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Chapter One: Confessions

“Everything that I've been doing is all bad, I got a chick on the side with a crib and a ride. I've been telling you so many lies ain't nothing good it's all bad and I just wanna confess 'cause it's been going on so long, girl I've been doing you so wrong and I want you to know that...” (Confessions I by Usher)


Ron Weasley was sitting inside his Muggle car while waiting for her fiancé to get off work; he was browsing thru his phone when he heard a loud tap on his window. He turned to look at his side of the door and frowned; he then lowered his window and asked, “Yes?”

“Miss me?”

Ron’s eyes widen when he recognized the voice; he quickly stepped out and turned his head to look around. “What are you doing here?” he hissed.

“You’ve been ignoring me, you didn’t show up last night!”

Ron grabbed the woman’s arm and dragged her toward the back of his car; “You should not have approached me here, Hermione might see you. This is very careless and irresponsible! You need to go home, I’ll call you when the coast is clear!” he said.

The woman pulled her arm free from his grip and frowned; “Why do we have to hide it in the first place? I’m tired of hiding Ronald! I was not brought up my parents to be a kept woman! It’s either you tell her now or we should end this!” she hissed and turned to leave.

Ron grabbed her arm again; “Let’s talk later okay?”

The woman pulled her arm again and walked away.

Ronald watched her leave as he clenched his fists into tight balls.

“Ron? Who was that?”

Ron turned around and faced Hermione standing right next to his car. He pasted a smile on his face and padded towards her; “No one love, she’s just offering flyers” he replied.

Hermione smiled brightly and lifted the box that she was holding; “I bought Strawberry Cream Cake, do you think the kids will like this?” she asked.

Ron nodded; “They eat almost everything. Let’s go?” he asked.

Hermione smiled; “Lets” she replied.

Ron opened the passenger door and pulled the box away from his fiancé’s hands; “I’ll put it in the back” he offered.

Hermione smiled and nodded.

Ron closed her door and opened the one at her back; he placed the box on top of the leather seat and closed the door. He let out a huge sigh and padded towards his seat.


“Where are you going?” Hermione mumbled as she snuggled deeper into the covers.

“I just remembered that I forgot to lock my drawers inside my office, my top secret assignment is in there. Kingsley will have my hind if someone reads it” Ron explained nervously.

“Come home soon” Hermione replied sleepily.

Ron let out a sigh of relief and padded towards Hermione’s side; he planted a soft kiss on top of her curls and tucked the comforter closer to her slumbering form. “Will do love...sleep now” he mumbled.

Hermione replied with a smile.

Ron walked towards the door and pulled it open; he turned off the light and closed the door behind him. He leaned back and felt guilt eat his heart again; “I’m sorry love, I would end it tonight...I love you...” he murmured to himself.


“Didn’t think you would still show up”

Ron slumped down on a loveseat and buried his face in his palms; “Please stop it Millie...” he said.

"Did you tell the Mudblood?” Millicent Bulstrode asked.

Ron’s head snapped up and glared at the woman standing right in front of him; “DO.NOT.CALL.HER.THAT” he hissed.

Millicent studied his face and laughed; “I thought so,” she said bitterly. She then walked towards her door and pulled it open; “Get out then, I don’t want you soiling my house anymore” she said.

Ron’s ear turned red and he hastily stood up; he walked towards her and grabbed her arms. “Let’s talk, I don’t want to end it like this...” he said.

Millicent stared at his blue eyes and felt her eyes tearing up; “I can’t do this anymore...” she said stonily.

Ron squeezed her arms comfortingly; “I know, I don’t think I can too. Please let’s...let’s end this the right way...” he pleaded.

Tears began falling down her cheeks as her resolve began to crumble; she felt her knees buckle so she slumped down the ground unceremoniously; she let out a sob and buried her face in her palms.

Ron felt his heart ache as he watched Millicent collapsed right before his eyes; “Millie, don’t do this...” he half whispered.

Millicent wiped her eyes as she sniffed; she raised her head towards the man she loves and studied his pain ridden face. She felt a tiny spark of hope and decided to grasp her final straws; she half crawled towards him and kneeled; she boldly wrapped her arms around his calves and pressed her breast to him. She then lined her face into his waist and braised her chin on top of his bulging belt buckle.

Ron gasped as he felt a part of his body stir; he cleared his throat and began untanggling Millicent’s arm away from him.

Millicent held tighter and bravely brushed her mouth below his belt buckle; strategically leaning her cheeks on top of his groin.

Ron moaned as he stilled his movement.

Millicent smiled and let out a soft moan; “Please don’t leave me...” she groaned seductively.

Ron closed his eyes as he unconsciously began rubbing his front into Millicent’s face; “Hmmmnn...” he moaned.

Millicent lifted her cheeks slightly and planted a soft kiss on top of his bulge and pulled away.

Ron’s eyes snapped open.

Millicent threw him an innocent look and began snaking her idle hands towards his legs; when she reached her destination she began unbuckling his belt.

Ron let out a loud moan and decided to give in; throwing the caution into the wind.

Millicent smiled widely and hastily pulled down his pants. “I guess I won again Mudblood” she thought triumphantly.


The next day:


Harry stopped riffling thru his parchments and stared at his best friend; “Yes?” he asked.

Hermione furrowed her brows and sat down on the chair right in front of his desk; “Can I ask you something? It’s about Ron...” she said.

Harry sat on his chair; “What about?” he asked.

“Do you know if Kingsley assigned him to a top secret assignment?” Hermione asked.

Harry’s brow furrowed as he leaned on his chair; “I’m not sure, but as far as Kingsley is concerned, he’s out of the country since last month. He’s been in France, as far as I know, why?” he replied.

Hermione gasped; “Oh...”

“Is something the matter Mione?” Harry asked.

Hermione sighed; “It’s just, he was—never mind” she said as she hastily stood.

Harry frowned; “Sit down Mione and tell me what’s wrong” he replied.

Hermione bit her lower lip and sat down again; she then tucked her loose curls behind her ear and cleared her throat. “It’s Ron, he left last night...he told me that he need to get back here to lock his drawers because of Kingsley’s assignment and he never came back...” she said nervously.

Harry stood up from his chair and padded towards Ron’s desk; he pulled the top drawer open and began looking thru the parchments. He then took a deep breath and faced his best friend.

Hermione looked aghast; “That’s supposed to be locked! He came here last night just to lock it. What’s inside Harry?” she asked.

Harry slumped on Ron’s chair and cleared his throat; “There’s nothing here Mione, all of these stuff are old Auror notes, flyers and nothing’s new...” he said.

Hermione frowned.

Harry then stood up and padded towards his best friend; he then grasped her shoulders and squeezed it comfortingly. “Maybe it’s nothing Mione, we don’t know why he came here last night, we both know Ron and his quirkiness...” he soothed.

Hermione thought for a moment and nodded; “I’m just being paranoid I guess...” she relented.

Harry smiled; “Do you want to grab lunch?” he asked.

Hermione smiled back; “You’re treat?” she asked.

Harry rolled his eyes; “Who else? Malfoy’s?” he teased.

Hermione slapped his arm and laughed; “Who knows!” she replied.


Ron groaned as he sleepily opened his eyes; he scratched his chest and took a deep breath.

“Morning sunshine!”

Ron’s eyes widen as he stares at Millicent standing near the door frame; he then lifted the duvet off his body and took a peak. He let out loud groan and sat up; “Buggering hell” he said.

Millicent ignored his reaction and smiled widely; “Do you want lunch?” she asked.

Ron frowned; “What do you mean lunch?” he asked.

Millicent raised her brow and crossed her arms on her chest;
“Errr...the food you eat when its noon?” she replied.

Ron’s eyes bulged out and began panicking; he ripped the covers off his body and hastily stood up. “Where is my pants and shirt?” he asked.

“It’s in the laundry, it was...dirty” Millicent replied with a knowing smile.

Ron snatched his wand from the side table and summoned his clothes; he then began dressing in a fast pace and ignored the witch who’s throwing him curious looks.

Millicent walked towards him and stood right in front of him; she grabbed his frantic hands, halting his movements. “What’s the rush? You just woke up, you have time to---“

“I don’t have time! I should not have slept here! Hermione will gut me for this!” Ron replied, cutting her off.

Millicent instantly dropped her hands and clenched it into tight fists; “It’s Hermione again...” she said.

Ron continued buttoning his pants and looked her in the eye; “I left her last night with a stupid excuse, I need to see her and explain where I have been” he said.

Millicent’s eyes brightened as she smiled widely; “You’re finally telling her about us?” she asked excitedly.

Ron immediately stilled his movements and looked away.
“Oh...” Millicent gasped.

Ron bit his lower lip and pocketed his wand; he then leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on his lover’s lips. “Thank’s for last night love, we’ll talk about this next time” he said.

Millicent sighed and kept silent.

Ron threw her an apologetic look and began walking towards the door; leaving her alone.

Millicent felt tears cloud her eyes as she collapsed on top of her bed.


Ron softly opened the office door and peaked in; he let out a sigh of relief when he saw that it was empty, he then entered and slowly walked towards his desk.

“Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in”

Ron’s head nervously snapped towards the voice and let out a smile when he saw his best friend; “Oh, it’s you, I didn’t see you there. Good Afternoon mate” he said.

Harry stared at him and frowned; “Where have you been? Mione told me that you went here last night because you have to lock your drawer?” he asked.

Ron’s face paled as he scampered towards his desk; he pulled his chair and sat. “I was out...” he replied vaguely.

Harry fixed his glasses as he leaned forward, braising his elbows on top of his desk; “It’s curious you know, because she also mentioned that Kingsley left you a top secret file when he’s not even here since last month...” he said suspiciously.

Ron avoided is gaze and chuckled nervously; “I was just making excuses, I needed to go out and I know that if I tell Hermione she would not let me so I lied...” he rambled.

Harry pretended to accept his best friend’s explanation and nodded; “So where did you go?” he asked again.

“Eerrrr...I was at The Leaky Cauldron, drinking” Ron replied.

Harry nodded again; “Oh I see, didn’t know that drinking in that pub creates huge hickeys” he said darkly.

Ron felt his face ashen as he silently cursed Millicent; he then cleared his throat and began riffling thru his drawer. “It’s not a hickey! It’s was an allergic reaction to the nut’s I ate last night, it’s just rashes” he replied.

Harry fixed him a gaze and stood up; he walked towards right in front of his best friend’s desk and leaned forward. “If I ever find out that you are cheating on Hermione with some slag, Merlin Forbid, I will kill you, best friend or not. I already stood by your side when you cheated on her with Lavender but I won’t stand for it if you’re making that stupidest mistake again. Do you understand me clearly?” he said seriously.

Ron swallowed hard and met his best friend’s gaze; “I---I’m not cheating on Hermione, these are just rashes...really” he said.

Harry eyed him for a couple of seconds and relented; “Just be sure about what you say, because if I ever catch you, you’d be living your life as a monk” he threatened.

Ron cleared his throat and nodded; “It’s clear and I couldn’t do that to Hermione...she’s my fiancé after all” he explained.

Harry eyed him for a couple of more minutes and nodded curtly; he then walked towards the door and grabbed the knob. He was about to pull open but he suddenly stopped; “Oh, before I forgot,” he said.

“What?” Ron asked nervously.

Harry turned to face him and fixed his crooked glasses; “Don’t be daft with your excuses, Hermione is not called the “brightest witch” of our age for nothing” he said.

Ron chuckled awkwardly and began fixing the books on his table; “Okay...” he replied.

Harry said nothing and stepped out of the room.

Ron let out a huge sigh of relief as he watch the door closed; he then braised his elbows on top of his desk and buried his face in his palms. “Stupid, stupid, stupid...” he croaked.


“Had a rough day?” Astoria asked as she stood from couch.

Harry let out a surprised look as he stepped out of the fire place; “I thought you were in Paris?” he asked.

Astoria smiled widely as she walked towards her husband; she then snaked her delicate hands around his neck and pressed her petite body to his. “I missed you...” she pouted.

Harry grinned and wrapped his arms around her tiny waist; “Oh sweetling, I miss you too” he cooed.

Astoria giggled and planted a soft kiss on his neck; “How was your day? You seem early and gloomy?” she asked.

Harry pulled her closer and buried his face into her neck; “It’s been a long day and Ron is driving me nuts” he said.

Astoria chuckled as she pulls away; “What happened with Ron?” she asked.

Harry sighed and began walking to the couch that her wife vacated; he then sat down and pulled Astoria on his lap. “I think he’s having an affair” he said bluntly.

Astoria’s eyes widen as she turned to face Harry; “Does Hermione know? What happened?” she asked.

Harry leaned back; “She’s suspicious, I spoke to her during lunch and I think she feels that’s something going on” he said.

Astoria bit her bottom lip and took a deep breath.

Harry studied her wife’s reaction and furrowed his brows; “Do you know something?” he asked.

Astoria pulled away and stood up; she then began pacing as she crossed her arms on her chest. “I’m not sure but I heard something while I was at Daphne’’s just hearsay...”

Harry sat straight and stared at his wife; “What did you here?” he asked.

Astoria stopped and sat on top of the coffee table right in front of the couch; she gathered her hands on her lap and clasped it together. “The day I was at Daphne’s, Pansy was also there. They were both talking in the tea room when I passed by. I was about to bypass them when I heard Pansy shriek so I decided to listen to what their talking about...They mentioned that Millicent---“

“Whoah! Did you say Millicent? Millicent Bulstrode? The giant Slytherin student who woman-handled Hermione back in Hogwarts?” Harry asked, cutting Astoria off.

Astoria rolled her eyes; “Yes, that’s her. And for your information Millie has turned into a beauty after graduation. If you can see her now I bet you wouldn’t recognize her. Now, do you want me to continue?” she asked.

Harry nodded; “I’m sorry love, go on...” he said.

“Pansy mentioned that Millicent was deluded, that she’s seeing someone she wasn’t supposed to. Pansy was indignant because the person she’s seeing is...engaged to someone else...Then my sister calmed her down saying that she shouldn’t spout out nonsense because it might cause damage. Pansy shrieked again and stated that she was not spouting nonsense because she’d seen Ron at her house last night...” Astoria said.

Harry was silent.

“Harry....” Astoria called out.

Harry still kept silent.

Astoria stood and kneeled right in front of her husband; she grasped his hands in hers and squeezed it. “Love, please speak...Like what I said before, it’s just hearsay, nothing is definite. Pansy might be wrong...” she pleaded.

Harry took a deep calming breath and gritted his teeth; “You know what I’m afraid off?” he asked seriously.


“I’m afraid that Parkinson might be right and I might end up killing the weasel” Harry said darkly.

“But Harry I don’t think that he’s capable of that, they’re engaged for Merlin sake!” Astoria reasoned out.

Harry shook his head; “He is capable, he already did it once and he will do it again. If I catch him I don’t know what I’ll do with that sodden bloody arsehole!” he hissed.

Astoria bit her lower lip; “Don’t do anything drastic, he’s still your best friend...” she said.

“He stopped being my best friend when he decided to let his fly down for another woman aside from my other best friend!” Harry said stonily.

Astoria sighed and began rubbing his hand; “Let’s think this over hmmn?”

Harry kept silent.


Hermione got off work early so she decided to drop by her fiancé’s office; she padded merrily towards the door but instantly stopped when she heard him speaking. She felt a huge smile creep into her lips as she moved closer; she leaned head on the door and listened.

“We should stop this, Hermione is getting suspicious and Harry won’t get off my back” Ron said frantically.

Hermione froze as her heart started to beat loudly inside her chest; she willed herself to step away and leave but her brain is not sending the right signals for her muscles to move.

“No, I’m not breaking up with you over the phone. I already went there last night to set things straight but you coerced me to have sex with you instead!” Ron hissed.

Hermione felt her body shake involuntarily as tears began clouding her eyes; she let out a soft sob as she felt her world crumble.

“I did not promise you anything! I already told you that I’m getting married but you still insisted that she wouldn’t know but she already has an idea! I can’t do this to her, she’s my best friend and I owe her that much” Ron replied.

Hermione’s knees buckled so she collapsed on the floor ungracefully; she buried her face into her palms as uncontrollable sobs escaped her lips.


Hermione’s head instantly snapped towards the voice and felt her body ran cold; she quickly wiped her face from tears as she stood up. Her knees are still shaking but she leaned on the wall; she sniffed and cleared her throat. “M-Malfoy” she croaked.

Draco studied her appearance and raised his pale brow; “Are you alright?” he asked.

Hermione fixed her blouse and grasped her bag tighter to her body; “Errr..Yes I am. I better go...” she said while scampering away.

Draco watched her leave and furrowed his pale brows; “What in Merlin’s pant’s was that...” he asked himself. He stood there for a couple of minutes and shrugged his shoulders; he then proceeded to walk away.

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