January 1st

“You’re really asking me who would have it out for Draco Malfoy? Because honestly I doubt you have time for the length of that list.” Scorpius snarkily said to the auror in the waiting room of Saint Mungos.

“We are well aware of who your father is Mr. Malfoy, please try to understand. No one has tried to attack him in years so we believe this is irrelevant to the war.”

“Irrelevant to the war? When has anything about his life been irrelevant to the war? We have never stopped receiving threats! You people just stopped caring to look into them!” Scorpius was beginning to get heated, he was beyond mad.

Here he was, in the waiting room of Saint Mungos being interrogated by an auror about who hates his death eater father. This was useless, he wanted to be back in his father’s room and sit with his mother and Rose. After a few more useless questions Scorpius was granted his wish and went to comfort his family.

Draco Malfoy was put into a magic induced coma to allow his body to heal faster. Astoria held his hand while still in her dress robes looking exhausted and mournful at her husband. Rose sat closely by her and gave Scorpius a concerned look when he entered the room.

“It didn’t go well I take it?” Astoria uttered without even looking at Scorpius. He shook his head and took a seat next to Rose. She grabbed his hand and began to trace circles with her thumb as her boyfriend sat still as stone beside her.

“I think they’ll look for a week and then give up mum. I don’t see them caring about us, I’m sorry.”

“Scorp, they’ll find out who did this I know my dad and uncle Harry are very good at their jobs.” Rose said reassuringly.

“Rose, I don’t exactly know how to say this without being an arse, sorry for the language mum, but the aurors have never been helpful with my family. We receive threats, they do nothing. Do you know why we have such heavy wards? When I was 8 and my father was teaching me to fly the dark mark appeared above our house. Only it said ”Death Eater” as well. Did you know we have had more apothecary break ins then any other wizarding store in Britain? They don’t steal though no, they merely vandalize things. Oh and to top it all off do you know why-“

“Scorpius Malfoy that is enough. If your father was awake he would yell at you for feeling sorry for yourself. Your dad is okay, we are all okay, we will figure this out, now please you and Rose go home. I will have Diggy bring me my things and you can come back in the morning.” Astoria’s tone was one clearly not to be messed with. Scorpius got up quickly and mumbled an apology to his mother, kissed her on the cheek and grabbed Rose’s hand while the two went home for the evening. Scorpius was sure if her dad had been at the hospital he would have wanted Rose to come home immediately but he guessed that Ron Weasley was still at the ministry.


The couple flooed into Scorpius bedroom and Rose looked at how sullen her boyfriend was. She hated this, she hated knowing she couldn’t fix this for him, and she hated learning that in reality no one had ever tried to fix anything for the Malfoy family. She knew her father didn’t like Draco, but she had always known him to hate criminals and have a desire to prevent crime. What Scorpius had said really shook her up. She watched as he took off his tie and robe and sat on his bed with his face in his hands. She quickly sat next to him as she thought of what to say, thankfully he broke the silence first.

“I’m sorry I blew up on you. You didn’t deserve that and I know your father and uncle are excellent aurors. I just am furious right now.” He said practically shaking, Rose could tell he chose his words very carefully.

“I’m sorry no one ever gave you a chance. You’ve always said things to me about how they all look at your family, but I, I guess I never really knew. I just thought they didn’t like you, not that they did all those terrible things. There have been more then what you said too?” He nodded. “I just, I don’t understand that cruelty. You’ve said it yourself, your father was just a boy when that took place. Both sides of a war have children. I guess I just don’t understand”.

“I don’t expect you to love, and frankly I don’t always understand it either. I want to be an auror not because I love the department, but because I believe people should be helped regardless of who they are. The system, it’s good it truly is. And don’t worry, I doubt any of my families cases ever made it high up enough to your dad or uncle anyway, but I just think the system could be better. That is could be fair. This, this isn’t fair. They aren’t going to catch whoever did this to my dad, and honestly something like this will happen again. So many despise him.”

“It shouldn’t though, and now you have the top aurors in Britain on this case. This happened at a ministry event, that’s huge. They can’t ignore that, regardless of who your father is, that is a major breach in security.”

“I hope so Rose, I hope so. I just am scared I suppose, I’m going to shower I’ll see you in the morning.” He kissed her head and walked straight to the bathroom.

Rose stared at the door for a second, she felt like she was seeing the world differently. She always assumed all aurors were noble, but now she was just saddened. Who was her father hiring? She would have to ask him about it when she went home. She went to her guest room to get ready for bed as well when the thought occurred to her.

Scorpius shouldn’t be alone tonight, but the thought of sharing a bed with him freaked her out a bit. They didn’t have to do anything more than sleep. But could she handle that? Could he handle that? Rose continuously played it out in her mind whether it was a good or bad idea. She just wanted to sleep close to him tonight, but she didn’t want to tease him..

Rose knocked before entering his bedroom, Scorpius yawned as he rolled over to look at the beautiful girl standing before him. “Are you okay, do you need anything” He mumbled tiredly.

“Um I just kind of wanted to sleep in here tonight. I didn’t want you to be alone with your thoughts” Scorpius smiled his lovely smile and motioned for Rose to get in bed. He quickly wrapped his arms around her before whispering in her ear.

“Mmm Rose Weasley you always smell magnificent you know?”

“Well Scorpius Hyperion you’re not so bad yourself.” He chuckled before sitting up on his arm and looking at her.

“Rose, thank you for being here. I needed you, I just didn’t know if you’d take it the wrong way if I asked you to sleep in here.”

“I don’t want you to be afraid to ask me for help when you need me Scorpius. I’m your girlfriend, I want to comfort you and be there. You’d do the same for me love.”

“Are you saying that I would crawl into your bed in the middle of the night as well? Because that’s an accurate statement.” Rose rolled her eyes at him but still kissed him on the cheek. She was happy he was feeling better. She would make sure her father discovered what happened to Mr. Malfoy, she was sure of it.

The next morning Rose had the joy of waking up to Scorpius, who she found out was not as attractive when he was asleep. She had to stop herself from laughing as she looked at his messed up hair and his mouth hanging open. She had a feeling she was lucky he didn’t drool on her.

‘Goodness I love him, this is so mad. How can I be sixteen and in love like this?’

She knew everyone thought she was crazy, or being fed love potion by Scorpius according to the tabloids. But she really loved this witty, handsome, and yet sometimes a bit ridiculous boy before her.

She thought back to the first time she really noticed him. It was her fourth year, they were sitting in potions, Marly McCabe (yuck!) had dropped her supplies and cauldron by his table and he began to help her pick it up. Rose thought that was so kind, she didn’t see many boys jump to help others. Of course, Marly McCabe probably did it on purpose since she was also crushing on Scorpius at the time.

As fourth year progressed though Rose noticed that Scorpius did these things often for others. Rose was observant, she learned random traits about him before actually getting to know him. Acacia would make so much fun of her major crush on Scorpius. The times where Rose could only get the courage to ask him for a quill, there was a reason she wasn’t a Gryffindor.

Rose thought back to the day it all began to change, when she jinxed Roger. She was overdramatic, but it had been a long day, and Scorpius looked so annoyed, she wasn’t thinking and Merlin was she glad she hadn’t been. Imagining her life without Scorpius now was insane. She looked at him closely again, as much as she loved his personality she also heavily enjoyed how attractive he was.

“I can feel you staring you know.” He sleepily mumbled.

“Well you’re a right sight this morning! I can’t help but stare in amazement that I date you!” Rose said jokingly.

“Mhm well you see Ms. Weasley you talk in your sleep so I look very rough this morning because I was busy listening to you dream about Honeydukes.” He had finally opened his eyes and gave her that smirk.

“You’re lying!”

“Nope I’m afraid not, but I cannot believe that you like some of the weirdest Bertie Bott’s flavors. Who likes the grass bean Rose? Really though, the grass bean? I’m surprised you didn’t say troll bogies at one point.”

“We all have weird things we like!” Now get up eavesdropper so we can eat and go visit your father!” He laughed as they bickered and had breakfast together before flooing to Saint Mungos. Rose could get use to mornings like this. Merlin she hoped they became head boy and girl.


They arrived at Saint Mungos and quickly went to Draco’s room. Inside her father was talking to Astoria. He looked upset and Rose hoped it wasn’t bad news. As she approached with Scorpius she began to overhear the conversation.

“Yes well I would appreciate you not sending Rose to spend the night with only Scorpius there Astoria! I don’t think I am being unreasonable! That is my baby girl and yes I trust your son is a nice lad but he is a boy and ---“

Rose quickly interrupted, “Good morning father.” She quickly gave him a hug but could tell he was glaring at Scorpius.

“You can veritaserum me again if you need to sir, nothing happened. Please just let me know how it is going with my dad’s case.” Scorpius said coolly. Ron continued to eye him up and down clearly wanting to argue but relented.

“I see. Well we have learned that it was a poorly constructed curse that hit him last night, but it was clearly close to him meaning that it was a typical person. No one that your mother and father would have been alerted by. Although there were many waiters and waitresses at the ball we have begun by narrowing it down as to the area your parents were in. We are conducting interviews now and scanning wands.”

“I see, mum I’m assuming you already told them who all was around you?” Astoria sleepily nodded to Scorpius while a nurse walked in and began to check Draco’s vitals.

Ron updated the family a bit more before asking to speak with Rose outside.

“Rose Weasley, I have given you my blessing with this boy, but you know I do not feel comfortable with you spending the night without parents. Astoria agreed with me, seeing as she was exhausted and focused on her husband last night I understand where she was coming from. But you should have contacted your mother or had one of his friends go to his house.”

“Daddy I know, I’m sorry Rupert and Acacia had already gone back to their own homes and it was late and nothing even happened!” Except she slept in his bed, but still nothing REALLY happened.

“I just wanted to sleep, and I --- actually, Dad I have a question for you.” Ron saw his daughter’s expression change from his little girl asking for understanding, to a young woman on a mission.

“Last night Scorpius was venting about all the things that had happened in his family that the aurors had barely glanced at, do you know anything about that?”

“No Rosie I don’t believe so, you know I run an honorable organization. If they have had issues they should have filled out an Auror Complaint.”

“Right, well it seemed like they had many ‘issues’ but no one ever helped. When Scorpius calmed down he said it wasn’t like anything was big enough for you or Uncle Harry to get into it, I know you wouldn’t just let people be harassed even if it is Draco Malfoy. But, there is someone in the department who is doing an awful job and I want you to look at it.” Rose said this with the composure and authority of Hermione Weasley. Ron was truly amazed at his daughter sometimes, as much as he hated it, he knew she belonged in Slytherin. She had to be the most ambitious and cunning person he had ever met.

“Rose, I promise you I run a clean department but I will look into that. I do find it interesting and it may give me some leads to this case. Your Uncle Harry and I will be by later. You’re to come home tonight, I gave you your four days with him. I know these circumstances are bad but you can still come to Saint Mungos to visit.”

Rose didn’t feel like arguing so she agreed with her dad and watched him leave to go figure out what on earth was happening around her. She spent a few hours with Scorpius and Astoria before flooing to the manor to get her things and to head back to the Weasley cottage. Surely they would figure out who had it out for the Malfoy family, because truthfully she was worried they would soon have it out for Scorpius.

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