A/N: Short chapter, but this is to give me closure. And I hope it does for you as well.


Draco flopped on the couch beside Hermione, throwing his head back. He groaned, “I am exhausted.”

She snorted, setting down the Daily Prophet with their names sketched across the headline. “Auror Malfoys Stop Potential Death Eater Rise Again” was written above a picture of them arresting a scrawny evil-ish-looking man.  “You’re exhausted.”

He grinned, sat up, leaning into her. “And how are you, darling?”

“Peachy,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Could I possibly make that better?” He leaned into her with a smirk, his lips brushing against hers until they were interrupted—

“Ewww!” Draco leaned back and huffed. He stared down at a little boy with pale blond hair and wide doe brown eyes. “I no want to see dat.”

“Well, buddy,” said Draco smiling. “She is my wife. And me and your mother has done a lot worst.”

Hermione smacked him on his shoulder playfully, but gave him a scolding look. “Don’t,” she warned through gritted teeth.

“Like what?” piped up their son.

“Nothing, Scorpius, honey. He means playing chess.”

“’Ow is dat worser?” he asked confused.

Draco burst into laughter, throwing himself back on the couch. Hermione frowned scolding him. She had no energy to cry out in her usual shrill voice. He sniffed, recovering from his laughter with light chuckles. “Come,” smiled Draco to Scorpius. He pulled the little boy on his lap, embracing him tightly.

“You’re squishy me, Daddy!”

“But I love you so much!”

“Daddy!” the little boy whined.

Draco pulled away as Hermione leaned in for a kiss, planting a feathery kiss on Scorpius’ forehead. She smiled down at him as did Draco. Scorpius though seemed more interested in Hermione than anything else. The little boy leaned forward, touching the round belly of Hermione, slowly rubbing it. Hermione brushed her fingers against her son’s hand as Draco tightened his embrace, lightly leaning his head on Scorpius’ and stared at Hermione with a smile.

“Her name is gonna be Bella, right?” asked the little boy happily.

“Yes, Bella,” smiled Hermione.

“I want a brother though!” whined Scorpius.

“Don’t worry. Me and your mother will work on that.”

“DRACO!” scolded Hermione again.

He laughed heartily, but shrugged. “We are going to practice tonight.”

“Prawtice playing chess?”

Hermione sighed, defeated.    

Draco answered, “Exactly, sport which is why Nana is going to come and pick you up.”

The doorbell chimed as Scorpius squeaked with delight. Draco set the little boy down as he walked to the door, opening it. Narcissa entered with a wide smile upon seeing her grandson. “Come here!” She crouched and opened her arms. Scorpius, excitedly flew into them, bubbling with eagerness. “Aw, how is my little boy doing?” He replied so fast, his words were jumbled that no one knew what he was truly saying. Nonetheless, she replied, “Good. So, you are ready to go watch that movingly you wanted to see?”

“Movie!” corrected Draco and Hermione at the same time.

Narcissa rolled her eyes, but with a smile. “Yes, yes,” she said dismissively. “All the same.” She stood back onto her feet at full height, holding hands with Scorpius. “How is the pregnancy going?”

Hermione shrugged tiredly. “She is worse than Scorpius.”

Narcissa laughed. “I hope the third will be easier.”

“Or the fourth. Fifth. Twenty-sixth,” replied Draco, shrugging with twinkling eyes that gazed at Hermione with affection.

She couldn’t help, but to laugh and if possible he grinned even more. Narcissa notice the energy of electricity of attraction and love and still was much passion that was almost bursting between the two. “I am glad to see after three years of marriage and one beautiful, handsome young man,” she stared down at Scorpius who grinned back at her, “that you two are still as passionate about each other like you were about five years ago.” She sighed happily. “Okay, handsome young man, say good-bye to your parents.”

“Bye, Mommy! Bye, Daddy!”

“Merlin!” cried Draco, feigning offensive. “I’m not worth a kiss anymore?”

The little boy sighed in annoyance and ran to peck his mother and father on the cheek. He immediately returned to Narcissa, waiting.

“I’ll pick him up tomorrow,” smiled Hermione.

“Okay, you two have fun.” Narcissa winked.

“Oh, trust me, I will,” smirked Draco.

Hermione snorted as Narcissa left with a soft click. Smirking mischievously, Draco sat extremely close to Hermione. She could his body radiating with heat and his familiar spiced cologne, filling her senses. He nuzzled her neck as she squealed in delight, “Draco!”

He pulled back for her, grinning, “You know I’m in love with you?”

“And you know that I’m madly in love with you?”

“I am dangerously in love with you.”

“Just kiss me, you fool,” she giggled. Draco leaned forward, cupping her face gently. His lips were softly against hers and to him, this would never get old.   



 A/N: Brace yourself for the longest author note in the history of author’s note (exaggeration of course). I can’t believe this finish! This last chapter was for closure b/c of Hermione’s miscarriage (and I had planned this from around chapter 1 as well WOW!). I hope it give you closure as well!

Secondly, THANK YOU EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!! Those who silently read, those who favorite this fiction and those who review. I want to thank every single one of you. And as for the reviews, I never have been more grateful. Seriously! I would love to list your names, but it would add up to a WHOLE another chapter, but I appreciate every single one of you. I seriously loved talking to each & every one of you as well. And hope to continue to talk to you if you are reading other fics of mine or I am reading yours. SO, much love to you all. XOXO

P.S.- I will not be doing a sequel. Sorry, guys, but if you like Dramione you could read other Dramiones that I will be posting like “One Night” which is already posted. Read if you are interested. =)



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