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All recognizable characters, places, spells and incidents are the property of J.K. Rowling. The rest are all mine!

Present Day – Twenty three years after the Battle of Hogwarts

It had been a perfectly horrible summer that followed a ghastly school term. The events that led to her abrupt exit from school still haunted the girl every time she heard one of her parents, especially her father, or her older sister call her name. Now she sat on her bed looking as she gazed through the window and watched the birds fly past.

“I wish that it would be as easy for me to get away from here,” she said to herself. A quick glance at her cat, Tiger, who was sleeping on carpet in front of the window made her envy him. He could sleep as much as he wanted and did not have to worry about going to school or dealing with headmistresses who hated him.

She sighed and flopped back onto her bed to stare at the ceiling. A dark, sooty mark was directly above her bed and, according to her father, it would stay there. A quick flip of her new wand had left it there the year before. She had known better than to cast spells with it idly, but the temptation had been too great. The resulting burst had made a horrible noise and a blinding flash. It had also led to her parents rushing into her room to join her in choking on the smoke that filled the room. The yelling had started next, with the end result being the loss of the wand until school started.

Beauxbatons, her father had insisted that she be sent to Beauxbatons. Her perfect older sister had set an incredibly high bar that her parents expected her to meet or surpass. It wasn't that she hated Anne, but did she have to be so perfect in everything that she did? As if it were not already horrible that she was going to be sent to that school, she had been told that Anne would be made a prefect during her fifth year at Beauxbatons. She, herself, had made things worse by seeming to break every rule possible. By the end of the first day at school her sister was pretending that she was a complete stranger and no one wanted to be associated with her. The end had come for her weeks later when she attacked a prefect who had been dressing her down for an infraction that Elizabeth had been forced into. The prefect had walked away from it with a split lip, Elizabeth had been expelled for fighting and disobeying authority.

Elizabeth remembered the trip to Madame Maxime’s office and how she had been made to stand at rigid attention while the Headmistress and the offended prefect took turns berating her. She had made things worse by yelling back at them and refusing to turn over her wand. Then she had put the icing on the cake by storming out of the office while sending rather unladylike comments back at them over her shoulder. The response to her exit from the office came as she was walking back into the dorm. A prefect stood waiting for her, a derisive smile on her face.

“I am truly a blessed person. Madame Maxime gave me the wonderful duty of informing you that you are expelled from Beauxbatons. You are to pack her things immediately and report to the discipline room. An owl has been dispatched to your parents informing them of the action taken by Madame Maxime. They were informed that they need to come for you as soon as possible. Have a nice day!” The prefect laughed at Elizabeth and then left her to her thoughts.

Elizabeth packed her bags swiftly, knowing that her father would be incredibly angry with her. She changed clothing and as she packed her eyes fell on the blue robes and hat that Beauxbatons students wore. She tore the clothing off of the hangers and threw them onto the floor to join those she had just removed. She ground her heel into the soft material and, her anger unabated, she drew her wand and cast the only destructive charm that she knew. The robes and hat became only so much smoking debris instantly. Anne came into the room as Elizabeth looked down at the destroyed clothing and began screaming at her.

“Are you crazy? Madame Maxime might have let you come back after she cooled down. But now there’s no chance!”

“Who said that I want to come back? I hated those stupid robes, I hate her and I hate this place. You only like it here because you’re one of her favorites. My perfect sister, hah! If she knew some of the things that you had done you wouldn’t be a favorite. “

The sound of the slap that Anne delivered to her sister’s face was drowned out by Elizabeth’s scream of rage as she attacked Anne. The two girls were rolling on the floor of the chamber fighting as a professor walked into the room to investigate the noise. She swiftly dragged the girls to their feet and separated them by sheer force.

“What is the meaning of this?” Madame Margaret yelled. “Anne, I would have never thought this of you. You could very well be a prefect next term and acting like a hooligan will put that in jeopardy. Straighten your robes and stand at attention while I address you.”

Anne made haste to straighten her clothing, but Elizabeth left hers as they were which angered the teacher further. Without thinking she yanked her arm from the grasp of the teacher and backed away. Stunned by the action of the girl the adult stood and stared at Elizabeth. Never before had a student acted this way towards her. She had left Hogwarts because she thought that she would prefer the rigid discipline at Beauxbatons. Obviously the girl before her did not belong at this school.

“You might as well tell Madame Maxime about me, Madame Margaret. I really don’t care what you say about me, I hated your class too. You won’t have to worry about me after today. I’ve been expelled!”

The teacher left the room and Elizabeth was soon confined to a small room that the school used for discipline. She saw no one except for the house elf who brought her food and then retrieved the empty dishes. A small featureless bathroom saw to her needs and a cot served as her bed. The room was her home for the next two days. She knew what that meant, her father was making her wait until he decided that they would come after her.

The trip home after that had been slow and horrible. Normally her parents would have used apparition which Elizabeth hated with a passion, but they had traveled via train. It gave them time to really make her miserable. She had huddled against the wall of the compartment as her father yelled at her for nearly four hours.  He was enraged that she had been expelled from school and acted as if it reflected upon him personally. Anne had put on a great show about the disgrace that her little sister had brought upon all with the last name Blackwell before she bade her parents farewell.

Summer had dragged on as she tried to avoid her parents, especially her father, and sister. It seemed that no matter what she did her one of them found fault with it. Then her father had called her into his study to announce that he had sent an owl to Hogwarts to request her admittance.

“Hogwarts is quite likely the only school that will accept you at this point.” Her father said as she stood before him. “You have been black marked at Beauxbatons. They will not even look at my request that you be readmitted. You have destroyed any hope that you had for a recommendation from Madame Maxime for advanced placement in classes. I just do not understand your continued defiance and misbehavior. Stand up straight when I speak to you!”

Elizabeth straightened from the slouch that she had adopted and looked at her father. He was the strictest of her parents and the one most likely to punish her severely. He might overlook some things, but this was clearly not one of them. She knew that her father loved her, but in weird sort of way. She simply did not want to follow the same path as her sister and never would.

“Father, I know that you’re angry with me and I understand why. But I hated Beauxbatons and asked you that I not be sent there. I cannot be Anne, I’m me. I just want to be me! I could never get out from under her shadow no matter how hard I tried while I was at that school. It’s not that I want to be a disgrace or be difficult it just sometimes happens.”

John Blackwell looked at his younger daughter and sighed deeply.

“Go to your room and get ready for supper. We’re having guests and you need to look your best.”

Elizabeth turned and left the room quietly. It had gone better than she had expected it to. But Hogwarts was a school that she had never expected to be sent to. She had heard horrible stories about the school while at Beauxbatons. She had heard that students were punished severely for poor marks on exams. The students who had visited Hogwarts told her that the castle was in terrible condition and that the students had to sleep on beds made out of planks laid out on the cold stone floor. She didn’t believe them but the thought still made her shudder.

She was nearly finished changing and freshening up when she heard her mother call her. There was no putting it off, she had to go downstairs. She had Chloe, her house elf, finish fastening the back of her dress and then Elizabeth walked slowly down the stairs to the dining hall. Before she stepped into the room, she could hear the voices from within. She recognized the voice of Lucius Malfoy as he spoke with her father.

“You must have been so upset with her for the disgraceful behavior that she displayed.”

“She never has been as easy as Anne,” her father said. “We have known that from her infancy. She has always had a problem with authority.”

“Where will she be attending school next year?”

“That has not been decided,” she heard her father lie. “We only hope that where ever she goes that they can deal with her disobedience.”

“Well, at least at Hogwarts,” Draco Malfoy said, “Harry Potter is gone. The only problem with that school is that it still overrun with blood traitors and mud-bloods. The stain of Weasley, Granger and Potter still exists. Until those bloodlines are gone that school will suffer. I’m only grateful that Scorpius has managed to avoid having to deal with them. “

Elizabeth hated Scorpius Malfoy, he was vile to her every chance he got. Older than her by two years he often used his superior size to intimidate her and her parents refused to hear her complaints about him.  Her father actually hoped that one day she would marry him and combine the bloodlines. She shuddered at the thought of getting that close to him.  Abruptly her mother walked out of the room that Elizabeth was preparing to enter.

“There you are, we have been waiting for you. Come in and greet our guests.”

Elizabeth walked sullenly into the room to see her father engaged in a conversation with the Malfoys. Anne was in the corner of the room speaking with Narcissa Malfoy and Scorpius’ mother. It was hard to believe that Narcissa was Scorpius’ grandmother. She was actually was very kind to Elizabeth, her daughter-in-law was another story entirely. Elizabeth avoided her at all times possible.

Elizabeth suddenly realized that her mother was steering them towards the conversation of the women. The girl trembled as the older women turned to the approaching pair.

“Elizabeth,” Narcissa Malfoy said, “we wondered when you would come to see us. It has been so long since we have seen you.”

Elizabeth accepted the quick kiss that the older woman placed on her cheek and then stood as the women chattered on. Most of it was about her, although they acted as though she wasn’t present. Her mother prevented her retreat from the scene and she stood quietly answering the embarrassing questions thrown at her. It seemed to go on forever and was only interrupted by the entrance of Scorpius himself. He approached the group after his mother motioned for him.

“Hello, Elizabeth, I was looking for you.”


It couldn’t get any worse, she thought, until dinner was announced by Digby, the house elf. Her mother insisted that the two young people walk to the table as a couple. Elizabeth controlled her revulsion as he took her arm and they walked to dinner. She tried to ignore his questions of her and sat down at her normal seat only to have him sit down next to her.

“Elizabeth, I understand that you will not be returning to Beauxbatons this term. Did you find the studies difficult? I have a friend, Madame Cecile, there whom you could have gone to for tutoring,” Scorpius’ mother said. “You do know that Beauxbatons is the finest school of its kind for young ladies.”

Elizabeth felt her face turn red as she tried to agree the best that she could with the line of conversation. She tried instead to concentrate on the soup that was in the bowl in front of her. She could sense the displeasure of her parents at her attempts to brush aside the comments of their guests.

Dinner seemed to drag on as the conversations continued to revolve around her and her past at school. She was hoping for an end to the conversation when Lucius Malfoy looked at her and directed a question at her.

“So, Elizabeth, what exactly happened to you at Beauxbatons? You’re certainly intelligent enough, was it that you fell in with a bad crowd or was it your behavior?”

She slowly put her fork down, dabbed her lips with her napkin and then turned to her questioner. The eyes of the girl blazed with rage as she regarded the smug face of the older man.

“Well, Mr. Malfoy, I will answer your question with a question. What part did you play at the battle at Hogwarts? I understand that you were there and I have always wondered what you and Draco did during that fight. Did you help defeat Lord Voldemort?”

A hushed silence gripped the room as the adults looked at her with amazement.

“You dare to speak his name? Are you insane?”

“Why should I fear him? He was defeated and killed by Harry Potter. It’s in all of the history books along with his initial defeat when he killed James and Lily Potter. He’s gone and there is nothing to fear in the name of a dead man, even if he was a psychopath and murderer.”

“You can’t believe everything you read in a book. They don’t tell all of the facts.”

“Then why don’t you tell me. What were you doing while Harry Potter was defeating Voldemort?”

“I hardly think that’s necessary.”

“I guess that there must not be much to tell. You must have been somewhat overshadowed by Mr. Potter. It is such a pity that your heroic deeds were never told. I should think that you would want to set the record straight.”

Lucius Malfoy’s face turned red with anger as he regarded the girl. He remembered clearly leaving the scene of the battle with his wife and son. He had kept his deeds during the battle a secret from most. His anger grew as the young girl waited quietly for his answer. Her face was aglow with glee at the discomfort her questions had created.

“How dare you question me about that day?”

“I intended no insult to you. I’m just in awe about sitting down to dinner with someone who was actually there that day.” Elizabeth turned to her father, “I seem to have overstayed my welcome, may I be excused?”

“Yes, go to your room. We will speak later about this.”

Elizabeth got up and left the room with a slight smile on her face. She couldn’t stand the Malfoys and hated any time that she had to spend with them. Her father would punish her, she was sure of that, but it would be worth the look that she had seen on the faces of all at the table. She happily skipped up the stairs and scurried to her room. She changed into her normal clothing and then flopped down onto her bed to play with her cat. Tiger brushed up against her and batted at the fingers that she waved above him.

The confinement to her room that she got for the disrespect to Mr. Malfoy was actually a relief for her. It didn’t matter that her father thought that he was punishing her, she regarded the time as a vacation. Tiger gave her a companion to spend the time with and Chloe came up to tend to her needs.

A few days later she was in her room reading a book when Chloe appeared in her room.

“Miss Elizabeth, your father wants you downstairs in his study. He needs to speak with you about something of importance.”

She walked downstairs and found her father in his study. A folded piece of parchment lay on the desk in front of him. She could see that the writing was in green ink and she wondered what it said. Her father looked up at her as she entered the room after knocking.

“The response to my owl has come, Elizabeth. You have been accepted at Hogwarts. You need to go to your room and change into something a little more acceptable. We will be going to Diagon Alley to get your supplies and robes shortly. I hope that you will do your best to behave yourself this term. I don’t want you expelled from another school.”

“I’ll try my best, Father.”

She left the study and went back to her room to freshen up and change into different clothing. They were going to send her to Hogwarts. She was finally free of her sister’s shadow. Elizabeth hurried to change and then return to the room where her family waited. She nervously glanced at her father and was relieved to see the container of floo powder that he held in his hand. It meant that they weren’t going to apparate.

The family spent the day enjoying the sunshine as they shopped for supplies for the upcoming term. Elizabeth looked at the new Hogwarts robes with pleasure as she ignored the Beauxbatons robes that hung along a wall. She tried to avoid students from her former school as she followed her parents. Anne had left the family to go with a group of her friends and Elizabeth ignored her former schoolmates as they looked at her with contempt.

When the day finally ended they returned home and she raced to her room to examine her new books and robes. Today had been a good day, no arguments and no punishments. She ate dinner with her family and finally went to bed. There, alongside Tiger, she dreamed happy dreams that had nothing to cloud them. A new beginning at a new school with new classmates and friends, the past was behind her and she only had things to look forward to.

At least, that was what she hoped.


In one of the reviews of the previous version of this chapter the reviewer stated that they thought the time since the Battle of Hogwarts was a little extreme so I looked into it.  In the Deathly Hallows it stated that it had been nineteen years since the battle.  Later Lily is told that she will be going to school in two years.  Since in this story Lily is in her second year I took the math to indicate that, in fact, 23 years has passed.  If you continue to feel that my calculations are in error please let me know.

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