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Dead silence.

"Fuck yeah! You all owe me 5 Galleons!" Rose cries.

"So we'll only sit in the airplane for one hour?" Al cries.

"I'm leaving the shop behind for over a week for this?!" Uncle George cries, resulting in a whack up the head from Nana Molly. Seriously, the bloke is nearing fifty.

"From all the countries you could choose to go to on vacation, you choose the one country with equally if not worse shit weather as England?" Dom cries, commencing some muttered agreeing sounds from the rest.

"Ce n'est pas possible!" Fleur whispers quite close to me, as Nana Molly whacks Dom upside the head as well, for her language.

Granddad looks genuinely surprised with the rather bad response to the great reveal. He's actually pouting a bit. I'd feel sorry for him, if we weren't going to bloody Holland. Of all bloody places.

"Told you you should've discussed the destination with the others instead of keeping it a secret," nana Molly whispers in Granddad's ear, only we can all hear it since she's whispering pretty loudly.

"C'mon you guys, Holland isn't that bad," Lily (a.k.a. The Saint) Potter tries to reason.

"Yeah, it's got... It's got..." Teddy (not very helpfully) tries to add.

"Weed," James says bluntly.

This results in a very threatening glare from aunt Ginny. "What, it's true isn't it? Besides, I wasn't the one who chose the destination!" James exclaims loudly.

Now I'm actually starting to feel sorry for granddad. "Look you guys," he begins in a rather pathetic begging tone, "I wanted to go some place very far Muggle style. But Molly didn't want to sit in an airplane for to long. So we compromised into going to the country with the shortest airplane flight time!"

Its no use though, since everyone has begun chatting about the subject loudly amongst themselves. Poor old granddad proceeds to go sit in his chair and sulk on his own. Luckily Al quickly joins him and starts chatting about the flight. It doesn't take long for granddad to become enthusiastic again.

Everyone starts getting their stuff because we have to walk a while for the nearest bus stop. As I get my stuff we once again ensemble in the back yard as granddad insists on giving us some rules to follow first.

"You stay away from all magical stuff , you got that?  So no wands--"

"But what if we need them?!" James exclaims loudly.

"You won't bloody need them James!" Rose snaps. Because of our Muggleborn mother we are much more comfortable with Muggle related stuff. Then again, James' father grew up with Muggles too. I guess Uncle Harry pretty much abandoned his Muggle past after Hogwarts.

James still doesn't look convinced. Who was the one claiming I wasn't worthy of being a Gryffindor again?

After some final very obvious and unneeded rules from Granddad we head for the Bus stop. The younger people look normal, but Granddad and Nana Molly look ridiculous in their Muggle clothing.
As I was walking with Louis, Dom's little brother, i suddenly heard a dreamy voice inches away from me.

"So what do you reckon?" Loriette asked me with her mother 's huge eyes.

"Uh -- well, it's Holland," I replied. "It doesn't have a completely different culture or weather, it's just England with a different language really."

"Well Amsterdam has had the biggest concentration of Nargles in any city in Europe for the past three years."

"Oh uhm, so is that a good thing?"

"Depends," she said, pondering. Do you like Nargles?"

As I thought of an answer to this conversation I hardly understood myself, suddenly she was gone. "Crazy bitch," Louis said wisely. He always had something philosophical or wise to say. There was no way that he was just 15 years old. He must've been Aristotle in his previous life or something.

The funniest thing when we entered the bus was the bus drivers face. I hadn't (and haven't) bothered to count with how many we are, but when granddad paid( with help from mum) and told the driver we were all traveling together as a family, his jaw dropped. Not immediately though. It gradually dropped as this flood of red hair just kept continuing and continuing.

Since it was a rather small bus and nearly empty, we had it for ourselves completely. Sitting behind James and Fred I overheard their conversation. "I'm definitely getting a hold of some weed," James said.

"Me too," Fred replied, "We're going to Amsterdam! Besides, you can't blame us. This was all granddad's idea."

What intelligent reasoning my cousins have. The frightening thing was, that Fred had just turned seventeen and was actually allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts. And he wouldnt even be responsible enough to use it out of Hogwarts in twenty years, let alone now. Merlin be with our souls. Sadly enough for me I sat with Lucy, Al and Scorpius the git. As soon as Lucy saw that this was the only place left, displaying a perfect example of a "Oh heeell no" face, she immediately tucked in as the bus started moving. I tried, but I can't sleep in moving vehicles. Scorpius the git kinda had the obligation to listen to Al, being his best friend and all, so he couldn't go to sleep. Al just kept rambling on about how fascinating it is how a plane can stay in the air.

"Well broomsticks can bloody stay in the air and they don't even have wing-thingies!" Scorpius snapped angrily at one moment.

"But Muggles don't have magic Scorpius! So then how they do it?"

"Ask them?" I snapped sarcastically.

"Good idea Hugo!" Al beamed.

During the bus drive, through when we arrived at the airport, James' face had visibly gone paler. He probably was shitting three colors right about now. It was just about when it seemed everything SOMEHOW had gone pretty darn well, (getting through security without Granddad asking how they'd detect it if he would've had a bomb, for example) that Lucy loudly exclaimed she left her diary in the bus.

I, amongst many others, sighed loudly. The bullshitting had already begun. Lucy was crying uncontrollably and wouldn't shut up about it, and Teddy being the sucker that he is told her he was gonna get it back. As you may suspect, he was gonna use some advanced magic to get it, breaking the very first rule of the road trip in less then 2 hours.

As he dissapeared Granddad and Al resorted to watching airplanes through the window. I watched Uncle Harry and dad play some Wizard's Chess. My dad wasn't the best at many things, but nobody could beat him at chess.

Finally Teddy returned with the diary as we entered the plane (again, everyone tried to bloody fit through the door at once. These are my relatives, guys...) and headed for the Netherlands. As I took out my WizPhone to quickly check my WizBook before we left, I saw James was close to tears at this point.

About half an hour in on the plane Molly (so Percy's child, not Nana Molly) gave out a loud cry. As everyone looked at her in panick, she cried: "I-I forgot my diary on the airport!"

Merlin, what is it with these Weasley girls and diary's?

To be continued...

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Sidenote: "C'est n'est pas possible" Means "You've got to be shitting me" In French (In this situation atleast ;p )



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