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The weeks had flown by as Sofia and her family settled back into Zabini Manor. Their usually blissful days had been filled with meetings, food tasting, fittings and invite writing. Not a day had gone by, since leaving Hogwarts, that wasn't filled with something to hasten the preparations for Draco and Sofia's wedding. The only time Sofia had been allowed a moment to catch her breath was the weekend of her hen party. She had spent the two days under the sizzling sunshine in Cannes with her best girlfriends plus her mother and Narcissa. Fine dining, sun bathing and a spa trip filled the days while the nights were full to the brim with alcohol and partying in the most glamourous of clubs. After the trouble the girls had got up to that weekend, Sofia dreaded to think what had happened when Draco went to Vegas. It was all good fun though.

Now, just a week later, Sofia was finally feeling the disorientating nerves that came with being a bride-to-be. Her mother had been assuring Sofia, since the nerves had hit her, that it was perfectly natural to feel such a thing. Sofia only wished that they had hit her before the morning of her wedding day.

"Now, now I think it's time you gave that to me", Pansy coaxed as she tried to wrench the bottle out of Sofia's hands.

They had been up since 8:00 am to get ready for the wedding. Pansy and Ginny were already in their bridesmaids dresses and the former was currently trying to persuade Sofia to put down the bottle of champagne she had been necking for the past twenty minutes.

To say Sofia was nervous was an understatement. She was petrified and so far the only thing that had given her any comfort was alcohol. Admittedly, she was now feeling a little tipsy but the nerves were still there, twisting into a huge knot in her stomach.

"No! I need it! I won't be able to do this otherwise", she explained worriedly.

"Right! I've had enough!", Ginny snapped, "In a couple of hours you are going to be marrying the man you love and I will be damned if I let you turn up to your own wedding pissed as a fart!".

Sofia was shocked by Ginny's boldness for a second but then she remembered that this was Ginny Weasley. There was no bolder or upfront person on this planet.

"But Gin, I-".

"No! I will not hear another word of this, now sit down and let this really nice lady do your make up like she has been trying to for the last twenty five minutes! Pansy! Get the alcohol out of this room!".

"Yes, boss!", Pansy quipped and hurried to remove the several bottles of champagne from Sofia's bedroom.

"What are you looking so panicked about?", Draco enquired as he saw Pansy walk into the kitchen holding serveral bottles.

"Oh, I'm only trying to stop your fiancee getting absolutely wasted before her wedding!".

"That nervous is she?", Draco smiled.

He knew she'd be freaking out, even more so than she had over her exams and that had been scary enough, so he could imagine the disaster Ginny and Pansy were facing upstairs. This would have made most men nervous but Draco was not most men and to be frank he found the situation quite amusing and just as he had predicted.

"She'll be fine, just give her this", Draco said as he handed Pansy a large silver bag with a white bow on top.

"You really do think of everything don't you?", Pansy grinned as she realised that Draco had known full well that this was going to happen.

She was sure that Draco knew Sofia better than she knew herself.

"You sound surprised", Draco smirked.

Pansy just shook her head laughing as she headed back upstairs to the monster that was currently her best friend.

"You're going to poke me in the eye! Can you not just stop now?!", Sofia was arguing.

"Sofia, if you sit there and be a good little girl while Marissa does your make up then you can have this", Pansy cooed as if she was talking to a young child.

"What is it?", Sofia enguired at seeing the large silver gift bag Pansy had in her hands.

"A present from Draco".

Sofia's eyes lit up at this as she turned back to the make up artist and let her contiue to apply her make up.

It had taken just ten more minutes after Sofia had stopped her incessant nagging, and when her face was finished she jumped up and grabbed the bag from Pansy. Inside were two things; a large package wrapped in purple gift wrap and a green velvet box.

She ripped open the packaging of the larger parcel and found a plain black book. Inside she saw that it was filled with photos of her and Draco. Sofia smiled as she flicked through the pages, she hadn't even known that Draco had these. As she got to the end she noticed that there were several more pages and more could be added when one wanted to add more photos to the album. At the back was a small note that read 'an everlasting album for my everlasting love'. The statement brought tears to her eyes. It was written in Draco's handwriting and she knew from his words that she was his everlasting love.

As she moved on to open the velvet box, she couldn't help but to let a gasp escape from her lips. Ginny and Pansy too expressed their amazement at seeing what was inside.

There, lying on the velvet, was a sparkling tiara. The silver band held atop small pearls and crystals that were intertwined with diamond flowers. On the back she could see the Malfoy family crest engraved into the beautiful piece of jewellery.

"I knew I recognised that!", Pansy squeaked, "It's been in his family for generations, every Malfoy bride wears it!".

"It's gorgeous", Sofia whispered as she thumbed the antique tiara in her hands.

It was Ginny who took it from the box and placed it on Sofia's head perfectly over her immaculate hair.

"Gorgeous", she beamed, "Now, we just need to get that dress of yours on".


Draco was standing under the white canopy, that was covered with tiger lillies, at the end of the aisle. It was on this spot that he would be saying his vows to Sofia and despite his appearance he was a little nervous. He had just seen Seline Zabini come from the house and sit in one of the white wooden chairs on the front row. Tears were streaming down her face. She had clearly just come from seeing her beloved daughter. If the sight of Sofia reduced her Mother to this, he wasn't sure what would happen to him when he set eyes on his beautiful bride. He looked at Blaise as the orchestra began to play gentle music, who gave him a nod for encouragement, not that Draco needed it. He couldn't wait to call Sofia his wife.

Inside, Sofia was left with her Father as Pansy, Ginny, Harry and Ron exited Zabini manor at the sound of the music.

"I don't think I could be anymore proud of you than I am today", Andre Zabini said as he looked lovingly at his daughter, "Sofia, my sweet sweet Sofia, you look like an angel. I never thought this day would come but I couldn't be more happy that it has".

Sofia's eyes began to fill as her Father continued to talk.

"We waited 18 years to have you back in our lives and now that you're here I can honestly say that it has been worth the wait. You, my angel, are more perfect than I ever could have imagined and it gives me incredible honour to call you my daughter. You are the most precious treasure I hold in my heart and you always will be".

Sofia let go of her Father's hands as she jumped up to hug him. She loved her dad very much and to hear those words made her feel so loved she could burst.

"Now, are you ready?".

"As ready as I'll ever be", Sofia smiled as her Father took her arm in his.

Draco watched from the other end of the aisle, waiting in anticipation for the appearance of Sofia and her Father. Pansy and Ron were the first to walk down the white material, that was scattered with pale blue and silver petals. Pansy's dress stopped mid calf and the silk aqua fabric shone in the dazzling sun. Ginny and Harry followed after them, Ginny wearing the same dress as Pansy and Harry wearing a blue tie to match the dresses, like Ron. Draco loved the colour scheme. He had chosen it himself because it reminded him so much of Sofia's crystal eyes. As they reached the end of the aisle and went to stand on Sofia's side of the platform, opposite himself, Blaise, Theo and Adrian, Draco lost his breath as the guests let out a loud gasp.

Linking arms with her Father and holding a boquet of diamond flowers was Sofia. She was simply breathtaking. Her hair had been loosely curled and pinned behind her head, perfectly complimenting the tiara Draco had given her that morning. Her skin glowed with beauty as she began to walk with a gleaming smile on her immaculate face. The white dress hugged her body lovingly. It had a plunging neckline that modestly covered her chest as the dress skimmed her thighs and then flowed gracefully out to the floor, at her knees. Over her bare back was a panel of rich lace and thin row of diamonds ran along her shoulders where the dress stopped, exposing her bare arms.

She looked radiant as her Father gave her away and she stepped up in front of Draco. He couldn't wipe the smile off his face and she couldn't take her eyes off him. His black suit, white shirt and silver tie complimented him perfectly. Sofia never thought he could look so handsome.

The pair never lost focus of one another as the minister began the ceremony and asked Sofia to say her vows.

"Draco Lucius Malfoy, when I first met you, I never would have imagined that we'd be standing here today but I'm so glad that we are. I've never met anyone who makes me smile more than you. I've never met anyone who makes feel so special more than you do. I've never met anyone who I need more than you and I've never met anyone who loves me more than you. This last year you have become my entire world and I love you more than the air I breathe. You're my whole universe and without you life just wouldn't be the same. I love you, Draco, more than anything or anyone I've ever loved in my life and I love you more than you'll ever know".

Draco had to stop his eyes from filling at Sofia's heart felt words. They had decided weeks ago that they would say their own vows but they would not be planned or pre-written, they would just speak from the heart. He had worried that words would fail him when this moment came but he need not have, because he now knew exactly what he wanted to say to her, right now on their wedding day.

"Sofia, I never thought that people could actually feel such strong feelings towards another human being, but you proved me wrong. You proved me wrong when you showed me what a beautiful place the world is and that it is beautiful because you are in it. You taught me how to love in a way that is so rare and undoubted and you taught me that just by being you. Life as I knew it is over but life as I want it is just begining. From now on, my life is you and it always will be. You are my everything and I love you, Sofia Zabini, more than you'll ever know".

Every female watching didn't have a dry eye in sight and even some of the men were shedding a tear or two. Most had never witnessed something so honest, so touching and so beautiful.

As Draco and Sofia exchanged their rings silver vines wrapped around their intertwined hands.

"Sofia Narcissa Zabini, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to honour and protect, to love and to cherish until death do you part?"

"I do", Sofia choked.

"Draco Lucius Malfoy, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to honour and protect, to love and to cherish until death do you part?".

"I do", Draco smiled.

"Then I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride".

The silver vines flashed gold and sank into their skin as Draco leaned forward and kissed Sofia. His wife forever more.


The party was now in full swing as more guests had arrived to celebrate the marriage of Draco and Sofia. The press had been and gone and the newlyweds had posed for more pictures than they cared to keep track of. Speeches had been made and much food and drink had been consumed. Now it was time for the first dance.

As they began to sway to the gentle music, Sofia beamed at Draco.

"So, how are you feeling, Mrs Malfoy?", Draco smiled.

"I've never been better, Mr Malfoy", she giggled.

She meant it too. She had never been better. In truth, she felt like she was flying, especially when Draco had referred to her as Mrs Malfoy. She couldn't believe that they were now married, that she was his wife and he was her husband.

"I don't think I've ever seen someone so beautiful", Draco said, "I almost couldn't breathe when I saw you. You look breath taking,".

Sofia grinned as a soft blush enveloped her cheeks.

"I can't believe you're mine", Draco whispered.

"Well, I am and I always will be".

"That's all I ask".

The pair swayed to the music just staring into each other's eyes. They couldn't believe they had done it. After everything they had been through here they stood, married.

Too soon the song ended and their guests filled the ball room with applause. As Sofia stood with her hand in Draco's, she looked out onto her friends and family with a sense of pride. Just one year ago she had been living miserbaly with the Grangers, never really feeling like she belonged. Now, she lived in her parents home with her twin brother. She looked upon their smiling faces and her heart swelled with joy. Her father, ever so loving and protective, and her mother, so beautiful and kind. She was astounded at how blessed she was to have such wonderful parents. Then there was Blaise. Her twin. Some people referred to their spouses as their other halves but that wasn't the case for Sofia. Blaise was her other half and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Draco and Sofia then turned to face the other side of the room where Harry, Ron and the Weasley's were stood clapping. They were the family of her heart. Despite the horrendous times they had been through and lack of emotion from her adoptive parents over the years, Sofia had never been short of love. She had been given it from them ever since she was eleven. They were everything to her as Hermione Granger and they still were now she was Sofia Zabini. Despite the huge change in her life this last year, they had always been there for Sofia and she knew they always would be.

The love Sofia felt from everyone she could see made tears glisten in her eyes. It took Draco only seconds to notice and he turned her to face him with her hands in his.

"Are you alright?", he whispered softly.

The words simply fell from her heart as she peered into the silver galaxies that were his eyes.

"I'm better than alright. I now live a life that's so luxurious Draco but, do you know what? None of it matters. I'd be happy living on the streets as long as I had everyone I need. My parents, Blaise, Harry, Ron, the Weasleys, Pansy and you. You're everything to me and I never want to be without you".

Draco smiled as the honesty of Sofia's words hit him.

"You'll never be without me. I'm yours forever".

"For all eternity?", Sofia smiled.

"For all eternity".



Well that's it! I can't believe I have finally finished my first ever fanfiction! I'm actually so in love with Draco and Sofia and as hard as it is let them go, I love their happy ending. Thank you to all of you that have stuck with me in the year it's taken me to complete this story and thank you even more for all the amazing reviews you have given me along the way :) I'd love to know what you think now you have the full story and I hope I have done you all proud :) Thank you so much once again! Until the next story I write, MM :) 

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