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"Okay, now he's just being obvious!" I exclaim to Roxy as we sit "studying" in the library. After getting hushed by the Ravenclaws in the corner, I continue in a quieted voice, "Louis wasn't even this obvious the first time!"

"I know!" she whispers back. "You'd think that he would have learned. Obviously the boy has-"

"Hey guys, what's up?" Louis asks as he takes a seat at our table. Roxy and I share a look then proceed to glance at him. He seems perfectly normal to the untrained eye, but I can tell he's jittery- like he just did something that was completely against the rules.

"Studying," Roxy says in a slightly confrontational tone. "Where have you been for the last three hours and," she glances at her watch, "twenty-seven minutes?"

"Nowhere much," he replied in a faux casual manner. I look at Roxy and we mutually agree to let the topic simmer until we have better proof.

"Well will you go then?" Roxy asks me, changing the topic. 

"Well he is kind of dreamy..." I let off with a dramatic sigh

"Wait! What?" Louis interrupts, obviously not liking the direction of the conversation.

Roxy and I chuckle as we exchange glances. "We were talking about Adam yesterday, remember?"

"Did you get a date with him?" he nervously exclaims. The Ravenclaw shushes us again, but this time adds in a glare. 

Roxy glares back and I continue the conversation, "Well crazily enough, he asked me to the next Hogsmead weekend when Roxy convinced me to stop and borrow a quill for him."

Louis looks freaked for a moment then regains his composure, "Cool, too bad he's a jerk."

"I'll deal," I say with a sweet smile. That'll teach him to sneak around behind our backs. 

Roxy and I exchange glances as Louis angrily grabs his bag and storms out of the library.

We start to giggle, he’s so easy to fluster! I hadn’t really borrowed a quill or been asked by Adam, but it was fun to pretend when we know he’s working for James.


Over the next week, I keep finding James...glancing at me. Sometimes I’ll just turn my head and he’ll be looking my way. Once he sees me though, he averts his gaze. It’s a little weird. In the common room, in the Great Hall, even at the Quidditch game.

The Quidditch game, however, was quite the event. We’re up against Hufflepuff. It’s Mid-March. Bring it on.

Roxy and I get to the pitch with the rest of the school about fifteen minutes before the game. We chose seats fairly high up so we have a good view. The Gryffindor team had really shaped up this year and is doing much better now that Andrew Slake, the previous seeker, graduated. It wasn’t really that Slake was all that bad, only that he had a propensity for falling off his broom when he got excited. It was unfortunate that time he was about five hundred feet up. If Professor Dumbledore hadn’t been there, it would have been bad.

The game started up and Gryffindor was quick to score. Lily Potter, a fourth year and Slake’s replacement, was scanning for the snitch. The game looks a lot more promising with her in it. That is, until Roxy elbows me, pointing at her cousin. “What is he doing?” she asks.

I look up and see that he is looking our way. What is he doing? That haircut still looks awful. I am pretty sure he can’t see us well enough because normally by now he would have looked away. She continues in a voice of disbelief, “It looks like he’s lost it! He’s daydreaming!”

A Hufflepuff chaser goes right past him and scores a goal. “Oh, and it looks like that one just slipped right through Potter’s oblivious hands!” The commentator yells in awe as the Hufflepuffs cheer.

That was enough to snap James back into reality. The captain, Caitlin Cadigan flies over and starts yelling at James. He doesn’t seem fazed by the yelling; even I know that the girl’s Irish comes out quite frequently when she gets upset. “And it looks like Cadigan is really tearing into Potter folks! Poor time to miss a block. And we’re returning to the game! Hufflepuff takes a quick possession. It doesn’t help that the Gryffindor captain and star chaser is still over by the keeper, lecturing him by the looks of it!” The commentator continues.

After about half an hour, the score is 50-30 Gryffindor. Unfortunately, James is looking my way again and starting to get that weird face again. “Roxy! Why is he doing this? They’re going to lose if he doesn’t concentrate!”

Roxy looks over at her cousin with a helpless face. “Do we need to leave? Hide somewhere he can’t see us”

“I don’t know if that would help, I bet he can’t really see us that well anyway!”

Thankfully, he perks up when he hears the commentator say his name. “And Hoyle,” one of the Hufflepuff chasers, “is headed straight toward Potter, hoping for another easy goal. Oh! But Potter saves it!”

The game continues in the same way, Potter getting distracted and barely catching the quaffle, for another hour until Lily perks up and starts shooting for the ground. The Hufflepuff chaser is on the other side and struggling to catch up.

“It looks as if Potter has sighted the snitch! She is diving for it. Liam Nolan is just a hair behind her. Will a hair be too much folks? Potter is getting closer, turning, excellent block by Weasley with that bludger, and SHE GETS THE SNITCH! Gryffindor wins 230-60.”


The party up in the common room is pretty great. Nothing too rambunctious, but plenty of fun. The only problem is James keeps glancing at me. If I wasn’t convinced before that he’s going after me, I am now.

“Wow, James did so well in the game, don’t you think?” Louis asks as he walks over to Roxy and me.

“Not exceptionally, he let quite a few in. And that one time he didn’t even try to stop it. He didn’t do his best this game, that’s for sure.” Roxy replied.

“Yeah, but he still won us the game!” Louis replies with a little too much enthusiasm.

“Actually, Lily won the game,” I tell him, amused by how obvious he is.

“But James still did well, right? Did you see that time he blocked Hoyle’s trick shot? That was great!”

“Louis! That wasn’t a trick shot! He was just trying to make sure Potter had still lost his concentration!” Roxy replies. This boy seriously would not quit!

James walks past, sneaking a glance our way, per usual, when Louis grabs his elbow and starts in. “James, you would not believe how impressed these two are with the game you played today! Dess was saying how she loved how you blocked Hoyle’s trick shot. And Roxy really loved your comeback after Cadigan got onto you. How do you think the game went?”

Obviously the two had planned this little moment because James shoots Louis a look and a grin before saying “That’s so sweet ladies! I didn’t think you were paying that much attention to me! Man, I guess it is hard to look away sometimes, right Louis?”

“Oh yeah!” he replies. “Sometimes I see all the girls looking your way the whole game!”

“Are you trying to make me jealous?” I ask, quite confused at the route of the conversation.

“Oh! Dear Dess! I could never make you jealous, you don’t like me, remember?” James asks, a challenge in his voice.

I put on a sweet smile and say “So this is a new strategy too? See if you can make me jealous after almost losing the game because you couldn’t keep your eyes off me?” His cheat deflates, I’m not normally that outspoken. That is the type of thing I normally say in my head, not out loud. Might as well keep it going while I feel the courage “And your hair? It looks like someone tried, and failed, to shave a skunk. You might want to get it fixed.” 

A/N: Thanks so much for reading. I'm really enjoying writing this story again, hopefully you're enjoying reading it!

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