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Rose and I held onto each other tightly as she walked over to the marquee, trying to desperately not to fall over and as we went, to help everyone else, defrosted a path from the house and made it repel water so the snow would avoid it as well.

We walked in to find two horse shoe shaped tables.

One smaller table sat the 7 kids in the middle and their 10 parents opposite them (or anyone really). Surrounding that was a much larger table, still in a horseshoe shape, sitting 12 on the inner bit and opposite them, sitting the remaining 14.

“Good plan, we should have thought of that” Bill commented as we walked in, although, having looked up to take notice of him I got distracted, as, somehow, they’d managed to enchant the ceiling to show the weather outside, just like the Great Hall at Hogwarts

“Sorry?” I questioned, having realised he wasn’t speaking anymore

“Unfreezing a path. We should have thought of that, especially with you and our Dom walking around” he explained

“Yes, well, we wouldn’t want anyone falling over really” Rose swooped in and saved me noticing I still wasn’t paying any attention

“The ceiling’s beautiful” I noted, being dragged away from the door by Rose

“Honestly Livy, you see this every day at work” Rose said impatiently, “Scorp! Can you go get the you-know-whats” she called over to her husband (something I still love to say)

“Yeah” he nodded, “Where’s Mi’?” he wondered, noticing she wasn’t with us

“She’s around here somewhere, with Mum and Dad I think. She’ll be fine” Rose huffed

“I will never get bored of that” I decided, still looking at the ceiling.

“And that’s lovely, now, sit down” Rose now decided and sat me down on the inner of the second table, centre of the action.

“Auntie Livy!” Ashley squealed, running towards me.

“What’s up Ash?” I smiled, picking her up onto my lap which was beginning to get more difficult, what with her age and my state.

“Noah’s chasing me!” she squealed again and buried her head in my chest.

“I can’t see him, Angel. But, I’ll protect you!” I told her, giving her a hug with a small squeeze.

“Thank you” she sighed, her breathing slowing from all the running she was doing.

“There you are! Ashley Ginerva Potter, what have you been running from?!” Anna walked quickly toward us, slightly red in the face (I’m not sure whether that was due to the cold or having probably searched the whole house to find her daughter).

“Auntie Livy protect me!” Ashley turned into me even more.

“She said Noah was chasing her, although I didn’t see him” I mentioned to Anna who sat in the seat beside of me.

“Oh did she really? Well Noah was playing with Maia the last time I checked” Anna said, in a motherly scolding way.

“Really? Hear that Ash? There’s nothing to worry about at all” I tickled her in the side but she did everything she could to stop the giggles leave her.

“Come on then Madame, let’s go sit down and get ready to have some food” Anna said, trying to pry her daughter off me, but ultimately failing to do so.

“Come on Ash” I encouraged before realising it wasn't going to work and saying, “You know what Anna, its okay, Auntie Livy loves a hug”.

“You’re sure?” she clarified, I nodded but she still continued, “I’ll go get Daddy and see if he can do anything. She can be really stubborn sometimes”.

“Is she gone?” Ashley whispered.

“Yeah” I whispered back, “Ash, have you seen the ceiling?” I asked, distracting her.

“Huh?” she looked up at me confused.

“Look” I twisted her around on my lap so she was looking up and pointed.

“Wow!” she gasped, flinching slightly as if she thought the snow would hit her.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” I grinned, looking from the sight to the astonished look on Ashley’s face, “You know at Hogwarts, there’s a big room where this happens every day”.

“Every day?” she asked, clearly impressed.

“Yep. Why don’t you go show the others?” I suggested, feeling the weight of her properly on my stomach as she leaned back to see the view.

“Okay” she nodded, climbed off me and ran to the kids table where all the other kids were already sat, then started pointing to the ceiling and telling everyone she could about Hogwarts.

I couldn’t help but smile while watching Ashley get excited and looking so proud while telling everyone else about the ceiling and then Hogwarts. It made my already quite fat heart swell. Causing me to feel very emotional and I’m sure I looked teary. But apparently it also had an effect on the baby because, out of jealousy or excitement, a little kick hit my stomach. Causing me to jump slightly and let out an “Oooh!” sound. Unaware to me, while Ashley and I were having our moment, everyone else had entered the room and sat down around me, so, making a sudden movement and sound caused a certain amount of distress to those around me.

“What?! What happened? Livy, are you okay?” a very concerned Freddy panicked from beside me.

“Freddy! I didn’t realise you’d arrived!” I reached over to hug him and realised Beau (she gets a nice dark purple jumper with black lettering on it) was on the other side of him, “Hiya Beau! How are you both?” I exclaimed.

“We’re fine. Are you okay?” he focused on me.

“Actually, Al and I have some big news...” I started.

“Yeah, yeah, you’re pregnant. He told us. Are you okay?” he interrupted me and stressed.

“Oh, I’m fine. Why?” I asked quite confused.

“Did you or did you not just jump out of your seat while squealing ‘Oooh!’” he asked, using his best ‘girly’ squeal voice for the ‘Oooh!’

I suddenly became aware that this wasn’t a conversation between the three of us but half of the room (mostly men but also inexperienced women) had stopped what they were doing and were watching me, “Yeah, well, I did but it was just a kick. Sorry, our little fighter caught me by surprise”.

There was an audible sigh of relief and everyone turned back to what they had previously been doing.

“Is it your main goal in life to frighten the life out of me or is that more of a hobby” Freddy complained.

“What do you mean?” I said, trying to suppress a laugh while attempting to sound innocent as well.

“Just remember I now know you can swim” he warned me, referring to a certain prank that I helped Al and Scorp play on James and Freddy in my third year.

“Point made. I’d say it was more of a hobby though; my main goal in life is to frighten the life out of Al. I think I’m doing a good job so far” I joked, finding Al in the crowd of people still milling about.

“I’d say. He looked about ready to crap himself” he observed.

“I do my job well” I smirked.

“What’s this about being able to swim?” Beau had apparently caught onto our conversation and not fully understood it.

Freddy and I both launched into a very odd rendition of what had happened that day. Beau’s face at the end told me that she probably still didn’t have a clue what had happened but found it funny nonetheless. Although I don’t blame her if she was confused, the two of us fought throughout to say it from our own point of view, resulting in a very miss-matched story. Yet she still seemed to laugh in the right places, so maybe we did have a good story in the end.
It was really nice to have Freddy back in the country, he’d only been gone for two months but he already had a tan that looked as if it could last a lifetime and his teeth already seemed whiter. I’ve always found Freddy to be a good laugh and enjoyed spending time with him, so him, Beau and I chatted right up to Nana Molly standing up to announce lunch.

“Merry Christmas Everyone!” Nana Molly announced, silencing us all, “Before I begin with our usual thanks and toast. You’ll find in front you all an envelope, it appears Rose, Scorpius and Maia has some news for us!”

I didn’t have an envelope but I knew why, I had already opened mine and already knew of the new Malfoy due to enter the world later next year. At this moment I looked up and saw three things: the first, the smiles on everyone’s face while reading their cards and realising what it meant. The second thing was that somehow Al wasn’t anywhere near me, being, basically as far away as possible. I could see him if I turned round completely, looking past Rose (who was sat behind me), past Maia (who was sat in front of Rose), past Noah (who was sat behind Maia), past Teddy (who was sat opposite Noah) and finally past Hugo (who was sat behind Teddy). Past those 5 people was my boyfriend, around me were (the third thing I saw) Freddy and Beau to my left, Dom and Nick to my right, Rose and Scorp behind me and opposite me were Angelina, George, Ron and Hermione, but I was completely comfortable (Al’s family love me and I love them back). Despite that, I was feeling quite high on emotions and could have done with an Ally Wally hug.

My train of thought must have been too loud because the next thing I knew Nana Molly was addressing everyone again, “So now back to our Christmas day. I hope each and every one of you got what you wanted this year because I certainly did. Today, I am thankful for you all making us so happy by travelling all the way here, as it seems no distance will stop you, to spend Christmas with this old lady and Grandad Arthur. We love you all, whether you are one of our own or not and we could not be happier to share this holiday with you. Christmas is for family and personally, I thank the lord every day that I have all of you in mine. Now, as some of you seem particularly scrawny and don’t seem to be eating properly as well as three of you eating for two, I say let’s eat!”

The food appeared before our eyes and, as you can probably imagine, that was me gone. I was crying. What made me feel slightly better was that I had an excuse and Dom was doing the same thing next to me.

“Dom!” I laughed through my tears.

“Livy!” she laughed back, pointing from my eyes to hers, both spilling tears down our cheeks, “Hormones!” she shrugged, hugging me.

It turned out we could only speak a word at a time, through crying and laughing, “Uh-huh!” I nodded vigorously into her.

“Wow, this certainly is a scene. I haven’t seen hormones like this since Rose was pregnant first time round” Freddy joked and caused almost the entire room to boom with laughter.

“Everyone?” I questioned Dom.

“Everyone” she nodded, the pair of us now in complete hysterics, while everyone else started to join in.

All I heard was hysterical laughter and I knew immediately who it was, just like I knew earlier she would have been captured by the ceiling (which was true because I managed to catch Liv showing Ashley earlier). I leaned slightly to my left and past 5 different people until I could see Liv in an embrace with Dom, both crying their hearts out and laughing their lungs out at the same time. I couldn’t help but laugh slightly to match her contagious laugh, thinking that, yes, Nana Molly’s speech was sweet, but not cry worthy.

“Umm, Al, I think you’re girlfriend might need some help over there” Charlie pointed out.

“Nah. She’s in good hands” I justified, just as Ron handed her a handkerchief.

She dabbed away her tears and noticed the food, immediately digging into whatever was in front of her.

“We all look ridiculous” Lysander stated once we’d all eaten quite a lot and the noise level had risen once more, he wasn't wrong though, we all looked very special, matching jumpers is really only a one day a year thing though, so we can manage it.

“You better hope to Merlin Nana Molly didn’t hear you” Lily teased, only half-joking.

“We do though. These jumpers are beautifully made but are quite ugly as well” he informed us as if we weren’t already aware.

“Speak for yourself, I quite like mine” Penny pulled at her jumper, a mint green colour with a black P on it.

“You’re goin’ have to get used to it kid, mine’s been the same since I was born” Charlie confessed, gesturing towards his green jumper with a blue C on it, “Besides, if you stick around long enough, it’ll change” he added.

“Zen you vill get a Potter one. Ask Lizzie what ‘er colour vas. You won’t feel so bad aft-ter zat” Fleur interjected, and she wasn’t wrong, Lizzie had a browny-yellowy-green coloured jumper with maroon writing; it was not a good jumper.

“Did Hermione help her this year?” I asked anyone who might know the answer.

“Yeah. I think it’s going to become a thing, Mum helping out. I think she’s getting Harry to help out too” Hugo revealed.

“My dad? Knitting? Now that is something I would pay to see” I choked slightly on the drink I’d just taken a swig of.

“Yeah. I think your Mum said she’d have a go as well” Hugo added.

“My Mum will never have enough patience for that!” I joked.

You better hope that your mum doesn’t hear you kid. You’ll be on the wrong end of a hex at this rate” Charlie inputted.

“You’re probably right Uncle Charlie. She’s all the way other there for now though” I directed his attention to where Mum was diagonal to us on the other side of the room.

We all sat and chatted through two helpings of a main course and dessert, maybe two, you could tell if someone wasn’t related by how much they ate. For example, Lysander ate two helpings of our main course but only managed to eat half his dessert, whereas Lily next to him ate two and bit main courses and then two desserts. Lily possesses a proper Weasley appetite, as Nana Molly would put it. After that it was time for us to open our presents, a somewhat difficult challenge as we can't fit everyone in the lounge, so the tables disappear but some chairs stay, a Christmas tree appears with presents too. It’s only been like this for a couple years though, only since our (the next gen’s) kids have arrived, we used to have everyone squashed into the lounge and up the stairs and in the kitchen doorway, in every nook and cranny, so we could see everyone’s faces as they opened our gifts, now though what with making up the marquee every Christmas we have more space and are able to see everyone easily.

Hey Guys!
First off, I'd just like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who take the time to read this story, it means a lot that you're almost as invested in Livy and Al's world as I am! A special thanks (as always) to my two favourite reviews who haven't failed yet to leave a review for every single chapter. Tris and British obsessed. I love you guys!

Now onto the story!
What did you think of Livy little moments with Ashley, Freddy (and Beau) and Dom?
Did you like Al's reaction to Livy's over the place emotions?
Do you think it's fair what Lysander said about the jumpers?
And then what Al said about his Dad and Mum, did you think that was fair?!

Please leave a review telling me what you thought! Good or Bad, I'm all ears! Any questions, just ask! I'll ALWAYS reply to reviews! Promise!

Thanks so much for reading!It means a lot!
Emz xxx 

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