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“Why did we agree to this again?” Liv shouted to me, while hoovering the lounge.

“Because she’s your Mum” I shouted back from the study.

“Does that really mean anything though?” she asked, ever since I found out about her past, she’s done three things, make me promise not to talk about it to anyone, discreetly talk about it, and complain her Mum is coming.

“Yes. It does. She never did anything to you” I shouted and then quietened down once the hoover had stopped, “Besides, this is her first grandchild, she’s bound to be excited”

“I know. I know. It’s just a lot to handle. When did Peyton say they were coming?” she asked

“About 20 minutes” I replied, still making the study look presentable.

“Okay. So quiz time” she decided dusting the lounge now, “Mum’s name?”


“Good. How does she have her tea?”

“Milk, no sugar”

“Yep, and Peyton?”

“She doesn’t like tea. You’re both more hot chocolate kind of people”

"What are you not allowed to do?"

"I'm not allowed to talk about your Dad if I can help it but most importantly I shouldn't disagree"

“Right. Wait. Did you sort out the baby’s room?”

“Yeah, we did that yesterday, stop panicking” I stood in the archway of the study and watched her frantically dust the fireplace, she was wearing a dress a wintery sort of long jumper which showed off her bump that just keeps getting bigger and leggings, her hair was getting longer now and was moving swiftly past her shoulders as she moved.

“I’m not panicking, it just has to be perfect. I mean, now we’ve got to announce we’re engaged. She barely knows you, she’s bound to have an opinion on that” she replied, now re-folding the sheets for Peyton.

“Why are you so worried about that? How come I’m suddenly not good enough?” I questioned as it seemed ever since we’d gotten engaged this was a problem.

She stopped in her tracks, placed the sheets down and turned quickly to face me, she looked upset, “It’s not that. It’s never been that at all” she put her stuff down and came towards me, taking my hands in hers, “It’s just, when I was little, Mum and I used dream about this moment. We had it all planned out, I was going to have my first baby when I was 24, then have another when I was 26, and then when I was 27 I’d get engaged, but not have the wedding until I had a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old to have beautiful little pageboys or flower girls” she grinned, and I couldn’t help but feel bad, because we’re a heck of a lot younger than she ever thought she’d get married.

A million things went through my head about her doubt as she continued,
“So, I’d have Peyton, a friend, and maybe a sister-in-law as bridesmaids go down first with the respective groomsmen, two of the cutest kids going next and then Dad would walk me down the aisle. It was so perfect. And then of course, I’d get pregnant on my honeymoon and have another little one, making one perfect little family and living happily ever after. I promised her, then, you know when Dad died, we decided that my kids would walk me down the aisle. I promised her that’s what would happen, but I’ve found out I don’t have a lot of control over my life” she frowned slightly at the end, and I could practically see the scene she explained being played in her eyes.

“I’m sorry I messed with your happily ever after” I stepped back slightly from her, feeling worse than I had before.

“That’s the thing though Al, this is my happily ever after, I just didn’t know it then. Even if it’s only ever just me, you and our Little Fighter. I don’t need all that” she stepped closer, speaking with her eyes to show me the truth, “I just feel guilty because those we the last conversations I ever really had with Mum that meant something” she shrugged ever so slightly.

“To be fair, you’ll almost be 24 when you give birth and you’ll have a sister-in-law” I mentioned, looking at the ground.

“Exactly, but what I wanted when I was 10 was a blonde haired rugby player that was at least 6 ft something and looked completely terrifying but was really nice and because I sucked at sports I decided I would go to all of his games and sit with all the other WAGs and be supportive and travel the world with my husband until we fell in love with Australia where we then lived forever with our kids” she rambled on.

“What I actually fell in love with was very different though. He’s a black haired Quidditch player who is 5ft 10 and doesn’t look the tiniest bit scary and actually plays the same sport I do, so I haven’t got a lot of time to cheer him on because I mostly play with him. He actually works for the ministry, not a sports team, and works way too hard to protect people he doesn’t even know. As for travelling, we haven’t done a lot and doubt we ever will because we both fell in love with the place we fell in love in, so the odds are we’ll live here, maybe not in this house but here, for the rest of our lives because it’s perfect for us” she smiled, looking up at me.

I closed the gap between us completely and leant down to kiss her.

“Besides, when I was 10 I wanted to be a professional Quidditch player with a tall blonde wife, who would wait on my hand and foot and have one son who would follow in my footsteps, becoming the world's best keeper, so one day we’d be in the record books as being the worlds best seeker and keeper. While my wife stayed at home and cooked us the best food ever that would challenge Nana Molly’s cooking” I revealed, laughing

“But now I’m a Auror, following my Dad, not Mum, with a brown haired fiance, who quite rightly so does not wait on my hand and foot and we’re going to have a beautiful baby girl who I seriously hope doesn’t follow my footsteps because I’d never want her to be in danger. Then, I hope we can fill the world with a couple more gorgeous kids who follow their Mum with her gorgeous good looks and do something relatively safe as a job, like teaching and not have enough time to cook food every night, because they have better things to do.” I continued honestly, “You may not be what I thought but Liv, you’re much much better than I ever imagined”

“This” she nodded, referencing our life, “This is what I wanted. I love you so much it’s unbelievable” she smiled, her eyes locking mine.

“I love you more than anyone will ever comprehend” I smirked, “Always”

“Awww! You two are adorable” Peyton’s voice snapped us out of our trance.

“Shhh, you. Happy New Years Eve!” Liv trapped her sister in a hug,

“Mum! It’s so great to see you!” Liv then turned to her Mum for a hug.

“Alright Al? Looking after my sister well I see!” Peyton smiled and hugged me too

“I’m definitely more than alright. How are you? How was your portkey?” I asked

“I’m great! Mum on the other hand didn’t appreciate the portkey so much” Peyton complained, rolling her eyes.

“No, my stomach’s been turned inside out and back again” she agreed, walking in and taking a seat.

“I’m sorry about that Mrs Adams, would you like a glass of water?” I asked, politely heading towards the kitchen.

“It’s Hazel, I haven’t been called Mrs Adams in a long time” she replied, not actually saying whether she would like some water.

I looked at Liv for a reply and she nodded quickly and discreetly pointed towards the kitchen, “Would you rather have a cup of tea Mum?” she asked.

“A good cuppa would go down well right now, yes” Hazel nodded.

“Did you hear that Al? A tea and two hot chocolates please!” Liv called as I walked off to the kitchen, where Peyton joined me to help.

“Where’s the hot chocolate?” Peyton questioned

“Cupboard over the bread bin” I replied

“Where? Oh, I got it” she smiled and passed it to me, “Fair warning Al, Mum’s really happy about the baby, she’s just a bit disappointed she wasn’t told sooner”

“But we didn’t tell anyone until…” I started before she interrupted

“and I told her that, but she’s still miffed about it” she shrugged,

“Okay, anything else I should know?” I asked.

“Um… Mum’s a tad allergic to magic, try not use too much around her” picking up a mug of hot chocolate, “Oh and Al, you better tell her about the engagement in the next 5 minutes or she’ll flip and I’m not kidding” she added before heading to the lounge and taking a seat in ‘her’ chair (a rocking chair, kitted out with comfy pillows) that she always sits in while she’s at ours, slightly opposite but more next to her Mum and sister on the sofa.

I picked up the tea and other hot chocolate and distributed them to the correct people, sitting down next to Peyton on the cream lounge chair, discreetly signally to Liv that we should tell her Mum about the engagement by pointing to my finger and then hers while her Mum commented on our home. Liv shook her head slightly at me and then after I gave her ‘the look’, so she sighed and nodded.

“Thank you. Liv decorated it herself. Now, not to be dramatic but we’ve got something to tell you both” I smiled, looking to Liv to carry on.

“We’re engaged!” Liv squealed, sticking her hand out in front of her to show off her ring, “Isn’t it great?!”

“Oh my stars! That’s fantastic! Congratulations!” Peyton jumped up and hugged us both.

“A baby and an engagement, all before you’re 24! You two really aren’t wasting any time!” Hazel exclaimed.

“Yeah, but it’s a good thing Mum. I mean, on what planet would that be a bad thing?!” Liv defended.

“I just didn’t know that was what you wanted” Hazel shrugged and drank her tea.

“Well, obviously Mum, it is, or else she wouldn’t have said yes” Peyton interjected.

“I realise that thank you Peyton” Hazel replied, irritated.

“Al’s been a big part of Livy’s life for 12 years now, that’s a long time. How long have you two been dating?” Peyton argued still, looking between the both of us.

“Five years?” I answered questionably, looking at Liv to verify but caught her staring me down as if I’d done something wrong.

“Five years! Did you hear that Mum, five whole years!” Peyton exclaimed and she received the same look from Livy who was clearly trying to stop any arguments.

“Yes, Peyton, I can hear you. That’s a long time, I’m merely pointing out that they’re only 23, with a baby on the way very soon” Hazel nodded, “I just want to make sure Livy does what she wants. Now, where will I be staying darling?”

“Right, ummm, in the baby’s room” Liv stood up and showed her Mum upstairs.

"Sorry" I mentioned to Al once Mum and Livy had left the room.

"Don't be, this house has heard far worse arguments" Al shrugged.

The thing was that I'd spent the last couple of days hearing nothing but moaning about how Livy was wasting her life, giving up her young adulthood, all to start a family. I'd heard nothing but bad things about the way Livy was handling her life and I really could not take it anymore. The reason I went to Beauxbatons was to prove to my Mum that I wasn't just her second child, back then it was all good things, I don't think I ever heard a bad word about Livy until her pregnancy the last time. It was almost a relief for Mum when she heard of Livy’s miscarriage. Not that I agreed with her then, but I let that one slide. But now it was staring me in the face that she thought Livy was making a mistake with Al, a guy Mum barely knows, that was the last straw, because nothing is better for our Livy than Al and nothing could convince me otherwise.

“She’s been getting on my nerves lately” I commented, placing my drink on the coffee table.

“All Mums do that sometimes” he shrugged again.

“You remind me a lot of a person I knew a long time ago” I remembered, a man who used to shrug a lot.

“Yeah? Who would that be?” Al asked, genuinely interested.

“My Dad. I don’t remember a great deal, Liv’s memory though, she could tell you a lot. Anyway, something that I do remember is that he used shrug at me a lot when I used to ask him things. Of course, after I’d asked Mum, he wouldn’t have much to say anyway. He’d never try and disagree with her. My parents almost never fought, you know” I recalled.

“Really?” he looked shocked.

“Really, really” I got up and then hovered for a moment at the bottom of the stairs, to go and apologise to Mum but stopped, saying, “I just want you to know that. And, no matter what Mum says or does, Dad would have liked you. And that’s all that matters really. I know it would’ve made all the difference to Livy. She really loved him”, I smiled sadly and then turned to go up the stairs but found Livy stood in front of me.

“Pey” she shook her head at me, tearing up.

“Don’t” I replied to her tearing up, “It’s true. I’ve got to go apologise, Baby’s room?” I asked, perhaps being too short with her, but I didn’t really want her to hear, I know she gets upset.

"Yeah" she nodded, sniffing and looking strong again, continuing down the stairs.

I went up to the baby's room and found it as it was the last time I came. Fit and ready for a baby girl, apart from the bed. Mum was pulling out her stuff and organising it all so she was comfortable.

"Can I help you?" She asked, tired sounding and not looking at me in the doorway

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you, I'm not really sure what came over me" I apologised with the half truth

“It’s quite alright. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again” she nodded and carried on with sorting out her things.

“I understand. I won’t. Okay, well, I’ll see you downstairs” I nodded too and left her be walking downstairs to then be dragged into the study by dear sister.

“I hate to defy the rules of the study. But what the hell was that?! You don’t argue with Mum. I argue with Mum” she talked louder than normal but not particularly loud really.

“I argue with Mum” I stated

Livy gave me the ‘Big Sister’ look.

“I do, maybe not a lot, but I do, it’s just, well, Lucas and I are getting pretty serious”

“Shit. Pey, I completely forgot”

“It’s not your fault. I haven’t mentioned him”

“No. I should’ve remembered. It’s just, I’ve had quite the baby brain recently. Not that that’s an excuse”

“It's fine. But anyway, he’s a wizard that I went to school with, in the year above me, so I never really spoke to him until he called me to be the photographer for his wedding”

“His wedding? But?”

“Don’t jump to the same conclusion she did. It’s not my fault they aren’t getting married anymore! I was professional for the whole time he was talking to me. I even met his fiance, she was really lovely as well. I felt really bad when she rang me up crying, a couple weeks before the big day, saying the wedding was off”

“I’d never do that! Mum thought you broke up a marriage?”

“Yeah, so when I introduced him to her, she immediately didn’t like him and asked repeatedly about his ex-fiance”

“Oh. She didn’t did she? Wait, of course she did. How is it that you met up with him after the wedding was off though Pey?”

“He rang me up again at work, he said he had to ring because it was bothering him how familiar my face was to him. We quickly found out we both went to Beauxbatons, and then he came into my shop and asked me out for lunch. I promise. If it is my fault, I didn’t lead him on or anything”

“I don’t know what to say. Other than it doesn’t matter really, if you two are getting serious, obviously you two should be together. Everything happens for a reason chick” she smiled and hugged me, “besides it’s not as if Al broke up with anyone to be with me” she sarcastically laughed.

“Oh no, nothing like that would happen to you” I joked.

“Of course not, she wouldn’t have done anything like that” Al grinned from the doorway, his voice sarcastic as well.

“Therefore, we don’t judge you” Livy shook her head as Al came to stand next to her and held her hand, stroking her thumb ever so slightly, “and we’d love to meet Lucas. If you’re happy, we’re happy” she added as Al nodded next to her.

Hey Guys, my little beauties!
I am so super excited at the moment, I've just written the baby's birth and I really hope you like it! It's going to be great (fingers crossed anyway!).
So, this chapter,
What are your impressions of Hazel?
What do you think of Peyton, do you still like her? (Did you like her POV?)
How about Livy and Al's cutie little conversation? Aren't they adorable?!

Leave me a review and let me know what you think! I love hearing from you and reply to each and every review asap!
Thanks so much for reading!

Emz xxx 

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