I'm not going to bother you with all the details of the airplane flight -- just know it involved alot of crying. A bloody lot. Molly wouldn't shut up about that she had always known we as a family loved Lucy more than her and it was unfair that Teddy got Lucy's diary back but not hers. There was no telling her it was impossible to still retrieve it by now. 

This was atleast bearable, since it was the usual stuff. I heard her crying and ranting about not being loved for years, so I could pretty much ignore this. But then she started ranting she hated all of us and hated life, and then all of the grown ups awkwardly tried to console her. Bear in mind that this was all happening while we were in a full airplane.  

 I pitied the other passengers even more than us,since we were prepared. We knew what we were getting into. Those other passengers just wanted a peaceful quiet flight but no, they had to share one with a stupidly large family full of gingers and one screaming 14 year old teenager. 

What's even worse is that Molly would only shut up when Teddy --again, being the sucker he is -- promised her that he would get her a new diary in Amsterdam and would get her another present, completely of her choice. As if she was a bloody toddler. Merlin bless his future children. 

As we arrived at Skiphol, (its written like Schiphol but I'm not sure how its physically possible to pronounce that. All I know is that Dutch people sure are assholes to foreign people for making there main airport name unpronounceable for all non-Dutch people.) of course I immediately got separated from the group. You see, about 85% of all Weasley's are red haired. I'm not part of those, having my mums brown hair. So I quickly get lost in these kinda situations, not looking like your typical Weasley.  

When I finally reunited with my family, Granddad got us a cab. He broke his own most important rule (I'm surprised it took him so long) and asked the taxi driver if the taxi was (magically) expanded (so we could all fit in one). An "Are you high?" face  and a couple simultaneous facepalms later, we were all in about 5 taxi's, off to the hotel. And yes, they were some big ass taxi's.  

As we entered our huge hotel suite, the first thing nana Molly did was hang up her huge magical clock, with all of us on it. It was rather useless to bring with, since it pointed to 'on vacation ' for everyone, but Nana had insisted that she didn't feel comfortable without it. And yes, it was a big ass clock. 

So I had to share my room with my o so lovely sister. How dandy, mom and dad! I always had to share my room with her with things like this. Then again, I was kinda glad I didn't have to share with Louis. He was my best mate and all, but his farts were horrible, and... Frequent. Sometimes when he was asleep they would shoot out of nowhere like a machine gun.

And if I had to share it with James and Fred (who were inseparable) I would have to listen to their plans of getting a hold of weed and visiting as many strip clubs as possible all night. If I had to share it with Molly and Lucy I would have to endure Molly fantasizing about what she was gonna get as a present, and Lucy filling us in on her newest boyfriend. She was only 12 but had had more relationships then me and Rose combined. Well, snogships is more like it though, since she hardly did anything else besides that and holding hands.

And if I got a room with Roxie and Roxanne, I would have to listen to Roxxane's reggae music and Roxie rambling on about... Me. Yes indeed you guys. The only girl that had a crush on me was 10 years old, and only had it because I had lashed out at another 10 year old who had picked on her. 

Also, she is related to me. 

And I wouldn't want to share with the Scamander twins, those two talk about Nargles and stuff all the freaking time. At least Loriette has a cute face to look at when she talks about that stuff. Wouldn't want to share with her either though, she would make my ears so red they might never turn back to normal. 

And Frank... Nah... Just nah. Hardly know the bloke. And wouldn't want to be with Al or Scorpius the git, obviously for Al's ramblings on how to get a hold of some Dutch AA batteries for his collection. What a contrast though, one wants to get a hold of weed, the other wants to get a hold of... Batteries. Also, why have I just now noticed none of my family know how to shut up? 

In short, I was actually pretty glad I got to share my room with my sis. As she unpacked her stuff, she took out her WizPhone and said: " You think it's too soon to ask for the WiFi password yet?"

It's a shame we can make houses blow up with the swing of a piece of wood, but still need some good ol' WiFi if we want to check WizBook. 

"Merlin Rose we just got here!" 

"Yeah well I haven't been on it for hours! There could have been a zombie outbreak in England-" 

"If there was, surely you'd hear it on the news?" 

"Okay okay, but Lisa Finnigan and Andrew Thomas could have finally gotten together while I was separated from the real world!" 

"This is the real world Rosie, not the internet! Also, wouldn't that be pretty much incest? Since their families are so close?" 

"Merlin Hughs, for incest to be incest you'd have to actually be related to that person. Get it through that thick skull of yours already!" 

"Weaaaaaaaaasleyss gaaatheeeeerr!"  

I really wish he would stop doing that. 

As to be expected from nana Molly, we had a wonderful meal. Bill asked why we didn't just order something but Nana Molly responded indignantly : "Bill! I can accept travelling Muggle but I couldn't let some random people feed my children!" 

Just so you know, she considers all of us her children, even that Rolf Scamander bloke that hardly anyone knows. 

Well to be fair though, she probably doesn't consider Scorpius the git her child. 

"Djis bhood ssh awjmimg!" my dad said, as he ate as if he would never eat again. 

"Ronald! Can't you eat normal for once?" Mum scolded. "And you too Hugo! Gosh!" 

"Wma? Mm ghungry!" I said indignantly.  

"Er-me-nee et zhim eaa!" Dad said, spitting a few drops of sauce out of his mouth. 

Mum just shook her head defeated, as Uncle Harry patted her on the back with a big grin on his face.  "Well, he has gotta eat if you want him to become a big strong Auror like his dad, right?" 

Uncle Harry had been absolutely delighted when I told him I wanted to be an Auror when I grow up, probably since none of his kids wanted to follow in his footsteps. James wanted to become a professional Quidditch player like his mum, Al wanted to become a teacher at Hogwarts and Lily wanted to be a Healer, and Rose wanted to work at the Ministry. The thing was, I had only said I wanted to be an Auror like Uncle Harry when I learned that dad was one, and I was about six at the time. 

"Yeah mum!" I said, having just swallowed so I could talk normally.

"Alright alright Hugo. You won't listen anyway." 

I really wondered why I wasn't growing into a "big, strong man" like my father by the way. I was about 5,7 , being 2 inches taller than my mum and one inch shorter then my sister, who was pretty tall for a girl (in our family). But from the little biology my parents had homeschooled me, since Hogwarts didn't bother to learn us any, I thought I would take after my dad's height. And dad was a good 6,1 feet tall, being one of the tallest in the family. And I was bloody fifteen alrea-- 

"Hugo! HUGO!" Dom snapped angrily. I was getting a déja vu here.  


It seemed that everyone had finished eating and half of us had already left the table. Uncle Harry and dad were in deep discussion about the new magical white line (in the air) that would be used in Quidditch as a new rule for free kicks, similar to that Muggle sport. "Come on, we're going to ask Nana Molly and Granddad if we can go out." 

"Now? And you think I'd be of much help?" I asked her skeptically.

"We're going with all the kids, so you're coming too! So quit bitching and get a move on!"

I followed Dom to the living room, walking past Rolf and Luna, who were in a heated discussion. "You really think we should let the Squimply's eat all our hair again?" 

"Ofcourse, how else are they gonna breed?"

This seemed like an innocent discussion, until I realized they both had the same amount of hair on their heads as they had always had. "O God," I mumbled under my breath, trying not to puke. 

As we walked into the living room,the adults had gathered to play a game. Uncle Harry was standing in the middle. 

"Series!" He said, and proceeded to hold up three fingers.

"Three words!" Mum said. 

Harry nodded and held up one finger now, indicating his first word. 

"The ceiling?" Uncle George asked. Uncle Harry shook his head and hold out his one finger again but more aggressive, as if that would make it more clear.  

"The Sky?" Dad tried.  

Now Uncle Harry pointed his finger downwards vertically, and put his other hand under it horizontally, making the number "1".

"You mean the ground?"  

Getting annoyed, Uncle Harry held out his finger normally again and gave them a "Would you quit the bullshit already?" look. 

"Outer space? Bloody hell what do you want us to say Harry?!" Uncle George said. 

I saw dad and Uncle George grin at each other sneakily while Uncle Harry started to look actually pissed. I still couldn't believe this bloke apparently had saved the the whole world from evil.

I joined the queue of Weasley children as James whispered to me: "Good, you're  here..." Surprise surprise, James had already declared himself leader of this whole operation. 

"Nana? Granddad?" James and Fred tried in their sweetest voices. Didn't help anymore sadly, since they were almost 17 and 17 respectively.

"Hmm?" Nana Molly responded. Granddad was too fascinated by the Muggle TV to even hear us. 

"Nana... We," gesturing to all of us, "were just wondering if please, maybe, we could go catch some Dutch air, just before we'll all go to bed... You know, get a quick look at the place?"  

"We won't go far!" Al added.

"No," Nana said without even giving it a thought.

"B-b.." James hackled. 

Jeez, this wasn't going well. "It looks like we already have to use our trump card," Dom whispered at me. 

"Our trump card?" I asked. 

"Well... Teddy can come with if that'll make you feel safe," James asked hesitantly. Ofcourse none of the kids liked the idea of an (somewhat) adult tagging along, even though Teddy always tried acting like he was a youngster when he was with us. 

"It's not about that!" Nana Molly said.

"Well then what is it about? What in the name of Merlin could happen to a lot that are bloody capable of magic?" James exclaimed, wich was a stupid move and he should have known better. You don't yell at Nana Molly. 

"And even if Teddy didn't come along, we would still have me as the bloke that can legally use magic!" Fred beamed proudly, but very unnecessarily as well. 

That was an even worse move, commencing a few simultaneous facepalms sounds, as Nana Molly, like the rest of us, didn't like to be reminded of the terrifying fact that Fred can actually legally use magic. 

"I don't bloody care! Now leave your Grannie alone! We'll go out and explore Amsterdam with the whole family tomorrow!" 

"Now what?" I whispered. "We'll just have to use our last and ultimate trump card," Dom whispered back. 

"You guys, its your turn now!" James said, pushing Lucy and Roxie forward, whom by far had the biggest concentrated level of cuteness the Weasley children had to offer. 

"Nana? Can we please go? Pretty please?" They asked, and now Nana Molly was a lot more hesitant.

"It's too late..." 

"We'll be back in 2 hours! Pleaseee?"  

"Oh for Merlin's sake, FINE!" Nana Molly grunted, not being able to resist their cuteness,even in her old age.  

"But Teddy and Victoire-" "Viccie?!" Dom exclaimed, resulting in an elbow from James, "-Teddy and Victoire will go and keep an eye on you. And the youngest ones, so that includes you two, Lucy and Roxie, aren't going!" 

As the Youngest of the Weasley clan started sulking and James and Fred high-fived each other, I, amazed that we actually were allowed to go, quickly put my shoes back on. 

In about 10 minutes we all went into the elevator, because Teddy insisted we were to stick together, even though only 7 per elevator were allowed. Not to my surprise, this resulted into the elevator breaking and refusing to move, wich meant Teddy and Victoire had to Apparate all of us out there, wich wasn't very pleasant. 

That brought The amount of things we broke on our Holiday-list to 1. 

As we were finally outside and breathed the Dutch smell of fresh Weed, Dom commented: "So far for getting some fresh air." 

James asked Teddy: "Teddy, even though half of the Weasley and Friends are still inside, we're still with a bloody lot. Don't you think we should split up?" 

Again, Teddy being the sucker he was, it didn't take long to convince him to do so. And naturally, James and Fred sneakily made sure that there wasn't an adult in their group. 

However, Rosie and me were. As we started exploring the dark streets of Amsterdam, now it was just a matter of ... the right Team Name apparently. 

"It's Team James!"

"No it's Team Fred! It was Team James last time!"

"It's Team Hugo! It has never been Team Hugo!" I exclaimed rather pathetically. 

"You idiots, lets just Rock Paper Scissors on it?" Rose sighed.

"Fine. Rock-" 


"-Sciss- No fair! You did it too soon!" 

"Oh for Merlins sake! Rock Paper Scissors!" 

"Awwww Yeah! Team Rose it is!"

"How do you keep winning these things Rosie! Bloody hell!"

"Oh that's right, I totally forgot! You all still owe me 5 Galleons!" 

"Can't you just for once keep your bloody mouth shut Fred?"


To be continued...

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