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“For Merlin’s sake Al, I’m pregnant. Not dying. I can get my own drink” Liv snapped at me for the fifth time today. It’s 12 pm. She woke up 45 mins ago.

“I just offered, I’m going to get one myself” I explained, if I argue back she may not talk to me for the entire day, it's happened more than once.

“Well good for you” she rolled her eyes, moved uncomfortably and went back to turning on the tv, “Dom was 6 days late. I swear to you Albus if this baby is late…”

“You’ll just have to deal with it” I cut her off, it’s the 30th March and Liv is not happy. “Besides, how beautiful is Aurora? Dom forgot all her moaning the moment she saw her baby girl”

“I know. I know. She’s beautiful, I know” she nodded, “You just try being pregnant for 9 months, I’m carrying a little person inside me!” she went back to complaining.

“You know I would if I could” I reminded her,

“Of course you would. I totally believe you. Honestly Al, do you have one not annoying thing to say today?” she moaned at me, again.

“No. I don’t believe I do” I mumbled, getting up and walking away.

“For crying out loud Al, will you please speak up?” she asked,

“I probably don’t have an non-annoying thing to say. I’m going out, do you want anything?” I put a jacket on and paused in the doorway.

“Yes. I want the 7th to hurry up and come already” she screamed as I left.

I only got to the gate before I stopped, looking back towards the house, a very large woman was trying to stand from her place on the sofa. She was barely recognisable as Livy. More a hormonal whale than Livy, her feet, hands, bottom, stomach, face, everything was all swollen and bloated. I really couldn’t blame her for feeling so awful, she probably just wants to be able to fit into small spaces again. I don’t want to get her angry, I just want her to stay safe and healthy. I just want to help. However it seems every time I try, I make things worse. My secret refugee recently has been the Shrieking shack, so I headed there for a couple hours until it was time to come back and apologise.

I bought flowers and a hot chocolate for her and walked in to find her on the sofa, in a slightly different place to where I left her, “I’m sorry”

“I know. I’m sorry too” she frowned, “Thank you” she kissed me on the cheek as I passed her the flowers and the drink.

“You’re welcome. I didn’t mean to annoy you earlier, you know that, right?” I asked.

“Of course. I over reacted. I just… this is so uncomfortable… I don’t want it to last any longer than it needs to” she sighed, taking a sip.

“Hey little fighter, Mummy wants you to come out soon, okay? It’s almost time to see the world” I sat next to her and spoke to her bulging stomach.

“Not too soon though, Healer Webbs isn’t back until the 5th. Anytime after that though bubs” Liv joined in, stroking her stomach, once she’d placed the flowers next to her.

“Got that? ‘Cause Daddy might not survive” I joked and thankful Liv took it well,

“Ha. Ha. He might be right bubs. You’re just so heavy! But Mummy loves you anyway” Liv cooed, “Right, Mummy needs to pee again. Could you please stop leaning on my bladder please?” she stood up and made it to the stairs before bending over in pain, “Arrrrrrrggggg” she moaned.

“Woah. What happened?” I quickly ran over to support her weight.

“I said not yet bubs!” she said, her teeth clenched, “Al. I think she wants to come now” she looked me in the eyes, fear written in them.

“Okay. Okay. Do you think you can lean on the fireplace, I’ll grab the hospital bag” I placed her so she was leaning on the fireplace edge, “Just breathe” I called as I ran up the stairs and grabbed the bag and her pillow.

We got to the nearest hospital fairly easily, she may have screamed at the woman at the front desk, but to be fair, she wasn’t being very helpful. Anyway, we got her in her private room (eventually) and then she started to panic.

“Al, I’m not ready. I am not ready for this. I can’t have the baby now. Wait, I can’t have this baby. Healer Webb is not here. She is not in the country” she rambled on, sounding very similar to her sister on a normal day, “I’m not doing it” she declared, getting up from the bed.

“Yes. You are. You haven’t got a choice. Who do you need? Rose? Scorp?” I guarded the door.

“Who the hell is going to be able to help me right now?” she asked, rhetorically, coming towards me, trying to get out.

“Come on, is there anyone you need?” I asked again, holding her off.

She suddenly collapsed onto me shaking her head, “I need my Dad” she barely whispered.

“I know...I’m sorry” I said, holding her close.

“Ooooh. Arrrggg” she complained and sat down on the bed again, “this hurts like a bitch” she frowned.

“Just tell me what to do” I offered.

“Could you get someone to kick you in the balls?” she suggested

“Ummm… Why?!” I asked, taken back.

“I’d like to see you in a bit of pain” she smirked.

“No. I will not do that. How else could I help?” I asked, shaking my head at her.

“You need to tell people. Everyone. I also need a midwife, well a Healer to deliver my baby?” she decided

“Right. Yeah. On it” I nodded and left the room.

I was like a mad man dashing from place to place, sending my patronus everywhere and anywhere. Mum turned up almost immediately and Hermione wasn't long after that, both went and sat with Liv. I was busying answering questions, talking to family, friends and Healers that were trying to find someone to deliver the baby. I even ran into Rose, who was at work.

"Al?! What are you doing here?" Rose asked upon seeing me,

“Ummm, Liv. Baby. Early” I explained.

"Liv’s having the baby?!" She exclaimed, covering her face with the clipboard in her hand.

"Well, her contractions started" I put it simply.

"Oh my Merlin. But, Al, Healer Webb is on the other side of the world?! What are you going to do?" She exclaimed some more.

"Really Rose? I hadn't realised? That wouldn't be the reason I'm out here instead of with Liv would it? No. I prefer the foyer" I sarcastically frowned at her.

"I'm sorry. Al. I got this" she smiled and then was in her element talking to the witch on desk duty, "Kim. Who's on duty? Okay, who should be tied up? Okay. Well, I'm about to come off. Yeah, okay. I'll be back soon though"

"Umm. Rose?" I questioned as she started to walk off.

"Oh. Al. You need to tell Scorp and Maia. Have you done that? And everyone else, does her mum know? And Peyton?" Rose asked.

"No. I'm just about to do it though" I replied

"Well get on with it then!" She huffed and continued

"Wait, Rose. Do I need to find a Healer?" I asked for clarification

"No. I got this. I'll deliver the baby if need be" she declared and walked in to speak to Liv.

My contractions were very real but were really quite infrequent still. This was going to be a long labour. Hermione and Ginny were both looking after me, relaying birth stories. Apparently James was a big baby which made it easier for Al and Lil to practically "slide out" (Ginny's words not mine). Rose also made a sudden and short appearance.

"Don't panic. You will have a Healer. I promise. Just don't give birth for a couple of hours. Okay?" She waited for a response in the doorway.

"That doesn't exactly sound reassuring. Rose, she's coming when she wants. I'm not running this show, she definitely is" I tried to grin but couldn't very convincingly.

"It's fine. I'm a professional, I'm at work, I wouldn't lie to you anyway. I will sort something out" she reminded me.

"Rose, where are you going with this?" I prompted.

"I'm just coming off my shift but I promise after I've slept a bit I will be right back. I love you. Just hold on" and with that she was gone again.

"Is Rose going to deliver my baby?" I questioned.

"Perhaps" Hermione said calmly and took my hand, stroking my thumb.

“Oh. Okay. Right” I nodded before I broke into tears, “This is a complete disaster!”

“No. No it’s not. We’re here in the best place possible. You’re safe. Baby’s safe. Shhh” Ginny pulled me into a hug, “I promise it’s going to be fine”

“But it’s not. I’m sorry, I sound like a spoiled little kid. I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to come down, you’re meant to be a work. I’m not your problem, I’m not even your daughter, I’m sorry!”

"You are as much my daughter as Lily. Don't you ever think otherwise" Ginny suddenly got angry with me.

"There are much more important things in the world than work. And you are most definitely one sweetheart, we stick together darling, no gets excluded from that" Hermione added, trying to sound understanding.

I sat there and cried for a while until my next contraction, “Arrrrgggg. When’s this going to stop!”

It didn’t last long, but then as long as they kept coming, I was still in pain and even more uncomfortable than I ever was in pregnancy. Midwives were in and out, each one saying they couldn’t stay long but that I was perfectly fine but not ready to give birth yet. My visitors were just as frequent and just a varied with a different person every time.

“Lil, I’m sorry, but, and trust me that when I say this it’s with all the love in the world, fuck off” I said bluntly, “I really really need you to stop telling me it’s okay. You are not the person pushing a watermelon out of your private parts soon. For merlin’s sake, it better bloody be soon”

“Woah. Fine. Who do you want me to send in? Everyone’s out there” she asked, holding her arms up in defence.

“Everyone?” I complained, “For fucks sake, it’s not as if this sort of thing doesn’t happen often! Tell them all to bugger off home!”

“I am not going to be the one to tell everyone to go home" she stood her ground, "you know births are a family occasion!"

"Well I'm not family though? Am I? I'm not a Weasley. I'm not a Potter. You all need to go home and leave me alone!" I practically screamed at her, probably loud enough for everyone to hear.

She looked about ready to cry and I immediately regretted everything I'd said, "I'm sorry, Lil, I didn't mean it!"

"Don't say that! You may not be a Potter yet but you will be soon! Does that ring not mean a crap to you?" She shouted back.

"No. Lil, it does. It means the world. It's just..." I tried to give excuses but she interrupted.

"It doesn't matter. I'll go home. I'll get everyone to go home" she spoke calmly, which was incredibly unnerving. She stopped before leaving the room and said, "Just let me know how it goes" and with that she closer the door quietly and left.

That caused me to break down into tears and cry for ages. I felt so awful because I honestly did not mean it, I was just stressed and worried about my birth. What didn’t help was Al storming in not long after Lily had left,
“What did you tell Lily? She’s getting everyone to leave?” he said frantically as he ran in, “Woah, are you okay?” he asked immediately after looking at my face, tears and all.

“I’m sorry. Al, I love you so much. You know that right? I do, I really really do” I blurted out, “Al, I didn’t mean it. I want to be a part of your family. I love them so much. All of them. Even Audrey, and we all know she dislikes me for some reason. And Lily? We both know how much I love Lily. I mean, don’t let them leave! I don’t want them to go. I want them here when our little fighter comes. I really do...” I explained, still crying my eyes out.

Al interrupted me, “What the hell are you on about? Calm down, I know, I know, I love you too, and so does Lily. And well, Audrey doesn’t like anyone, she’s only here because it’s an event. Why are they leaving?” he replied, taking hold of my hands and looking incredibly confused and stressed.

“I just… I said I didn’t want them here. I said I wasn’t family so why were they bothering… I… I don’t know why I said it… but… but” I stuttered, tears flowing down my face.

“You didn’t mean it” Al finished, “I’ll go get them back, just calm down, okay?” he asked as if it was that easy to stop.

It took a midwife to get me to stop after she told me I had to sort myself out or else my blood pressure would get out of hand and I’d be giving birth at the wrong time without a midwife. Which shut me up pretty fast. As time went on and I touched on the 5 hour long labour mark things started to get ridiculous.

5 hours was a long time, it was 8pm and everyone started to leave, this time not at Liv's request but mine, it was getting silly how long these people had been sitting outside. Mum and Aunt Hermione refused to go anywhere claiming there was no way they were going to miss this, but everyone else left, mostly because they had lives to be getting on with or had kids to put to bed. Dad and Ron, along with Lily made us swear that as soon as something happened they would be the first to know about it. Scorpius and Maia stayed until Rose arrived at 9pm and even then Scorp took Maia straight to his parents (Astoria, who apparently got very excited and wanted to know and visit the baby as soon as too) and came back. I think for my sanity more than Liv's and I honestly appreciated it. This was hard.

Rose wasn’t officially on duty but after proving (somehow) that she had slept and was fully capable of delivering a baby, was allowed to stay on backup, just in case no one else could deliver the baby.

Mum, Hermione, Rose, Scorp, Liv and I all sat for hours, breathing through the pain with Liv of each contraction and trying to keep her from crying.

"Whhhyyyy is this taking so long?! Come on bubs, please do Mummy a favour and come already!" Liv complained between contractions which were coming faster now.

"It's your body adapting to the situation honey, we can't do anything but wait" Hermione tried to help.

"How the hell do women do this?!" Liv asked, "how the hell did you do it? You were so young!" She asked Rose with the utmost severity.

"I honestly have no idea, but it hurts like a bitch" Rose shrugged in answer.

"That's what I said earlier! Bloody hell,this is all your fault Albus" Liv moaned.

I looked at my Scorp pleadingly and he just shrugged as if he had no idea how to answer that either, "It's how it's always been Al, until men can give birth, this will always be your fault" Mum put it simply and I sat and accepted all abuse.

"Come on, you remember my birth though don't you Livy? I mean, you were there the whole labour!" Rose laughed at the memory, "you sat here, where I am, stroking my thumb, just like I am, telling me I could do this"

"Yeah, I remember, Merlin that seems like eons ago" Liv smiled now, ignoring the pain of her contraction and the side of the bed and Rose's hand for dear life.

"And then when the actual giving birth thing came along you almost fainted because you couldn't breathe properly. It stressed you out more than me! The Healer had to take you out afterwards to check you were okay!"

"I know and that meant Al got to hold Maia before I did! I was so disappointed!" Liv laughed.

"It was so strange, having her in my arms, all I wanted to do was show you my little human and you weren't there" Rose reminisced and it sounded as if she were talking to Liv and no one else was in the room.

"You won't leave me, will you? Promise me" Liv almost whispered and Rose just nodded.

We waited longer and longer, there was no sign of a Healer being free for Liv and it became less and less likely that she was ever going to give birth. When the time finally came round we were all so exhausted. And Liv? Well, she was just plain angry. It was close to midnight when she was finally dilated enough to push.

“Okay, Livy, it’s time” Rose looked up at Liv and then to me, “I’m just going to run outside and see if anyone can deliver the baby. If not, I’m going to do it” she ran outside and came back in with no one by her side, “Right, I’m going to have to do this on my own, there is literally no one. Mum, could you help me?”

“Of course, if that’s okay with Livy?” Hermione checked.

“I don’t think I have any secrets with you any more Hermione” Liv put in plainly as she clutched onto the bed in pain.

“Right, now technically you can have two people in the room. But, Scorp, Aunt Ginny, can you go and alert the family?” Rose asked.

“On it” Ginny smiled and kissed Liv on the top of the head and then Rose before leaving as whispering, “Good luck” to Hermione before she headed out with Scorp who patted me on the shoulder for support and whispered, “you’ve got this little sis” to Liv before he left to alert his Mum while Ginny told our family.

To be honest, I’d like to say they missed a wonderful birth, but I’d be lying because through Liv’s screams she swore like a sailor, cursing me repeatedly and was in a considerable amount of pain as she pushed our ‘little fighter’ out of her. and trust me when I say she was appropriately named that, because she just didn’t really want to come out and caused a couple complications, first off she was the wrong way round, but Merlin did that girl fight until she caught fresh air. Rose’s face was so focused, she really was at work, she had to do so much to ensure she came out safely, she had to talk Liv through everything very carefully and Hermione had to pay great deals of attention to ensure Rose could get her job done. But the look of relief on Rose’s face when she got the baby out was a picture I would pay to see again, she just looked elated and so proud. Liv looked exhausted but the relief on her face was clear as she actually sighed, let go of my hand that had gone purple and took a deep breath, which was something she reminded me to do as it would seem I had been holding my own breath for a while. Hermione looked as if she were crying while she tried to wipe off some of the blood and wrapped her up in a towel to pass to Liv.

“Hi baby, welcome to the world, most people call me Livy but you can't” Liv grinned as she carefully stroked our daughter’s cheek.

"That's right, that's Mummy to you sweetheart" Hermione grinned as us.

“Al, do you want to cut the cord?” Rose asked, having composed herself, I did and Rose then had to try and pry the ‘little fighter’ from Liv’s arms in order to get her cleaned up, “Liv, I promise, I’ll be as fast as I can, I just need to make sure she’s okay and clean her up and you can have her right back” Rose persuaded Liv.

“I just had a baby” Liv sighed and sat up higher in her bed.

“You just had our baby” I nodded, sitting down in a chair next to her.

“You two are now the proud parents of a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Congratulations” Hermione said proudly herself, handing Liv back our baby.

Hey Guys!
Below are just a few areas of disscussion, I would be more than happy to talk to each of you about EVERY SINGLE sentence in this chapter. Therefore, if you'd like to partake in this, go ahead and leave very detailed reviews! You can also contact me on the fourms if you really want to!

Livy and her hormones?! She's hilarious! Or is it just me who thinks that?
Al really is trying his best isn't he? He doesn't want to upset her, and then just wants to fix everything! Al and his sass with Rose though?
The baby's too early! Chaos, havoc, not good at all.
Livy's visitors? Everyone happy with that? Poor, poor Lily. I'm sorry for all you Lily lovers! What do you think?
Rose's little story about her baby. Isn't she cute?
The baby though? She was properly difficult! But Rose delivered the baby and she did such an amazing job! I'm so proud of her, I hope you are too.

Let me know ALL of your views! I love to hear from you!

*Big hugs Guys*
Emz xxx 

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