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“Presents time kiddies! Everyone up and by the door” Nana Molly shouted over everyone and of course everyone did as they were told, “Eyes closed” she instructed, and again, we did as told, making sure all the little ones had their eyes closed too.

By the time we opened them again there it was opposite us, the Christmas tree from the lounge and the piles of presents that were underneath, the little ones had obviously opened their presents and so they appeared too, so they would have something to do while everyone else opened theirs. Chairs appeared in different places in little sections so we could chat to different people. There were even 3 ‘comfy’ chairs for our 3 pregnant women. Everyone dispersed to different places in the room and sat on chairs and on the floor, Noah volunteered himself and Clayer (Noah is like your ideal child, he’s so sweet and looks after everyone so well, even if he is only 6) to hand out everyone’s presents as well, so we all relaxed for a bit. Once again though I was caught talking to someone different and became separated from Liv.

Jason, Rox and I were chatting about the twins when Noah came round and gave us our presents, “Logan’s got a lot better actually, he’s stopped throwing tantrums so often” Jason explained

“We just hope Lola will catch on and do the same!” Rox laughed, but was deadly serious.

“Uncle Jason, here’s your presents” Noah smiled as he passed him presents and then Clayer did the same.

“Thank you very much little man” Jason thanked Noah and accepted the presents.

“Merry Christmas Auntie Roxy” Clayer giggled when she returned with presents for Rox, Noah bringing the rest.

“And thank you little lady” Rox thanked Clayer while tickling her slightly.

Clayer giggled until Rox stopped and then spoke quite timidly to me, “Uncle Al, we put your presents with Livy, is that okay?”

“It sure is, I’ll go over now” I nodded, “I suppose I’ll catch up with you guys again later” I told Jason and Rox.

“Absolutely, could you send Lo and Logie our way?” Rox asked as I got up.

“I will do” I agreed.

“Hiya Lo, Mummy wants some help opening her presents I think. Logan, I think she wants you too” I informed the two twins I found on my way to Liv.

“Why?” Logan asked, he’s at that age, he wants to know why everything happens.

“I’m not sure mate, you’ll have to ask her” I replied and he nodded, running off to ask her.

“I don’t want to go to Mummy!” Lola put her foot down.

“How about Daddy?” I changed my strategy, unfortunately it didn’t work as she shook her head at me, “Okay. Well, don’t then. Logie can just open all Mummy and Daddy’s presents on his own. It doesn’t matter” I shrugged.

“I want to open some more presents!” Lola complained to me, stropping slightly.

“Quick then or else Logie will have opened them all Lo!” I encouraged and she ran off just like her brother had down a couple moments before.

“Uncle Al said he was going to come and open the presents with you now” Clayer informed me, big eyes a dark blue and very wide looking up at me.

“Alright sweetheart. Thank you” I beamed down at her, full of happiness as this day really was turning out to be amazing.

I looked up in search of my boyfriend whom I haven’t seen in a couple of hours, I found him with Lola and Logan, and from what I could decipher from lip reading and reactions, he was trying to convince them to go back to their parents. Which seemed easy for Logan to do although Lola seemed to need more persuasion but did go in the end. He looked up once he’d finished with them and caught me watching him. I watched his face change into a smirk (that still challenges that of his brothers) as his vivid green eyes grinning at me even though his mouth looked cocky. I rolled my eyes at him and looked back to the people around me, Ginny, Hermione, Rose, Lucy and Audrey were all there chatting amongst themselves when Al came over and kissed me on the cheek.

“I hear you have my presents” Al got straight to the point and sat down like a child next to me.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love it, I love it so much!” Lily screamed in my ear and hugged me from behind

“You’re very welcome Lil” I grinned at her but she was off showing everyone her gold charm bracelet with an Aunt charm on it.

“Did Peyton get one too?” she suddenly asked.

“Yeah, but in silver” I revealed, fully noticing that the two of them had really hit it off and were treating each other as family, something I’m very happy about.

“Oh that’s great!” she exclaimed and disappeared to show more people her gift.

“That was really sweet guys, you know Lily’s probably more excited about this than you are” Ginny said knowingly.

“I don’t know Mum, but she’s well up there” Al laughed, “We knew she’d love it as soon as we saw it so of course she had to have it” he added after. Ginny just laughed and looked at her son proudly.

“Present time!” I squealed much like the little ones did earlier at the thought of presents.

“Can I have mine now?” Al asked just as I was about to open the first present I had on my lap.

“Most of them are addressed to the pair of us” I commented, going through the pile and handing him the ones that had his name solely on it, (which was actually quite a lot considering my presents to him that he didn’t open yesterday were there too).

“Wait. That’s not even fair. We’re not married yet, why would they put our presents together?!” Al moaned, obviously very annoyed that we hadn’t got a gift each.

“Albus” Ginny said in a scolding voice, her proud look gone, “Don’t be so selfish” she added, but apparently no one else was paying attention to that as they were all just looking at Al and then at me and then Al again.

“Sorry” Al apologised and hung his head slightly in shame, bringing it up to notice Hermione, Rose, Lucy and Audrey all looking at us, “I did just apologise, what else do you want from me?” he asked.

“Umm Al, you do realise you just said yet?” Rose wondered, and caused me to flush a deep red that turned a red much the same as the Rose’s trademark hair.

“What?” he questioned.

"Yet" Lucy said. 

"Did I?" he asked. 

“Yes, I’m sure you did” Audrey replied, certain and nodding to prove it.

“Well, it’s always a possibility, but we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?!” Hermione thankfully came to our rescue, allowing me to return to my normal slightly rosy cheeks.

To ensure I change in conversation I quickly opened a present on my lap from Ron and Hermione to find the cutest baby-gro, yellow with little ducklings on it.

“Awww, Hermione, you shouldn’t have! It’s adorable! Thank you. Al, look at the little duckies!” I thanked Hermione, getting up to give her a hug.

“It’s alright, a little bit of last minute shopping never does anyone any harm” she smiled and hugged me tightly, “Merry Christmas sweetheart” she whispered in my ear as we broke apart.

I don’t know what it was about that simple geuster but it got to me. Hermione had always been there for me, as a second mother looking out for me when my Mum didn’t and caring for me more than she ever needed to. Those three words caught me off guard because she seemed to hold onto me longer than necessary and meant those words so much. Both her and Ron have always been like a second family to me even though I never asked them to be and Hermione’s sympathetic face full of love as we broke apart in that hug reminded me of the face she put on every time she saw Rose when she was pregnant and vulnerable to the world and even though I’m not as vulnerable I understood she was telling me she was there for me, whatever it was I needed. This led to me crying quite suddenly but only silent weeping tears of joy.

“Hey hey hey, no need to cry” Ginny reassured me, trapping me in a hug which Hermione also joined in on and then Rose, having us all in a warm embrace, “You’re already family Livy, you know that” Ginny now whispered in my ear, causing more tears to flow.

I relaxed and allowed my weight to be supported by Ginny as I put my head on her shoulder and hugged her with appreciation. When everyone started to let go she held me at arms length and said, “All better now?”

“Perfect” I replied and it was.

Al exchanged a look with me to check but I’d already started to grin from ear to ear again so all was well. I opened more presents from the people around me and then as I really had no energy to get up and thank everyone else, I opened my presents from Al.

The first present I came across from him was a little box that I only managed to get the wrappings off as before I could see the contents of it Al caught my attention by holding my hands, and Rose sent off silver sparks in the air, which caused a deafening silence by which I could've heard a pin drop were one to have done so.

I looked from the sparks to Al and saw a sweat trickling slightly from his brow, his face looking concerned but before I could ask what was wrong he’d started to speak,
“Liv Div, you mean the world to me and despite everything that’s happened between us, there’s never been a moment you’ve meant less to me or I’ve ever loved you less than with all, or almost all, of my heart. I mean there’s a bit of my heart that loves my family and whatever but mostly it’s you and, well, now our little fighter but still.Basically, I love you a lot and I know I’m messing this up but I’m really nervous and I’m not sure why” he stopped for a second to wipe his brow.
“So anyway, I’m sure there isn’t anyone alive as willing as I am to spend every living minute of their life with you, not that that would be a bad thing, it’s just I couldn’t imagine the rest of my life any other way than waking up to your face every morning, even when we’re both old I want to be there with you. And… I’m sorry, did any of that even make sense? I’m really messing this up, can I have a do-over?”

My mind racing, I couldn’t say anything, my brain just wasn’t responding. I was looking into his eyes, his green eyes looking clearly as nervous as he sounded while stuttering and tripping over his words. Messing up some sort of speech he had prepared. Although as the pieces of his speech came together in my mind I started to smile because I beginning to understand what was happening.

“Cut to the point Al!” I heard Scor’s voice encourage him from not too far away.

He nodded in response and got down on one knee taking the box from my lap and opening it so I could see a Vintage Edwardian Engagement ring (a ring I’ve always said I wanted), I began to shake my head with the severity of this action, tears falling down my face once more.

“Right, the point is. I love you more than life itself and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So, will you do me the honour of taking my last name, becoming an official member of my family and marrying me?” he proposed after Scor’s encouragement in front of his entire family but looking and focusing completely on me as if they weren’t even there to witness.

My head shaking turned into nodding, that’s all I could do. I then (eventually) built up the courage to speak and blurted out, “Yes! I mean, of course. I mean, Ally Wally! I mean, I love you too! I mean… wait, can I have a do-over?”

He placed the ring on my finger and grinned at me saying, “No need” and then kissed me quickly as I’m sure we were both aware of the many faces now surrounding us.

I got up and practically squeezed the life out of him, “Did you just ask me to marry you?” I asked for clarification.

“Yeah, and you just said yes” he admitted, still smiling from ear to ear.

“I did didn’t I. Could you just excuse me for a second?” I asked, nodding.

“Sure?” he agreed, sounding confused but everyone had started congratulating him by now, so it didn’t really matter.

I turned round quickly and wasn’t disappointed as the person I wanted to talk to was still next to me, “OH MY STARS ROSE I’M GETTING MARRIED!” I squealed, jumping up and down with her like a lunatic.

“I know! But you’re also really quite pregnant” she reminded me, slowing me down and making me sit down to.

“Oh, yeah. I forgot. Sorry little fighter” I apologised, stroking my stomach and looked up to see Al watching me, smirking.

“You love it really” I joked with him.

He held my hand, moving my ring slightly and smirked still saying, “I know.”

Everyone said a congratulations and hugged us for the rest of the day, my other presents, lets say did not live up to the same standard as my engagement but were all truly thoughtful and beautiful. It dawned on me however, later in the day that everyone knew about this, or else it wouldn’t have gone down so well.

Al and I were sat with Dom, Nick, Hugo, Lily, Freddy and Beau when I realised, “Wait a minute, you all knew didn’t you?” I accused them all.

“Maybe?” Lily beamed at me, cheeky written across her face.

“All of you knew?” I repeated

“Only for a couple of weeks to be fair” Dom held her arms up as if at gunshot and laughed.

“For the record, we didn’t even know” Freddy inputted,

“We just went along with everyone else” Beau added, shrugging.

“Okay, fine. Could you really not have sent them a message Al?” I turned to Al who was not expecting me to blame him although he just shrugged in response.

“That’s one of the reasons we were so surprised to hear your baby news, we all thought we were updated on the Al and Livy story. Apparently we weren’t until this morning, for most of us anyway” Hugo confessed, purposely looking at Lily once he’d finished, (Lil may or may not have kept going on all day that she knew I was pregnant and therefore knew everything before most people).

“Oh. Well, I’m not being held responsible for that, I only had one secret!”I joked, “You two must have known for ages though, right? How long have you been planning this for?!” I wondered aloud.

“You do realise how long you’re at work at a time Liv?” Lily reminded me, and I suppose when I’m gone for term time I barely see anyone.

“Besides, I decided for sure I was going to ask you on Rose and Scorp’s wedding day, I’ve had a lot of time.” he revealed.

“Did the bouquet really sway you that much?” I frowned at him, guessing that was probably it.

“No, that wasn’t it at all, I decided before that. Do you remember I was a little late to the meeting just before they got married and Mum was angry at me but it was fine and she didn’t really need to be?” he remembered.

“Yeah” I nodded, remembering how nervous everyone was before showtime and how Ginny didn’t have a lot of time to explain everyone’s roles, causing her to be very disgruntled when her own son didn’t turn up on time.

“Well, I was talking to Scorp and he was saying how nervous he was but how it didn’t really matter because he couldn’t stop thinking about how Rose was and how nothing on this earth mattered to him more than Rose. He even said that he couldn’t wait for this bit to be over so they could start their lives together” he recalled.

“Did he really? That’s so sweet, bless ‘im” Dom couldn’t help but say.

“Yeah, but while he was going on and on about that, all I could think of was that you were exactly what Rose was to Scorp and how if they could get married, why couldn’t we. So then I decided that I’d ask you when I built up the courage and perfected my speech” he smiled at the memory and chuckled slightly at the fact his perfect speech hadn’t gone to plan.

He deserved the kiss he got after that because it really was beautiful, remembering back I even brought back the memory of him joking he’d be the groom the next time I walked down the aisle and I guess at this rate, he will be.

“And I couldn’t be happier that you did” I squeezed his hand and the conversation went into how he had secretly told people what he was going to do and went ring shopping with almost everyone to get their opinions and Rose had come up with the silver sparks idea. It was all very sweet to be fair, he went to serious lengths to make sure it was perfect and even then, the only thing that no one could help him with, his speech, he messed up!

We stayed until late that night, because, well, it was Christmas. The little ones got to stay up late but most of them collapsed in different places and had their parents carry them to their beds for Christmas. Us adults talked into the night, some drinking and being escorted home by partners, siblings, cousins and in a last resort parents. Overall we had a great day. I mean, I’m going to become Mrs Potter soon enough… What’s not good about that?

Hey Guys! 
Yeah... that's all I'm going to say.
Other than, please leave me a review you amazing people! Tell me what you thought of Lola and Logan, Noah and Clayer, Rox and Jason, Ginny and Hermoine,
AL! ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER! The speeches... BOTH of them! 
And everything else (okay, I realise I've written more... I didn't mean to but I'd love to hear your opinions on basically everything!)

Please leave a review! Thank you all so much for reading though!

*Big Hugs*
Emz xxx

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