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The traditional Sunday night dinner at the Burrow was unusually large. Don and Christina had spent the night at the Burrow with Joy, Mariana and Ana Luiza. Everyone who was staying at Grimmauld Place was there. Charlie was still in the country and brought Rosaline with him. Percy wasn’t present but even so the Burrow was full to bursting.

Molly had anticipated the crowd and planned dinner in the garden. Luckily the weather cooperated and dinner passed without incident. After dessert the large group sat enjoying a cup of coffee or tea as they preferred. Conversation ranged across a variety of topics. Harry and Ginny had sat at the end of the table with Don and Christina across from them and Joy at the end.

“So Minister did you have a productive meeting with Kingsley?” Harry asked taking a sip of the dark brown coffee in his cup. Joy sat immediately to his left.

“It was just some preliminary discussion but it was productive. We’ll work out some details in the next coming days. I appreciate the introduction it was beneficial to meet in an unofficial capacity and speak frankly.”

Harry nodded. “I understand how that could be beneficial. So where is Dan this time? It seems you tend to make trips alone.”

“Technically everything other than this weekend is an official trip so Dan chose not to come. He told me to pass on his congratulations knowing you would do well on your exams.”

“It would have been good to see him again but I can understand not wanting to be limited. However, there is much he could’ve done across the country since he has so much free time.”

Joy leaned close to Harry and whispered barely loud enough for him to hear. “If he knew any of what Arthur has been up to in that shed of his Dan would’ve spent the entire trip in there. He loves to tinker with muggle technology. I won’t tell Arthur or we’ll never be able to separate the two once they get together.” She chuckled and Harry shared a knowing smile. Ginny raised her eyebrows questioningly and Harry told her he would tell her later.

“Son I do believe it is time.” Joy said although no one seemed to know what she meant besides Don.

Don looked over the crowd. Seeing a break in the conversations and the signs that the evening may begin to break up soon he stood. “Can I have everyone’s attention please?” What conversation had been going on stopped quickly. “I had wanted to give my gifts to the graduates last night but Firebolt only received authorization to import them this morning. And no you will not be receiving another broom.” Don smiled and retrieved four duffel bags that looked familiar to Harry. Two of them were bright orange one was a dark green and the last was a plain tan color.

“Are those what I think they are?” Harry asked remembering the one Don used for travel during his quidditch days.
“That and more Harry.” Don was as excited as a kid on Christmas. “We took my original duffel and made some wonderful changes to it. Don grabbed one of the orange ones that Harry now saw had the Cannons logo on the side. “First the side pocket here for your broom that you’re familiar with right Harry?” Harry nodded as Don pulled a broom out of the pocket emphasizing the expanded slot. Then on the other side here we have 4 zippers. Each one accesses a pocket inside the bag. All four have been expanded this way you can keep clothes for daily use and practice separate. No need to have those practice robes smelling up your good ones.” He removed various items from different pockets as he was talking. “Finally if you open the top you have access to my absolute favorite feature.” He stepped back from the table and out of the garden. Don put the bag down on the ground and opened the top of it. He pulled a pole out of it and let it continue on its own.

The group watched as the pole came out and split into smaller pieces and spread apart. Fabric filled the spaces between the poles and after about fifteen seconds Don was standing inside a modest tent that matched the color of the bag. “Come on in guys you have to take a look.” Don called from the inside. Arthur joined the students as they filed into the tent.

The tent featured four rooms; the main room was a combination sitting room with a small fireplace and dining room with a wooden table big enough for four. A fully equipped kitchen stood at the back of the sitting room but was only half partitioned off by the wall giving someone inside the ability to look out the entrance. A loo was on the left and a bedroom on the right with a queen size bed and some closet and dresser space. Arthur let out a low whistle as he looked over the inside. “This is some pretty impressive magic. Where did you come up with the idea?”

“These are designed for the traveling quidditch player in mind but they are really useful for all sorts of travel.” Don answered appreciating the compliment. “I wish I could claim it was mostly my work but I just helped with the basics.” He changed his attention to the three young players. “Now you probably haven’t been told this yet but for quidditch matches you’ll have to be at the pitch at least three days beforehand and they don’t usually have places for the players to live. That was the reason for this idea.” Don’s news was disappointing to Harry and Ginny knowing they would have to separate on match weeks. “Any clothing you have in the bag will be in the closet and dressers when you expand it. Then you simply pull the bag down to pack it back up.”

He reached into the top most point of the tent. A small string extended to his hand and he pulled down sharply. A small circle of fabric followed and the unpacking process reversed and only a moment later he stood with an ordinary looking bag in hand. “These are not exclusive to you; Firebolt is sponsoring your entire teams to keep them uniform. The team owners are delighted by the improvement in the living conditions and the company has already fielded requests from many other teams.”

After repackaging the tent Don started back to his seat. He handed Harry the bag he had used for the demonstration and then passed the rest out. “I think you should retire to someplace more comfortable Don. Harry, Ron and Ginny need to know what to expect come September. They were pretty surprised at the statements you made.” Arthur said reassuming his spot at the head table. Harry and Ginny did indeed look a little down trodden but the news. Don nodded and started toward the Burrow.

“Since you guys may be a little while I think we’ll excuse ourselves and return to Grimmauld Place.” Celia added getting up and taking Draco’s arm. “I really want to look over that tapestry in the drawing room some.”

“If Harry doesn’t object I’d like to join you to continue the conversation I had with Draco last night.” George added. “And since you have a frame there Fred can be present as well.”

Over breakfast Celia revealed, rather accidentally, that Draco had taken Ron’s advice and talked to George about the shop. George was receptive of the idea and agreed to think about the possibility. Now it seemed he wanted to dig deeper into it.

“I have no objection if you know the address.” Harry replied, George paled while thinking then smiled.

“Of course I do. I was on the approved list you gave Kingsley, remember?” Harry nodded.

“Don’t tear up the place too bad.” He warned as the three excused themselves from the table.

Everyone else stayed at their spots as Don, made his way to the Burrow’s sitting room with the four behind him. Hermione knew that this would affect her as well. “Ron would you and Harry grab some drinks for everyone and then we’ll discuss what to expect.” Don said taking Arthur’s chair. The larger wizard’s frame sunk into the cushioning a fair amount.

Ron and Harry made their way to the ice box in the kitchen before settling into seats as well. Harry noticed that Fred’s frame was empty and assumed he was at Grimmauld Place.

Don rested the butterbeer bottle in his hands and leaned forward. “September is going to be here quicker than you expect and things are going to change for all of you. First will be the tryouts which will last a couple of weeks. During this time the team will be on lockdown. Nobody leaves the home pitch.” Don stressed the last part. “This is to build the team unity and chemistry. Ron and Harry you already know you have spots on the team so it will be easier for you, Ginny you technically will have to fight for your spot so for a time you may not feel welcome until it is official. Rumors from some friends point toward you being pretty much a lock but you can’t be over confident.” Ginny smiled but her eyes were determined.

“After the tryouts you will get a day or two off to return home and let your body recover as much as possible. Then you begin two-a-day practices. One in the morning followed usually by a study session coupled with your lunch. Then you have a second practice in the afternoon. This may be the most intensive quidditch playing you will ever do. Remember this is a full time job so eight hour days are the norm and sometimes longer.” Harry could tell Don was serious. He knew the older man wouldn’t lead them wrong. “This will last for the rest of September and will lead you into the first match of the year, the first week of October.”

“So what will the season schedule look like Don?” Hermione asked. She had pulled out a notepad and had been scribbling quickly on it.

Don took a drink of his butterbeer before continuing. “Practices will continue most days and most weather. I would spend your evenings during October perfecting the pepper up potion as well as the pain relieving potion. They will both come in handy. Ron what is the match schedule like here? I’ve never studied the league schedule only worried about international.”

“Teams play once every two weeks with a minimum of 8 days off between.” Ron replied without a hesitation. “Then one international match for the 20 or so players that are part of the rotation every month to 6 weeks. Usually this is during the league’s off week.

“So after each match you will probably have a day or two to recover, depending on the length of the break. Then you’ll be studying plays and strategy in the morning and practicing in the afternoon usually.” Don set his bottle down and took off his glasses. He pinched the bridge of his nose. “None of this is set in stone of course it’s all my best guesswork. I really wish we could talk to someone who played in the English and Irish league.” He seemed worried about setting the wrong expectation.

“The accuracy of the details pales in comparison to the information we need to be ready.” Ginny responded. “From what I’m gathering if we’re not doing something more important the three of should be flying.”

Harry nodded his agreement. “It seems like we may spend bits of time away from each other but you know how I feel about you Ginny and I won’t be happy unless you are.” Harry said not looking at her. Although she took his hand and snuggled closer to him.

“We’ll make it work love we always do.”

“Someone get me barf bag. I’m gonna be sick.” Fred’s voice shouted from the portrait frame. “He smiled as a butterbeer cork smacked the canvas. “I love you too sis.” Fred sat in his chair. “George just wanted me to let you know he’s all done talking with Draco. He reckons it won’t be much longer and Draco will be moving.”

Harry looked questioningly at the portrait. “I’ll let you talk to Draco about it.” Fred responded and seemingly fell asleep. Harry wasn’t convinced but he turned back to Don.

“Honestly I’m not sure what more I can tell you.” Don smiled. “As you said you need to fly as much as possible. You need to be able to handle five to six hours a day without getting overly winded. I think that is enough for tonight though. We should get back to the crowd before they get too restless.”

Harry downed his butterbeer in one long draught and had a better idea. “You guys go. Ginny and I will be taking a walk through the orchard.” Neither of them waited for a response as they exited out through the kitchen hand in hand.

“Bloody smart thinking.” Ron muttered to himself as they rejoined the group in the garden. “I wish I’d thought of it.” Hermione smiled as they returned to the table.

“Where’s Ginny and Harry?” Bill asked as the couple sat down.

“Took a walk in the orchard, they’ll probably catch up on some snogging by the pond.” Hermione answered.

Bill smiled and nodded. Before long he whispered something to Fleur and excused himself from the table. Fleur smiled as she played with Victoire at the table.

Ginny walked through the orchard hand-in-hand with Harry. It was a beautiful summer evening and Ginny relished the sunshine. She was worried that the trip to Australia would ruin the summer but she had discussed it with Hermione and even though it was winter the weather was quite mild compared to what England was used to. She caught a whiff of the flowers that surrounded the pond that was a stone’s throw away. She was about to suggest that they go and sit on the dock and rest their feet in the water when she stumbled.

“Is something wrong Ginny?” Harry asked as she fell to the ground next to him.

“Yes I can’t move my feet.” Ginny’s feet were indeed stuck to the ground. She was able to push back up so she was squatting. But with her feet planted in the ground she couldn’t stand up.

Harry pulled out his wand and was about to cast a spell when a low grumbly voice came from behind the trees.

“You don’t need to worry about the spell. I would never hurt Ginny.” Bill came around one of the apple trees and looked over the pair. “You Potter are another story. How could you think of asking my only sister to marry you without talking to any of us first?” He stepped up to Harry and shoved him hard. Harry stumbled under the force of the larger man.

Bill kept his voice low but Ginny could feel the malice and hurt in it. She regretted not telling her brothers immediately about their engagement. “Bill please it’s my fault. I asked him not to tell anybody besides mum and dad and Hermione and Ron. We couldn’t keep it a secret from them.”

Harry quickly got to his feet, Ginny was impressed that he didn’t raise his wand. “I’m sorry Bill. But I did ask your father, and Ron and I thought that was enough.” Harry stood still staring at the older wizard. He had to look up to look him in the eye.

“You know I really did like you Harry, savior of the wizarding world and all that.” Harry flinched at Bill’s declaration. “But then you go around our back and try to take our sister from us.”

“You keep saying we but you seem to be the only one here Bill.” Ginny objected. “And how did you find out anyway.”

“Between your mother and your brother there are few secrets we can’t get to little sister.” Charlie had appeared on the other side of Harry.

“Especially for a genius such as myself.” George added emerging from behind yet another tree.

“Well I guess the gangs all here so what are you going to do beat Harry into pulp until he agrees not to marry me.” Ginny felt tears in her eyes. Her chest was pounding in a panic.

“Don’t give them any brilliant ideas Ginny.” She saw Harry preparing to defend himself. Bill and Charlie pushed closer to Harry as Ginny struggled to free her feet. She saw Bill pull back to punch her fiancé and that was it. She closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to watch.

It took Ginny a moment to realize that she heard no sounds of a fight. No punches no groans of pain. Nothing, cautiously she opened an eye and found an unexpected sight. Harry stood still surrounded by the three but they were talking amiably. Once he noticed that she was looking at him he smiled.

“Come now Ginny did you honestly believe I wouldn’t ask your brothers before asking you.” He smiled and she looked shocked. She couldn’t help but smile though as Harry had played her worst fear against her.

She felt the ground release her shoes and she stood up completely. “Whose idea was this?” Three fingers pointed toward Harry and he blushed slightly embarrassed. “I am going to curse you into oblivion Harry Potter!” She cried though it was hard to be intimidating when you had a large smile plastered across your face.

“Now Ginny if you do that before you’re married then you won’t inherit his VAST fortune.” Bill intervened and stopped her in her tracks. Ginny had never given much thought to how rich Harry actually was and soon she would be.

“How vast are we talking Bill?” She asked innocently as if weighing the options. She still held her wand in hand.

“As in vaster than any wizard in Britain and most of Europe.” Not even Harry had known about that information. It was a moment before Ginny spoke again.

“Well then in that case he’s forgiven.” Ginny pushed past Bill and stretched up to kiss Harry on the lips. She then tugged his shirt lightly so she could whisper in his ear. “You might be forgiven this time, but remember I get even and I have lived with Fred and George longer.” She smiled sweetly and without another word apparated away before he could respond.

“Well revenge is coming I hope it’s not too painful.” He said as the Weasleys laughed and walked with him back to the party. Harry relished in his ability to joke with his fiancé and hoped that it would continue through their life together. “I probably shouldn’t mention that I already had her named my next of kin just in case.”

The off-handed admission was only slightly surprising. The Weasleys knew that Harry loved Ginny and would want her to be taken care of if he was not able. “Yea don’t mention that to her, or mum for that matter.” Bill said only half joking. The rest of the walk passed in silence as they joined the dinner that was breaking up.

Kingsley Shacklebolt sat in his office looking over a large file. It was stuffed with information and data from the past eight years. Almost everything that Harry and Ron had endured was included. He was still curious on why the group spent nearly a year in the wilderness and weren’t seen until they showed up at Gringotts but that was a matter for another time. Now though he had Gawain’s reports and knew where to focus the young men’s training.

He peaked over the top of the folder as Harry and Ron entered the office. Gawain followed and stood by the door leaning up against the wall. The head auror had been surprised and impressed by both young men and had asked to be present for this.

“Good morning Kinglsey.” Harry said taking a seat across from the large desk. His eyes shown brightly with his smile and Kinglsey was pleased to see him look so relaxed. He felt a smile come unbidden to his face.

“Good morning Minister.” Ron added, much more professionally, taking his seat.

“It is a lovely morning yes. Although I had heard it could rain this afternoon. I hope that magical maintenance keeps the windows bright and sunny.” He smiled as the two men waited. “Now I’m sure you know why you’re here, so let’s get to it. I had Gawain fill out the standard evaluation we use whenever we have aurors or trainees coming in from overseas. We judge strengths and weaknesses and assign an auror to partner with them based on it. It works well to determine if you need some additional work in any particular field. So Gawain if you were evaluating these men as young aurors what would you suggest?”

The auror looked over Harry and Ron for a moment. “Practically speaking you both could skip the academy and work in the field alongside a senior auror today and be able to hold your own. You obviously need some training in the rules of law as well as learning investigative skills. These are things you couldn’t be expected to learn in school so that’s understandable.” He took a breath before continuing. “I would recommend you be assigned to a pair of experienced aurors and taught these skills. However since that can’t happen some book learning will have to suffice.”

With that Kingsley produced two small stacks of books. “The small book is our introduction to investigation. It is very useful and even in everyday life you can apply what you learn. The larger one is of course the rules of law for Britain. I have included a few notebooks that have quizzes and exercises you can work on to improve your retention. I expect that these will keep you occupied for a fair while.”

Harry and Ron nodded and each took one of the stacks. Both had brought their old school bag and the books quickly disappeared into them. Next Kingsley pulled out an envelope and slid two very small booklets out of it. Harry recognized the books as he had received a similar set from Professor McGonagall as he was preparing to travel to Brazil.

“Ron, here are your passports. I took the liberty of renewing your wizard one since it has been over five years.” Kinglsey passed them to the Ron. He looked over them and the information included within. “The red one is for muggle travel, I won’t go into the details as I’m sure Hermione will explain but to get to Australia you’ll be traveling by muggle methods. You’ll need your wizarding one when you come into contact with Ministry personnel in Australia. You still have yours from last year I assume, correct Harry?”

“I do yes sir. I wish we didn’t need two but I understand the need.” Harry nodded.

“Well they will come in handy in the future as you start to travel for quidditch. I have no doubt you and Ron may one day be asked to play for England.” Harry and Ron smiled but Harry’s didn’t reach his eyes. There was no sparkle in the green. “Was there something else you wanted to discuss with me Harry?” Kingsley was sympathetic to the things in Harry’s past that could cause him pain. “You don’t seem to be too happy about discussing the future.”

Harry was silent for a while and Kingsley worried he had asked the wrong thing. “Two things sir, first I’d like to arrange a trip to Azkaban for Draco and myself, possibly along with a third person. We would like to visit Narcissa.” Harry seemed relieved to express the desire. “I think Draco wishes to make amends and I know I need to thank her for saving my life.”

The request surprised the minister. He didn’t know Harry and Draco were even on speaking terms. He was happy to grant the request after finding out what Narcissa had done although he worried about sending Harry to the prison. “That shouldn’t be too difficult Harry but I think we can do one better. Narcissa has been a model prisoner and to all of your benefits I think we can arrange a meeting here in one of the courtrooms. Narcissa won’t risk extending her incarceration so she won’t be a risk to flee and I believe she has truly turned away from her husband’s beliefs.”

Harry genuinely smiled. “I think that would indeed be better. I don’t look forward to the next time I have to encounter the dementors.” Kinglsey nodded, after the battle he had a horrible experience anytime he came close to the dementors. Unfortunately as Minister that was fairly regular. “Secondly I would like to tell you how Tom Riddle prolonged his life. I give you this information in the utmost confidence. You know how dangerous knowledge can be and I don’t want things like this to become common knowledge.”

Harry’s first request was a surprise but this bit of news blew Kingsley out of the water. He appreciated Harry bringing it up. In order to properly plan he needed to know what he as dealing with. He knew the panic or worse temptation that could be caused by inaccurate or incomplete information in the wrong way. “Gawain please return to your office. I am sure some of this information will be of importance to you but a large portion may be personal and I would rather hear it myself to determine just how much to share.” Gawain nodded solemnly and exited the room. Gawain thought like Kingsley which was one of the reasons that the Minister had chosen him to lead the auror department. They had worked together for quite a few years and trusted one another’s conclusions.

The next hour was spent with a retelling of the life of Riddle and the year on the run. Kingsley was not altogether surprised to hear he had used a horcrux to sustain his life. He was shocked to hear that he had created six of them. Unbeknownst to Kingsley Harry glossed over the seventh horcrux but did go over most of the events during the Battle of Hogwarts. After the history lesson Kingsley was left with how best to use the information Harry had given him. Harry had said he would share the story with Minerva as well. Kingsley knew they would have to work together to make sure the details were limited but giving enough education to prevent students from dabbling in the magic.

“I appreciate the information and have a lot of things to consider Harry. I do have one more thing to ask of you, can you be here at six tonight for something special. I would go into more details but the Hermione and Ginny will be here any time now.” Kingsley assumed Ginny would be coming along. “Hermione will need to be here as well but I’ll tell her myself.”

“Why just them?” Ron sounded hurt not being able to participate.

Kingsley understood the reaction. Ron had spent years in the shadows of his brothers. And now he felt left behind by his best friend and girl friend. “They will explain in time Ron. For now know that I wish all four of you could participate.” Kingsley smiled reassuringly and Ron nodded though he still didn’t appear entirely convinced. “Since the girls will be arriving any time now I must take my leave boys.”

They both stood and left quietly. Kingsley slumped into his chair as the door clicked closed. It was still early so he asked his receptionist to brew a strong pot of tea. He was half tempted to open the bottle of oak matured mead he had in his lower drawer. The story and its implications left him drained. Harry was a far stronger man then even he had given him credit for. Kingsley sensed there were parts of the story that hadn’t been told but it was most likely personal and wouldn’t push for the rest. He wrote a quick message to Minerva explaining he wanted to meet with her once she and Harry had a chance to talk. The Headmistress would waste no time in setting up a meeting with Harry.

The Minister had just finished his first cup of tea when the door buzzed. He checked the magic monitor that he had on his desk and it revealed that his receptionist was escorting Ginny and Hermione into the office. His meeting with the boys had taken longer than he expected and he was just now starting to recover. He hoped meeting with the girls would be a little easier. He took a deep breath and pushed the small button next to the drawer on his desk. His office door swung open with Ginny and Hermione following close behind. “Thank you Shannon.” He waved to his receptionist as she closed the door leaving him with his guests.

Ginny and Hermione took the seats their boyfriends occupied shortly prior. Both looked nervously at the Minister waiting for him to speak. “Did you pass Harry and Ron on their way out? They were here longer than expected.” Hermione shook her head. “Right then how about a cup of tea and we’ll get down to business.” He poured a cup for each girl from the pot that was levitating just off his desk.

Hermione took a sip and nearly spit it back out. The look of disgust on her face was evident. “My apologies I asked for a very strong pot have some sugar.” Hermione added the sugar and Ginny followed. They tasted the tea and were satisfied with the sweetness. “First now, Hermione have you thought about what job you would like to take. It would be best to make the decision soon so we can let the department head know not to fill the position while you’re traveling.”

“I have narrowed it down to a job with the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and one with the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. I would like to assist house-elves and other underprivileged non-humans. However I feel our laws need to be adjusted as well, too many decisions and rulings favor pure-bloods and I could assist with that in the Law Enforcement office.” She hadn’t had a chance to talk about this with anyone other than Ginny. She knew she would have Ron’s support no matter what she decided but didn’t know how he would personally feel about her stance on magical creatures.

Kingsley thought hard about what she said. Hermione was incredibly intelligent and would do well at rewriting some of the laws. However she may have more passion for the Magical Creatures office. Kingsley really wanted to use her talents in both areas and he had already planned a way that would help. “Well Ms. Granger I think you can do both and would like to make a suggestion.” She nodded but didn’t speak. “I think you should take the position with Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, it is an undervalued department that has received too little attention since the war. Given its state you would likely rise through the ranks quickly which will give you a great amount of influence in making changes.”

“That sounds intriguing Minister but how would I be able to help with rewriting laws in that position?”

“In that position you wouldn’t be. However as a member of the Wizengamot you would.”

Hermione couldn’t mask her surprise. Her mouth hung open and Kingsley smiled a bit at her reaction. “How, how is that even possible. It’s unheard of for someone so young to be on the Wizengamot, aside from the youth representative that is and nobody has held that position in years.”

“It is not unheard of Ms. Granger and currently there are many open seats that need to be filled. I can’t imagine anyone would object to your appointment.” Kingsley explained. “There are fifty seats total on the court and the Minister has the freedom of appointing a total of ten people to represent him or her. I have appointed three people so far and I would like you to be the fourth. I am hoping to get people with similar beliefs to you and me to start approving changed laws.”

“I would be happy to join the court but wouldn’t someone like Harry be more influential? He is the hero of the wizarding world after all.” Ginny snickered at the way Hermione said hero of the wizarding world. Harry hated that phrase.

“You may be right Hermione but Harry already has a seat on the Wizengamot, several in fact.”

“How can that be?” Ginny was stunned by the admission.

“Well Ms. Weasley as Minister I control ten seats as I mentioned. Certain department heads and deputy department heads are automatically given seats as well.” Kingsley explained the breakdown of the high court. “That’s roughly another ten, I can influence those seats by appointing people into the position but the Wizengamot has to approve of the appointment. The remaining seats which are the bulk of the court are made up of old wizard families. Many are pure-blood families that will resist this change others are more willing to compromise.”

“So I’m guessing these seats are passed through the family in wills just like any other possession.” Hermione interrupted.

“Yes and through wizard duels if no one is there to inherit it. The goblins at Gringotts have confirmed to me that during the war and the final battle that four seats transferred to ownership of Riddle and then by extension to Harry upon Riddle’s death. The Potter family already had one that Harry will be filling soon but he will need to fill those other seats.”

Ginny started to chuckle as she had a thought. “Did I say something amusing Ms. Weasley?”

“No Minister but I’m imagining you haven’t told Harry about this and when you do he’s going to feel the weight of the world trying to find three worthy recipients.”

Kingsley smiled. “You’re right, but why only three worthy ones.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that the first person Harry will appoint will be my dad. His love of muggles along with his influence of Harry has shaped his character so much.” Ginny was still chuckling. “Heck he might even give the other three to my brothers.”

“And there is one of the snags that Harry will run into. The family seats are restricted to one member of a particular family.” Kingsley regretfully admitted. He would love to have multiple Weasleys to support him. “Arranged marriages were often planned around seats on the court. You would be a Potter if you marry Harry so you’re out. I have no doubt Harry will give a seat to the Weasleys so I need Hermione to be one of my appointments since she will probably be a Weasley soon.” Both girls blushed and Kingsley continued. “In a perfect world I would appoint you and Ron alongside Hermione Ginny. However I have to be more tactful until some changes are implemented. You and your family will have to help Harry make these decisions based on who is likely to keep the legacy and who can help us change how our laws work.”

Ginny’s smile disappeared and she became rather determined. “I can help with that for sure. And I’m sure Hermione will too. But I think we have some other plans to discuss too.”

“Yes we do. And unfortunately that is just as complicated.” Kinglsey sighed. There was so much about leading the country and interacting with the rest of the world that he hadn’t anticipated when he took the job. Things were improving and with Hermione and Harry on the Wizengamot it would be easier.

“First as of right now we have no official relations with Australia. The country is on lockdown to all magical means of transportation from here until those are reestablished.” Kingsley explained.

“And I don’t suppose we can travel to France or Brazil where they like us and then go on?” Hermione asked and Kinglsey shook his head. No other Ministry would vouch for them, even if it was for Harry. “Ok so muggle transportation and passports.” Hermione had suddenly produced a notebook like she had while talking with Don. “I think I can renew my old one easily enough. It might be harder for Ginny and Ron…”

Kingsley held up a hand to cut her off. “I’m sorry Hermione maybe we should start with these.” He passed each girl two passports as he had with Ron. “I have taken the liberty of renewing it and requesting a magical passport be issued for you as well.” Hermione blushed. “I have also renewed your wizarding one as I did for Ron, Ginny. As well as requesting a muggle one for your travel. Now one of the most important facts about Australia is their wizard population started almost entirely with muggle-borns.”

“Right I remember Professor Binns telling me about this. In the 1700s muggles became fascinated with witchcraft and trying to find and eliminate witches.” Ginny explained. “They were lousy at detecting magic normally but Muggle-born witches and wizards could let it slip as kids both before they were of age to attend school and during the summer. Rather than risk their kids being burned alive, many families volunteered for the new territory and a few older witches and wizards journeyed to setup the foundation of a society. I believe they encountered a fair amount of indigenous people with magical talent but they hadn’t advanced to wand creation.”

“Exactly Ms. Weasley.” Kingsley was impressed by her memory; she was almost as bright as Hermione. “This does make finding the wizard community in Australia more difficult. They are very adept at blending in with muggles.” Kingsley explained. “Blood status means nothing to them as well which is why they cut off ties with us under Voldemort, I mean Riddle. Things have been strained as minister after minister bowed to the pure-bloods. But Riddle’s puppet government was too much. They didn’t want to associate with that mentality.”

Hermione nodded but both remained silent waiting for Kingsley to continue. “As a Muggle-born and a very clever one Hermione you are the perfect ambassador for me.” Kingsley tried to emphasize the importance of this mission. “Many Australians have distant family here so while they may be reluctant they should be interested in resuming normal relations. Now it gets complicated.”

“I can’t see how it could possibly be more complicated than it already is.” Ginny tried to joke but she was feeling overwhelmed.

“I said I have some contacts in Australia and this is true but they can’t reveal too much without getting in trouble. I can give you the basics but you’re going to have to go from there.”

“Ok what do we know?” Hermione was again ready to make notes.

“First the Sydney equivalent of Diagon Alley is located in a mall called the World Square Shopping Center, it is in Sydney proper. The wizard shops have always been in that area but they had to become hidden as the city grew and the mall was built around them.” He paused to let it sink in. “Once at the mall you will probably need to find a helpful witch or wizard to enter the wizard level, I don’t even know what it’s called. This is the first assignment I put in Ron and Harry’s auror notebook by the way. It will be a useful test.”

“Ok this is complicated. Are we sure there isn’t any way easier.” Hermione interrupted.

“I’m afraid not Hermione, I hate to ask so much of you four after all you’ve been through but in order to get you the information so we can reunite you with your parents we must convince the Ministry in Australia to help you.” He removed his hat. His office was getting warmer or he was stressed about what he was asking of his friends. He knew they were mature enough to handle it and this was relatively straight forward but it always seemed these three, well now four, were in the center of everything. “Once you gain entrance to the shopping district you have to present yourself to the auror’s office located there. It may take a bit of persuasion to convince them you hold the office you claim but they should take you to the Ministry to deal with the head auror. Her name is Melissa King; if you call her that she’ll curse you. Call her Myssy and tell her I sent you. She should take everything from there.

Hermione wrote furiously and Kingsley appreciated her enthusiasm. He knew that if they could get in touch with Myssy she could petition the Minister to resume official relations. If the Minister wouldn’t then she would at least help Hermione reunite with her parents. Hermione looked up realizing that he was no longer talking. “Is there anything else we need to do?”

“Yes Ms. Granger, you and Harry need to be here at six tonight to take your place on the Wizengamot. It will be a quick process for Harry but it will require a confirmation vote for you. You might have to prove yourself to some though I don’t think it will be too difficult. Most of the people that would dare oppose your appointment openly had seats that now belong to Harry.” He let the cryptic message hang in the air. His way with words was one of the reasons that Dumbledore recommended he join the ministry out of Hogwarts. He knew that these four could handle all he asked of them. His only worry is that someone might try to stand in their way and with their determination it could get ugly.

Hermione looked determined and ready to proceed. She wasn’t going to lose focus where her parents were concerned. “Did you have any more advice Minister?”

“Get yourself mentally prepared and make sure you are ready to go. When you are I will arrange for your tickets and any expenses will be covered under official business for the Ministry. For now though, let’s have some lunch.”

The girls smiled at the request and followed him as he led the way from his office to the cafeteria. Lunch was a welcome reprieve from the morning and soon they were departing as Kingsley returned to his office for some additional work.

A/N: This chapter took me a little longer because I had to make some plans on where things were going to be in Sydney. Unlike Brazil and Rio I know next to nothing about Australia so I'm having to figure it out as I go along. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to leave comments.

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