay tomorrow?" she asked brokenly.

Draco felt a pang inside his chest as he watches her cry; he carefully placed his arms on her shoulder and pulled her closer. "We have a couple of sunsets to go Hermione, I can't promise that it will be tomorrow but I know in time you will be okay" he said comfortingly.

Hermione let him comfort her as tears continue pouring; "It hurts so bad..." she whimpered.

Draco began rubbing her arm up and down; "It hurts because what you feel is real..." he replied.

Hermione sniffed; "I don't want to hurt anymore..." she murmured.

"Just give it time...time is all you need..." Draco replied.

Hermione nodded.

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