Complication #7

Dominique Weasley

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Complication #7: There are eyes everywhere, especially in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

I skip dinner Sunday night, as the memory of losing the contents of my stomach multiple times in one morning is still too fresh to allow my appetite to return to me.

I sit on my bed, continuing to read The Scarlet Letter and suddenly finding myself much more sympathetic to Hester Prynne, when suddenly the dorm is filled with conversation as Caroline, Scarlett, and Brooke all come in.

“Abigail!” Caroline exclaims, noticing me. “You’re up!”

“Oh, it’s so good to see that you’re feeling better!” Scarlett says, rushing up to sit by me and run her hand through my hair in a motherly gesture.

“And just in time, too,” Brooke says, sitting at the foot of the bed. “There’s so much we have to tell you.”

I flick my wand to shut the curtains, officially initiating a gossip session. “Alright, spill,” I say, feeling suddenly energized by the thrill of new news.

“Did you see Dominique at the party?” Scarlett asks, still playing with my hair.

I shake my head. “Honestly, Friday night was a blur.”

“Yeah, about that,” Caroline prods, “what happened to you? You usually never drink, especially not like that.”

I sigh, collecting my thoughts into the lie I’d already rehearsed about a hundred times. “I don’t know – I didn’t drink that much, as far as I recall. I think someone put something in my drink.”

“Seriously?” Scarlett exclaims, dropping the strand of hair she was twiddling. “Who the fuck would do something like that?”

I shrug nonchalantly. “I have no idea, but that’s not important – “

Scarlett interrupts me with a, “Hell yes, it is!” but I ignore her and keep talking.

“What’s important is whatever you were going to tell me about Dominique,” I finish.

Scarlett pouts, but luckily Brooke steps in, going alone with my nonchalance.

“She looked nothing like herself. As in, goodbye frumpy T-shirts and sweats and hello sparkly dresses and stilettos.”

“You should have seen this dress,” Scarlett huffs. “Skin tight, white and sparkly, with a one-shoulder thing going on – she looked like some sort of fucking supermodel, and I’m pretty sure every guy in the room that wasn’t related to her was staring at her ass.”

I lean in closer – this is interesting news. “But why the sudden change?” I ask, a bit confused by the sudden transformation.

Caroline shrugs. “Godric knows. But I’ll bet you anything there was a boy involved. Everything involves a boy.”

“Too true,” Scarlett adds, wrapping her own hair around her finger in an attempt to get her stick straight hair to curl.

Brooke sighs loudly. After a few moments of silence, she picks up again. “Speaking of boys, you know how that Slytherin nobody pulled me over at dinner?”

The other girls nod, so I do as well, despite having no idea what she’s talking about, given that I wasn’t actually at dinner.

“Well,” she says, a devilish smile spreading across her face, “she had a bit of news about a certain James Potter.”

I snap my head up unconsciously at the comment. I try to act nonchalant, but there’s no escaping the pounding of my heart and the sudden constriction of my vocal cords.

How could they know? Were we that obvious? Did the whole school know? What was Blaise going to do? But wouldn’t Brooke be more confrontational if she already knew what happened? Maybe I was getting ahead of myself. Maybe this rumour was something else entirely.

“Ooh, spill!” Scarlett cries, bouncing excitedly. Given Potter’s not-so-scandalous reputation, any gossip is something to be excited about, given that I’d do anything to knock his ego down a peg.

I’d be excited too were it not for the fact that I might be involved in this one.

“Potter was spotted leaving the party with a girl, and rumour has it he didn’t return to his dorm until morning,” Brooke announces, her cheeky grin stretching even wider.

Potter doesn’t normally hook up with Hogwarts girls, or date them, or anything like that. He’s actually rather famous for that, as girls would practically throw themselves at him if he showed any interest in them, but he’s never so much as taken a girl to Hogsmeade.

People were actually beginning to question his sexuality, but then a busty little blonde showed up at Hogsmeade – apparently his girlfriend from Beauxbatons at the time. But he’s never gotten involved with Hogwarts girls.

Until now.

Aren’t I just so lucky to have been the one he chose?

I snort internally.

I feign surprise, praying there’s no news about who the girl is.

“Who’s the lucky girl?” Caroline asks.

I scoff in a rather unladylike fashion. “Lucky isn’t exactly what I’d call it.”

Scarlett rolls her eyes. “I know you loathe him, Abigail, but you have to admit, he’s actually pretty hot, if you ignore his personality.”

She has a point – and she hasn’t even seen him with his shirt off.

I quickly push the thought from my mind. I want nothing to do with that night ever again.

I shrug. “Blaise is much hotter, if you ask me.”

Except there really weren’t grounds for comparison – the boys were definitely both attractive, but in totally different ways. I didn’t quite know how to explain it, but they were just different.

Brooke smirks. “Well he’s your boyfriend, so you pretty much have to say that.”

“I’m sure we’ll know who it was in time,” Caroline says, bringing the focus back to the matter at hand. “Because Godric knows some girl is going to start flaunting all over the school that she hooked up with the elusive James Potter.”

I snicker, knowing that the girls think I’m amused by the idea of a random girl running all over school trying to gain popularity for this “achievement.” But of course, I’m thinking about the fact that I have zero intention of doing anything like that.

“Wait, Abigail, I just thought of something!” Scarlett says suddenly, her eyes getting huge. “What if it was Potter?”

I crinkle my eyebrows, lost by this sudden change in topic. “What are you talking about?”

“The person who put something in your drink. What if it was Potter?” 

“What?” I ask, still confused.

“It makes perfect sense,” Scarlett replies, as if this is the most logical thing in the world. “He didn’t dye your hair the first night, because he was waiting to do this to you instead, but he wanted to throw you off your guard with the hair colour thing.”

“Really?” Brooke asks, eyebrows raised. “I know that Potter can be a major twat with the maturity of a first year, but I don’t think he would ever go that far.”

I shrug, trying to stay out of this conversation and wait for the topic to change.

“Brooke’s right, “ Caroline chimes in. “He does have at least some semblance of morals – he is a Gryffindor, after all. I don’t think he would have done anything that extreme just to get back at Abigail for hexing him at a pub.”

“Whatever you say,” Scarlett shrugs. “I still think it was him. Who else would it be?”

Brooke sighs. “I don’t know, but let’s not do anything about it until we know for sure.”

“Honestly, I don’t even know if someone spiked my drink,” I say, trying to backtrack what’s quickly turned into a dangerous topic of conversation. “It was just a theory, after all. There are a lot of other things that could have happened, really.”

Scarlett pouts, but I’ve had the final word on the subject, and she knows it.

And with that, the conversation changes to the boy Brooke danced with on Friday night, and I can finally relax again.

Waking up Monday morning fills me with dread – it’s no longer acceptable for me to hide out in my room, and I know at some point today, I’m going to see him.

“Oh, Abigaiiiiiiiil!” Scarlett cries, sitting at the edge of my bed and pulling the covers off of me. “Wake up, sunshine!”

I like to think of myself as somewhat of a morning person, but that doesn’t even hold a candle to Scarlett. The amount of energy she has immediately after waking up is alarming.

“I’m awake,” I mutter, begrudgingly pushing myself up out of bed.

“Caroline! Wake up, wake up, wake up!” Scarlett has moved on to her next victim.

I make my way to the bathroom, and find myself shocked when I see my reflection in the mirror. Clearly, rarely moving from my bed for a whole weekend hasn’t done me any favors – my hair’s a frizzy mess, my eyes are ringed with black makeup, and my whole complexion is significantly paler.

Well, this is going to be a piece of work.

An hour and a half later, I’m finally happy with the reflection looking back at me. My hair is smoothed out, my eye makeup is perfect, and my skin has a nice glow to it. Everything about me says, no, Potter, I’m not affected at all by what happened this weekend.

Not that I care what he thinks about me anyway.

“If we don’t leave soon, we’re going to be late,” Caroline complains, from the door leading out of the dormitory.

“I’m coming,” I reply, quickly running to grab my school bag. The other two girls already went down for breakfast, but Caroline decided to wait for me, since she claimed she wasn’t all that hungry.

“Do you want to just go straight to Potions?” Caroline asks as we head down towards the Common Room. “We may be a little early, but there’s not really time to eat breakfast.”

“Sure,” I shrug. “I’m not all that hungry, anyway.”

This is a blatant lie – I’ve barely eaten all weekend and now my appetite has returned in full force, but I also see her logic, so I go with it.

The rest of our walk is comfortably silent – neither of us really have anything else to say, and that’s perfectly fine.

When we get to Potions, the classroom is abandoned. Everyone else is likely still finishing up breakfast, so we’re the first people in the room.

“So,” I ask carefully, “how is everything going, with, you know, your family?”

Caroline doesn’t even look up at me as she answers, “I mean, it’s fine. Mum’s still a little shaken up over everything that happened last year, but for the most part, everything’s gone back to normal and that scumbag is out of our lives for good.”

I don’t know why, but I get the feeling she’s not telling me everything. I’m about to prod her a little more, just to see if she’ll tell me anything more, when suddenly, the classroom is filled with noise. 

I turn to the back, and notice that all of the students are filing in to the classroom. And, unsurprisingly, the source of the boisterous noise is coming entirely from the Fits.

Merlin knows how all four of them made it to N.E.W.T. level Potions.

Potter is currently the one talking, making elaborate hand gestures and speaking loud enough that everyone and their mother can hear his conversation.

“ – obviously it’s been a while since I hooked up with someone, but – “

“A while, mate?” Avery laughs. “I don’t think you’ve ever hooked up with a girl from Hogwarts!”

“That doesn’t mean I haven’t in other places,” James retorts, in defence of his promiscuity, which, in my opinion, isn’t something a person would want to be defending.

But hey, it’s Potter. He’s an idiot.

“I can’t believe you still haven’t told us who the lucky girl was!” Weasley replies, sounding a bit put out by this withholding of information.

Well, phew. Potter hasn’t blown our cover. Which is good, because if he had, I would have had to kill him in the most painful way possible.

“I can’t believe the lucky girl hasn’t told all of Hogwarts!” Crosby says.

James shrugs. “Maybe she’s not in the habit of kissing and telling.”

You hit that one right on the nose, Potter.

“Or maybe she’s just afraid of how people would react to being branded as James’s fuck buddy,” Avery adds with a laugh.

I have to close my eyes and take a deep breath at that, as anger starts to pour into my veins and bring heat to my face.

“Or maybe her performance wasn’t up to par, and she doesn’t want that information going around,” Weasley throws in, laughing even harder.

“Nah, she was a damn good shag,” Potter shoots back casually.

Something in me snaps. I whirl around in my seat, eyes practically blazing with fury.

“Could you lot please, for the love of Merlin, just shut up for once?” Everyone whips their heads in my direction, and I think Caroline’s eyes are about to pop out of her head.

Normally, when I argue with Potter, I'm pretty calm and collected. But not right now. 

I stare at Potter, fully directing all of my frustration in his direction. “Have you ever thought, maybe just for a moment, that most people don’t want to have to hear about your sex life? I’m about to lose my breakfast over here.”

“On the contrary, I think my sex life is a very interesting matter,” he replies cockily, a smirk evident on his face.

“Regardless,” I sneer, “it’s a private matter, not one you should be shouting across the whole classroom. I pity the poor girl who had to share a bed with you.”

I recognize the extreme irony in that statement, and I hope it stings him.

Before Potter has a chance to reply, Professor Zabini walks into the classroom, effectively silencing the argument with a, “Settle down, class. Let’s get started.”

The last thing I hear before the class goes silent comes from Weasley: “Well, at least we know which girl it isn’t.”

I smirk to myself. Oh how wrong you are, Weasley.

Despite our previous altercation, Potter still ends up sitting across from me at my usually-isolated study table.

“That was a pretty good acting job you did in Potions today,” Potter tells me as I sit down, eyeing him cautiously.

“I wasn’t acting, Potter,” I reply simply, pulling my books out of my bag and setting them on the table as a barrier between us.

“Well,” Potter replies, scratching the back of his neck, “I was.”

“What?” I ask, stunned.

Potter takes a moment, before slowly saying, “Well yeah, I wouldn’t normally be that obnoxious about something that private. Despite your opinions, I’m not a total twat – I just wanted to get you to snap at me so that everyone would think that nothing happened between us. It worked, after all – you heard Freddie, right?”

I stare at him dumbfounded, trying to process what he’s just said. I blink stupidly a few times, and Potter waves his hand in front of my face, clearly concerned with the possibility that he may have broken me.

Finally, I gather my words. “Wow, Potter, I-I’m actually… impressed. I didn’t know that you would think through something like that.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he replies casually, “I’m a Gryffindor, but that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of being devious when I want to be.”

His response leaves me speechless, yet again. I would reply, but by the time I’ve thought about what I would say, he’s already flipping through a textbook, biting on the edge of a quill in concentration.

So instead, I leave him be, and we study in silence, an inexplicable peace settling between the two of us.

A/N: So I'm a horrible person for taking this long to update. I had a bit of writer's block, and I couldn't figure out where I was trying to go with this story. But yay, I'm back! And I have a lot of the story planned out! So hopefully it won't take this long to update ever again. As always, I'd love any reviews you have to send my way!

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