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By the time New Year’s Eve rolled around, I was nearly completely healed. Thanks to some fancy potions that the Potters were able to snag from St. Mungo’s, virtually all the pain was gone, my ribs were healed, and the bruising and swelling on my face disappeared. Where I had splinched myself was slowly but surely getting better. There’d always be a scar apparently but it didn’t look anywhere near as bad as it did before. 


For that, I was grateful considering tonight was the Potter’s annual New Year’s Eve Ball. The Potters aren’t the type of people to throw such grand parties typically but they sort of got conned into it. Originally, when the Potter kids were small, the parties just included family and close friends but then as all the Golden Trio made more connections in the Ministry, more important people started being invited. The whole thing eventually got so hyped up that now it was this super fancy, black tie event that anyone who was anyone went to. Harry despised the whole thing now and the only reason he put up with it is because Ginny always promised him a shag at the end of the night… According to Lily. Trust me, I don’t willingly keep up with the Potters sex habits if I can help it. 


The girls, meaning myself, Heidi, Roxy, Sydney, Rose, Dominique, one of Dom’s friends, Lily, two of Lily’s friends, Lucy, and even Molly, were all in Lily’s super-sized bedroom getting ready for the evening. It was a total shitshow to say the least. Hair potions were all over the place, muggle curling irons were smoking, about ten different smelling perfumes raided the air, and multiple pairs high heels littered the floor, threatening to seriously injure anyone that accidentally tripped on one. 


Molly was the resident mum of the group, being the oldest, so she flocked around, helping everyone put finishing touches on their makeup and zipping up dresses. Heidi did almost everyone’s hair in a way so professional that you’d never know that it was actually done by a pregnant seventeen year old. She had about three mental breakdowns herself when she couldn’t fit into her devastatingly pretty purple dress but a simple stretching charm done by Sydney fixed that right up. 


Sydney, by far, looked the best out of everyone. Even Dom, part Veela, couldn’t even try to match how unbelievably good she looked in her ice blue, floor length dress. She looked breath taking and it was actually somewhat difficult to look at her and not want to cry from how beautiful she was. 


Roxy looked fantastic too and was absolutely killing it in a deep, dark blue dress that would make all the male cousins feel a strong protective urge if another bloke even stepped near her. It had a deep cut in the front and back that would send any guy not related to her into cardiac arrest. 


I was in an A-line strapless wine colored dress that had beading lining the bust. Lily had picked it out for me when she and Ginny had gone shopping while Tosh and I were still at our aunt and uncle’s. The second she showed it to me I knew she had made the right choice. The dress was stunning and I felt lucky to wear it. I had my hair down and Heidi had curled it to perfection in soft ringlets that flowed against my back. I felt beautiful even though I knew I didn’t compare to my mates and the Wotter girls. 


Our cue to come down was James banging against the door and screaming, “Oi! Hurry the fuck up!” at the top of his lungs followed by a great smack and then him saying in a sheepish voice, “Sorry for swearing, Mum.” 


We put the finishing touches on our makeup and hair before heading out and we meeting everyone else. The Potters living room, while already huge, had been magically expanded and decorated with thousands of gold and blue twinkling lights. The majority of the guests hadn’t arrived yet and it was mostly just family so it was easy to spot the boys among the small crowd. 


Al, Tosh, Scorpius, Weasley, James, Mason, and Logan were gathered in a little circle talking and I couldn’t help but realize how great they all looked, my brothers included. Weasley, damn him, looked positively snoggable in his black tux and he kind of made me want to go bang my head against a wall. 


Their heads lifted when we walked their way and my heart exploded a little bit when I saw Mason’s face as he took in Molly’s truly radiant appearance. The bloke was in love. No denying it. He immediately whisked her away, whispering something in her ear while she giggled. Tosh grinned a stupid grin when he saw Heidi and he instantly began kissing her. James and Al both swallowed a few times when they saw Sydney looking like absolute perfection. Well, that is until they, along with Weasley, saw Roxy’s vaguely scandalous dress and their eyes bugged out of their heads. “Roxanne Weasley, cover yourself!” James scolded while Al shrugged out of his suit jacket to hand to her and she slapped him away. Weasley was glaring at Logan who was staring unabashedly at her chest. 


“Piss off, James.” Roxy said, rolling her eyes. “It’s a party.”


“Just because it’s a party that doesn’t mean you can go flashing your goods to everyone,” Al insisted protectively and his brother grunted in agreement. Logan’s head snapped back in forth between Roxy and the Potter boys while they argued the proper dress code and I took that as my opportunity to talk to Weasley. 


“So don’t get all cocky and smirky when I tell you this, but you look attractive as fuck right now.” I muttered to him in a low voice and predictably he smirked anyway. 


His eyes scanned me up and down and he shrugged, his smirk widening. “You look alright.” He said flatly and I shoved him playfully. 


“Wanker,” I called him, sticking my tongue out and he grinned. 


“Truthfully, I think you looked better this morning. Bedhead and a little bit of drool.” He teased and I shoved him again, this time not as playfully. We had yet to go a night without sleeping in the same bed since the night of the incident whether that be in James’ room or my own. Typically it was mine because every morning we woke up in James’ room he demanded to know if we had shagged. It got annoying after a while. 


“Fuck you,” I said with a small pout and he laughed. 


“I’m joking, Blazer.” He smirked and nodded his head in the direction of the table that boasted large amounts of champagne, scotch, whiskey, and wine. “C’mon let’s get a drink.”


It was kind of exciting in a way, being that this was the first year we could all actually legally drink. Well, Heidi couldn’t of course but she was too busy being up Tosh’s well-dressed, dashing ass to notice. We had all had a couple drinks at the New Year’s parties before but there was always the worry that one of the many Wotter adults would come scold us for being underage. It usually wasn’t an issue later in the night though when they were all too shitfaced to notice. 


I challenged Weasley to a shot which caused him to raise his eyebrows in surprise. I usually wasn’t the one to initiate drinking. I wasn’t a fan of the taste and I normally spent the birthday and quidditch after parties making sure Roxy didn’t fall down a flight of steps and kill herself or James didn’t pass out and then choke on his own vomit. It typically was a full time job but tonight was a cause for celebration. I was feeling a million times better and it was a New Year so why not cut a little loose. 


“You’re on, Blazer,” He said and clinked his shot glass against my own. By some miracle, I managed to avoided gagging as it went down. “Another one?” He asked and I nodded. 


The second wasn’t nearly as bad and we were about to do a third when Roxy came over, now sporting a rather hideous buttoned up cardigan, muttering furiously about ‘bloody stupid cousins’ and how she was going to ‘bloody castrate someone’. “You alright, Rox?” I asked trying to hide the note of amusement in my voice. Weasley had an entertained smirk playing on his lips. 


“James and Al can go die in a hole.” She hissed angrily, looking fit to kill. “They got my dad involved and now I have to wear this.” She growled, pulling the hem of the sweater that covered her top half. Weasley looked very happy about the new addition to her ensemble but was intelligent enough not to comment considering Roxy would probably kill him if he did. 


“You’re really going to wear that the whole night?” I questioned, lifting a disbelieving eyebrow. 


“Of course not,” She scoffed. “My dad will be wasted in the next hour and then I’ll use the sleeves of it to strangle James and Al at the same time.” I grinned at her inventive choice of murder. Roxy then asked the bartender for four shots, handed one to me and one to Weasley, and then she double fisted the other two for herself. 


“Here’s to a new year and our last semester together at Hogwarts,” She toasted and Weasley and I raised our shot glasses. “Let’s try not to spend it fighting, yeah?” She suggested, giving Weasley and me a pointed look and we exchanged glances and little smirks. 


“Cheers,” We said in unison and all threw back the shot. I weirdly always started to feel the effects of alcohol in my arms first. They were tingly and I knew that I was on my way to being fairly buzzed. Taking a short break was probably a good idea unless I wanted to be passed before midnight. 


More people had shown up at this point and by more people, I mean that the party area somehow got completely packed in a matter of ten minutes. It was easy to tell the Ministry workers apart from closer friends and family by the pretentiousness of the dress robes. Anyone under the age of twenty-five was in muggle attire and they were what made up a majority of the dance floor. 


Roxy dragged Weasley and me out toward the center where we met Logan and Sydney. The former was dancing wildly, already apparently very drunk, and the latter was stationary, watching with great amusement. Roxy grabbed Logan’s hand, much to his delight and Weasley dismay, and began spinning in circles with him. Weasley glanced at me and I nodded before he asked Sydney to dance because I think we both knew we couldn’t be seen doing so together without raising suspicions. James pushed his way toward us and grabbed my hand just as the music changed into a relatively slower song. 


“I’m sorry you had to settle for me instead of your boyfriend.” James muttered with a little smirk as he pulled us a little away from Weasley and Sydney and Logan and Roxy. 


I sighed tiredly. “Not my boyfriend, James.” I reminded him and he grinned. 


“Keep telling yourself, love.” He sang, removing his one of his hands from my waist to give me a patronizing pat on the head. 


“You’re really annoying, you know.” I informed him as I gave him a great affectionate shove.


“So I’ve been told.” He said dismissively and we went back to moving to the melody of the music. “But come on, you know you’d be lost without me.”


“Debateable.” I mumbled, rolling my eyes. 


James narrowed his eyes at me disbelievingly. “So you’re telling me that if Voldemort suddenly rose from the dead and vowed to take his revenge out on Harry Potter’s children that you wouldn’t be the least bit heartbroken to see me brutally murdered by a bald nutter?”


I gave him a look. “You shouldn’t joke about that.”


“See,” James smirked triumphantly. “You would be sad.”


“I’d be more upset to have to go on with my life without Al and Lily.” I grinned and he pouted. 


“You are a mean person.” He whined and then shook his head. “I don’t know what Freddie sees in you.” He paused, glanced over at Weasley who looked like he was having fun with Sydney, and shrugged. “Then again, he’s kind of mean too. Maybe you are perfect for each other.” 


“Shut up.” I elbowed him and then nodded my head in the direction of the drink table. “Let’s go take a shot.”


My short break was over I decided and I dragged him over to the alcohol. George Weasley was there getting served a tall glass of firewhiskey by the bartender. “Oh hello there!” He said cheerfully when he saw James and me and it was clear by the way his words were partially slurred and how his face was flushed that he was already completely blasted. It wasn’t even 10:30 yet… But what the hell, you do you, George. 


He turned to me and grinned before I could even say hi back. “Dessie, I heard you’ve been snogging my son.” He slurred, drunkenly wagging his finger at me and my mouth dropped open while James burst out laughing. My face colored and I started to defend myself when he cut me off. “Now don’t you worry, I won’t say anything to Rox. Just, you know, use protection and all that jazz. I’m too young to be a grandpa.” 


Oh dear Merlin. I had nothing to say to that so I just gaped at him blankly looking completely taken aback. He gave me a pat on the shoulder. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go snog my beautiful wife.” And with that, he stumbled away yelling, “Oi, Angelina!” at the top of his lungs. 


Even after George left us, James was still laughing and I sharply elbowed him in the ribs to get him to shut up. He didn’t until I stomped on his foot as well causing him to wince in pain. “I need that shot now more than ever.” I grumbled.


“At least your future father in law approves.” He said optimistically and then smirked while the bartender handed us our shots. “Your future sister in law however may not.” 


“I’m going to murder you.” I informed him with a scowl. 


“That’s Voldy’s job, remember?” 


“Oh piss off and drink with me,” I ordered and held up my shot glass. He clinked it and we threw it back. We did another… And then another. It took a couple minutes for them to kick in but when they did I was feeling great to say the least. 


The tempo to the music had definitely picked up so James pulled me back to the dance floor where we met the rest of our group, now with Heidi and Tosh included. “Ayy!” Logan shouted when he saw us and he took my hands and began twirling me around. Weasley was dancing with Heidi, Tosh with Roxy, and James grabbed Sydney. 


Logan was a shockingly good dancer even if he was completely wasted. Song after song passed and we only took breaks to refill our drinks and switch partners. Heidi and Tosh were the exception, who left us when Heidi claimed she needed to rest. I think she just wanted to go shag my little brother but I suppose the pregnancy was a good excuse. 


Twelve o’clock rolled around faster than we all expected and before we knew it, the countdown was starting. We all put our arms around each other as we chanted the numbers, James on one side of me and Logan on the other. When midnight hit, confetti rained from the ceiling, covering everyone and everything within seconds. Everyone was cheering and yelling and James planted a big kiss on my cheek causing Logan to do the same on the opposite side. They both proceeded to then make their rounds to the other girls, except Logan took it to a different level and kissed Roxy full on the mouth. She seemed a bit shocked at first but wound up snogging him back. Sydney and I started clapping and James was covering his eyes. Weasley had a look of disgust on his face and I took it upon myself to distract him so they could have their little moment. 


“You want to get out of here?” I asked, glancing at him sideways with a quirk of an eyebrow. 


“You really have to ask?” He said in response and I made sure that all of our friends were busy either snogging or shouting obnoxiously about the New Year before grabbing his hand and tugging him away. As soon as we were out of sight and hidden in a deserted hallway on the floor above, he was on me. I kissed him back with enthusiasm as my hands tangled in his hair. I moaned as his lips left my mouth to work on my neck. I tugged his face back to mine and it was then that I realized how much I had missed kissing him. We hadn’t full on snogged since the incident and to be doing it again felt familiar and oddly comforting. 


“So I lied before.” Weasley said suddenly after a few minutes with his lips still on mine. I pulled away slightly and gave him a confused look. 


“Lied about what?” 


He reached into the pocket of his suit jacket and pulled out a little box. “I sort of did get you a Christmas present.” He admitted, sounding awkward. He even blushed and I had to restrain myself to avoid smirking at him. “I just didn’t want you to feel bad cause you didn’t get me anything.”


He handed me the box and I took it, at a loss for words. Inside was a pair of gorgeous, sparkly earrings with rubies and what looked like real diamonds and it may sound cliche, but they literally took my breath away. My mind trailed back to Molly’s necklace… The girlfriend material necklace. “Weasley…” Was all I could say as I looked up at him. He wasn’t looking at me though and his face was still red. 


“It’s not a big deal, okay? I just saw them and I thought they looked nice so I bought them.” He muttered and I pulled his face to mine and began kissing him so fiercely that he didn’t have time or the mental capacity to say anything more. I led him to up the steps in the direction of my room only breaking the kiss long enough to make sure we weren’t going to trip or fall over anything. 


I shut the door behind us and as soon as it was closed, I began ripping off his suit jacket and undoing the buttons on his shirt. It wasn’t until I started tugging on his belt that Weasley froze and opened his eyes to give me a look. 


“I want to,” I told him, my voice rough and sounding slightly out of breath. 


“You’ve been drinking.” He reminded me and I almost rolled my eyes.


“I don’t care.” 


I felt safe with him and I was ready. The fact that I had been drinking didn’t change that. I tried to kiss him again but he gently pushed me away even though it looked like it was causing him physical pain to do so. 


“Well I do.” 


I huffed in disbelief at his relatively serious expression. Desperate times called for desperate measures I decided. I reached behind me and unzipped the back of my dress enough so that it fell to the floor. Weasley visibly swallowed as he watched me unhook my lace-covered, strapless bra and throw that off to the side as well. 


“You sure about that?” I questioned, cocking my head to the side a bit as a smirk unfurled on my face. 


He sighed as he took all of me in. “Fuck it.” He mumbled and his lips found my once again. 

YOOOOOO, so yeah, they finally had sex. WOO! Go them. Apologies it took me so long to write this. Don’t hate me even though I deserve it. I’ve had the end of this chapter planned for quite awhile so I’m happy I finally could get it out to you all even though I’m not a huge huge fan of the rest of the chapter. Thoughts? Happy they finally did the do (I don’t know why I just used that phrasing..sounds weird but oh well)? Thoughts on anything else? Favorite ships? Anything? Let me know with a review! Love you all xx

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