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Chapter 6: Home Sweet Burrow

The early morning sun rays began to peak through the crimson curtains in Albus’s bedroom. Everyone in the Potter household was sleep; everyone except Albus that is. It was the morning that James, Albus, and Lily were to leave for Burrow and Albus was too excited to stay in bed. He has been packing and repacking his belongings and making sure that his chores were complete. No one or nothing was going to keep him away from the most wonderful place on Earth, not even his mother over compulsive need to have everything perfect. As he packed his Quidditch playbook away in his runt sack, he heard a tap at his window. He ran over to open it and his snow white owl flew in. Tied to its legs were two rolls of parchment. He untied the letters and fed owl treats to the owl.

“Thanks Lucille.” Albus patted the bird on the head and watch her fly out the window. He carried the two letters over to his bed and plopped down. He broke the seal to the first letter and began to read it:

Dear Albus,

Thanks for letting me borrow your copy of Hogwarts: A History. This has got to be the best book that I have ever read. I read it to the triplets sometimes and now they are trying to convince both Ma and Pa to let them go to Hogwarts instead of Salem. They have said no but the triplets are determined to change their minds. How is Godric’s Hallow. Is it hot there. Mobile is deadly hot. I swear I will die of a heat stroke before the term begins. I have been working that the hospital alongside with father this summer as a candy striper. He is so excited to see that one of his children had taken an interest in medicine I am just trying to get away from Elise and her maniac self. However, I want to be a healer when I leave Salem but I want to practice both muggle medicine and magical medicine so I have been taking muggle high school classes so I can attend college when I graduate from Salem. Hope all is well on “the other side of the pond” as you Brits say. Make sure you write and tell me about the Burrow. It sounds amazing.

Love and apple pies,

Sophia Murphy

Albus laughed at the fact that Sophia found Hogwarts; A History the best book she ever read. They have been corresponding ever since the meeting at the ministry. Albus told her about the disastrous dinner with Annabel and how Lily tried to hex her. She found this quite funny. Putting her letter aside, the picked up the other letter and recognized the familiar handwriting and began to read.


Mum convinced Dad that he was being an uptight prat and convinced him that we need some fun time this summer. Mum asked your Nana Weasley if we could send a week with you guys at the Burrow abs she said yes. Just found out this morning and had to write you right away and tell you. See you at the Burrow.


“Yes!” Albus screamed. He jumped up and down on his bed.

“Why are you screaming? Get down and come help with breakfast.” said when walked into his room. Albus jumped down off the bed and hurried after his mother. .

As Albus stepped out the car, he could hear the chattering of people inside. The grove near the lake behind the house looked marvelous in the sunlight. The smell of homemade ice cream filled the air. Bliss came over Albus as he ran around the car to pull his trunk out the back of the car.

“Honey, the children are here!” said an woman. Suddenly, an elderly old couple came bustling out the back door. The woman hurried down the stairs as fast as her feeble old legs could carry her and ran straight to the Potter Family.

“Harry! Ginny!” she ran up to her daughter and son-in-law and gave them both a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi mum. How are you?” Ginny said

“I’m wonderful. Ever since your father retired from the ministry, we have been having a relaxing time traveling Europe. I loved Italy. It was a little sad to end the trip.” said Mrs. Weasely.

“Well, I’m pretty sure my brothers would agree with me in taking the children home so you and Dad can continue your trip” Ginny said. James, Albus, and Lily turned to protest.

“Of course not, this is our favor part of the year. Having all our grandchildren under the same roof. It bring back memories of all seven of you guys living here.” Mr. Weasley said fondly.

“Mum, it was seven of us. There are fifteen of them.” Ginny corrected her mother

“Actually twenty-one; I invited the Malfoy children over to spend the week and Teddy and Victoire are staying also.” Mr. Weasely corrected his daughter.

“As if that is any better.” Ginny said. Her mother ignored her comment and walked over to her three grandchildren

“James!” she embraced him and kissed him on both cheeks.

“Nana! Don’t ever leave me with mum again. She doesn’t cook as well as you do and she makes me clean up everything at home.” James whined playfully to his grandmother . Ginny shot a dirty look a her eldest child.

“Don’t work about that now. You are here. Now when am I going to meet his girlfriend of yours. You know she has to have my stamp of approval.”

“Saturday for the celebration. She and her sister will be here.” James said.

“Lily, you look so much like your mother. I bet all the boys are falling over you.” Albus, James and Harry let out and audible scoff.

“ Only if they want to die a slow and painful death.” James responded . Lily rolled her eyes as her grandmother went over to Albus.

“How are you my love?” she asked him

“I'm better now that I am here “ he replied she kissed his and lead the family inside

“So else is here?” James said

“Ron and his family, George and his family and the Malfoys. Charlie, Bill, Percy, and Teddy will be here in a little while.” they enter into the kitchen.

“Hey guys. Harry you treating my sister right?” Ron said as the small family came in the kitchen. Albus walked out the kitchen to put his trunk away in his uncle Ron’s old room. As he approached the door, he heard two people arguing inside .

‘Rose! You barely know the guy. For god sakes, he doesn’t even go to Hogwarts! You can’t trust some Durmstrang bloke because he is apart of some stupid program with you.”

“First of all, me and Dimitriy do is correspond about our on going summer plans. He is a friend! A pen pal! Nothing more than that. Second of all, why do you care so much? I am not your side chick or play thing. We are friend and not even good ones at that because all we seem to do is bicker and argue about trivial things. "Silence engulfed the room. Scorpius didn’t reply. Albus decided to end the awkwardness between his two friends.

“Scorpius! Rose! How are you guys?” he walked into the bedroom, pretending not to just have overheard the argument that just happened.

“”Great.” they both said unbelievably. Scorpius was sitting on a bed near the window. Rose was leaning against the bedroom wall near the door.

“Scorp, I am so glad your father finally got that stick out of his arse and let you guys have a real summer for once.” Albus chuckled as he began to put his belongings away.

“I know.” Scorpuis replied ‘Mum really laid it on him this morning when they were arguing. She said she didn't want any snobby children and we deserved to live for once. She was always my favorite you know. He looked around the room and noticed four beds.

“Who else is in this room mate?” Scorpuis asked Albus.

“Just you, me, and Louis thank God.” he replied

“And Ciel” Rose interjected

“Who?” Albus and Scorpius both said

“Ciel? Dom’s boyfriend? Your group mate?” Rose looked at both boys as if they were crazy.

“Oh the French pompous git.” said Scorpius as Albus groan

“I forgot he was coming. I really preferred to not see him until October. His voice makes my skin crawl.” Albus said as he plopped down on his bed.

“Give him a chance guys. Maybe you will like him when you get to know him. You didn’t like Scorpius when you got to Hogwarts.”

“That’s because I thought he was the spawn of a death eater scary ferret prat.” said Albus

“And I thought he was an arrogant, pretentious, big head toe rag who thought he ran everything because his daddy saved the wizarding world.” said Scorpius

‘But we put out differences aside second year when Binns put us in detention together. Our bromance has been going strong ever since.” Albus concluded. He looked at Scorpius

“I love you man.” Albus said as he faked cried

“I love you too bro.” said Scorpius. Rose scoffed at the two of them.
“Let’s go downstairs and be more sociable.” Rose said. The two boys followed her out the room.

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