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 Lucky for us, my parents decided that it would be a good idea for the four of us to go to theirs for lunch. A family lunch, which meant James, Anna, Ashley, Lily and Lysander were all invited too. The only problem was, that seeing as Hazel had some sort of hatred towards magic, including floo powder, we had to embark a 3 hour car journey to Mum and Dads. Which was as awkward as it comes. When we finally arrived, everyone had already arrived, therefore proper introductions were in order, especially considering no one had seen Hazel since our graduation.

"Hiya Ginny! Harry!" Liv exclaimed immediately as she saw them walk through the front door to meet us.

"Bimey Livy, I'm sure you've gotten bigger since Christmas!" Mum joked, giving Liv a big hug

"Alright Al?" Dad asked over the car as I opened the door for Hazel, nodding to him in answer.

"Ginny, Harry, you remember my Mum, Hazel? Mum, this is Harry and Ginny Potter" Liv introduced.

"Good afternoon Hazel, it's so lovely to see you again" Mum extended a hand to Hazel.

She accepted Mum's hand and then continued to walk up the stairs to the front door saying "it's good to see you. I didn't quite know how famous you were, of course the girls told me, but by the size of your house..."

Liv quickly interrupted as soon as she saw Lily and Lysander walking in the hallway, "Mum! I don't suppose you remember Lily? And this is her boyfriend Lysander"

"How was the drive? Did my brother obey the speed limits? It's fantastic you're here, we've been waiting a while to finally meet you" Lily immediately gave Hazel a hug.

"The drive was fine. Albus drives very well. It is nice to be here, I've heard a lot about you Lily" Hazel quickly answered Lily and took to taking her coat off and passing it to Liv.

"You all know Peyton don't you?" Liv smiled through gritted teeth taking the coat and placing it on a hook with her own.

"Of course we do! How are you?!" Lily exclaimed, trapping Peyton in a hug and directing her into the sitting room, where we found James, Anna and Ashley.

"You guys remember Peyton, but this is Hazel, Livy's Mum" Lily introduced Hazel to them.

"Of course. Mum said you were coming, it's very nice to meet you Hazel, I'm James, this my girlfriend Anna and our daughter Ashley" James stood up and shook Hazel's hand, introducing her to his little family.

"And you" Hazel nodded, "how old is Ashley?"

"She'll be four in February" Anna grinned at her daughter

"Wow! I remember when you were four Livy, you certainly weren't as pretty as this little one" Hazel grinned down at Ashley

"Thanks Mum!" Liv replied light-heartedly then adding, "do you want a drink?"

"A cup of tea would be nice" Hazel nodded and started to ask Ashley questions.

"Anybody else?" Liv offered it up to the room and got an answer from everyone.

I offered to help and followed her out of the room where she sighed and then continued into the kitchen to get drinks. Where she huffed and puffed until I told her to stop and did it myself.

"Why is it she has to say such inappropriate things?" Liv complained, leaning against the kitchen counter and filing some cups with hot water with her wand.

"It wasn't exactly inappropriate, Mum and Dad get that a lot" I shrugged

"Why is it then that she constantly has to put me down? I mean, I know Ash is probably forty times prettier than I was, I think there's something in that Potter gene, but is there any real need to tell everyone?" She asked rhetorically.

"For the record, I always thought you were a cute child. And actually, if it's Potter, our 'little fighter's' going to be gorgeous, especially considering your looks" I mentioned.

"You guys need any help? Your Mum's wondering why a simple cup of tea's taking so long" Mum asked as she walked into the kitchen

"Could you help carry a couple things? Hazel's not magic's best friend" I asked.

"Of course" she said, coming further into the kitchen, about to pick up some drinks when Liv hugged her, "You alright chick?"

"Yes, just needed a hug from my almost Mum-in-law" Liv stated, picked up some drinks and took them into the sitting room.

"Alright then" Mum said, looking at me puzzled.

"She's a tad stressed" I stated and carried on with the drinks in my hand

"Well that's no good for her blood pressure Al" Mum said, quickly picking up what drinks were left.

"I know. She should relax a bit while she's here though. It'll be fine" I decided, hoping to Merlin's saggy underwear that I was right.

The rest of the afternoon went smoothly, Hazel played with Ashley and talked at great lengths with Harry and Ginny how strange it was that we were all growing up and making babies of our own. Peyton got on really well with Lysander and of course, Lily. Liv spent the whole time constantly flitting between everyone’s conversations. But I suppose, so did I, although I spent most of the time catching up with my big brother, which is something I don’t get chance to do very often anymore. We had a late lunch/early dinner at Mum and Dads which was simple enough. We had polite, nice conversation and Liv only had to bite her tongue once.
It was really nice to be with family again, just to relax. Ashley was adorable, she loved the attention Hazel was giving her. Her hairs gotten a lot longer recently, so she now has thin brown hair that falls down the middle of her back, her side fringe being pushed back with a red headband that matched the red dress she was wearing and brought out her big brown eyes. Anna and James could not have looked more proud of her, she was polite and smiled the whole time. It was like a little gang had created at one point though, it was like a cult of the non-Potters. Liv, Peyton, Anna, Lysander and Lorcan were all chatting, it was almost as if they didn’t care we were there. Anna joked she should've invited her sister, which of course, she should of done really and she did call her to see if she could make it but she couldn’t. I think I was right about Liv relaxing, she did really well even though I know she was worried about her Mum being there.
The ride home though, well, it was okay until we were about half an hour from home.

“Your family are awfully lovely Albus” Hazel complimented.

“Thank you. Mum and Dad care a lot about us, they love family” I mentioned.

“You’re right at home there aren’t you Livy?” she asked, “More than you’ve ever been at my house” she added, spitefully.

“I’ve probably spent more time at the Potter’s than yours for a start” Liv explained, “and then, they’ve always gone above and beyond to make me comfortable while I was there” she added.

“Are you trying to say that I don’t care about you as much as them?” Hazel questioned, outraged.

“No, they just have a better way of showing it” Liv decided.

“Maybe you’d rather have Ginny for a Mum then. If she has a better way of showing her affection towards you. Ginny a woman you barely know” Hazel suggested, obviously not meaning a word.

“Mum!” Peyton breathed as if about to intervene before she saw Liv moving.

Liv turned in her seat to look at her Mum, tearing up, “Don’t you dare bring her into this, I know Ginny a lot better than I know you”

“Do you Olivia? Do you really? How dare you, how dare you even think, even for a moment, that I don’t care about you as much as she does! You and Peyton are the most important people in my life” she started to cry in front of us.

“Mum, there’s no need to cry” Peyton rubbed her shoulder slightly and looked at Liv poiently.

“If I was that important to you, this wouldn’t be the first time you’d been to see me. You wouldn’t be, now, getting to know Al’s family, or Al for that matter. Just because I’ve got all interesting, just because I’m having a baby, this shouldn’t be the reason you come over. You should also believe Peyton when she says she didn’t destroy a marriage. If we were that important, knowing us better would have been top of the list. Do you understand how twisted this all sounds?” Liv spoke fiercely holding back the tears.

“Perhaps you’re right. I’m sorry Livy” Hazel apologised, still crying.

“I don’t think that’s going to be good enough this time” she said turning back round to face the front, causing silence for the rest of the journey, aside from Hazel’s occasional sniffing.

When we finally reached home, Liv got out of the car and went straight upstairs, Peyton gave me a pained look and followed her leaving me with Hazel. I got in, put the fire on and made a drink for myself and Hazel while we just awkwardly stood in the kitchen. She took her coat off and placed it around one of the chairs. Accepted her cup on tea but continued to stand behind the chair her coat was on. Therefore I choose, instead of sitting down, to lean against the kitchen counter.

“She reminds me so much of her Father. Daniel was always very stubborn, very strong-willed. He was never wrong that man” she mentioned out of the blue.

“Liv likes to think she’s right” I offered.

“Yes” she nodded once knowingly, “You know, Albus, I do care about her, obviously more than she knows. I know I haven’t been the world’s best Mum, but I’ve always tried, and in my own little head, I thought I’d succeed” she sipped her tea, deep in thought, “she got you to memorise how I had my tea didn’t she?”

“She wanted everything to be perfect for you” I noted.

“See, I think I’ve done okay. Look at our daughters. Two beautifully well grounded young ladies. Both very happy and have done so well for themselves. We made them, they’re our babies and they’re so amazing. I cannot believe how wonderful they are and what they’ve done with themselves! It’s astonishing!” she spoke as if to prove a point,
“Our Livy, she’s a professor, not just a teacher, a professor! Of magic no less! Defense Against The Dark Arts! And has made a fantastic family all on her own, she has Al, and his parents and siblings who love her so much. Dear lord and she’s having a baby, a baby girl, and she’s getting married. It’s all coming together for her. Oh, but let’s not to forget to mention that fabulous Rose she’s always raving about, I do hope I get to meet her again, and her little family, Scorpius, the brother she never had, that’s what she says, and she’s a godmother to their daughter Maia. She’s got to be about 6 now. Her little house is something we’d of dreamed of, so quaint and pretty in the most gorgeous little village that looks freshly painted. She’s done so so well, she didn’t even need us” Hazel spoke, without looking at me, or even speaking to me for that matter,
“I think I’m going to go to bed Albus” she addressed me, “Thank you for the tea and the lovely day. Make sure to thank your family, they were wonderful” she nodded, placing the mug on the table and walking away from me.

No one really talked too much that night, we left Peyton pretty early on in the evening, allowing her to shower and then go to ‘bed’. Liv and I talked though when we were in bed and decided tomorrow to invite our favourite little family over, which thankfully they were more than happy to do. I told Liv about my theory, thinking that Hazel was talking to her late husband. She was shocked and just wanted to apologise and give her Mum a hug, but thought against it. She decided Hazel needed to suffer a bit more. Of course, her decision. We slept and I got up early to shower and snuck downstairs so Peyton woke up to the smell of waffles.

“Oooh! Al, you gorgeous man, the smell of waffles in the morning!” Peyton grinned widely at me as she walked into the kitchen, pouring herself some Orange Juice (no bits).

“Are you flirting with my fiance?” Liv walked in with perfect timing, sitting down at the kitchen table and helping herself to waffles with a LOT of blueberries.

“Obviously” Peyton laughed and sat down next to her sister, taking some waffles and placing a LOT of raspberries on them.

“Is that waffles I smell?” Hazel called walking down the stairs.

“Strawberries too!” Liv and Peyton both said simultaneously, both then looking at each other and screaming, “Jinx!” before bursting into laughter.

“It’s like I’ve been taken back in time” Hazel commented and sat down opposite Liv, waffles on her plate, piling a LOT strawberries on top.

“I guess I get the banana then?” I laughed sitting down after making a tea, a coffee and pouring another glass of Orange Juice (no bits).

“It’s always been this way” Peyton replied, mouth full of food.

“Expect Dad used to just put chocolate syrup and whipped cream on his” Liv shrugged, mouth full too.

We had a delightful little breakfast and Liv and Hazel silently apologised and forgave each other. Rose (the nonexistent bump-seriously she’s put on zero weight), Scorp and Maia came over at lunch time and we went out to The Three Broomsticks for lunch. After that, we headed back to our place.

“This New Years, Mum let stay up until midnight! Dad says I was really lucky, he said not many six year olds get to stay up that late, even on New Years Eve” Maia explained to Hazel, who loved talking to Maia almost as much as she loved talking to Ash.

“Merlin Rosie, I never thought I’d see the day” I laughed.

“And Mummy and Daddy kissed at midnight. It was disgusting” Maia continued.

“That sounds horrible Mi’!” Liv teased, sticking her tongue out.

“It really was Auntie Livy. I said, “Ewww!” and then they told me to go to bed” she looked disappointed.

“That was a bit rude” Liv joked.

“I know right!” Maia agreed, nodding her head, while Liv received a disgruntled look from Rose and Scorp to which she smirked at.

“Would you like to play the name game?” I asked, offering up to the room.

Once we’d explained the name game with the room, they decided it was a good idea and so the random names came flowing in.

“How about Willow?” Peyton offered first.

“Willow? Nickname?” Liv asked.

“Will, Lo’, Willa?” she raised.

“Willa Potter? Middle name?” Liv asked.

“Ummm” Peyton was lost in thought when Rose jumped in with “Elyse?”

“Willow Elyse Potter. I quite like that one” I nodded.

“What he said” Liv agreed, “Next?”

“Matilda?” Hazel suggested

“Ooh! I like that one!” Rose spoke up, “Like, Mattie for a nickname!”

“That is pretty good Mum” Liv praised, “What do you think Al?”

“Mattie Potter seems pretty good to me” I nodded.

“Evelyn is quite a nice name, how about that one?” Scorp wondered.

“Evelyn? It’s a bit old but Evie’s cute” Liv granted.

“I’ve always quite liked the traditional names” Scorp shrugged.

“Evie. It’s a maybe” I nodded at my friend.

“How about Lacey?” I voiced

“No. Al, why do you choose such strange names? Where did that even come from?” Liv straight off said no.

“Come on! Lace is a cute nickname!” I complained.

“Al, I just don’t think you’re going to win” Peyton said sadly.

“Fine” I admitted defeat, “Anyone else want to try?”

“I like Tessa” Maia suddenly spoke up.

“Tessa, hmmm” Liv contemplated but I could see in her face she wasn’t it’s biggest fan.

“Well, we wouldn’t want to steal that name away from you now would we?” I jumped in.

“Thank you” Maia nodded, “That’s probably best” she granted.

“What’s your opinions on Isla?” Liv asked the room.

“It’s nice” Scorp noted.

“It doesn’t really grab you though does it?” Rose added.

“It’s cute, but there’s something not quite you about it” Peyton explained.

“Okay, so that’s a no then” Liv laughed slightly.

We some how got distracted from the name game after this and talked about jobs… please don’t ask me how, it just happened. Anyway, the Malfoy’s left in the evening and so did Peyton and Hazel. Everyone left on good terms and Peyton promised to be back soon to see an ever growing Liv, Hazel said she hopes to come over but if not she will definitely return when the baby’s born. They left us in complete peace which was great but did seem a bit lonely, especially when Liv went back to work.

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