Whenever I end up in unexpected situations, I like to reminisce and think about where I was 24 hours ago. For example, yesterday I was in the living room, watching the newest rendition of Dancing with the Trolls as per usual on a Thursdaynight. I would have never thought I would be here, 24 hours later, alongside my sis and with James and Fred, exploring the streets of Amsterdam.  

It was a truly beautiful city at night,with lots of lights and lots of hookers (Well I assumed they were hookers because of their huge amount of sluttyness) on every corner. At first James and Fred walked over to one, both with a big grin on their face, to be pulled away by Rose.  

"You guys won't mess with some dirty slut when I'm around!" She grunted, leaving James and Fred (and me as well, to be honest) very disappointed.

"You're not that bad, but it's a bummer Rose had to tag long," James whispered to me. "Oh well, we'll save the strip clubs and hookers for tomorrow night, aight?"
"S-sure," I whispered back quickly, afraid that my sis would hear and smack me. 


"You idiots do know I'm less than a meter behind you?" 


"You lot, I can hardly see anything right now," Fred said.  We had arrived at a street that was barely lit at all, and we couldn't see a thing. 

"UAA--" I suddenly heard behind me, and as I turned around, my sis looked at me like she just shat her pants, holding onto James. 

She seemed to have almost fallen in the for Amsterdam typical channel we were walking alongside, but was saved by James' quick Quidditch reflexes. "Merlin Rose, watch your step! I won't always be there to save your ass!" he tried to scold, very unconvincingly as he had this huge smirk of content on his face. His arrogance was probably tingling because he had saved someone just now,and we all know how much James wanted to be a hero.  

"Shut up! It's not like I could see anything!"

"Worry not, Rosie," Fred grinned, "Lumos." 

A flash of bright light appeared out of the tip of Fred's wand, who now was also smirking. "Freddy you idiot!" Rose, James and me cried simultaneously. 

"Put it out, what if a Muggle were to s--"

"Do you see a Muggle around? Besides if they were to see it, they would just assume that my wand and the ball of light were a flashlight, wouldn't they?" 

That left us 3 dumbfounded. Hell, I didn't even know Fred was capable of intelligent reasoning in the first place. " Merlin, Fred... I have nothing to say against that,"  Rose said surprised, almost like she was praising him. Knowing sis, she would give him a cookie any second now for his response. 

"God, why do you always have to be so surprised Rose?" Fred said, rather annoyed. 

"But its still annoying that only one of us can see anything," I said.

"Well we don't have anything better Hughs, so don't nag. Lets get a move on guys!" James replied impatiently.  

Now it was my turn to be very smug, as I pulled it out of my pocket, and clicked it 4 times. 4 balls of light appeared out of nowhere. "Hugo you idiot!" Rose, James and Fred cried simultaneously. 

"Calm down, calm down! Merlin, I'm not casting magic. This is the Deluminator, left to me from my dad. He must've told you guys about it, or at least your parents must have. Well, now it's mine," I said to James and Fred, avoiding Rose's malicious gaze. 

I already regretted using it, but it was a spur of the moment thing and I wanted to impress James and Fred. You see, dad had left the Deluminator to me. Me, and not Rose,who was the oldest. I was 100% certain she was jealous,  and probably a little hurt as well. I would be too.  

One of the first things I asked dad after he gave it to me, about a month ago, was: "Why me?" 

He looked rather nervous too, and said: "Well, son, ofcourse I love both you and Rose equally, but I figured you needed it the most." 

"What? But why? Doesn't it just turn the lights on and off?"  I had asked, confused. 

Dad had smiled at me knowingly,and said: "For the most part, yes." I already knew my dad wouldn't spoil what exactly it did more,so I asked: "So why would I need it?" 

Dad ruffled my hair proudly,as he said: "Because you are like me." 

Now I really didn't understand him anymore. I obviously looked more like my mum,with my brown hair and eyes, huge front teeth, (I really should ask my mum how she had them when she was younger but not anymore now, by the way) small figure, dark eyebrows and small nose. Unfortunately enough I did inherit my dads freckles. (I didn't have as much though) Scumbag genetics. 

He shook his head and said: " No silly, you are like me, in there," pointing to my chest.

To this day I don't exactly know  what he meant by that, but I'll take it. "Wow, that's awesome Hughs!" Freddy said, impressed.
"Yeah, amazing," Rose growled. Yup, she was pissed. Oh well, it was not like I gave this thing to myself. If there was anyone she should be pissed at, it should be dad. Besides, I have yet to find another use for it besides turning the lights on and off and carrying a ball of light with me at all times.

"Yeah its bloody amazing Hugo, so can we finally get a move on now we can see again?" James cried dramatically, throwing his arms in the air. 

"Yeah yeah James, calm your tits. Oh and Freddy, here's a cookie." 

Merlin, Amsterdam truly was a beautiful city. We were sitting in beautifully lit park, looking at an amazing fountain (well most of us, James and Fred were looking at a woman dressed in a way her dad simply had to be ashamed of) when Fred stood up and said: "Well Rose, we've explored Amsterdam a bit and gave you what you wanted. We hope you respect that and will give us what we want now." 

"Wh-Bu- what do you want from me then?" Rose said grumpily. Yep, still pissed of. 

"Nothing in particular, except that you, you know, won't bitch and ruin it for us as we'll go visit one of the best night clubs of Amsterdam," Fred said.

"You think you can do that?" James added, seriously. 

Rose looked genuinely offended. "Merlin, did you guys ever consider that maybe, just maybe, I'd might like to go to a club as well?" 

"Uhm, well, no,"  James said, dumbfounded. Fred looked at her like she was a History of Magic test. 

"Urggggh! Why do you guys always think I don't like to have fun?" 

"Well, because you're like mum," I said matter-of-factly.

"OWW! What was that for?" 

"Firstly, she's your mum as well-"

"I know, but-"

"-Secondly, I do like to have fun! I'm a teenager just like you guys and I don't always prefer reading a good book instead of going out to party! Actually, variation is good for you." 

"Dude, this constant smell of weed must be getting to here bro," Fred whispered, only we all heard him since he was whispering pretty loudly. I guess no one in this family knows the definition of whispering. 

"Shut up!" Rose roared angrily, drawing her wand. "Hate to brake it to you, but you can't use magic here so don't know what you plan to do w- OWW!" 

Rose had just poked Fred in the eye with her wand, with a cruel amount of force. "So how are you guys planning on getting to this party?" she asked James calmly. 

James casually stepped back a bit and said: "W-well, we were planning on finding a place with WiFi and search online on the Gnome app where the nearest Muggle night club is." 

"Good, so where is a place with WiFi?" 

James pointed at the Library at the other side of the park as an answer. I could see the ' free wifi' sign from here. "We drove past this place on our way here," James explained. 

"But that place is closed, right? So how-"

"Fred'll just apparate in there. Well, if he still has enough eye sight left to do that, ofcourse." 

Fred was sitting quietly, with his hand covering his eye, making a face. 

"Look Fred, I'm sorry but you can fix your eye with your wand. And I didn't poke that hard-"

"Speak for yourself," he muttered. "But you're right. I'm not going to let potential blindness ruin my night!"

"That's the spirit!" 

We walked over there, to the back of the Library to be exact. So there was less chance of anyone seeing us, of course. And it was the job of James and me to make sure no Muggle saw us as Fred apparated. "Coast clear?" he asked.
"Coast clear," James answered.

Fred took a deep and worringly nervous breath, as he started to turn around in a circle. 

This raised a question in me. "Uhm, Fred have you ever Apparates befo-" And he was gone. Most of him, that is.


"Merlin, I feel so adventurous! Do you feel adventurous? I sure do!"  I sang happily. Louis, my annoying little brother, Loriette, our pretty but totally weird family friend, Scorpius and Albus , and me were on our way to Amsterdams famous night club. Well, Amsterdam had several,but this one was closest to our hotel.
I had had to throw quite the rift to get Victoire to be in a different group then mine. She obviously had wanted to come with our group, since all of her direct family (Louis, me) was in this one. I wasn't having that, though.

Well because I hate my sister.
Don't misunderstand, I love my sister. But I hate her.
This was because Victoire, my o so lovely big sis, had recently gotten engaged to the love of my life. Teddy Lupin. See the problem? 
There is alot to it, actually. You see, Teddy and Victoire were best buddies ever since they were kids, since they were born so closely after each other and were also the firstborns from the new generation.
So Teddy always came over, and when I was born, he took a liken into me, to the annoyance of Viccie. He often played with me instead of hanging out with Viccie, simply because the bloke loves kids, and always has. He is infact studying to become a teacher at a primary school.
I do suspect he'll suck at it though, because he's way too much of a sweetheart. He can't say no... To anybody, because he's such a sucker and he always tries to make everyone happy. 
Basically, I had a crush on Teddy before I even knew what 'a crush' was, and what's worse is that Viccie always claimed she hated boys. Now I know more girls claim that when they're 10, but I appreciated Teddy from the get go. I still remember questioning Viccie about it, when she was 10.
"Viccie, why do you always hang around with Teddy if you hate boys so much?" I asked. 
"I do hate boys. But Teddy doesn't count. He's way too much of a wuss to count as a boy."
Though I agree he is a total wuss,I always liked Teddy. Infact, I told Victoire when I was about 7 or 8. She just shrugged it of and called me stupid for it. And not too long after, James told me on September 1st, the very first day of his second year at Hogwarts, that he had seen Teddy and Victoire snogging like crazy on the Hogwarts Express. He basically told our whole family. 
My heart was broken, but I consoled myself with the thaught that they would brake up eventually. I had always broken up with all my previous boyfriends, and I had had about a thousand already.
From the moment the boys in my class had grasped the basic concept of boy and girl, they had all started asking me out. I'm not even kidding, its just the truth. Its what comes with being part Veela.
But I had never felt anything for any of all the blokes I dated, and I treated them like trash. I just used them when I wanted a good snog, a cuddle, someone to hold hands with, to make someone else jealous or if I just wanted presents or something on Valentine's day. I don't even feel bad about it, because those guys treated me worse. Yeah,they were nice to me and everything.
But to them, I basically was a peace of meat.
Teddy is the only non-family guy who loved me even before the Veela genes had kicked in. He is the only guy who truly loves and cares about me,and who isn't related to me.
And he also happens to be extremely hot as well. Like, I know he can control his level of handsomeness because he's a Metamorphigus but Hotdamn. Anyway, at the end of last school year, so about a month ago, Viccie casually mentioned during dinner she and Teddy were getting engaged.
Yeah. Ever since then I've resorted to hating her guts and avoiding Teddy. I know its not fair to him, but being around him just makes me incredibly sad and I've always been this very happy and outgoing person and kinda feel like I owe being like that to all the people who like me. Because that's probably a big reason why the people who actually like me for who I am like me for who I am as a person, and not for my (family) fame and Veela-looks.  
But in my head, ever since the announcement, I've been incredibly pissed. I just hope that the club we're heading to will have alot of booze, some cute boys and nice music to help me forget that the love of my life is going to marry my sister, who hardly appreciates him and doesn't realize how lucky she is,while I'd be the best girlfriend and wife Teddy could ever wish for and thank Merlin for every day if I was with him.
Oh well.

"There it is!" Louis said happily, pointing at the end of the long street we were walking on.

Louis was a strange one. After having peace with not being in a group with me, Victoire had insisted on Louis coming in her group. But Louis insisted on staying with me, even though we're not that close either. What was even stranger was that when I asked him about it, he just said he wanted to spend some quality time with me and went as red as dads chest hair.  

What a load of bullshit. If I only had a week to live that bloke still wouldn't want to spend some quality time with me.

"Oh Merlin! How the hell do those doors open as soon as a human approaches! Truly fascinating!"Al cried.
"Al, there's a tiny camera at the top of the door. Now will you get a bloody move on?" Scorpius said tiredly. If Al hadn't come along we would have reached the club half an hour ago. Al just had to stop and stare at every Muggle thingie.  
"Merlins Beard! Is this heaven?"  Al said, amazed, as he stared at a shitload of game consoles through a window, displaying a fantasy game with amazing graphics. Funny how Muggles are entirely wrong about how magic actually works. 
"It's truly fucked up this bloke actually considers Muggle land heaven. I bet ya, when he dies, he'll just reincarnate as a normal Muggle boy and he won't even realize he's in heaven," Louis said wisely. He always had something wise or philosophical to say. Must've been Albert Einstein in his previous life or something.

As I turned my head, I saw a group of adult men whistling and chanting at me.
"Why dont you dump that skinny blonde guy and come with us?" One of them with a long filthy beard and a front teeth missing yelled, grinning. Yuck.
As we continued walking, I noticed Scorpius stood behind. "What is it?" I asked him.
"Y-you're just gonna let those guys talk about you like that?"  he said disbelievingly. Then he turned his head to Al and Louis. "And you guys, you're her cousin! And you're her brother! And you're gonna do nothing about them?"
"Look first of all, I've had to deal with men  whistling and chanting at me ever since I was twelve, and my family had to as well. In the beginning they got mad, but eventually they let if fly, since there's not really anything you can really do about i-"

"Yes there is!"

"-Then what do you suggest we'd do?"
Scorpius tried to say something, but only managed some inaudible muttering, and eventually he resorted to pouting. I noticed his usually pale cheeks were a little pink, probably because of the 'skinny' comment. He actually looked pretty cute like that.
We arrived at the amazingly large queue as now Albus started sulking. "This line is huge! By the time we'll get in, we'll have to go home already!"
Then Scorpius pointed at a sign  near the queue. "Look you guys. This club is also only for 18 plus."
I sighed, and walked past all other people in the line, giving them a very exaggerated  girly smile and an "Excuse me".
All women in line got mad but were held back by there boyfriends (which had their jaws dropped and had the face of Grawp trying to solve a math equasion) from doing anything. The other people standing in line simply were to high to give a shit. Scorpius,Al,Loriette and Louis silently followed me. At the door was a very big guy, who looked at us skeptically.
"How old are you?" he said, starting with me. I'm 16.
"I'm 18 and my friends are as well," I said to him, pulling my shirt down a bit and smiling at him seductively, and even batting my bloody eye lashes like I was in an cartoon. I must've looked like an idiot. Louis had to try his best not to laugh.
The man looked at me like I just stunned him with a well-aimed Stupefy, and let us through. As soon as we stepped in the club, it was like we entered a new world. Yes there were occasional house party's at Hogwarts, but I have never been to something like this.
Loriette walked out in front of us. She really was weird. Sometimes, she wouldn't stop talking. But now, she hadn't said a thing. When Loriette reaches the dance floor, she started dancing. (constantly turning around and making a gesture with her hands, like she was batting away flies) Where does that kid even come up with this stuff?
Then suddenly a light ball flashed on top of my head as several things at once clicked. "Come with me!" I hissed at Al and Scorpius who stood close to each other, just looking around the place.
"What's gotten into you?" Al yelled at me, over the music. "Don't you get it?" I told him, even though I had only gotten it seconds ago, "Louis obviously has a crush on Loriette!" 
"What?!" Scorpius and Al breathed simultaneously. "Louis ha-" "We heard what you said! But how do you know?"
"Well, why'd you think he insisted on coming with us then? He doesn't really hang with you guys and certainly not with me! Plus he could've gone with Hugo, his best friend... Also, I just noticed him staring at her! Look he's still doing it!"
The thee of us looked as Louis was awkwardly standing close to Loriette, subtly trying to peek at her.   
"I don't think its that weird that he stares at her. Alot of people actually are staring at her. Look at her dance, what the hell is she even doing?" Al asked.
"Maybe we should set them up?" Scorpius suggested. "Oh my god great idea Scorp!" I said enthusiastically, clasping my hands together.
"Don't you think we should let them be? And let Louis figure it out for himself? Maybe involving ourselves will do more bad then good..." Al said hesitant.
We ignored him. But as we marched over to Louis and Loriette, we were distracted by a bloke dancing wildly, in the middle of the dance floor.
"For the love of Merlin..." Scorpius whispered.
"Is that...?" Al hissed. 
"No... It can't be..." I muttered. But there was no doubt.  
Severus Snape was standing in the middle of the dance floor, sweating like an ocean, and dancing his feet off to a fast dubstep song.
But for some reason, Audrey truly was convinced our team would win if she just did everything alone. It was solely thanks to Ginny that we had managed to score 23 times. Ginny was absolutely furious at this point.
Audrey and Hermione however, our other 2 chasers, were absolute worse than crap. Honestly though, our team setup just wasn't fair. We had me as a Seeker, Ron as the Keeper, Luna and Rolf as our Beaters and Audrey, Hermione and Ginny as our chasers. Granted, Ginny, Ron and me were pretty good (hell, Ginny used to be a professional Quidditch player) but the rest barely knew how to stay on a broom.
"What's the problem, Harry?" George had smirked, "You're The Boy who Scored, remember? Surely you should be able to handle a few old gingers?"

I think George was forgetting that Quidditch is a team sport. And also that I haven't even scored a single goal in my life, except when I played Quidditch with less than 7 players each, because I'm a bloody Seeker.
"Urghhh pass! Just pass! I'm right fucking here!" Ginny cried.
She was sitting still in mid air, for an empty goal, because all the members of the opposing team were chasing Audrey, who still had the Quaffle in her hands.
Merlin, how sexy Ginny is when she's playing Quidditch.
"Harry, I think I'm about to cry," Ginny told me, looking very sad indeed. We all knew she was lying, ofcourse. Ginny doesn't do crying.
"Don't worry Gin. We'll win, I know we will," I told her.
"You're right," Ginny said, getting a look of pure determination on her face, and she shot off, right in the direction of Audrey.
She basically tackled her, and Audrey let go of the Quaffle and tried to not let go of her broom. Ginny quickly catched the Quaffle, and then threw a truly amazing long shot like nothing I've ever seen, from our goal into the middle goal of the opposing team.
As Hermione Ron and me went over to congratulate her, Audrey started sulking about 'Having it all under control ' and that she was 'Just about to score'.
Now the opposing team started their attack. Their chasers consisted of Angelina, Bill and Neville, so their chasers were alot better than ours.
Hermione, who, even though she was crap at Quidditch, still had this undying need to be the best at everything made her very fanatic and she managed to steal the Quaffle from them. She proceeded to pass to Ginny, because that simply was the smartest thing to do, and Ginny took off.
Zizagging past all of the other team, quickly she was in front of their Keeper, Arthur.
However, George shot a Bludger super fast Ginny's way and-- Oh my god.
Ginny quickly used her whole broomstick  as a bat -- in mid-bloody-air -- and shot the Bludger not back at George, but at poor Arthur.
Arthur fell of his broom, now leaving an empty goal. The rest of the opposing team quickly flew in front of the goal to prevent Ginny from scoring, but Ginny chipped the Quaffle -- right over all of their heads -- into the goal.

I immediately flew over to Ginny after this goal and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Even Ginny was grinning widely now, acknowledging this truly was an amazing goal. 
But then I noticed that Charlie started flying very fast and -- I saw the Snitch he was chasing.

I quickly sped up as well, and we were both chasing the Snitch now, with only a few inches between us. Dammit, we're still 180 points behind I thought, as I was forcing my broom to go full speed.
I can't catch the Snitch yet, but I can't let Charlie catch the Snitch either! One thing that George also forgot to remind me of was that Charlie had been a Seeker at Hogwarts, back in his days,so he wasn't easy to beat. We flew over the field about 3 times,bumping into each other with our shoulders to try and slow each other down. 
I had no idea of time or my surroundings,and I still had yet to decide if I even wanted to catch the Snitch in the first place. But then the Snitch took a turn and started racing to the ground at full speed.
Charlie and me followed, but we were rapidly approaching the ground and I was starting to think about crashing into the ground -- at this speed, I would surely die.
The sweat running down my face as I was nearly at the ground -- Charlie next to me pulled up inches away from the ground, obviously afraid to break his neck -- I stretched out my hands, my heart beating like crazy -- still unsure of what to do, I closed my eyes and made the decision -- Sorry Ginny, please don't kill me I taught -- and I pulled up.

There I was, standing on the ground. Charlie, trying to get the sweat out of his eyes and ruffling his red hair, panted like crazy as he turned and looked everywhere. "Where... Pant... H...has ... Pant... That Snitch gone...pant..."
As answer I opened my hand, showing him the Snitch. "You actually caught it?" he said, amazed. And then I felt to hands tighten around my neck, and a huge load of red hair in my face. 

Oh boy, I thought. "Ginny I'm so so so sorry I had no choice I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm so-"

"Would you shut it?" She said as she started kissing me all over my face.
"In the time you two were chasing the Snitch I managed to score 4 times!"
"We won!" I exclaimed  as we started hugging each other while jumping up and down like two annoying teenage girls.
As Ron and Hermione landed, Hermione sighed, "Gosh its just a bloody g-"

"Sushhhh" Ron put his finger on her lips.
"Don't bother. You will never understand that Quidditch is way more than a game anyway."
"Don't you tell me what to do, Ronald Weasley!" Hermione grunted annoyed because Ron had just told her she would never understand something.
"I was just saving you!"
"From what?"
"From Harry and Ginny's wrath!"

"Oh, don't be so dramatic!"
"I'm not the one being dramatic here!"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

As they continued their bickering, I couldn't help but feel so thankful for how well things turned out and how much I loved this -- my family.
And to imagine for so many years I thought I would die a painful death at the hands of Voldemort.

Most of the other and me released the Shrink Spell, returning to our normal size, wich was about 50 times the size we had been while playing Quidditch. Ron and Hermione remained little, bickering as usual, and stayed on the miniature Quidditch field.

"Arent they cute," George smirked.


"Do you know where the shampoo bottle is, miss Weasley?" 

I was just about to take a shower before going to bed. (everyone else showered before me, except Miss Weasley,who insisted on waiting till the children were home) "So now you're The Boy who Waited?" George had grinned.

"I don't know dear, ask Hermione, she was the last one who took a shower before you, wasn't she?"

"Okay, thanks miss Weasley," I said as I walked to Ron and Hermione's room.

But as I approached their room, I heard the bickering once again. I was thinking about just coming in,when I noticed this wasn't  your normal bickering. They were straight up fighting.
"By the love of Merlin! Can't you just act like an adult for once and sleep in the normal bed? Who fucking prefers sleeping on the ground?!"

"I'm not sleeping in the same bed as you, you prick! Its about the principle!"

"Well, you did for years! What's different now?"
"Because then, for some stupid reason, I thought I was in love with you!" Wait,what?
"Well, fine! Sleep on the bloody ground then!"
"Ugh, I can't believe I married you!"
"I can't believe I married you too!"
"Well you'll just have to pretend like everything is fine for one more week, then we can tell everyone about the divorce and be done with it!"
"Fine! And keep your voice down, someone may hear!"
"Then don't talk to me."
"Ugh, okay. Good night."
"Fuck you."
What? What the hell was this? This could not be happening! They had had rifts and fights before but never anything as bad as this! Wait, they were getting a divorce?! Immediately after the vacation! And poor Rose and Hugo knew of nothing... I must have misheard, yes, that was it...
"I really can't wait till that divorce."

To be continued...

Authors Note: I really liked this one because I got to write from 3 perspectives and the little cliffhangers at the end of every part. So what did you guys think? Who is your favorite character till now, and why? 

This story actually consists of 4 genres, though HPFF made me choose only 3. (Humor will always stay at the center though)This is because I love books that can have you at the edge of your seat, crying of laughter and then crying of sadness/drama all in one book. And also because the novel I'm writing consists of these genres .(I'm an aspiring writer) My novel also is very similar in writing style and characters, though ofcourse it has nothing to do with the HP Universe. Anyway, please leave a review, it means so much to me and thanks for reading! Have a nice day and DFTBA !


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