Hermione steady the Swarovski crystal floral filigree hairclip in her curly bun and tugged on thick French braid that disappeared into the bun. She finally looked at herself in the mirror, studying her reflection. Her slender fingers reached out touching her reflection. Her dress was a champagne strapless, A-line gown with beaded lace on the bodice. At her waist, the dress flowed to a soft tulle skirt, reaching the floor. She looked into her own eyes, seeing them sparkle like they never had before. She remembered two years ago at her apartment Draco on one-knee proposing to her again and without any hesitation, she said yes. She smiled at the thought and the memories of how much they grown together. The memory of Draco complaining to get out of those apartments as fast as they can, they had settled in the pent house where they first had their eyes on. Nights spent away playing wizard chess and eating Chinese takeout. The memory of her and Draco becoming top Aurors amongst Harry and Ron flooded her. Anyone could always hear them bickering, but everyone almost admit they were a better duo than Harry and Ron. Memories of introducing Draco and his mother properly to the Weasleys, creating an extend family. She giggled at the memory of Draco and Teddy fighting over Teddy’s little broom which of course, Draco did playfully. And moreso, she giggled at the thought of Draco meeting her Muggle parents. He was so nervous, he almost left the flat without any pants and cursed loudly.

There were so many good memories, she usually forgot about the ones of the war. The most important memories were from the war. Without the war, she and Draco would have never been. And sometimes she was thankful for it all and thankful enough to visit Lucius in Azkaban. He was strangely okay with everything including when she told him they were going to remarry. Then, her mind was clouded with the memory of Rabastan, a dear friend even if he was a Death Eater.  He had passed away a year ago in prison. She was slightly sad, he couldn’t be here for this day—

“Hermione.” Ginny entered, smiling looking lovely in a lilac one-shoulder chiffon dress that cascaded down to the floor. “I told him he can’t see you. It’s bad luck, but he wants to talk to you.”

Hermione grinned and nodded. She followed Ginny to the door and Ginny slipped out. She heard Draco’s voice behind the cracked door, “Hey.”

“Hi. Getting cold feet?”

He grunted, “You were the one that wanted to wait two years before we actually married. I had intentions of marrying you the next day after I propose.”

“That night wasn’t your real proposal.”

“It was, but I had to do it again the following weekend in Venice to make it special.”

“How many times have you propose to me?” she joked with a giggle.

“Apparently, not enough.”

They both laughed heartily until his laughter died down and he asked, “Nervous?”

“Not at all. Marriage to be is another great adventure.”

“With you? Absolutely. And I can’t wait to get started,” he grinned.

“Why do I feel you are hinting at something else that is not an adventure? But something perverted?”

“That is an adventure, just in bed,” he laughed. “But seriously, give me your hand, love.”

Hermione slipped her hand through the crack as she felt his gentle hand grasp it. He brought her hand to his lips, kissing it sweetly. “I love you with all my heart.”

“And I love you, my darling.”

“With every bit of my soul.”

“With everything that is worth living for,” she replied, smiling widely with tears springing in her eyes.

Again he kissed her hand. “I will see you soon.”

“Yes,” she whispered at the door.

She heard the footsteps walk away.

“Hermione?” called Ginny. “Are you ready?”

Hermione opened the door and nodded.


Draco was standing there, nervously. He was nervous, but did not have the slightest idea why. He had no intentions of ever turning away and he knew now, she never did either. For the past two years, she stood steady by his side. She was there for him. She was there when he adjusted to a new life with new family and friends. She was there when he had to face his past, staring at his father’s sad eyes behind the cell. She was there for the nightmares that dared to return some nights. She was there when he grew and she grew along with him. She was always there. If he would have known long ago, from the moment he laid on her in their first-year that she would be his adoring wife, he would not treated her as he did. The truth of the matter though was it was not like that. They both had hardships that they overcame and maybe it wouldn’t have worked between them if they never had to experience what they did.

He looked into the sea of the crowd and smiled at all the support they had now. Her parents were smiling brightly as well as his mother who was smiling and dabbing her eyes. Each Weasley was there with their significant others like Angelina and a Muggle, Audrey (who was full aware of the wizarding world now). Goyle was in the back somewhere with Pansy Parkinson, Daphne Greengrass and Theodore Nott. Minister Shacklebolt was present along with Reeves Carrington. Luna Lovegood was dazing out as Rolf Scamander was trying to call her back down to Earth. Neville Longbottom and his girlfriend, Hannah Abbott were present among other Gryffindors like Dean Thomas, Sean Finnigan, Lavender Brown and the Patil twins. Lisa, Draco ex-neighbor was there, as she was Ron’s girlfriend and mother of his soon-born child. Even Cherry was present, sitting excitedly and waved much more often than she should. Blaise, Harry and Ron were besides Draco as his groomsmen.

There was never a point of his life that he never felt this much love. Never he felt this much extension to a family for him and his mother and his Slytherin friends.  The music played and Draco snapped his head down the aisle in the middle of the Manor’s garden. He was happy he could have the ceremony at the Manor and Hermione agreed whole-heartedly as well, believing that the bad memories needed to be replace with beautiful ones.

Fleur came first, flashing her dazzling smile and for some reason, her Veela had no effect on Draco. It never did. He was always excited for Hermione, no one else. Bill lend forward to brush against his wife’s hand and she became even more radiant. Maybe Draco did pay a little attention to her now. Love just made anyone glow. Astoria came next, walking down with a grin, flashing to Blaise. She mouthed the words to Blaise, “We’re next” as Draco and Blaise laughed with amusement. She threw a thumb-up to Draco underneath the huge bouquet of flowers. Next was little Victoire, looking like a princess, yet stumbling as she just recently learned how to walk. Teddy came out early to help steady her. He had the cutest annoyed pout as he made her wrap her arm around his arm like a gentleman. In his other hand was a violet cushion, holding the wedding rings which magically glued on by a spell for the time-being so he wouldn’t lose them. He hissed at Victoire in utter annoyance, “Clumsy girl.” That sent the whole crowd into laughter. Ginny came, her own diamond wedding band sparkling as she had gotten married six months after the third war ended.

Hermione was last. Draco almost forgot to breath. She was breath-takingly beautiful. She was stunning in every way as she always had been. She was shining with a radiant smile as if she could never stop smiling. She stepped front of Draco and he cupped her hand as the Minister went over their vows. Every word from their vow was said with meaning. Every word filled with love and respect. Every word was filled with an intention to be life-long lovers and companions.

“You may now kiss the bride.”

Draco dipped her, pressing hard against her lips as Teddy’s groan was heard in the background, “Ewww.” Draco chuckled against her lips and pulled back, kissing her on the forehead as she wrapped her arms around his neck tightly. He whispered to her, “I want it to be like this forever.”

She smiled widely. “Oh, it will…”  

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