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The dreams continued. With that, the voice in the back of her mind became stronger day-by-day.


Will you cut that out? I hate doing that.


Rhea momentarily stopped drumming her fingers on the table.


‘It’s my body. I can do whatever I want with it.’


She started drumming her fingers again.


But it’s because of me that you are here right now.


Rhea couldn’t understand what was happening. She was in a big confusion: She was Rose Weasley. Then how can Rose Weasley be speaking to her?


Moreover, why was the voice becoming stronger and more prominent, judging and criticising every single thing Rhea did?


She could think of just one answer: It was the house. The house contained so many memories of Rose. It was her parents’ gift to her. It was where she spent two years of her life.


Rhea had to get away from there. Anyway, but not there.


That was why she found a new place for herself, near the countryside in Scotland. It was much nearer to St.Mungo’s than the house in Godric’s Hollow, and it was far away from Rose’s memories. At least, Rhea hoped it was.


She went outside to say her goodbyes to the little daisy garden and to Margaret, who she found out to be a Muggle.


The courier was late. The dealer had promised her a courier containing the portkey to her new home within an hour. It was an hour and a half past when the courier suddenly materialized in front of her.


“Finally.” Rhea murmured. “Finally, I might get some peace.” She opened the courier to see a muggle mobile inside with a note saying, ‘The portkey leaves in ten minutes from the time it reaches you.’


Rhea quickly stuffed all of the boxes and her suitcase inside her handbag, which had an Undetectable Extension Charm on it. She managed to touch her finger to the mobile just as it glowed in a bright blue colour.


The feeling of as if she was being pulled by a hook vanished after a second, when her feet touched the ground. The first thing she registered was the salty smell of the sea.


Rhea grinned widely and twirled. She felt herself to be in very high spirits. The ocean always managed to do that to her.


Rhea entered the room and levitated all the boxes and the suitcase out of her handbag. A couple of wand waves later, the house was in order. Rhea ran to the balcony and found the ocean facing her. That was what had made her love the house so much. She quickly scribbled a thank you letter to the dealer, grabbed her hospital file along with her graduation papers and apparated to St.Mungo’s.  


“Miss Rhea. What are you doing here?” Mary greeted Rhea with the cold note still in her voice.


“Good morning Mary. Can’t I be here?” Rhea was confused.


“No. That’s not what I meant. It’s not time for your shift yet.” Mary looked down.


“Oh. I was bored at home.” Rhea walked inside her room, ignoring the glare Mary sent her.


She was restless. The voice hadn’t spoken up since an hour ago at her old house and there was yet another hour left for Rhea’s shift to actually start. She had finished all the left-over paperwork already and there seemed to be nothing left to do.


Rhea walked around the room and stopped next to Scorpius’s table. A pang of emotion went through her. There was no name for the emotion. Was it desire? Or was it hate? Rhea had no idea. Suddenly, the sun burst out from behind a cloud, momentarily blinding her. The sun made something on the blonde’s table gleam. Rhea reached for the mystery object from under a huge pile of papers.


It was a picture. More specifically, her picture. Rose’s picture. The picture had captured her laughing with her arms around another blonde, who was laughing along with Rose. With another pang, she realized that the blonde was Freya. Was it just her, or did Freya looked… just like her? Freya had her arms around Albus, who had an arm slung over a brunette’s, Alice’s, shoulder. The smile on Albus’s face made Rhea’s heart pound in the most annoying way.


No. no. no. You have no right to feel that way about my cousin, young lady.


Rhea nearly dropped the picture in surprise. The voice was back again.


‘Feel what?’ The voice always said things Rhea did not understand.


Never mind.


Rhea wanted to tear out her hair in frustration. If it wasn’t for the voice, she would have happily kept the picture aside and went back to her table. But the voice made the questions in her mind even more prominent. It created even more questions in her mind.


“Good morning Mr. Malfoy. Even your partner is early today.” Mary’s voice snapped Rhea out of her thoughts. She quickly put the picture back in its original place and sat on her chair.


“Good morning Mary.” Rhea heard Scorpius say. With yet another pang, she realized that Mary didn’t even say ‘good morning’ to her.


“Morning, Rhea. I see that you are early too.” Rhea sat a bit more straight and tried to act as if she wasn’t going through his personal things just then.


“Good morning. I woke up too early today, to shift my house.” She replied, turning her attention to the patient file in front of her, after giving a smile to Scorpius.


“You changed your house? Where?”  Scorpius asked, sitting on his chair and turning around.


I hate when he does that.


‘Does what?’


Don’t say a word to him.


‘Why don’t you ever answer my questions?’


“I live in a little house near the sea, in Scotland. I figured that it would be easier for me to apparate here.” Rhea answered, and her head thudded. It felt as if the voice was beating her head.




‘Shut it.’


“Scotland? I live there too. What a coincidence.” Scorpius grinned widely, and then his expression turned to concern. “Are you okay, Rhea? You look like you are in pain.”


“I… I’m not feeling too well. Must be the tiredness.” Rhea clutched her head as the pain grew more.


“You look a bit green. Take a day off.” Scorpius advised, standing up and helping her up. Her body tingled at the touch.


I hate him touching me. Makes me feel weird.


‘He’s touching me, not you.’ Rhea surprised herself and the Voice with her possessive tone.


“I guess I better do that.” She started to walk, but stumbled. Scorpius caught her.


“I’ll apparate you. Just tell me your address.”


“Cottage Shells.” Rhea whispered.




Scorpius chuckled. “Nice name.”


“Don’t be mean.” She protested weakly. “Just take me home.”


“Alright, here we go.” Rhea felt everything spin and after a second, she landed in the garden of her home.


“Will you be okay?”


Humph. He actually sounds concerned.


“I’ll be fine. Thank you!” Rhea ignored the Voice and waved at Scorpius. He disapparated with a wave and soft crack.


Rhea forced her weak legs to carry her to her bed, where she fell asleep at once.



Rhea woke up to see that it was past six o’ clock in the morning. She felt surprised. She had slept a whole day.  Still groggy, she made herself a cup of coffee and waited for the morning owl to deliver The Gossip.


It was late. Rhea sighed. Time to get ready for office.



Her eyes caught the magazine lying on the counter as she was about to make her way out. Blue eyes widened in shock as she read the front page.




An unnamed source informed us yesterday that Scorpius Malfoy, the partner of Rose Weasley, who was claimed dead last year, might be guilty for the ‘death’ of the Weasley.


The source wore a veil over her face, which did not allow us to see her face clearly. She had blonde hair and brown eyes. She told us that Scorpius Malfoy had asked Rose Weasley to meet him the night she disappeared.


We don’t know the accuracy of this news. The Aurors are investigating in to this as we speak.



Rhea stared at the newspaper in shock. Who is this mystery person? And how did she know about this?


This chapter was actually going to be longer, but then I decided to split it in to two chapters, as the next chapter is going to be a bit… idk.


Coming up next:

 “You? You did this? Or was it me?” Rhea whispered in shock.




























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