“Oi, Freddie! Freddie!” James’ voice hissed the next morning, waking me up from my surprisingly peaceful slumber, but I kept my eyes closed, nuzzling more deeply into Weasley, hoping that James would shut up. “Freddie!”


“What?” Weasley responded, his voice a bit rough from sleep after a long sigh. 


“Did you two shag last night?” He asked bluntly and my eyes snapped open. I craned my neck up on Weasley’s chest so I could see his expression, which was tired yet amused. 


“Merry Christmas to you too, mate.” Weasley muttered, turning his head to his cousin who was propped up on his bed with some pretty wicked bedhead going on, looking down at the two of us with a fairly perplexed look on his face. 


“Is that a yes? Because there are plenty of rooms in this house so I really don’t get why you chose my floor of all places. And frankly, I don’t really think Dessie should be exerting that type of energy given her current condition.”


“We didn’t shag for fuck’s sake.” I grumbled, partially into Weasley’s chest. 


“Oh. Right.” A pause. “Well, Merry Christmas.” 


“Speaking of, I should probably get home before my mum kills me for missing presents,” Weasley said, sitting up gently, careful not to cause me pain in the process. He pulled the blankets off of him and leaned down to give me a little kiss before getting up. “I’ll see you at the Burrow in a few hours, okay?” 


My stomach sank a little bit, knowing that he had to leave. I was immediately scared that I would feel the way I felt last night with him gone, empty and alone. I nodded though, pulling him in for another quick kiss. “Merry Christmas, Blazer.” He said after pulling away and looked at me as if he wanted to say something else but didn’t. 


He disapparated a few seconds later and the moment he was gone, James gave me a very knowing look. “Aw,” He cooed in a patronizing way, blowing little kissy faces. I resisted the urge to chuck a pillow at his head on account of my injury. 


“Piss off, you tosser, and help me up,” I ordered, reaching out for assistance. 


“You know the bloke is half in love with you, right?” James said as he helped heave me to my feet. My face colored and I practically choked on my own spit. 


“Shut up,” I said in response, not knowing what else to say, which caused James to grin as he helped me get back to my room. 


I had to have Lily help me shower and dress and I nearly threw up looking at the place where I splinched myself. I could tell it was healing but there was a long, deep divot where the flesh was missing and it made my stomach turn. 


When Lily and I finally got to the living room, with her easing me down the stairs, the rest of the Potter family and my brothers were already there. I felt bad for holding everyone up, but no one seemed to mind. I chose a spot on the large, cushy couch cuddled against Mason. It was right by the absolutely massive Christmas tree, lit up by twinkling white lights and decorated with hundreds of handmade ornaments. It was a real tree too, making it even better. The mere thought of a real tree that had the possibility of spiders and needles dropping would send my aunt into cardiac arrest so it was always fake just like everything else at that house. 


As usual, Harry was in charge of passing out presents but with Ginny constantly interjecting with ‘No, not that one! That one’s for Lily not Albus!’. Eventually, she just took over and we opened the gifts one by one. The Potter kids all received brand new broomsticks, even Lily who would finally actually be allowed to try out for the team after James was gone. Mason mostly got Healing textbooks for the new semester, something he was very grateful for considering they cost a bloody fortune. Tosh unwrapped heaps and heaps of baby stuff, including parenting books, diapers, and gender neutral onesies featuring the Gryffindor crest and the Tutshill Tornados logo. 


James got me a new pair of chasing gloves of the highest quality because, and I quote, ‘your’s are shit and I can’t have a member of the team look like they are homeless’. From Mason, I got an expensive looking cashmere blanket that was quite possibly the softest thing I’ve ever felt.  Lily and Al bought me an obscene amount of Honeydukes candy, filled with all of my favorites. Tosh grinned when Mason and I opened our matching ‘World’s Best Auntie’ and ‘World’s Best Uncle’ tee shirts. But my mouth literally dropped open in shock when Mason and I opened our gifts from Ginny and Harry because inside were more galleons than any non-family member should ever give. We both tried to refuse it but they wouldn’t take no for an answer. 


The best though was Harry and Ginny’s gift for Tosh and they saved it until the very end. They led us back upstairs, James and Mason on either side of me to help me with the steps, and down one of the hallways to a typically unused guest room. Inside, the walls were painted a very gender neutral shade of green with pale yellow accents. Two cribs were against one of the walls, both with mobiles hanging above each that feature different magical creatures such as unicorns, merpeople, owls, and centaurs. They also included a changing table and rocking chair as well as a bookshelf holding hundreds of children’s books that they could read to the babies before bedtime. 


I looked at Mason, completely speechless that the Potters went through so much effort for Tosh. I always knew that they thought of him as a son, but I never dreamed that they’d be willing to do all this for him. Tosh was as equally as speechless as I was, just staring at the room with his mouth hanging open a bit. Ginny suddenly looked a bit nervous, as if she was worried that he didn’t like it. 


“Well we didn’t know if she was having a boys or girls or both so you can change the theming if you’d like.” She explained quickly and with a flick of her wand, the room colors suddenly changed to a pretty lilac and white, then again to a pale blue and light gray, and then back to the green with yellow. Each different style was perfect and I glanced at Tosh to see if I could tell what he was feeling. 


His eyes were welling up and he looked as if he was trying his best not to cry but he was failing at that battle. He turned to Harry and Ginny to give them both a massive hug, saying ‘thank you’ about a million times between sobs. They hugged him back at the same time with Harry patting him on the back and Ginny giving him a peck on the cheek and I almost started to cry myself just looking at them. I thought of my parents and how they would be so happy and thankful that we had such incredible people in our lives that served as our family because that was something we severely lacked. 


Eventually, after we all took turns rocking in the rocking chair pretending that bags of diapers were babies, we went back down to the kitchen for Christmas breakfast. Ginny pulled out all the stops and the table was loaded with just about any type of breakfast food you could imagine from pancakes and french toast to eggs and bacon. I would’ve regretted stuffing my face to the point of exploding if it didn’t all taste so incredible. Fun fact: Ginny Potter is the greatest cook on the face of the planet… But don’t tell Mrs. Weasley that. 


After a few hours of playing wizard’s chess and watching the Potters and my brothers play quidditch (Harry stayed on the ground to keep me company), we decided it was probably time to head over to the Burrow unless we wanted Mrs. Weasley to chase after us with a frying pan for being late. Half of us, Ginny, Mason, James, and Lily, flooed over and then the rest, Tosh, Al, Harry, and me, drove because I couldn’t apparate for obvious reasons and we didn’t know if using the floo network would make me dizzy or pass out so we thought it was best not to risk it. 


When we eventually got to the Burrow, Heidi greeted us at the door and I was a little taken aback, not expecting her to be there. Tosh looked very pleasantly surprised which told me he didn’t know she was going to be there either. 


“I missed you guys,” Heidi explained simply, noting our expressions. I knew she probably meant Tosh more so than me, but I was still happy to see her. Tosh, well, Tosh was very happy to see her and immediately engulfed her in a big hug followed by a quick round of snogging that made me want to vomit. I pushed past them with Al by my side, both of our noses a bit wrinkled, to go seek out the rest of the family. 


Everyone was crowded in the living room and kitchen area and Roxy was the first jump up when she saw me. “Merry Christmas, Des!” She exclaimed, giving me a hug, and then thrust a nicely wrapped package into my hands. “I’ve been told to give this to you the second I saw you.” 


I ripped it open to reveal a hand knit sweater, courtesy of Mrs. Weasley. It was crimson colored with a white stitched ‘D’ on the front. Roxy was already wearing hers, dark blue with a pale yellow ‘R’, so I shoved mine over my head as well. From behind Roxy’s head, I caught eyes with Weasley who was sitting on the floor by the tree, in the middle of a conversation with Hugo and Louis. He raised his eyebrows and gave a little head nod at the sweater while a tiny smirk played at the corner of his lips, signaling that he was amused. I stuck my tongue out at him causing him to grin while Roxy prattled on about the tickets she got this morning to see Puddlemere United. 


I thought about what James said this morning and I felt my stomach clench as I glanced at him again. There was no way in hell he liked me in that way. He couldn’t. We spent too many years fighting and hating each other to ever actually, you know, feel something. Yes, I felt oddly secure with him and I was more comfortable around him than anyone else but the thought of ever pursuing anything was terrifying and horribly off limits. Everything would change in our group’s friend dynamic and I didn’t handle change well to say the least. Plus, Roxy would literally go into cardiac arrest followed by a murderous rampage so it could never happen. Where we were right now was safe and simple and I was content with it. 


Attempting to block Weasley out of my mind, I turned my attention back to Roxy. “So what do you say?” She asked and I blinked, completely unaware of the topic of discussion.


“Huh?” I questioned, feeling a bit guilty for not paying attention to her and thinking about her brother instead of listening.


“Do you want to go to the match with me?” She inquired and I realized she was referring to the tickets she got this morning. I didn’t think she would normally ask me had I not gone through everything over the past couple days. I didn’t keep up too much with professional quidditch, mostly because I didn’t grow up with my family supporting a specific team, and if I had to pick one, it would probably be the Tornadoes, mostly for Tosh’s sake. It wasn’t necessarily a pity invite but it sort of felt like one. Regardless, it was sweet of her to offer. 


“Only if it means that we can go stalk Isaac Watson in the locker room in the hopes that he gives us a pair of his boxers.” I answered as the image of the unbelievably gorgeous, star Beater of Puddlemere United flashed in my mind. He had graduated from Hogwarts when I was a first year and Roxy and I both had crushes on him even back then. When he got signed to Puddlemere, I actually think Roxy’s brain exploded a little bit. 


“I like the way your brain works,” She said with with sly grin. “Perhaps I can then seduce him, get impregnated, and then have his talented quidditch genes in my spawn.” 


“Wait who’s becoming impregnated?” James said with his mouth stuffed with cookies, while holding a handful of even more cookies, apparently overhearing our conversation as he walked by. “Because I don’t think our group can handle another baby right now.” 


“Rox wants to have Isaac Watson’s children so I think she’s planning on giving him a strip tease at the Puddlemere United game to entice him into giving her his sperm.” I explained casually, causing Roxy to grin and James to fake retching noises to convey his disgust at the thought of his cousin performing such acts and turned to Weasley, who was across the room, for help. 


“Oi, Freddie! Your sister want to get knocked up by Watson from Puddlemere!” He shouted loud enough for half the family to hear, causing all heads to snap to my best friend. 


“He’s fit!” Roxy defended with a shrug and snagged one of James’ cookies from his hand. He pouted but let her eat it anyway as Weasley made his way over to us with a raised eyebrow.


“What’s this I hear about being knocked up?” He asked, nicking one of James’ cookies as well. “I’m too young to have a niece or nephew.” 


“Join the club.” I muttered but glanced in Heidi and Tosh’s direction and couldn’t help but feel a rush of warmth when I saw Tosh’s hand on her baby bump and her smile. 


“Auntie Dessie.” Roxy mumbled to herself and then looked at me and laughed. “That’s actually really horrifying.” I shoved her out of habit but with my bad shoulder by mistake, causing me to wince and hiss in pain. 


Immediately all three of them were on me and ushering me to the couch with worried expressions on their faces. “I’m fine,” I insisted, attempting to wave them off. 


“Are you alright?”


“Do you need more of the pain potion?”


“Do you want us to get Mason?”


“Not Mason! Get a real healer!” 


“What real healer, dumbass? This family is full of aurors, ministry workers, and bloody joke shop owners!”


“Should we take her to St. Mungo’s? They’d be open on Christmas, right?” 


“It’s a hospital, moron. They’re kind of twenty-four hours.” 


Through their ramblings to each other, standing above me, I kept trying to get their attention to inform them that I was indeed fine but they weren’t listening. Eventually, I got so irritated with being ignored in the discussion of my well-being that I snapped and whipped out my wand. They stopped talking immediately and stared at me. 


“I’m fine.” I repeated again, this time slowly and intimidating, with my wand aimed at them threateningly. “Please, leave me alone.”


They paused and exchanged glances. James casually reached out and gently smacked my wand out of my hand causing it to clatter to the floor. “You’re shit at all forms of defense and dueling, love.” He reminded me and my nostrils flared. I then gave him a good, well deserved kick in the shins and with the help of Roxy, I heaved myself off of the couch. 


“Merry Christmas, dear.” I said to James with a little self satisfied smirk on my face and gave him a small peck on the cheek before taking the last cookie out of his hand. 


My eyes scanned the room, deciding it was time to turn my attention to some other, less crazy people. Unfortunately, poor George Weasley was currently tied up in a conversation with Percy’s wife about something most likely, deeply boring and Ginny was in the middle of scolding Ron for picking at her beautifully decorated cake. They were my best bets at entertainment so instead I sighed and made my way over to Mason who was a decent enough consolation prize. 


He was standing with Molly which wasn’t exactly a surprise and she smiled and gave me a little wave when she saw me. I eyed the expensive looking, ridiculously gorgeous necklace that oozed Mason which was hanging off her neck and smirked. “I like your necklace.” I told her and gave my brother a look. “Looks like a girlfriend material necklace.” I said and Molly’s face reddened while Mason narrowed his eyes at me.  After practically dying, I’ve decided against putting things delicately. “Are you two official yet? Because I think everyone knows that it’s going to happen eventually. I mean you’ve been shagging for--”


Mason clamped a hand over my mouth to shut me up. “You’re a massive pain in the ass, you know that, right?” He said but there was a hint of affection in his tone. He gave a little glance at Molly, who gave a small nod of her head, before removing his hand. “The family doesn’t know, okay? Hell, Landon doesn’t even know. So you can’t tell anyone, alright?” 


“Wait, so that means--”


“Yes, we’re together.” Molly answered and laced her fingers through my brother’s and hid them behind their backs. 




A massive grin spread across my face. “So when’s the wedding?” I questioned, trying to be as annoying as possible at this point. I was a little sister. It was my duty. 


“We’re thinking spring, you know, right after you and Fred get hitched.” He shot back, raising a challenging eyebrow. 


“Mason!” I gasped, glancing at Molly with wide eyes. She was hiding a little knowing smile. Damn, my brother. Kid couldn’t keep a secret to save his life. 


“Hey, don’t come after my love life if you don’t want me coming after yours.”


“I don’t have a love life.” I insisted quickly, a blush creeping on my face.


“Are you sure about that?” Mason asked with the corner of his lips twitching. 


I was thankfully saved from answering by Mrs. Weasley announcing that dinner was ready. There were multiple tables set and I made sure to choose the one farthest away from my older brother as well as Weasley so I could avoid any type of suspicion. This made me end up sitting with Al, Rose, Tosh, and Heidi which would’ve been perfectly fine if Tosh and Heidi weren’t so nauseating. 


Even Rose, who spent a majority of her time attached to Scorpius Malfoy’s face, was having a difficult time stomaching it. “Hey Al,” I said after so long and his head popped up from his food. “Wanna snog a little bit and then you could feel me up if you want?” I suggested lightly, causing Tosh and Heidi to finally detached from each other. “Just kidding, that would be inappropriate considering we’re, I don’t know, eating and it’s, you know, bloody Christmas.” 


Al and Rose both snorted into their drinks while Heidi managed to look a bit sheepish. Tosh, on the other hand, scowled at me. “If you want us to get a room, you could just ask but know that if we get a room we’re going to do a whole hell of a lot more than snog.”


My nose wrinkled and I resisted gagging on my roast. “Des, you wanna go up to my mum’s old bedroom and we can hopefully get pregnant too?” Al asked with a little smirk causing Rose and me laugh and Tosh to reach across the table to smack his best friend. 


“Don’t even think about it, mate.” He warned with a glare. 


“How could I? Everyone knows I’m out of her league anyway.” Al teased and now it was my turn to smack him. 


“Piss off,” I said, sticking my tongue out at him. 


“I’m joking. In actuality, everyone knows that if my dad wasn’t saviour of the wizarding world then I would never get laid.” Al admitted and then glanced over at his older brother who was sitting at the next table, shoveling mashed potatoes in his mouth at an alarming rate. “Same goes for James.” 


“Wha?” James asked with his mouth stuffed and a dumbstruck expression on his face when he heard his name. 


“My point exactly.” 


We traveled back to the Potter’s house a few hours after dinner, but with Heidi and Weasley added to the party. Everyone was pretty exhausted, especially after eating as much as we did, so it wasn’t long before we were all headed to bed. Unsurprisingly, Tosh and Heidi were first with Mason following soon behind to ‘supervise’. I went up shortly after and changed into my quaffle boxer shorts but kept my Weasley sweater on. 


I waited for about a half an hour before a soft knock came from behind the door. Weasley cracked open the door and then walked in when he saw I was alone. “Hey,” He muttered and I couldn’t help the smile that spread on my face when he walked in. He was already in sweatpants and a black tee shirt that only he could look good in. 


“Took you long enough.” I teased and pulled back the covers on the side of the bed as an invitation for him to join me. 


“James was being irritating and wouldn’t let me get away,” He explained as he crawled in next to me. My head immediately found his chest and his arms encircled around me. 


We were both silent for a while before I sighed and asked, “What are we going to do?”


“What do you mean?” He questioned as he absentmindedly played with the ends of my hair. 


“About Roxy.” I paused. “And Sydney. And Logan. And Heidi. And Tosh. And pretty much everyone that’s not James.” 


“We don’t have to do anything. They don’t have to know.”


“They’re going to find out eventually and all hell will break loose when they do.” I said wishing that everything could just be easier. 


“Let’s not think about it right now.” He sighed, obviously not wanting to confront the issue. “It’s still Christmas.” 


“True,” I mumbled. “I didn’t get you anything.” I admitted honestly, feeling a little guilty. “Originally I was going to seduce you in matching black lingerie and give you the greatest snog of your life but that plan was kind of shot to hell when my face, ribs, and shoulder got all fucked up.” 


He laughed beneath me. “It’s okay. I didn’t get you anything either.”


“We’ve never been very great at getting each other presents, I guess.” I said with a little grin. 


“Not true, third year you gave me a dead rat that you found in the James’ attic.” He reminisced with an amused tone and I shook with laughter causing him to start laughing again too.


“I don’t know when I stopped hating you.” 


“I don’t think I ever hated you.” Weasley said, suddenly sort of serious. “Not truly.”


“Really?” I asked, crooking my neck up so I could look at him. His eyes were on the ceiling though as he traced little patterns on the part of my stomach where my sweater had slightly ridden up. 


“I mean I certainly didn’t like you and you annoyed the shit out of me but I never hated you. I think I cared about you too much to ever hate you.” 


I didn’t really have anything to say back to that so I leaned up and kissed him. We ended up doing that for a while and I think, in a way, that that was our Christmas present to each other. Just being there for the other one. And I was more than okay with that. 

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