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A/N: This is only gonna be a short author’s note. So here it is, the one where everything is finally explained! And don’t forget to leave me a review to tell me whether you guessed right or if it wasn’t what you were expecting? Were you surprised? Shocked? Angry? Disappointed? Tell me, I love to know these things! And the song Don't Cha belongs to the Pussycat Dolls and their label, A&M and Interscope.

Disclaimer: I only own my OCs and the plot but everything you recognise from the Harry Potter world does not belong to me but the talented J.K. Rowling.

I heard my door creak open before I felt the force of my two sister’s jump on my bed heavily.

“Oof!” I grunted, peeling my eye mask off and glaring at Charity and Norah.

“Good morning birthday girl!” Norah grinned happily and it was infectious because soon enough I was smiling too.

“You’re turning 19 today! How old do you feel now?” Charity smirked, ruffling my hair so I grabbed her arm and wrestled with both of them on my double bed. We were shrieking and shouting war cries before Mum and Dad walked in holding my birthday cake.

“Girls please, can you at least act your age for one day?” Dad joked and I wriggled out from under Norah, who had successfully pinned me down, to go and hug them both without making them drop my cake, “Happy birthday, sweetheart.” He whispered in my ear and I gave him a kiss on the cheek, sitting back on my bed. Mum got out a packet of matches and started lighting all nineteen candles on my pastel yellow cake. Mum was still really happy I was put into Hufflepuff, hence the yellow cake.

“Ready?” She looked round at everyone and they all nodded.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Elle, happy birthday to you!” They all sang together and I scrunched my eyes closed, made a wish and blew out the candles in a few go’s.

“Hip hip?” Norah said.

“Hooray!” Everyone else replied, doing it again another three times. They all watched quietly as I opened all their cards, thanking each one of them and putting the small stack of money from the cards on my bedside table.

“Present time! Present time!” Norah clapped her hands happily and they all brought in a pile of presents just for me, “Me first because I’m the youngest.” Norah handed me a small rectangular shaped present first. It was quite heavy so I was a bit confused as to what it could be so I opened it carefully to reveal a new, floral-scented perfume that I had been ogling for a while.

“Aww yay! Thank you!” I squealed, pulling her into a hug and spritzing some so I could smell it.

“Next three!” She put the rest of the presents in my arms and I ripped open the wrapping paper to reveal a new novel, bath-bombs and creams and a canvas portrait of all three of us together.

“Awww Norah, they’re lovely! I can’t wait to put this picture up on my wall.” I put it all down on the other side of my bed together as I turned to Charity.

“Now all this stuff is from myself, Darrell and Ruari.” She smiled, handing me four very large presents. Ruari was Charity and Darrell’s two year old son he was adorable and very excitable. When I opened them, I saw a gorgeous pair of silver earrings, a pair of high black heels, a collection of four different nail polishes and one black dress.

“This is just brilliant! Thank you so much, especially the chocolate!” I opened the packet, stuffing three pieces of chocolate in my mouth and offering the others some.

“Happy birthday, Elle,” Mum said as she handed over two sets of rectangular presents, “Now, these two go together and we think it can help you when you start your Healing course.” She smiled happily at me as my grin automatically widened in excitement. I was only one year out of Hogwarts and already Mum and Dad had built up enough money for me to get onto the course that I had fallen in love with during school. It meant we had to sacrifice a lot of things but everyone said they’d much rather I get my dream job than go on a camping holiday to Wales. This was why I loved my family so much.

“We’re sending off the money tomorrow with the form so you can have a place.” Dad added and I squealed happily. I was so excited because I could finally be on the course and become a Healer at St. Mungo’s, it was everything I could have dreamed of. I immediately squished my parents in my arms and thanked them profusely until I pulled back and opened up the two presents. In the first, smaller rectangular shape was a pile of notebooks and Healer books that had references, facts and tips to help me on the course. In the second, larger but softer shape was a pair of turquoise-y/green scrubs and a pair of white pumps that I could wear on the first day of my training.

“Oh my God! Wow, they are just brilliant! Thank you so much, I love them!” I stared at both of them happily before pulling them into another hug and kissing both of their cheeks, “I’m so excited! I just want September to hurry up already so I can use all this stuff.” I put them all in the pile of my sisters’ presents, hugging them all again.

“Now we all need to get dressed for the barbecue,” Mum clapped her hands all business-like, “And your grandparents will be here in half an hour so hurry up.” She and Dad left the room together. I saluted sarcastically, pushing myself out of my bed and putting all my presents on my bed whilst checking my phone for any texts from Molly or Dom but there were none.

“What are you two wearing?” I asked Charity and Norah, who were both still sat on my bed munching on the last pieces of cake.

“I dunno, probably a dress.” Charity shrugged, standing up and leaving the room after that to get dressed and also because Darrell and Ruari were coming over soon.

“Why don’t you wear this?” Norah chucked a cute red halter dress to me and I shrugged, just pulling it on top of my pyjamas and then manoeuvring them off underneath.

“Yeah, this’ll do.” I assessed my appearance in the mirror happily, deciding to leave my blonde hair down and all messy once I’d brushed through it. My mood dropped south a little and I was disappointed that Molly and Dom, my best friends, hadn’t called or texted to wish me a happy birthday.

“What’s wrong?” Norah asked me when I checked my phone for the billionth time.

“Molly and Dom haven’t texted me or called me at all today,” I sighed, “They’ve never forgotten my birthday before.”

“It’s okay, they probably haven’t forgotten,” she comforted me, pulling me into a weird sideways hug, “They might still be asleep, you know what they’re like.” I laughed, knowing that they’d gone out last night so they were possibly dealing with heavy hangovers.

“Yeah, probably.” I headed downstairs into the garden whilst Norah went off to get out of her pyjamas too. Dad was putting the coal down on the barbecue, throwing a match onto it so that it was warming up whilst Mum was in the kitchen preparing all the food. After a few minutes of sitting in the back garden with Charity and Norah, we heard voices coming from the house so we all stood up as our Grandparents came in.

“There she is, the birthday girl!” My Granddad, on my Mum’s side, greeted heartily as he hobbled into the backyard.

“Granddad!” I exclaimed, running up to him and giving him a big cuddle because he was my favourite Grandparent. No offence obviously to my Dad’s Mum and Dad but they were just a bit more rigid and it was difficult and tiring to explain the whole magic thing to them repeatedly. Whereas my Mum’s Dad already knew because he was a wizard himself so he understood everything.

“Careful now, I’m not as robust as I once was.” He laughed. I pulled back watching him embrace Norah and Charity afterwards and then I went to greet my other Grandparents.

“Hey!” I smiled, kissing them on the cheeks and hugging them for a brief few seconds.

“Happy birthday, love.” Granddad Phillip said kindly and I thanked him, guiding them to their seats around the barbecue. Once they were sat down, they handed me another couple of presents to open and I did so happily, revealing another huge wad of cash and some reading books.

“Thank you!” I smiled happily, putting the presents on the table and standing up to hug my Grandparents again. When we had all settled back into our seats, I turned to Charity, “When are Darrell and Ruari coming over?”

“I told them about the barbecue so it should be soon,” she answered vaguely and I narrowed my eyes in suspicion, “You just want to see Ruari, don’t you?” She teased and I blushed a little, laughing with Norah.

“Maybe,” I muttered embarrassed, “But he’s just so cute. I wanna squish his cheeks every time I see him.”

“And I may have to steal him at some point.” Norah joined in, sipping from her can of cider. Sure enough, Charity had to go and open the front door a few minutes later and both Darrell and Ruari stepped out into the already cramped garden.

“Hey Elle, happy birthday.” Darrell greeted me in a swift hug after handing Ruari to Charity’s open arms.

“Thanks for the presents.” I smiled ecstatically between both of them. Charity and Darrell were such an adorable couple, I sometimes felt jealous that she had such a loving relationship and her own little family. But I had Norah, who was also single, to remind me why I should stay out of a relationship. She was such a charming woman.

“It’s no problem.” He grinned before going over to greet my parents and grandparents politely.

“Can you say ‘happy birthday Elle’?” Charity cooed to Ruari adorably, whose face contorted into a beautiful smile with dimples.

“Ahi bitda Lellie!” He blurted, stretching his arms out for me and Charity handed him over gently. I immediately started tickling his belly and kissing his cute little baby cheeks repeatedly.

“Close enough,” I laughed, walking over to where Dad was serving up all the food onto eleven plates, “Who are the other two plates for?” I sat down onto a blanket placed on the floor with Ruari who started playing with the toys laid out.

“For us.” A chipper voice said behind me and I whirled around excitedly to see both Molly and Dom stood there. My face split into a euphoric grin as I stood, making sure Ruari was okay first, and ran over to them, embracing them tightly.

“You bitches!” I exclaimed quietly still with that smile on my face.

“Happy birthday!” They said in unison, holding out an envelope for me to take. My mouth dropped open in shock when I pulled out three plane tickets to Ibiza for two weeks in July.

What?!” I embraced them both again.

“We thought we would take you on your very first girls holiday!” Molly explained.

“And seeing as we probably won’t see you as much when you start your training in September, we thought now would be the perfect time as a sort of send-off!” Dom carried on as we all walked back over to everyone else.

“I’m going on holiday!” I announced loudly to everyone and they all smiled, clapped or laughed happily. My birthday was turning out to be pretty amazing, I was worried it would be a let-down from my eighteenth last year. Norah had organised for me to go out for a massive club night with all of my friends together.

“So,” Granddad leaned towards me from where I was sat on the floor beside his garden chair, “What’s this I hear about you becoming a Healer?”

“I’m not a Healer yet Granddad,” I rolled my eyes playfully, cuddling Ruari in my lap, “I still have to do the training for it first. That’s what I’m doing in September for two years.” I was so super stoked to finally be able to do it and only a year out of Hogwarts too.

“What do you have to do on this course?” My other Granddad asked curiously. Everyone else was engaging in their own conversations around us but all the kids were sat on the floor or playing around in the garden.

“For the first year, it’s just theory-based lessons on whatever specification you want to do and then during the second year, you work as a sort of intern in that ward.” I answered.

“And what ward would you like to work in?”

“She wants to work in the Maternity Ward and the ICU. Which could not be further apart.” Norah teased and I stuck my tongue out at her.

“At least I know what I wanna do.” I retorted jokingly.

“Please I’ve only just left Hogwarts.” She scoffed heavily, downing a large sip of cider.

“She wants to have what muggle’s call a gap year where basically she takes a year for herself and travels around the world doing Merlin knows what.” Charity explained to Granddad, who was listening intently.

“That sounds wonderful! I’ll have to give you my notebook of all the places I visited when I was young.” He pointed a shaky finger at Norah and we all chuckled.

“Like where?” Her brown eyes were sparkling in the setting sun behind us.

“Have I ever told you about that time I had to escape an old Egyptian tomb with only a spoon and my wand?”

“No you haven’t, Dad,” Mum stopped him with a fond smile on her face, “And I don’t think that’s the most appropriate story to be telling with young children here.”

“You’re no fun.” He grumbled unhappily as we all laughed at his face again.

“That sounds like an awesome story.” I whispered to him when Mum was called to help with the food.

“I’ll have to tell you some other time,” he winked conspiratorially, “Maybe when your Mother is a little more preoccupied.”

“That’s a deal!” Norah held her hand out for him to shake, which he did, and we continued to play with Ruari on the blanket until Dad called us to get our plates of food. The meat was a bit burnt and we laughed when Dad got super defensive about his barbecue technique. Soon enough, everyone had to leave or go home and we were left to say our goodbyes.

“Happy birthday! And you need to stop growing so tall as well!” Grandma joked lightly and I hugged both her and Granddad at the same time.

“Thank you so much for coming today! Love you!” I received two sloppy kisses on the cheek for that and watched them both get in their car and drive off.

“We’ll see you soon for our holiday!” Molly squealed happily, hugging me so tight and I returned it.

“Thank you so much Moll! Best birthday ever!” I then pulled Dom into a hug and they both apparated away with two loud cracks. Darrell and Ruari were next and Ruari didn’t want to leave and started bawling loudly when Darrell tried to peel him away from me. Lastly, Granddad waddled up to me and pulled me in for a tight hug.

“Happy birthday, love!” he whispered quietly in my ear, “You can come round this weekend and I’ll tell you and Norah all about my crazy adventures.”

“We will,” I replied quietly, breathing in that comforting, faint smell of cigars, “And thank you so much for coming over, I love you Granddad.”

“I love you too, sweetheart.” He let go and said goodbye to everyone else before apparating with Mum, just to make sure he gets home safe.

“Come on, we need to go and get ready for tonight.” Norah dragged me back into my bedroom as soon as Dad started packing everything away. Charity had gone back to her house with Darrell but apparently she was coming back later on for another surprise.

“What’s happening tonight?” I questioned suspiciously. Norah was well known for throwing surprises for people, especially for her family, because she gets joy out of it.

“Me, you and Char are all going out to a nightclub!” She squealed happily, jumping onto my bed with a wide grin.

“I don’t have anything club-y to wear though.” I stared at her dumbfounded until she pointed at the pile of presents I had already received today. On top of which was the shoes, jewellery and dress that Charity had bought for me, “You sneaky little girls.” I chuckled, picking them up and heading into the bathroom to get showered and changed into a tight, strapless black dress that came to about mid-thigh.

“Whit woo! Hot mama!” Norah wolf-whistled teasingly when I came out with my hair wrapped in a towel and holding my stilettos in one hand. I rolled my eyes, sat in my vanity chair and waited for Norah to come and do my make-up for me.

“Ow! You just stabbed me in the eye with the mascara wand!” I whined, my eye watering heavily.

“Keep the tears in! I’ve just spent ages on your eyes and it’ll ruin it!” she tilted my head back sharply and told me to blink the tears back in repeatedly until they were gone, “Stop pulling faces at me too!” She glared at me but I carried on until she laughed as well then continued with my face.

“You almost finished yet?” I moaned, looking awkwardly out the corner of my eye to my alarm clock that read 20:48, “You’ve been doing this for half an hour now.”

“Hold still! I’m trying to make you look hot, I’ll be done in like ten minutes.” Another twenty five minutes later, she was completely done and I could finally dry and style my hair down into wavy curls.

“When’s Charity getting here?” I asked her whilst she was in the middle of pulled on her lime-yellow crop top and black, high-waisted disco pants.

“She’s getting ready at hers, Darrell’s dropping her off here and then Mum’s dropping us off at the club and picking us up after.” She explained, scraping her hair up into some messy ponytail up-do and doing her make-up, faster than mine took.

“Okay, so we’re just waiting for her then?”

“Basically.” We both headed downstairs into the living room where Mum and Dad were watching TV together.

“Don’t you both look all grown-up,” Mum gushed, smiling at both of us, “Although I still wish you hadn’t dyed your hair sweetheart.” She said to me and I rolled my eyes tiredly. It was always the same argument with Mum. She really didn’t like the fact that I had dyed my hair blonde back in fifth year and the only reason I didn’t tell her about Valerie was because I knew she’d probably have a go at me for being ashamed of my hair colour or something. And then she’d find out where Valerie lived and have a go at her too.

“Mum, I like it so I’m keeping it.” I answered, sitting down on the small armchair with Norah perched on the arm.

“And if any man touches you, you come straight home and tell me okay?” Dad warned us.

“Dad! I’m nineteen and Norah’s eighteen now, we’re not babies!” I whined, my cheeks getting hotter from embarrassment even though there was no-one else in the room apart from family.

“You’ll both always be my babies.” His voice softened up and, again, I rolled my eyes teasingly and so did Norah.

“You’re such a soppy old man.” Norah joked, causing everyone to laugh, including Dad. The door opened and Charity quickly walked in wearing a nice, tight-fitting plum dress and small black heels.

“Sorry I’m late, Ruari really didn’t want me to leave at all but I desperately need a night out,” she apologised but we all shrugged it off. The one thing I loved about Charity was that, although she was a Mum now, she was still exactly the same, she hadn’t changed at all, “Are we all ready to go?” She smiled at Mum who stood up with her car keys in hand.

“We’re not going too far into London because I’m not driving through that traffic again.” She warned us as we all climbed into the car after saying goodbye to Dad.

“There’s hardly any traffic in London at night.” I scoffed.

“There’s always traffic in London at night, Elle, you just don’t remember because you’re too drunk to take notice.” She teased, looking at me through the rear-view mirror.

“Okay, sometimes I might be a bit tipsy but I am never that drunk.” I scoffed again, folding my arms childishly.

“I’m only joking Elle, I know you haven’t been that drunk since the house party incident.” She wiggled her eyebrows up and down suggestively.

“Don’t even remind us Mum, I had to throw out my second favourite top because you threw up on it.” Charity glared jokingly at me and slapped me on the shoulder.

“And I had to help you out the car and clean you up before putting you to bed.” Norah butted in, giggling.

“Alright, alright. I get the message. I’m not a very good drunk.” I huffed, sticking my tongue out at all three of them, making them chuckle. Charity switched on the radio and we all sang or danced randomly to whichever muggle songs played. After driving for quite a while and deciding which club we were going into, we decided on Psycho which looked jam-packed full of people. In Norah’s terms this meant that there would be a lot of man-candy for us to enjoy, minus Charity because she was already married.

“Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the view.” She protested when Mum pulled up into the nearest car park.

“I’m telling Darrell that you said that!” Norah yelled making Charity whip her head around and glared devilishly at Norah.

“Don’t you dare,” she threatened seriously, “Or else I’ll tell that hot dentist that you fancy him the next time I’m there.”

“Fine.” Norah replied, rolling her eyes but still going a bit pink.

“Right,” Mum turned to look between all three of us, “You girls have fun but don’t go too mad okay?” She looked particularly at me.

“You aren’t gonna let me live that down, are you?” I whined, putting my head in my hands.

“Nope. Now get out and get your groove on!” She shouted out the window as she drove away.

“Ugh, she’s so embarrassing!” Norah chuckled when we joined the line for entry into the nightclub. The music from inside was so loud that the floor outside was vibrating more and more every step we took towards the front of the queue.

“I love this song.” I squealed, jumping up and down when one of my all-time favourite songs came on inside. There were still quite a few people in front of us having their IDs checked by the bouncers on the doors.

“Once we get in, we’re making you drink nineteen shots by the way. As a birthday tradition.” Norah grinned evilly when we reached the bouncer, handed over our IDs and headed inside.

Nineteen?! I’ll probably throw up all over the table if I do nineteen! Are you kidding me?” I protested when they both dragged me to the bar.

“I agree,” Charity nodded her head with a smile, shouting over the loud music, “How about eight and a half?”

“Okay, I can probably do that.” I agreed casually whilst she ordered eight and a half shots from the young-looking bartender. Once they arrived, with Charity’s and Norah’s three shots, I grabbed the first glass and held it up as a cheers for them both, “Cheers to a great birthday!” I yelled.

“Cheers!” They both replied simultaneously and we clinked our glasses together before downing the burning liquid. Charity and Norah did the rest of their shots and waited for me to do the other five and a half that I had left. By the time I had almost finished, a huge group of lads and girls had surrounded us and were cheering me on. On the seventh shot I started to feel the effects of the alcohol sinking in but continued ploughing on anyway, finishing the last half to loud cheers and applause from the group.

“Woo!” I shook my head a little, feeling fuzzy but like I was still sober to remember what I was doing. But because it was my birthday, I decided I wanted to get drunk and then some.

“Here! Drink this and let’s go dance!” Norah shouted, handing me a blue coloured liquid in a large glass bottle and we headed towards the middle of the dance-floor. Most people were grinding against their significant other or one-night-stands as the songs played and played. After an hour of dancing, we were separated from Norah who had gone to the toilet and hadn’t returned.

“Do you reckon she’s okay?” I slurred to Charity who was bopping to the bass of the song.

“Yeah, she’ll probably be chatting up some random cutie,” she laughed, handing me another drink that I drank in no time. It wasn’t long before myself and Norah were completely out of it, stumbling and slurring out words horribly, “Okay, come on. We need to get you two home.” Charity chuckled, slinging my arm over her shoulder.

“Okaaaaaay!” I tried to look up at her but my head felt really heavy so I settled for lolling it around instead. Walking in heels became difficult all of a sudden, actually just walking in general became difficult.

“I’ll just ring Mum,” Charity said, sitting both Norah and I onto the curb so we weren’t falling about. Norah ended up slamming into my side heavily which made us both fall sideways giggling, “And you two stay there,” she pulled out her phone and dialled a number, “Hey Mum… yeah, we’re ready now… okay, see you in thirty minutes, bye!” She slid the phone back into her bag and hovered above us. Norah groaned before throwing up on the floor, luckily near a drain.

“God Noona, leaarn to handle your alcohol!” I slurred horrifically, it certainly didn’t help that I couldn’t handle my alcohol either.

“You two, honestly.” I heard Charity sigh amusedly above me before she stepped around to face Norah with tissues in hand to wipe her vomit-covered mouth. I suddenly felt like singing so I started a very loud and out-of-tune rendition of Don’t Cha, accompanied by sloppy hand movements, “Mum’s here, Elle you should be okay to get in the car yourself so climb in and I’ll help Norah.” She ordered seriously so I gave her a serious salute and climbed into the front passenger seat.

“Ello Mother!” I greeted said woman with a wide grin, struggling to grasp where the seatbelt was and to click it in.

“Oh dear God, I thought I told you not to get too bad.” She chuckled, grabbing it off me, after a million and one failed attempts, and did it for me.

“I’m not throwing up like Noona so it’s all goooooood.” I strung it out just as she leaned out the door to vomit again. Charity shrieked, leaping out of the way lightning fast to avoid the spray, shouting at her angrily. Eventually, once she had cleaned Norah up again, she climbed into the other side and we set off down the motorway back home.

“You all have fun?” Mum made conversation as Charity was keeping an eye on Norah and I was trying to drunkenly sing along to a song that I had in my head.

“Mmhmm… Noona even got some guy’s number, I did shots and we danced.” And that was shadowed with actions that I thought represented each one.

“Okay, you are very drunk,” she looked at me worriedly out the corner of her eye, “This is going to be very enjoyable tomorrow.”

“But that’s okay because you’ll make me a nice fry-up because you’re an amazing Mother who looks after her children when they’re in pain,” I put my hand on her upper arm, squeezing it a little, “Have I ever told you how much I love you?” Charity gave a warning that Norah was gonna be sick so Mum quickly swerved onto the hard shoulder so she could throw up in the grass.

“You’re only saying that because you’re drunk, Elle.” She laughed, indicating to another lane when we started driving again.

“No, I’m not Mother! I mean it with my whole heart,” I tapped my chest with my palm, “I do love you Mother!”

“And I love you too, Elle,” she gave me a smile quickly before turning her attention back onto the road. Norah threw up a grand total of three more times but seemed to be sobering up as we got closer to home, “Does this guy want to get into my boot?” Mum suddenly growled angrily. The car behind us was driving incredibly close to us, the bumpers looked like they were almost touching, but they still didn’t move into another lane. Mum was too busy paying attention to the guy behind us and speeding up, that she didn’t see the car in front of us suddenly swerve into our lane.


I grabbed the wheel abruptly, spinning it so that we didn’t crash into it but everything felt like it was going in slow motion. As our car swerved, a loud screeching could be heard and the far side seemed to lift slowly into the air.


Then as slow as everything as felt, it sped up again. My side of car slammed into the tarmac road harshly, causing me to smack my head against the window. The glass shattered almost immediately but the car didn’t stop there, it rolled over so that I hit my head on the roof. The way I was being flung around, it didn’t feel like I was even wearing a seatbelt. I’d completely lost count how many times we’d spun around, whether we were upright or sideways or upside-down before I’d blacked out from the pain.


The only mind-numbing pain that I could feel right now was all along my spine. It felt like someone had cut my back open with a knife and then proceeded to shove a metal rod in there without giving me any pain relief. It physically hurt to breath, so much so that I had to hold my breath occasionally to get rid of the pain.


My eyes adjusted momentarily before becoming blurry before becoming focussed again when I forcefully peeled them open. There were shouts echoing in the distance but they seemed too far away. I wanted desperately to shout, to make any sort of noise to let them know that I was here. That I was somewhat alive. That’s when my mind caught up to what had happened and I whipped my head around, causing me to cry out in searing pain. Glass was shattered around me in pieces as I was pressed up against my side of the car, looking down at the tarmac floor. We must have ended up on my side.


My senses suddenly went into overdrive. I could smell blood, and a lot of it, it was a putrid tangy-metal smell that was incredibly overwhelming. The tips of my fingers felt tingly and numb at the same time when I reached up to where my head was throbbing to find shattered pieces of glass implanted into my scalp. When I retracted my hand, letting it fall limp with the weight of gravity to the floor, I registered that they were now covered in red, wet blood. My blood. That thought alone, never mind the burning pain, made me want to drift into unconsciousness so that I didn’t have to feel anything or think anything. I could literally not exist for an eternity.


My eyes started to droop but something was telling me to just hold on for a little bit longer. As my head was now rested in an awkward position, making the pain even worse, I could finally look up through hazy eyes at the limp figure dangling above me. Deep red hair fanned over her face, blood gushing down from her head to her finger tips, soaking me. That explained the heavy blood smell.

“M…” I croaked out, barely above a whisper, it was more like a hiss, “Mu…” I tried again, wincing from the shot of pain that slithered through my spine, “Mum…?” Gasping for air, I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. Not wanting to look anymore.


My body was ice cold yet the pain was burning me alive, every nerve ending was sizzling, “Mum… wake up…” I tried to lift my arm up so I could nudge her and try to wake her. She wouldn’t stir so I began nudging her harder, “Mum, yo… you have to… wake up…” I pleaded, moving myself slowly and painfully so that my upper body was half off the floor.

My stronger hand tried to brush away some of her hair but I snapped it back with a sharp gasp when I saw a dark red, blood-covered face underneath, “Pl-please…” I breathed, my blood running cold and a million soul-shattering thoughts running through my mind.


Please don’t let it be true.


Please don’t.


I remembered a trick from a Healer book and I pressed my finger on her wrist, to feel her pulse.


I couldn’t feel anything.


But she couldn’t be, “Mum… please wake up… pl-please… don’t be… you can’t…” I stumbled over my words, my breathing becoming raged and short and my eyes stinging with tears. I didn’t want to believe it so I moved two fingers onto her neck because I definitely would be able to feel her pulse there. If it was a weak one, I probably wouldn’t have been able to feel it properly on her wrist but I would on her neck. It just had to be.


It wasn’t.

“…No! Please, no! You can’t! Mum, please wake up! You have to wake up!” My voice was getting hysterical, tears spilling over onto my cheeks as I sobbed, gasping and screaming in pain.


Who knows how long I screamed and cried for? Who knows? Eventually it got to a point where I couldn’t tell if I was still screaming or not, I just felt numb. Everything was cold, lifeless, empty.




I couldn’t cry anymore, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t move. I just couldn’t do anything else. Nothing else seemed to matter anymore. So when the darkness took over, I let it.


I welcomed it with open arms.

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