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Chapter 1: All the Small Things (pirated off of Blink182)
Author: looneylupin

Draco Malfoy was lazing around his home in the middle of August. He had been waiting for days to hear from Hogwarts so he will have his class book list so he can send his mother to Diagon Alley for his supplies. Suddenly a large barn owl flew through the open window in the sitting room he was sitting in and clutched in its beak was a Hogwarts letter.

The owl dropped the letter in Draco’s lap gave a soft hoot and flew out the window again. Draco opened the Hogwarts encrusted seal and read that he had become the new head boy. He was sure it would have been Potter Dumbledore’s favorite and there was no doubt that the head girl would be, “Granger!” Draco smirked.


Hermione Granger was sitting in her bedroom writing letters to her best friends Ron and Harry who had opted to spend the summer together at the Burrow. She was becoming very anxious for her Hogwarts letter to arrive because she had a feeling that Dumbledore just might make her the new Head Girl and Harry the new Head Boy.

There was a sound of soft tapping on her window and Hermione turned and saw a large tawny owl tapping it with its beak. Hermione ran over and opened her window; the large owl flew in, dropped a letter at her feet and flew back out. Hermione leaned over and squealed with delight when she saw it was from Hogwarts. She hastily ripped open the letter and began smiling widely and finally yelling at the top of her lungs.

There was a sound of rushed footsteps and two people burst through her door, her cousin Cassie and her best friend Janelle. Both girls were transfers from the Salem Academy in the United States and would be finishing their education at Hogwarts. Neither girl gave the exact information on why they were kicked out but both girls claimed “that we were just a having a bit of indoor fun!”

Both girls were the same age as Hermione but she was never as outgoing or boy crazy as her cousin Cassie, boys seemed to fall at her feet. She had shoulder length blond hair and bright blue eyes that you could easily stare into for hours. Her body was perfect in every way, her curves were perfect and Hermione had seen many guys staring at her very long tan legs.

Janelle, Cassie’s best friend, was her exact equal in every way. Both girls could attract any guy they wanted but just as many worshiped the ground Janelle walked on. She had long dark red hair that fell graciously around her tan shoulders. Her green eyes sparkled when she smiled and her full luscious lips were something that every guy wanted to taste. Her body was similar to Cassie’s, both having full chests that the guys seemed to stare at endlessly.

Sometimes Hermione wondered how they were ever related. Cassie eventually spoke. “Hermione, why did you yell? Are you ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine, I’ve just been made head girl... I hope Harry is head boy!”

“Oh is he that delicious one with the dark hair and gorgeous eyes?” Cassie asked her cousin.

“Yes he is!” Hermione eyes her suspiciously.

“I think the red haired one looks tasty!” Janelle piped in.

“This is going to be a long year.” Hermione muttered to herself.

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