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Molly Weasley was bustling around the kitchen of the Burrow. She had begun preparations for the last minute party the night before while Bill and Fleur chaperoned the dance. She usually liked to reserve these celebrations for closer to the end of summer but this year the season was going to be unusually busy. She wasn’t sure when but she knew her two youngest would soon be traveling halfway around the world to help Hermione find her parents. Kingsley had mentioned that he wanted to speak with Hermione about that soon when he accepted the invitation to the party. Unfortunately the presence of the Minister meant that Bill would have to strengthen the wards of the house during the day. She hoped he had slept well.

She had spent the previous night making desserts and preparing as much of the food as she possibly could. She peeled potatoes and vegetables. She washed them and let them soak overnight to prevent any browning. The food preparation was going well but nothing had been started in the garden. Molly was at a loss for how to get the garden area prepared in time. Arthur was helping her by babysitting Victoire but she still needed some additional hands if she was going to be ready.

She was just about to send a message to Shell Cottage to get Bill and Fleur to assist when two small pops sounded behind her. The Burrow’s wards prevented any wizard from apparating into the building but she was not surprised to see that an elf could pop in if needed. However the appearance of two elves caught her off guard.

“Kreacher good morning, how are you this fine day?” She smiled at the elves.

“I am well Madam Weasley.” He bowed deeply. “Master has directed Winky and me to assist with the party tonight in whatever way possible.”

The other elf bowed as well at the introduction. “Ahh Winky it is nice to meet you. I have heard about you from my husband and children. They met you during the quidditch world cup five years ago if I’m not mistaken.”

“You are correct Madam. It was a most shameful time for Winky as I was dismissed by my former master, now Master Harry has blessed me with another opportunity to be of service to a great wizarding household.”

Molly understood this as well. She had heard Hermione complain about how horrible life had been for the elf at Hogwarts. “I appreciate that very much and will have to give Harry his favorite dessert tonight. Can you get started on the treacle tart that we worked on at Christmas Kreacher? I was just about to call for Bill to assist with the preparations in the garden. Once he arrives we’ll divide our forces and give the kids a party they won’t soon forget.”

Kreacher bowed deeply and set to work. He called out various directions to Winky and before long the kitchen bustled with activity. For a little while Molly was able to sit back and watch as they continued the work she had started. She took this temporary lull to enjoy a cup of tea and some time with her husband and grand-daughter.

“How long has it been since we’ve been able to sit and enjoy a cup of tea together?” Arthur asked a little wistfully.

“Not long since we did it regularly at Hogwarts.” Molly answered cheekily. “But here at home it’s been ages, probably since before Charlie was born honestly.” She smiled thinking of the happy memories that had passed through the house. Soon they would be spending most of their time alone except for the occasional visit with grandkids. “Speaking of Bill I should send him a message so we can get his help.”

Molly left the kitchen where the elves continued working and approached the fireplace in the sitting room. Rather than use the floo she had decided to make use of a different mode of communication. “Fred can you hear me?” She called to the empty portrait frame. She felt foolish but sure enough a few seconds later Fred walked in from the right side of the frame and sat in his chair.

“Of course mum. No need to shout. How have you been?”

“Busy as a billywig. Would you mind popping over to Shell Cottage and asking Bill and Fleur to come by when they get a chance? I could use the extra help.”

“Sure I’ll have them here in a sec.” And with that he walked out of the left side of his frame.

After sending the message with Fred she returned to the kitchen. Out of habit she checked the clock on her way past and the 4 shortest hands all read “Traveling.”. It was getting close to noon so of course they would be safe and sound on the train. Molly didn’t know that a few minutes earlier the hands moved to “Mortal Peril” as Draco teetered on the edge of succumbing to the darkness inside of him.

Molly sat back at the table with Arthur and her tea. Only a few minutes later the fire flared green as a figure spun into view. Fleur came out first and didn’t bother to brush the dust from her cloak as she rushed to pick up Victoire. “’Ow iz my baby girl thiz morning? Were you well behaved for your gran gran?” Molly blushed at the pet name especially since Arthur had spent most of the time with the girl.

“She was a perfect angel Fleur.” Arthur commented. “Would you like a cup of tea?”

“I think the girls can enjoy that. We have work to do.” Bill answered as he cleaned his cloak off and deposited it on a chair. It was much too warm to wear it other than to collect the ash from traveling. Arthur nodded and the men left and made their way to the garden. They were joined shortly by Winky who helped prepare tables and chairs in the orchard for a large gathering. Molly and Arthur had invited all of the Hogwarts’ and Amazonis’ graduating classes as well as many members of the Order and some of Harry’s family from Brazil. In total well over a hundred people were expected.

Arthur had more than a few stacks of wood that he used for the fire places of the Burrow. Winky would help transfigure each piece into a chair or table as needed while Arthur put everything in place. Bill started to work on the wards and was joined by a ministry auror who always verified the defenses wherever Kingsley would be present. In this way the work passed rather quickly and Arthur had time to charm lights and faeries into the trees to illuminate the environment after the sun went downBefore long Arthur retired to his shed to finish his graduation gift to Harry.

Harry and Dudley appeared at the front gate of Grimmauld Place with a loud pop. They were the last to arrive. Dudley promptly vomited over the ground. Harry, and after the initial trip, along with Hermione had brought everyone there by side along apparition. Dudley and Lisa came along though they would not be staying at the house Dudley wanted to see where his cousin lived. Harry also had wanted to ask if his cousin had stayed in the castle the previous night but hadn’t had a chance to.

Molly had wanted them to come straight to the burrow but after the events on the train the group decided a shower was in order and wanted to dress and look presentable. He hoped that she was busy enough that she wouldn’t mind the slight delay, or get the impression that they were doing something inappropriate.

Harry opened the door to the house and led his guests in. Ginny, Ron and Hermione stepped through the door and almost immediately stopped. They couldn’t believe the change that had gone through the old house. They stood in the entrance marveling at the changes that had been made in the short time. “Do you mind if we come in too?” Dudley asked rather nervously worried he might be doing something wrong.

“No need to be so timid.” Draco smiled at Dudley. “Hey you lot move it.” He addressed the three still standing in the entrance hall.

They cleared more space and allowed the rest of the group to enter the room. Draco vaguely remembered the house but it had been years since his parents had visited. Harry had everyone leave their belongings by the doorway and then began a tour of the house. He started with the kitchen which he was unsurprised to find fully stocked and then worked his way upstairs. Dudley paled and nearly fainted when he encountered a portrait that talked. Phineas laughed at the reaction.

Harry and Ron had to drag Hermione from the library as the group continued to the third floor. Everybody looked at each room and finally Harry took them to the final floor. He loved the top floor so much since the landing looked over the entrance where light streamed through the skylight. As much as he loved the changes he delayed in showing everyone else his room. If he was alone with Ginny he wouldn’t hesitate. He knew she would share it with him one day. He tried to avoid the question by looking over the balcony to the entrance hall below. Eventually though everyone’s curiosity built and Hermione finally asked.

“Harry what’s behind these doors? Is it something you don’t want to show us?”

Harry almost blushed at the question. He couldn’t admit that he didn’t want to so he decided to share it. “It’s the master suite. Honestly I’m not used to it yet but I don’t mind showing it.” He opened the double doors and exposed the room to his friends.

For a while nobody talked as they looked over the four rooms. The suite was extremely impressive and beautiful. Finally Dudley spoke. “Man Harry you have this beautiful house and to think you used to live in a cupboard under our stairs.” Dudley didn’t mean it as an insult but nobody was prepared for the reaction the simple statement caused.

Celia’s reaction time to pull her wand and round on Dudley was quicker than even Harry could imagine. Rage flashed through her brown eyes. Draco tried to grab her arm but she shrugged out of his grip with an unexpected strength. “Tell me I didn’t understand what he said ‘Arry. Tell me my English was wrong… please.” She looked at Harry, the anger in her eyes was replaced by a pleading urge to be wrong, and they glistened with unshed tears. Still her wand hovered mere inches away from Dudley’s chest right above his heart. Lisa tried to step between the pair but Celia pushed her wand into Dudley’s flesh.

Harry had forgotten that many of his classmates in Brazil knew nothing of his life before he joined the wizarding world. “I wish I could but you heard him correctly. His parents, well more accurately, his dad was a bully. He treated me more like a servant than a person. That changed slightly when I got my first Hogwarts’ letter.” Harry paused before continuing and placed his hand over Celia’s and she reluctantly lowered her wand. To his credit Dudley did not appear frightened but rather prepared to attempt to defend himself if needed. “Things dramatically improved before my fifth year when Dudley was present with me during a dementor attack. You’ve felt their effects you can imagine how that would feel to a muggle who cannot even see them. Tell her what happened Dudley.”

“Harry once explained to me what a dementor does. It makes you relive the worst experiences of your life.” Dudley paused struggling to speak. “I didn’t really relive any particularly horrible times but instead I saw how I was like my dad and how I was a bully and would end up like him one day. I was traumatized by the truth and barely spoke for days. It was then I resolved to not let myself turn into a monster like him.”

“So you had felt some measure of shame for the way you treated Harry and the dementors brought it out.” Hermione concluded for Dudley. He nodded his reply.

Celia responded by first hugging Harry and then Dudley. “I’m sorry for my reaction.”

Draco who seemed to be in much better spirits since the incident on the train spoke up. “No need to apologize. There are many people who likely would’ve cursed Dudley for that even if most of it wasn’t his fault. Just like there are many who would like to curse me for my father’s actions.” The group stood silently for a moment looking around Harry’s room.

“Merlin’s beard this group is mental. What on Earth did I get myself into?” Pansy hadn’t spoken since they arrived at the house but the blunt statement broke what tension remained.

“So Harry which rooms are we going to sleep in?” Hermione asked sensing finality to the conversation and wanting to steer it back to the topic at hand. They needed to get ready to go to the Burrow soon.

“For right now I think Draco and Celia on the 2nd floor with the drawing room.” Harry wasn’t sure how Celia got included exactly but they had the room to spare and didn’t mind the extra company. In fact he welcomed it if she was a positive influence on Draco. “I’ll be up here and you four can divide the other rooms as you see fit.” Harry thought about it. “Draco, Celia obviously I don’t mind if you two choose to share a room, the same goes for you as well Ron, Hermione. I just don’t want to give Molly the wrong impression and she try to insist on Ginny and you moving back to the Burrow.”

Ginny crossed her arms and sat on the edge of the bed. Harry could already tell she was steeling her self for an argument. “Don’t go all noble on me. I don’t care what she says I’m going to sleep up here with you. She can’t stop me Harry we’re all adults. Not to mention you’ve already told her we’ve shagged.” Ron made a noise halfway between a growl and a snort. Nobody else could muster a response to that statement.

“Fine you win. But you’re telling your mom. I’ll have no part of that conversation.” He smiled but was not exactly optimistic. “That means there would be space here for you Lisa. It might make transitioning to a job easier. We have a connection to the floo as well as secluded places to apparate. If you can’t say yes now at least think about it, of course I would be happy to help Dudley find someplace nearby so you two can be close. I’m not sure if he could get in and out of the building on his own.”

“I will think about it. I’ll have to bring it up to my parents as well. Unfortunately your name won’t have the same clout as it would with an ordinary wizarding family.” She smiled lightly and nodded her agreement to talk to her parents.

Harry left the room and peered over the banister down to the entrance where their trunks were. He levitated them two at a time to the appropriate landings and then brought his trunk into the room. Ginny followed with hers. “Get changed and be ready to leave in half an hour, I’ll let Molly know to be expecting us shortly.” Everyone else left the room rather quickly to get settled.

The fireplace in the burrow turned green six times in relatively quick succession. First Ginny than Lisa, Draco, Pansy, Hermione and Ron stepped out into the now very crowded sitting room. Harry and Dudley appeared outside the garden gates. Luckily Arthur had finally tightened up the anti-apparation ward so guests didn’t have to walk too far. Dudley seemed to be getting used to the feeling and didn’t vomit this time.

“I do hope you’ll be more careful with the ash. A guy can get dirty hanging around a place like this.” Ron was helping Hermione remove soot from her hair while the other girls were all helping each other when the voice made them stop.

Ron looked at Ginny thinking for sure he had gone mad. “Was that Fred?” He asked more to reassure himself.

“Of course it was me you foolish bloke. Who else would be able to un-ironically use the phrase ‘hanging around’ in our sitting room?” Ron finally spotted the painting of Fred hanging over the mantle. Harry had forgotten to tell Ron and Ginny about it in the adventures and pranks that had been played in the last few weeks of classes.

“Oh Fred! It’s so good to see you but how is this possible?” Ginny had tears in her eyes as she looked over her brother’s face. One she knew so well but had missed so much.

“Harry ordered this painting. Smart bloke you got there Ginny. Keep your claws in him if you can.” Fred winked at her from the frame and she couldn’t help but laugh. “There is a large one of me at the store in Diagon Alley, and then smaller frames for each of you to keep at home. It really helps to keep in touch.

During the interaction Harry and Dudley had finally come in the entrance to the Burrow. Dudley kept insisting he had to go turn off the stove even though Harry reminded him that he didn’t own one. Finally after a minute or two Bill saw their interaction and removed the muggle repelling ward he had put up. He hadn’t known Dudley was coming. Harry felt a familiar shiver as he crossed the threshold and realized this sensation would be fairly permanent. It was definitely less intense at the Burrow than at Hogwarts though.

Now Harry stood staring at the clock on the wall between the kitchen and the sitting room. Molly’s clock was the only thing on that wall and Harry was as shocked to see his name on one of the hands as Ginny had been to see Fred in a portrait. Molly came out of the kitchen to see him stuck in the door.

“Harry dear come on in, there’s no need to stand in the door.”

Harry practically ran to the older lady and squeezed her in a tight hug. “You always said I was as much your son as anyone else’s and now you made it official. Thank you.”

“Oh Harry it was nothing. It gave us quite the scare when you disappeared from school though.” Molly patted his back and he embraced her.

“Oh I imagine it would.” Harry smiled releasing his grip on the lady. “So have you been busy cooking all day?”

“I started last night. Kreacher and Winky have been an immense help thank you for sending them by.” Molly turned a little serious now. “So have you all settled into Grimmauld Place?”

“I know you had wanted us to come straight here but we wanted to drop trunks off and shower and change before imposing on your generosity. That and we might be late tonight and there are sleeping arrangements to discuss.” Harry admitted the last part reluctantly. Though Molly smiled, Harry knew he was going to have the conversation that he had insisted Ginny have.

“So Ginny is insisting on sharing that magnificent master suite with you am I right.” He nodded. “Your generation is different than ours Harry. You’ve grown up in danger and it led to relationships being formed quickly and maybe moving faster than you ordinarily would.” Molly thought again about how much things had changed. “You are as good as a son to us, as you just said, and you’ve already admitted the extent of your relationship and the depth of your love. Magically speaking you two are pretty much married already. All that is left is for you two to make it official someday. I hope you will take precautions so that you don’t become parents until you’ve both discussed it and decided the time was right.”

“I appreciate the honesty mum. I was rather frightened of how this conversation could go. Do you want me to send Ron and Hermione to you so they can get the same speech?” Molly looked a little nervous. It appeared that she hadn’t prepared herself to have to accept both of them growing up. She seemed to have focused on letting go of Ginny.

“Yes Harry that would before the best. Then you all can go out to the orchard and begin the party. Some guests have arrived and the rest should be arriving before long.”

Harry made his way to the sitting room where Fred was telling a story about some prank he and George pulled on Ron. Ron was blushing profusely but everyone was sharing a laugh. Harry sat on the couch next to Ginny. “I’m sorry to interrupt Fed but your mum wants to speak with Ron and Hermione.”

The couple got up and made their way toward the kitchen. “Oh take me with you I want to see this.” Fred yelled causing a new round of laughter to emerge.

“What is that all about Harry?” Ginny asked snuggling closer to him.

“Oh I just had the conversation with your mum that I wanted you to have.” He smiled although Ginny looked nervous. “Nothing to fear my love, she was ok with it. I think she has been preparing herself for it for a while, it was the thought of Ron that made her nervous.”

“Um Harry now that we’ve taken care of that thing would you still be willing to go and meet my mother?” Draco asked as they relaxed in the sitting room.

“Of course Draco, I hate to guess what would have happened if we had gone there and you still had it on.”
“I agree that could have been terrible.”

“It probably still will be if the dementors are there. Both of us have horrors in our pasts and reliving those experiences is never fun.”

“I always made fun of you for how badly you were affected but I always wondered what do you see?”

“I don’t really see anything but I hear my mother begging for Riddle to spare my life. I’m amazed my mind even remembers that moment but it comes back every time.” There was silence for a while amongst the young witches and wizards. Only Ginny had known this fact about Harry. Lisa and Celia seemed to take the admission to heart.

Before we were attacked you were having nightmares about someone named Cedric. “Would you tell me about that?” Dudley joined in the conversation interrupting any comment Draco may have had.

Harry was surprised by Dudley’s question. “I think I mentioned it in one of my letters last year. He was killed at the end of my 4th year. I know I told you about the Maze.” Dudley nodded and looked like he wanted to say something else but Harry spoke first. “But now it appears it’s time to party.” Ron and Hermione returned both looking rather red in the face. They shared an embarrassed smile before the group proceeded through the kitchen and out the back door to the orchard. This time Ginny did take the portrait of Fred with them so he could join the festivities.

As Molly said many guests had already arrived. Most notably the Amazonis’ students since they really didn’t have any more specific plans for the day. There were a few members of the order along with the majority of the Weasleys. That included much of the extended Weasley family as well. This was truly going to be a celebration to remember.

Harry mingled with a few classmates and made his way toward the refreshment table for a drink. He was not only thirsty but incredibly hungry however he didn’t want to spoil his dinner so he resigned himself to just having a butterbeer. As he got close to the table he was met with a rather imposing silhouette that he recognized. “Don it’s great to see you again.” He hurried forward and embraced him warmly.

“It’s great to see you too. Mister Future star of the Cannons. Or is that Stars. He added as Ron came up behind Harry and shook the large man’s hand.”

“Thanks, we’re both excited to try and improve the team.” Ron and Harry had agreed that that was a solid response to any reporters and it just came out of Harry’s mouth.

“Practicing your cliches already? That’s a solid strategy.” Don smirked. “Usually it takes a few years before a player gets practiced at those.” He smiled again and waited for a response. Harry had none so Don brought up something he had wanted to discuss for a few months. “So Harry I’ve shown you mine you show me yours?” The older wizard’s eyes sparkled as if he was in on some deep secret.

Ron was a little perplexed by the question. “Show what? What is he talking about Harry?” Harry had just grabbed a butterbeer from the table and hadn’t even opened it so he passed it to Ron.

“He’s talking about the dragons living on both our backs.” Harry fought a smile and pulled his green shirt over his head and exposed his back to Don. He had gotten used to asking and since most people had already seen it he didn’t mind. He was just happy nobody was asking about the faint scar on his chest.

Don looked over the tattoo for a few moments while taking a sip of his drink. “Guillermo does excellent work. He didn’t do my dragon but he has touched it up occasionally to keep the ink fresh.”

“That he does. One of my classmates is going to travel to Rio this summer to see about working with him. He’s a really good artist already.”

“Well that sounds interesting. I’ll have to drop in and check up on your friend. Maybe invite him to dinner. What’s his name?”

“Dean Thomas, I’ll introduce you two tonight. I think he’ll be here. Is Christina here?”

“Oh of course Harry, she and Fleur are probably surrounded by witches who want to see the babies. And that probably includes your godson as well, or should I say son?” Don smiled again revealing the still crooked teeth that Harry had come to symbolize his surrogate father.
“That was certainly an entertaining prank. Too bad I couldn’t get away with that more often.” Harry laughed and took a drink off the table. “I’ll continue to greet people and I’m sure I’ll run into her before long.”

“Hold on Harry. I kind of want to see this other dragon now.” Ron said looking rather eager.

“I figured you would have seen pictures Ron. You seem to have so much quidditch knowledge.” Ron shook his head and reluctantly Don removed his polo to show the blue dragon across his back. Harry realized then that Don rarely wore robes unless he was doing something official or in public.
Ron looked over the bright blue dragon before commenting.

“Sorry I think Harry’s is cooler, mostly because I was there when he battled it.” Don smiled and then looked confused.

“I don’t think I recall hearing about you battling a horntail. Did I miss something?”

“I doubt it; it was the first challenge of the tri-wizard tournament. I didn’t have to battle the dragon so much as get past it and grab the golden egg.” Harry explained. “I’m sure you could probably guess but I used my broom for that one.”

“So after a horntail the seeker’s challenge was a piece of cake. You made Viktor and Gustao look like amateurs.”

“Was it really that impressive?” Ron chimed in. “I mean I know they stopped after two events but I haven’t heard most of the details.”

“Ron he won the obstacle course by 2 seconds and opened up nearly a second gap in the 2nd challenge. He practically left a pile up on the pitch when he went toward the ring.” By this time the discussion had attracted a few other listeners.

“There was no practically to it. I’m still sore from that collision. Viktor drove me into the pitch like I was vermin. Add that with the time Harry put me into the goalpost I would swear he had it out for me.” Ana Paula grabbed Harry’s bottle and took a drink of his butter beer. “This is pretty good; it’s sweeter than cerveja, we need to get some of it in Brazil.” She handed the bottle back to Harry who didn’t react to having her steal a drink from him.

For a moment Ron was speechless. “So you did that against Krum and Ana Paula, but who was the third. I’m not familiar with Gustao.”

“Gustao is how the Brazilian fans refer to him. You may know him better as Gustavo Giamatti.”

“The Transylvanian Terror? You can’t be serious; he led Transylvania eight years ago.” Ron sputtered. “He was amazing and still probably in his prime.”

“Well the Brazilian weather fought him for a while. Then around Christmas some young hot shot told Gustao that if he didn’t improve the job was his.” Don seemed to be enjoying embarrassing Harry.

“Oh come on I didn’t put it that way.” Harry protested. “Besides they went on to win the cup with my inspiration and Gustao agreed to the seeker’s challenge on the basis that his team wouldn’t make me an offer no matter what.”

“You actually said you would take his job Harry. How did that even come up?” Harry recounted the story for Ron and the rest of the assembled listeners.

“Well that reminds me ‘Arry. The Cruzeirense offered me a position in charge of player development.” He said trying not to sound too boastful.

“I guess that news deserves a toast.” Don said. “To future careers no matter where they lead.” The gathered group raised whatever glass or bottle they had been drinking from.

“It sounds like my son is starting the festivities without us.” Harry had been surprised to see Don but it was nothing to seeing Joy. He couldn’t imagine the US Minister traveling overseas just for his party.

“Minister it is wonderful to see you again. Are you here officially or just for our little party.” Harry greeted Joy as enthusiastically as he did Don.

“A bit of both honestly Harry, I need you to introduce me to Kingsley. Our ministry has been trying to reestablish normal relations and need to iron some details out. Do you think you could help us out there?”

“Once he arrives I’d be happy to introduce you. It’s a shame you missed an opportunity at Christmas.”

“That is a shame but I appreciate the help. I’ll be at that table over there for the evening just stop on by.”

After leaving Don and the others Harry continued to walk through the spectacular party. Tables were arranged throughout the orchard and people were talking around each one. Harry listened to some conversations with some friends and swapped stories with others. He loved seeing everyone gathered together and couldn’t imagine when he would get the chance to see it again. After a while he stumbled upon Kingsley and spoke with the Minister. After a few minutes catching up on the tests and the latest news Harry passed Joy’s message on to the Minister. Kingsley seemed pleasantly surprised at the news and excused himself to find the Minister himself. Harry offered to introduce them but Kingsley insisted he could manage on his own and again thanked Harry for the message.

Shortly after Kingsley left. Arthur’s voice filled the orchard calling everyone’s attention to the part of the orchard furthest from the Burrow. “Please everyone find a seat and we will begin dinner. Afterward Minerva and Roberta have some letters to pass out to the students.”

Harry looked around and finally found Headmistress Roberta sitting at a table with Headmistress McGonagall. He was shocked to not see her before but he noticed perplexed looks on many of his classmates. Apparently she had done a good job of concealing her presence.

Harry found Ginny and the couple walked together toward where Arthur was standing. There was one smaller table with only six seats. Hermione, Ron and Molly were already in three of them and were waiting patiently for the others. Once everyone seemed to be settled Arthur’s voice spoke again. “Now let’s begin our wonderful dinner and then we can continue with the festivities.” Tables began filling with food as Harry and Ginny arrived at the small table.

Harry and Ginny sat down and immediately Ron started to pile food on his plate. The rest of the table followed and soon the orchard was filled with the sounds of a wonderfully prepared dinner. There was little conversation shared and when Arthur stood following the dinner any conversations ended quickly.

“Welcome everyone to our graduation celebration. Thank you all for coming on such short notice. It is a bit of a bittersweet moment as we celebrate our two youngest children, Ron and Ginevra, finishing Hogwarts and beginning life on their own. And of course they’ve brought two wonderful young people into our lives that we will never forget. Even without all their accomplishments Harry and Hermione would be as much a part of our family as our own children.”

This announcement received a loud cheer. Ron and Ginny’s brothers seemed to cheer the loudest and longest. After it died down Arthur continued.

“As I said before shortly the Headmistresses of Hogwarts and Amazonis have some business to attend to and then we will get to the task of presenting some graduation presents. So now everyone please be polite as I give the floor to two lovely ladies.” Arthur led a light applause then returned to his seat at the table.

The headmistresses stood in front of the gathered crowd. “I’m not really sure what to say as we don’t usually do something like this.” Professor McGonagall said. “Mostly I must say I have never been more impressed with a group of students as those that were able to persevere and excel in their studies. This year I am happy to award more owls per student than ever before.”

“I really do not have anything to add. So without any further ado we would like to present you with your test results.”

The two witches waved their wands without any extravagant movements and soon sealed letters were dropping onto the table in front of each graduated student. Hermione caught hers before it even touched the table and was breaking the seal. Ginny was just as excited to see her scores. Harry and Ron smiled but took their time taking the letters.

Hermione let out a small shout and tears welled in her eyes. She passed the parchment to Ron before he managed to even look at his own scores. Ron looked over the scores and tried to act surprised. “Oh Hermione I’m so happy for you.” He gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. “Of course you would have straight O’s. Nine NEWTs, that is truly amazing.”

“Well it’s not as many as Percy or Bill, I wish I could’ve taken those other courses but…”

“Hermione given what you went through in your eight years, nine owls and all outstanding is extraordinary.” Arthur objected. “You will be able to get any job you want with scores like that. Although I know you have received quite a few offers already.” Hermione blushed and smiled
“So who’s next to share with the class?” Molly joked looking at the other three. Ron and Harry still hadn’t removed their scores from the envelopes so Ginny went next.
“Let’s see, Arithmancy outstanding, thank you Hermione for that one. Care of Magical Creatures, outstanding, Charms outstanding, Defense Against the Dark arts…”

“Outstanding naturally,” Arthur interrupted. “Every member of the DA got that score this year. Professor Woodbridge was so pleased.”

“Way to ruin the moment dad.” Ginny chided before continuing. “Herbology, exceeds expectations, Potions exceeds expectations and Transfiguration outstanding. Seven NEWTs in total, and 5 of them outstanding.”

“That is well done Ginny. We are very proud of you.” Molly added from Arthur’s side.

By the time Ginny had finished Harry and Ron had a chance to look over their scores. Harry decided to spare his friend. “So I guess I’ll go next. I have outstandings in Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, and Transfiguration. Exceeds expectations in Potions, five out of six isn’t bad.”

Ron looked at his scores nervously. He was always nervous when it came to being compared to others. It started with his brothers and then Harry and Hermione. Finally with a deep breathe he spoke. “I got outstanding in Defense Against the Dark Arts obviously, Charms and Herbology. Exceeds expectations in Transfiguration and Potions, I can be an auror if I decide quidditch isn’t my calling.”

“I never doubted you for a minute Ron. Especially not after the testing you did with Gawain.” Kingsley’s deep voice sounded behind him.

“Good evening Minister. Thank you for joining us tonight.” Molly said. “Can I help you with anything?”

“No, due to some commitments I need to leave somewhat early tonight but I was hoping to make some appointments with three of our guests of honor before I must leave.”

“Which three?” Ron asked feeling his face flush.

“I was hoping to speak with you and Harry about the training you’ll be doing by correspondence and then would like Hermione to meet with me to discuss her career options and your trip to Australia.” Hermione smiled brightly at the thought but Ginny looked a little depressed to be left out. “Don’t look so upset Ginny. If you fail to make the Harpies, which I highly doubt, we will be meeting with you to discuss your options as well. I’m told you had often thought about a career as a healer.”

Ginny blushed at the remark. She had considered it at some point. “Well do you mind if I join Hermione when you meet? We were all talking about a trip to Diagon Alley and we can do it in two groups that way.”

“The information may be a little personal so I will leave that decision up to Hermione.” Kingsley replied after a moment. “In either case I expect you boys to be in my office at 9 am. Hermione we can meet at 11 if that’s ok with you.” She nodded and Kingsley excused himself.

Before everyone could get too distracted and return to a full party mode Arthur and Molly stood again. “Now we have one last piece of business to attend to before we can finish enjoying this beautiful evening.” Arthur spoke to the crowd.

“I know none of them expected anything before the first announcement and all of them would say that a gift is unnecessary, we disagree. So we would like to invite the four of them up here so we can embarrass them a little with our love.” Molly smiled and invited the four up.

Harry and Hermione moved first. Harry loved being treated as family and this was simply another occasion of that. Ginny and Ron stood more reluctantly but they were optimistic that in the end they would enjoy this.

“Now Hermione we will start with you. As you are still relatively undecided on the path you will pursue we gave a lot of thought to what you may need in the future and we came up with something that may come in handy.” Winky and Kreacher popped into the orchard, while Arthrur was speaking. They had a large object covered by a sheet between them. “I believe these will come in handy.”

Arthur held a key ring out to Hermione and she took it. There were seven keys total and each one was slightly different. “What are these for?” Hermione asked as the sheet vanished and revealed Moody’s old seven chamber trunk. She looked at the gift suspiciously.

“Go ahead and open it.” Arthur suggested and Hermione did. The first compartment was filled with books on a variety of subjects. She didn’t get to open any other when Molly spoke.

“We also adjusted the last compartment to be just like all the others. You can fill them with whatever you want or need. It may not be practical for travel all the time but it is wonderful for making use of limited storage space.”

“Thank you so much. It means a lot to me.” Hermione smiled and wiped a tear from her eye. She was amazed that they could think of something so perfect for her when she wouldn’t have thought of it herself.

“Feel free to take anything from the Grimmauld Place library that peaks your interest. Just keep it separate so we can sort them out later.” Harry added with a smile and Hermione smiled and nodded at his offer.

“Now Ronald and Ginevra, your presents were decidedly easier to pick out. And I’m sorry to say we’re going to spoil a little bit of Harry’s plans.” Molly patted his shoulder while Harry smiled. With that little tidbit everybody knew what gifts the Weasley children would be receiving.

Winky and Kreacher popped out and back again with two long packages that were unmistakably broomsticks. The two red-heads tore through the paper and discovered the exact brooms that their coaches had recommended for quidditch play. Ginny shouted in delight and ran to embrace her father and mother. The broom remained hovering in the air where Ginny had let go of it.

Ron was more embarrassed at the generosity. “Mum you shouldn’t have. We’ll be able to get our own soon enough.”

“We did it because we love you and want the best for you. Now once you get back from Australia you will turn heads at Chudley. I’m sure if you need anything else you’ll be able to provide it.” Ron still had a heavy heart but his enthusiasm soon outweighed any negative feelings.

Finally Arthur looked at Harry. “Harry we couldn’t have asked for a better friend to Ron and Ginny. Half of our family is alive thanks to your actions. I have been hard at work with Hagrid while at Hogwarts this year to make this perfect. I hope you like it.”

Harry wasn’t sure what to expect as Krecher and Winky remained where they had when they arrived with brooms in hand. At the opposite side of the orchard near Arthur’s workshop a bight electric light fired up. This was immediately followed by a large engine coming to life. The engine released a throaty bellow and many in attendance covered their ears.

Harry didn’t cover his. Instead he looked through his tear filled eyes as Hagrid drove a sleek motorbike through the crowd to where he stood. With a final rev of the engine Hagrid throttled down and turned the bike off. Harry took a moment to look over the bike. It was nothing like it had looked the last time he had seen it.

The frame and body were a glossy black. Green flames covered the tank and were featured again on the fenders. The twin pipes were large and polished to gleaming silver. The bike looked absolutely beautiful. Harry looked over the tank and saw a few extra buttons and noticed the ones on the handlebar had been removed. The bike was meant for cruising and not for battle now.

“The side-car is in the garage still. We couldn’t get it fixed all the way in time so it’ll have to wait a few weeks. But we can help you learn to drive between now and then. I would rather you learn on your own before taking Ginny out.” Arthur smiled but Molly looked shocked at the suggestion.

“You never told me you had recovered the side-car Arthur.” She tried to growl between her teeth but she ended up laughing. Try as she might she had already known this was a given outcome and there was nothing that could stop her now grown kids from living their life.

“Oh mother you know better than to think I wouldn’t want to go with him.” Ginny smiled and kissed her mother’s cheek. “Besides we fly brooms together already.”

Harry smiled and embraced Mrs. Weasley. “Thank you for letting them do this. I know you couldn’t have fully supported the idea but it is one that I love.”

“Oh Harry it’s our pleasure. All of us, Hagrid included. Now go enjoy the party and see the rest of your friends. I expect you all back here for dinner tomorrow night before you have to go to the Ministry.”

Harry and Ginny spent the rest of the party comparing grades with their friends and discussing future plans. Unlike the first half of the party they walked together hand in hand. Many of the Amazonis’ students were returning to Brazil the following day. A few, like Celia, would be staying a little longer but most needed to begin job searches of their own.

The party started to wrap up about midnight. Guests excused themselves after wishing the graduates lots of luck in the future. More than a few presented cards and other small gifts. All these were left on the kitchen table as the group prepared to return to Grimmauld Place. Dudley and Lisa left after inviting Harry and Ginny to dinner with Petunia and Lisa’s parents on Tuesday. He agreed to have dinner after Dudley promised it would be a relaxing time.

Everyone went straight to bed when they arrived back at Grimmauld Place. Kreacher had promised a nice breakfast would be ready and he would have their gifts delivered before everyone woke up. Harry was the last to retire after making plans with his elf. He took the stairs quietly trying not to disturb anyone who may be sleeping. He removed his robe and slid under the cool soft sheets and curled his body around his fiancé. Ginny was still awake and give him a kiss and snuggled into his arms. Both thought they could get used to the sleeping arrangements.

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