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“Now, this is Daddy, but most people call him Al, just in case you get confused and he’s going to be living with us, so get used to his face” I smiled, because I just couldn’t stop, “and this is Rosie, she’s not really your Aunt but you have to call her that because she’s my best friend”

“When you can talk that is” Rose inputted.

“She’s your godmother” I carried on, ignoring her “and this is Scorpius, or Scorp, he’s your godfather so you have to call him Uncle as well because of that and he’s Daddy’s best friend and I pretend he’s my brother, so just go along with it” I continued.

“And this is Nana Ginny, she’s Daddy’s Mum and this is Grandad Harry, that’s Daddy’s Dad. They’re pretty amazing people. Sorry if this is too confusing but you’re going to getting a lot of this, Daddy’s got a huge family” I introduced our daughter to her grandparents.

“This, is Auntie Lily, she’s actually your Auntie, so you most definitely have to call her that and she’s going to be your fun Aunt that takes you out places”I grinned at Lily widely who did the same back.

“Remember that name little lady because we’re going to go on all sorts of magic adventures together” Lily laughed, cooing at her.

“These two are very special, Mummy jokes they’re her parents but they not really, so this is Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione, they’re technically something like your Great Aunt and Uncle but we won’t call them that, they’re actually not that old” I smiled at them and they looked so happy.

“Can I please have her back now?” Al complained to me

“You just gave her to me” I pointed out, “besides she loves her Mummy and I’m still introducing her to everyone” I added.

“But I want to introduce her to someone and she loves her Daddy too” he complained some more.

“Will you two stop arguing like children?” Ginny spoke before she realised what she’d said and caused everyone to start laughing.

Our ‘little fighter’ started to cry at the noise and everyone silenced immediately, watching Liv bob her up and down in an attempt to stop her from crying, which she got to do quickly enough.

“Okay, if I promise Daddy can introduce you to people tomorrow” Liv looked at me, eyebrows raised at her proposition, I nodded and she continued, “are you ready to meet some more people?” she said nothing so Liv took that as a yes, “right then, this is Astoria and Draco, Mummy jokes that these two are her parents as well, but they’re not. That means you have to call them Aunt and Uncle though, so add them to your mental list of Aunts and Uncles”

“She’s beautiful” Astoria reached out and touched her gentle on the nose, “She’s got the Potter’s piercing green eyes too, definitely her father’s daughter” she shot a smile at me which I thankfully widened my own in return.

“Can I see?” Maia asked, she’d been patiently sat on her Dad’s lap after she insisted on coming in and meeting the ‘little fighter’ everyone was talking about.

“You sure can Mi’, hop on up” Liv nodded, and gestured a seat next to her on the bed. Liv positioned the baby in front of her, resting on her on a bean bag contraption Liv had on her lap so the baby could look lie directly in front of her and look at her and Maia. “This is Maia, she’s Auntie Rose and Uncle Scorp’s daughter and the eldest 3rd cousin you’ve got. Now that might sound complicated but let’s put it this way, she’s 6 whole years old and your 30 whole minutes old, that’s a big difference. She’s also Mummy and Daddy’s goddaughter and that means she comes over all the time, so here’s your first friend” Liv explained to her daughter.

“What’d you think Maia?” Scorp asked as she watched Maia slowly touched the baby’s hand.

“Her hands are so small” Maia smiled, “What’s her name?”

Liv and I shared a look and she nodded at me, as if she knew what I was thinking and giving me permission to tell everyone, “Willow Rosalie Jean Potter, after the two women who helped deliver her”

“You don’t have to do that” Hermione shook her head immediately in disbelief,

“Mum’s right, you really don’t have to do that” Rose agreed nodding her head and looking as if she was about to cry.

“We’ve been thinking about it for a while actually, Jean was always going to be her middle name” Liv revealed, playing with her daughters little feet.

“It would be an honour to share my name with such a beautiful little girl” Hermione grinned about as wide as Liv and I were.

“A real honour” Rose agreed holding back the tears, “Okay, Liv, you need to sleep now, we’ve all been introduced, so it’s time to sleep now” she decided getting up and ushering everyone out.

Everyone hugged Liv and then me as they left and promised to let everyone know and come in stages tomorrow when it was possible for everyone to come. Hermione gave me a extra big hug on her way out, and Dad hung back for a bit while Rose took Liv to get washed, so Dad and I were left with Willow.

“I’m really proud of you Al” Dad said suddenly while we both watched her in her basket.

“Thanks Dad” I nodded, not taking an eye of my daughter.

“You did a really nice thing there, naming her after Hermione and Rose. I’ll never hear the end of that. First James does that for your Mum and then you do it for Hermione. Can someone please have a boy to even it out?” Dad laughed and Willow looked at him in a peculiar way.

“I can’t believe she’s mine to name” I shook my head in disbelief as Willow’s face changed into a more neutral expression after Dad had stopped laughing.

“Neither can I. Both my boys have babies and that’s something that’s difficult to accept” he agreed, “I best leave you too it though son, you’ve got a lot of bonding to do”

“Thanks Dad” I repeated, getting up to hug him and seeing him out. Then going across to my daughter and picking her up.

“Hi there, I’m not sure you caught it, but my name’s Daddy and your half me. So, yeah. I don’t know whether you recognise my voice or even understand what I’m saying but I’m really glad you’re here” I smiled down to my daughter as she stared up at me.

“Al, you do realise my name isn’t actually Rosalie?” Rose had suddenly appeared and sat down next to me.

“Yeah, but Rose didn’t sound right, so now that’s your name” I shrugged slightly.

“Fine. I cannot believe you just did that. You named your baby after me” Rose shook her head, still not quite believing.

“I know I did. You may not realise but you’re incredibly influential in our lives” I replied, looking up at her.

“Well, thank you” she said, as if for once, she didn’t really know what to say, “Way to make me look bad though, name Willow after my Mum too! We haven’t named Maia after anyone!” Rose joked.

“Yeah… Sorry about that. It was James’ fault though really, Ashley Ginevra started it off” I blamed my brother, who I could not wait to introduce Willow to.

“I can live with that, we’ll blame James” Rose agreed, “I cannot believe you have a baby”

“Apparently I do, her name’s Willow and you're her godmother, so you should probably get used to it” I grinned down at Willow, her eyes matching mine so well.

“That’s a title I’m going to have to get used to. My first godchild! A perfect little god daughter!” Rose praised and Willow looked in her direction as if she knew Rose was talking about her.

“That’s right, that’s Auntie Rose” I praised her as she looked up at Rose.

“Where’s my baby?! I want to hold her again!” Liv bounced into the room as if she were on cloud 9.

“One more hug and then she has to go into the baby room and you have to sign some stuff to say she’s yours and everything” Rose told her and smiled as Liv’s face dropped, “Come on it’s late”

I had to leave, Liv went to sleep and Rose whisked Willow off so she could sleep too. I’m not sure how much sleep I actually got, all I know is that I got up very early to be the first person to arrive and she our daughter. I watched the Healer bring her out to me, looking all bright eyed and, I like to think, thankful to see me.

“Now, that’s not fair” Liv stood in the hallway arms crossed, “I’ve been here all night and you still managed to get to her before me”

“I think it’s perfectly fair, you snooze you lose” I mimicked a phrase Aunt Hermione had always said when I was little, a muggle phrase she’d said it was. Liv turned around and I followed her back to her room, Willow in my arms.

“What time do you reckon everyone will arrive then Daddy?” Liv asked, “Oh my stars that is something I’m going to have to get used to” she laughed

“I’m not sure Mummy, but I don’t expect we’ll be alone for long and then it’ll be pass the baby” I smiled, passing her Willow so she could have some time before everyone else turned up.

I was right, it didn’t take long for the before school visits, Vic, Teddy, Noah and Clayer came to visit Willow first and as Liv promised, I got to introduce her to them.

“Another girl!” Noah laughed all dressed up in his uniform, “Elliot, Logan and me are the only boys!”

“Come on mate, you can’t complain, they’re all gorgeous” Teddy smiled down at his son.

“I like little girls” Clayer noted, holding onto her Mum’s hand tightly while Vic cooed over Willow.

“Thank you sweetheart” Liv smiled at her and requested a hug to calm her down, she doesn’t particularly like hospitals.

“Right, so Willow, this is Auntie Victoire, Uncle Teddy, Noah and Clemence. Now, they’re related to us, I promise, Lupin’s are really part of the family, a real important part. Teddy’s like my brother, and just like his name suggests, he gives great teddy bear hugs” I introduced.

“It’s true” Teddy agreed, “I’m always available for a good hug if you need one” he granted, grinning.

They left to take Noah and Clayer to school but before they had left Maia and Scorp were back before she went to school and Scorp to work.

“I’d like to hold my goddaughter please” Scorp pretty demanded as he sat down in the chair next to me, I allowed this and he sat holding onto Willow with care, “I remember when you were this small Maia, I used to stay up for hours, just holding you while you slept”

“Why?” Maia wondered, innocently.

“Because I couldn’t bring myself to look away” he replied,

“Oh” Maia said, not really sure what else to say.

“Her eyes are scarily like yours Al” he continued.

“And the poor girl will always be reminded of it” Vic laughed, “We best be getting off. I’ve got to have a chat with little miss’ pre-school teacher before I go to work. I’m assuming you’re having another day off?”

“I sure am. Perhaps the week” I nodded.

“Fair enough, bye Willow, stay beautiful” she smiled, kissing her fingers and placing them then on Willow’s cheek.

“Bye all. We will come baring gifts soon” Teddy winked at us and then left.

Throughout the day, my less busy Aunts and Uncles came in and out to meet the new member of the family. Bill and Fleur, George and Angelina, Percy and Audrey. It was really nice for them to come, and they fussed greatly over our little girl. Louis, Lizzie and Elliot came in briefly because they couldn’t not come and see Willow. Dom, brought Aurora in for a check-up and made sure she introduced an adorable little girl to another cutie little girl. Seeing as there was nothing wrong with Willow or Liv, we were allowed to leave pretty soon and that’s when we got even more visitors. Hugo and Penny came round, Rox, Jason, Lola and Logan all made an appearance. Lucy, Chris, Molly and Ryan all came over too, and so did Louis, Lizzie and Elliot. It wasn’t at all long until she had met almost her entire family.
Although it wasn’t long at until we had another baby join the family, Leo Orion was born on the 6th August 2030 much to the delight of his parents as well as everyone else. So, it was more visiting and presents just for a more experienced set of parents. It also made it more difficult to see Scorp, Rose and Maia, because our babies always seemed to be out of sync with each other with their sleeping or eating patterns. A quick phone call seemed the best option and work very well for us all to still speak to one another.

Willow was introduced to a Adam’s Christmas Eve that year, even getting to go to France at a mere 9 months! She loved every minute, or at least we think she did. The tally came back in my favour and I won… again! I think Willow distracted the two women in the room, so she really wanted me to win, as I knew she would.
We stayed at The Burrow for the night and woke up for a Wotter Christmas day, and not that she’ll ever remember any of this, but she got a LOT of presents and appeared to be enjoying herself, loving every minute of attention she could get.
The scene reminded me of pass the parcel but with pass the baby, as Willow, Aurora and Leo were passed between relatives and cousins who were surprised while holding the little ones. The three of them spending very little time with their actual parents.

“Do you know where our daughter is?” Liv asked me, while bouncing Aurora up and down on her knee while she giggled.

“To be honest? No, I don’t” I replied, craning my neck to see if I could catch a glimpse of her, while we were sat in the marquee, “Do you think Dom knows where her daughter is?”

“No, I don’t suppose she does” Liv laughed, “But you don’t mind do you gorgeous?” Liv cooed at Aurora.

“Do you want me to go and find her?” I wondered, because I wasn’t worried at all.

“I think if she needed us she’d be screaming right now” Liv paused for effect, “No screams, no need” she shrugged

“No screams, no need” I repeated, thinking the trust I had in my family was seriously high.

We also got news from the Lupin’s, Vic being pregnant and was due on the 11th June. So along with the babies, Vic got a lot of attention.

“Vic! Congratulations on the new baby!” I grinned at her and motioned to the chair next to me that Liv had previously vacated because Aurora needed a change (the rule is, if you smell it, you change it).

“Thanks Al, how’s Willow doing?” she took the seat and sighed.

“I have no idea” I shrugged, “How about Noah and Clayer? They having a good Christmas?” I asked.

“If you find them, ask them for me” Vic joked, “Thanks for asking though, I’m sure they’re having the best time with their cousins, they always do”

“Reminds me a lot of what it was like when we were little” I reminisced, “Next they’ll be having sleepovers in the room of requirement every year” I teased her, it’s only a four more years and Noah will be going up to Hogwarts and Vic is not happy about it.

“Don’t say that! They’re too young to be doing that!” Vic laughed.

“How’s the attention been? I know pregnant women rarely get a moment to themselves on Christmas day. They also rarely see their husbands, how’s all that going?” I smiled.

“Oh, I opened presents with Teddy a while ago but apart from that I haven’t seen him. I never do though on Christmas day, he plays with the kids all day. You know that man’s thirty-two but he’ll never admit it, acts like a nine year old most of the time, it’s even worse at Christmas!” she laughed, “You know what though, the prospect of a new baby, this family goes insane! It’s not as if we don’t have a lot of those anyway!” she commented.

“I suppose you’re right, you’re new one will be the eleventh!” I realised, “And there’s quite a lot who haven’t even had kids yet” I noted.

“Exactly. It’s incredibly strange” Vic nodded, “Not that I don’t love it, because I do” she added.

“I know you do, nobody used to look after us better than you did” I remembered how Vic used to always been in charge and look after us no matter what, she loves family, “We didn’t know what to do when you went to Hogwarts” I laughed, remembering how Rose and I used to just sit there waiting for Vic to organise us or give us instructions until we realised she wasn’t there.

“Aww, Al, you little sweetheart!” she giggled, giving me a hug, “It was worse for me, I knew you guys were all having fun without me. I was stuck with Teddy when you got everyone else!”

“Don’t pretend you didn’t love it” I nudged her.

“I was only 11!” she exclaimed, laughing.

Hey Guys!!
Sorry it's been a while, I've just got a few too many WIPs going on at the moment.
What'd you think?!
Everyone's reactions, do you like them?
Willow Rosalie Jean Potter? What do you think? I need to know!!
And Leo Orion Malfoy?? Rose had a baby boy! Isn't it great!! 
Christmas is back again!! Sorry, it's probably a bit too soon but to be fair, a babies very first year isn't THAT interesting. Al, he won, again! Do you like Vidy's big news? SO MANY BABIES!!!

Please leave me a review and tell me what you think, follow my questions, don't, I'm not fussy but I ADORE to hear your opinions!

Thanks so much for reading, that means each and every one of you!
Emz xxx

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