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"Kill me now, Hugo," Dominique moaned dramatically.

"I can't ," I responded grimly, "Then there'll be no one left to kill me."

It was a, for England, very uncharacteristically rainy day at The Burrow. Grandad had gathered all of us Weasley's and close friends for a road trip to... well, somewhere. He had insisted on not telling anyone where we were going since he reckoned not knowing would be more fun. James had been the most excited among the Weasley's for the vacation until he was informed we would be traveling Muggle style (so with an airplane)... Now he had found peace with dying since he was convinced airplanes were the most dangerous things on the planet.

Dom, Rose and me were more concerned about our company. "Don't get me wrong, I guess you could say I do love my family," she commented, "But lets face it, we're basically some idiots with wands. There's no way we can survive long together without causing trouble. And probably a few explosions."

"Amen to that sister," Rose had nodded.

Al, on the other hand, had only become excited when he heard we were going to travel Muggle style, as opposed to James. He was the only one in the Weasley gang who had inherited Grandads weird obsession with Muggles. I guess genetics works in mysterious ways. Though I suspect being named after a famous Muggle lover may have also had had something to do with it. To the great delight of the Weasley clan, Al had brought Scorpius the git along. So not. I've kinda grown into thinking sarcastically because my sister probably invented the word. To be honest though, I hardly know Scorpius the git at all. But dad has raised me into believing all Malfoys are gits, and just hearing there names I always kinda figured. Lucius. Draco. Scorpius. Seriously?

The Scamanders also tagged along, including Luna and Rolf, the twins Lorcan and Lysander and Loriette. All three of them are in my year actually. The twins are in Slytherin and Loriette is as Ravenclaw as they come; she had such good grades they allowed her to skip fourth year and go in to the fifth (where I am). Not even mum ever skipped a grade, wich says alot. And as if we weren't with enough people, the Longbottoms with their son Frank showed up as well. I really didn't see how the heck this could ever turn out well. There was just too much stupidity combined with an awful much of power (since you can easily cause some serious damage with a wand) here. I wouldn't even trust anyone among us going on this trip alone.

"Hugo? HUGO!" Dom snapped .

"Huh what?" Me over thinking the whole situation must've made me snap out from the real world, wich I tend to do.

"You haven't been listening to a word I said, have you?" Dom said accusingly. I shrugged and hoped she wasn't going to throw anything at me for it. I was in luck cause she just continued here rant on all of this.

"And when will Grandad bloody tell us where we're bloody going? Ughhh!" she grunted.

"Well at least the weather is going to be better," Rose said. Dom and I looked at her shocked. "What?"

"That was rather positive of you Rose!" I chuckled. She really wasn't the one to cheer anyone up.

"O shut up!" she snapped angrily. That was already more like my sister.

"Well if it isn't my favorite cousin!" James appeared out of nowhere, and took a seat between Dom and Rose, and on the opposite of me.

"Which one where you referring to exactly?" Dom said , " And it's not really smart to say such things when you have about a thousand other cousins!"

"Well, I'm not known for my intelligence," James shrugged, "Anyway, where do you guys reckon we'll go to? I have a bet on with Freddy . He says Asia, I say South America."

"Do you guys really think we'll go that far?" Rose said skeptically, "Not to mention Grandad having informed us we had to pack for at least a week, look how many people are bloody coming! Granddad has paid for all of us. He doesn't shit money you know!"

"Maybe he didn't shit money back in the day but he sure does now!" James exclaimed. "Since his bloody son only saved the whole magical (and really, the whole non-magical as well) world's arse he ought to be able to take his family some where nice when he wants to!"

There was some truth in his words.  To put it bluntly, mom and dad are pretty damn rich, and James' mom and dad are simply loaded. Comes with their mum being an retired international Quidditch star and his dad being -- well, Harry Potter.

"Well, so what do you guys reckon? Wanna bet?" James grinned cheekily, looking so much like Aunt Ginny it was scary. "5 Galleons per bet."

"I dunno," I said hesitantly. My parents may be rich, but they sure as hell didn't include me in the fun. I didn't get more pocket money than my fellow classmates, infact, I probably got less.

"Oh come on Hugo! You're a Gryffindor aren't you!" James almost scolded. He really knows how to get me. Since I'm not nearly as brave as James or Fred (but luckily not nearly as stupid as well) I often feel like I have to prove myself to show that I indeed am a Gryffindor, just like them. Though my sis being sorted into Gryffindor was even more a mystery. She is very much like my mother, so basically: uptight, panicky and annoyingly serious about her education. Then again, mum got sorted into Gryffindor as well.

"I'll go with North America," Dom said confidently.

"May I ask why?" James asked, raising his eyebrows.

"Well I just have a gut feeling about it and you know my gut feelings are pretty much always right."

"Alright, what about the Granger-Weasley's then?" (this is how we generally sort the Weasley clan into sub-clans, by picking the other surname ) "Al has already picked Africa, so there's only two left."

"I'll go with Oceania," I said quickly, since all reasonable ones had already been picked. "Europe," Rose said matter-off-factly since it was the only one left. She actually seemed pretty confident about it.

"Weasley's gaaaaaaather!" A magically enhanced voice suddenly exclaimed. It seemed Grandad's speech was about to begin, wich meant everyone had finally arrived. It turned out be quite the hassle to make it to the backyard, since everyone tried to fit through the backdoor at once. I told you we mainly consist of idiots.

"Bloody hell," I heared James whisper besides me, "Even Uncle Charlie is here! Last time I saw that bloke I had about 3 teeth!" When we had all made it into the back yard, again it was alot of pulling and pushing because everyone wanted to be at the front. I ended up standing next to Loriette, who smiled kindly upon seeing me. She has her mother's blonde hair but hazel colored eyes. Her smile is truly mesmerizing. I grinned back stupidly and already felt my ears going bright red. And I've known the girl since before I could walk properly. Thanks a lot, dad.

"You all know why I gathered you here today. We're going on a vacation, completely Muggle style!" Grandad grinned at us, standing in the middle of the circle we created around him, on top of a table so we could all see him (there's just so bloody many of us).We all looked back at him kinda anxiously, except for Al who answered his grin with an even bigger grin. Granddad proceeded to answer that grin and then they just had a very lovely grin-athon with each other like a bunch of idiots.

"Since we'll be leaving in an hour I suppose I should finally tell you guys where I'm taking you," granddad continued. The similiarity between Granddad, Ginny and James' smile only just now clicked with me. With such a large family it was pretty fun to see how everyone differed and was the same respectively.

"Just tell us already!" I heared a voice cry from somewhere. That definitely was Fred. "Fine fine. We're going to...."

To be continued...

Authors Note:
Hey there you guys! I chose to write a story from Hugo's point of view, since pretty much no one seems to do that. I also added another Scamander child if you hadn't noticed. And remember post a review with your thoughts ;)

Have a good day and till next time!


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