“This is becoming increasingly more boring by the second.”


“Then leave.”


“But you said I could be apart of your stalking!”


“Only because you wouldn’t shut up about it and I didn’t think that I had an option unless I wanted to listen to your incessant begging at two in the morning every night.” 


“Will you both shut the hell up?” I whispered sharply, sending an irritated glare at James and Fred who didn’t understand that to effectively stalk someone you had to be, you know, fucking quiet


We were in the library, watching Scorpius from behind a bookshelf that featured more dust than books. He had picked the table in the most remote part of the library where only anti social Ravenclaws typically ventured. Suspicious? We thought so. As of right now, he appeared to only be doing homework which was why Fred was being a whiny bitch. 


Normally, James and I would be under the invisibility cloak for our stalking episodes but we all had trouble fitting now that Fred insisted on coming along. We had charmed a few of the books so that they were see through from our side but opaque from the opposite. It was a spell no doubt invented by some sort of pervert that liked spying on girls in changing rooms but it was helpful to us nonetheless. Even so, I was still anxious to be out in the open with the pair of them.  I found a bit of comfort in the fact Hazel had Arithmancy Club and that Silas, Mitch, and Cyrus were all in detention for skipping Charms yesterday to plan out their fantasy quidditch draft so I knew they wouldn’t randomly be popping into the library for a spontaneous study session. 


“Well excuse the shit out me!” Fred says, putting his hands up in mock defense. “I just don’t exactly see the point in watching Malfoy write a bloody essay when clearly nothing exciting is going to happ-”


“Look!” James hissed and elbowed his cousin in the ribs as Rose Weasley came into view. She had her strained book bag slung over her shoulder and despite appearing vaguely out of breath, she looked otherwise perfect. Her bright red, wavy hair cascaded down her back in an annoyingly effortless way and her Gryffindor uniform was neatly pressed and not even the least bit out of place. She smiled hugely when she saw Scorpius as if her damn day was brightened just by the presence of him. 


I instantly pushed myself in between Fred and James to get to our end of the pair of Extendable Ears that Fred had asked his dad to send us. We had him charm the other end to be invisible and that side was already in place next to Scorpius’ table. ‘Anything to keep Rosie away from a Malfoy’ was what George Weasley had said in the note attached which I predictably scoffed and rolled my eyes at. Fred considered his unlimited supply of WWW products to be his contribution to the cause but in reality, James could have just asked his uncle or we could’ve, you know, bought them but we let him think he was being helpful. The thing about Fred Weasley was that he was very much like a puppy. Adorable and incredibly annoying yet you just couldn’t bare to do anything that might upset him because he was so loveable. 


“Sorry I’m late,” Rose apologized as she approached the table and dropped her bag down on an empty chair across from Scorpius. He lifted his head from his parchment and I felt dread hit my stomach when his eyes lit up as he saw her. “I got caught up talking to Professor Longbottom in the corridor about the Herbology assignment.” 


“It’s fine,” Scorpius said casually, shrugging easily, even though he damn near throws a hissy whenever one of us is five minutes behind schedule on anything. “I got to catch up on Ancient Runes so we can start on Astronomy if you’d like.” 


“Brilliant,” Rose responded cheerfully, looking more happy than the average person should when beginning to study as she pulled out the proper text book. They set to work immediately and soon the only sound emerging from their table was coming from the scratching of quill on parchment. 


We kept waiting for something, anything, to happen but nothing did. They were studying. Literally doing nothing other than flipping through their textbooks and writing down notes. They weren’t even talking. At first I thought it was a good thing because maybe they didn’t have anything in common other than homework. But then as I watched them work in silence, I realized this was worse than them talking. They were so comfortable with each other that they didn’t even need to talk. They didn’t find the quiet awkward or uncomfortable because it just seemed natural to them and suddenly I felt like ramming my head into the bookshelf. 


“This is bad.” I muttered and James grunted beside me in agreement as he watched them, Scorpius particularly, with a certain disdain. 


“You guys realize they are literally just studying, right? If anything, it’s bad that we let a loser like Rosie into the family.” Fred commented dully, completely unaware how serious the situation was. 


“Oh Weasley,” I pouted, placing a delicate hand on his cheek in an incredibly patronizing way.


“You are so blissfully yet tragically blind,” James continued in a pitying tone while shaking his head. 


He narrowed his chocolate brown eyes at the pair of us, glanced again over at Rose and Scorpius who still had their faces buried in their work, and then back at us. “You both are mental.” He informed us before beginning to scan the contents of the bookshelf, trying to find something else to occupy his time.


James and I went back to watching Rose and Scorpius who remained completely oblivious to our concentrated stares. I kept witnessing Scorpius steal little glances at her and I wanted to chuck a book at his head. I would’ve been happy for him if it was anyone else. I just didn’t get why it had to be Rose Weasley.  


“Bloody hell, this thing is all about the reproductive health of goblins.” Fred exclaimed suddenly, flipping through the pages of the book he was holding. “This shit is like six hundred pages! Who in the hell would even read this!? Like it has diagrams of a goblin’s lady parts!” He prattled on and I was about to snap if I had to listen to much more. “Who even does research for this type of thing? Imagine that being your job. I mean how terrible--.”


“Weasley, you know how I was beginning to vaguely enjoy your presence in small intervals?” I prompted sweetly, cutting him off from his incessant ramblings and he nodded, glancing up to look at me with his puppy eyes and face. “Well, that’s going to very quickly change if you don’t shut the fuck up in the next .5 seconds.” I threatened, still maintaining the sugary tone to my voice which caused James to snort in amusement. 


“I was just trying to enlighten you both with some interesting knowledge about goblins that you might not have known before but if you choose not to have your life enriched then fine by me,” Fred muttered sounding the tinsiest bit hurt and because he was a puppy, I felt guilty for being mean despite the fact that he was irritating as hell. I sighed and leaned over to ruffle his hair a bit in an affectionate way to let him know that I still vaguely enjoyed his presence in small intervals. 


His face broke out in a big grin that warmed my heart a bit. “I would give you a friendly kiss right now, Mose, but I don’t want to be anywhere James has been before because I think that’s considered incest.” 


I slapped a hand to my face, not having anything other response. 


“Jesus Christ,” James mumbled under his breath from beside me just sounding so done with everything. 


“What are you guys doing?” Asked a sudden voice from behind us, causing us all to jump and whip around. Fred was so surprised that he dropped the very large and heavy book that he was holding directly on my foot. I yelped in pain and James reached around and clamped his hand over my mouth to silence me. 


Lily Potter was standing before us, clutching a Transfiguration textbook and raising a interested eyebrow. She was shockingly pretty for a fourth year and the only one of the Potter children to inherit the Weasley red hair. I didn’t know too much about her other than the fact that she was currently dating Albus’ best mate, Rory Finnigan. I was only even aware of that because for some reason it was still one of Hogwarts’ favorite pieces of gossip even though they’ve been official for nearly a year. She was also apparently some sort of quidditch prodigy according to Silas, which I guess wasn’t too surprising considering who her parents and brothers are. 


“Nothing,” James said a little too quickly. I glanced over at Fred to see that he was smiling at her innocently in a way that proved he was everything but innocent. We couldn’t have looked any more suspicious if we tried, especially considering James’ hand was still over my mouth. 


“Right.” Lily said disbelievingly, eyeing me curiously, probably wondering what a Slytherin was doing sneaking around with her cousin and older brother. 


“We’re studying.” James then lied, detaching his hand from my face after I elbowed him in the ribs, and Fred reached down to pick up the book he dropped on my foot and held it up as proof. 


“If this is how you study then it’s no wonder that Freddie got a D in History of Magic last year.” Lily snorted and then let her eyes scan the cover of Fred’s book. “Also I’m not sure what course offered here teaches about goblin sex organs unless Hagrid decided to get creative with his lesson plans.” 


“I resent that!” Fred said defensively in reference to her remark about History of Magic. “I only got a D in that class because Binns spent the year sexually harassing me.” 


“Is it even possible to get sexually harassed by a ghost?” I wondered aloud, unable to help myself. 


“No.” James answered for him, rolling his eyes. “He got a D because he spent the entirety of that class trying to get Piper Caldwell to go out with him.” 


“It worked eventually, didn’t it?” Fred responded, looking impressed with himself that he managed to snag the best looking and most talented player on the Hufflepuff quidditch team. She was incredibly daft and was freakishly obsessed with her pet toad but I decided not to bring that up. 


“Yeah, until you bailed on her in the middle of your date to go hook up with Allison Reed.” James reminded him and I smirked at Fred. 


“You know I have a soft spot for Allison! I can’t be accounted for my actions when it comes to her.” He insisted and Lily rolled her eyes.


“Hasn’t she been dating that Elliot bloke since fourth year?” I asked as images of the stunningly pretty brunette holding hands with a Ravenclaw popped in my mind. Lily’s eyes snapped to my face when I spoke and I ignored her gaze. 


“Details,” Fred muttered, waving me off. 


“I reckon she has a soft spot for him as well,” James said who looked mildly entertained at the topic of discussion. “She’s cheated on her boyfriend for him about twenty times.” 


“How twistedly romantic,” I mumbled sarcastically and Lily laughed. If I was a friendly person I probably would’ve introduced myself even though she most likely already knew who I was from my reputation. But alas, I am a Slytherin, and not the Hazel version of a Slytherin, so I didn’t say anything. 


I think that Lily’s laughter made James finally realize that she had acknowledged my presence because he suddenly looked vaguely concerned. “Lily, you can’t tell anyone that you saw the three of us together.” He told her seriously and her eyes shifted to me again, looking very interested. 


“What’s in it for me?” She asked, lifting an eyebrow. I gained a bit of respect for her at the question and I glanced at James to see how he responded. 


“How about I don’t tell Al that you and your boyfriend were snogging on his bed at the end of the summer?” James suggested roughly and my respect of the youngest Potter went up once again. 


“You saw that?” Lily squeaked as her face became as red as her hair. 


“Why do you think Finnigan suddenly got a stomach bug and had to go home?” 


“That was you?!” She cried, looking horrified. 


“It was me actually,” Fred admitted, looking pleased with himself. “James was all for decapitating him but I managed to reign him in. You’re welcome.”


Lily shot her cousin a glare and then looked at me again. “Why are you three even together in the first place? Are you guys hooking up or something?” She accused, eyes shifting between the three of us and I nearly choked on my own spit. I refused to look over at James but I felt him stiffen slightly beside me. 


“Yep, you guess it. She’s nailing both of us.” Fred replied with a cheeky grin and swung an arm around my shoulder to pull me into him. “We like to come back here cause it’s a bit more private.”


“Oh yeah cause doing it against filthy bookshelves really gets me off.” I muttered sarcastically and roughly shoved him off of me. 


“Hey filthy bookshelves, filthy broomclosets… What’s the difference, am I right?” Fred smirked evilly with a mischievous twinkle in his eye as he nudged James. 


“You two shagged in a broomcloset?!” Lily squawked, her mouth dropping open in what looked like delight mingled with shock at the newfound information. I was giving Fred the death glare that could end all death glares. Honestly I was surprised that he didn’t just shrivel up and die on the spot from the power of it. Instead he was pressing his lips together in a very entertained way. 


“Lily. Out.” James growled and pointed in the direction of the exit and I hated him so much for looking so good when he was mad and threatening. “Now.” 


“This library is for anyone. You can’t make me leave.” She stated, not ready to back down.


“Wanna bet?” He retorted, raising an eyebrow. 


She folded her arms across her chest and jutted out her chin in a challenging way. Within a second, James had her thrown over his shoulder and was carrying her struggling body away. She didn’t dare scream or else Madam Pince would ban her for the rest of her Hogwarts career. Seeing him lift her so effortlessly made me sweat a little but I had more important matters at hand than to get turned on by James Potter. 


I turned my attention to Fred who was very idiotically not looking the least bit terrified. “I’m going to give you a thirty second head start.” I told him simply, being more than fair with the amount of time I was giving him to run for his life. 


“You don’t scare me, Moseley.” He said stupidly and I almost laughed. 


“Have you ever been on the opposing end of one of my hexes before?” I questioned, taking a small step closer to him so the intimidation factor increased. “Remember how that Hufflepuff was in the hospital wing for two weeks after we dueled in Defense last year?”


He still didn’t move, only looking a bit more wary. 


“You’re losing time, Weasley.” I warned, glancing down at the silver watch on my wrist. By the time I looked back up, he had taken off, finally realizing that I could send him to St. Mungo’s if I felt so inclined. I grinned to myself and peeked through the bookshelf one last time to see that Rose and Scorpius still had not moved from their studying. I gave them a farewell eye roll before marching after Fred, wand in hand, and more than ready to do some damage. 



I’ve made a lot of bad decisions in my life. Top of the list is most definitely sleeping with James, no question. Another was taking my Transfiguration OWL high as hell even though I still managed to get an E somehow. I think it was most likely because my examiner was a roaring pervert but it worked out in my favor so I didn’t mind. 

The bad decision that I was currently regretting with every fiber of my being was taking NEWT level Care of Magical Creatures. Silas and Cyrus were the only two of my friends dumb enough to take it as well. Silas, because he didn’t really need any serious courses considering he was planning on playing professional quidditch and he figured it would be an easy O. And then Cyrus was taking it because I conned him into it last year when we were picking courses. I promised sexual favors and he didn’t really have any other choice but to accept. I, myself, figured it would be an easy O as well, and it was, but so not worth. 


It was obscenely cold for the beginning of October and the journey to Hagrid’s hut was more than miserable. It had rained the night before causing the ground to become slick with mud and my shoes weren’t made for it to say the least. I had to keep grabbing onto Silas and Cyrus’ arms to keep myself from sliding down the hill, something that they found incredibly hilarious. 


“I’m going to break my ankle while simultaneously ruining three hundred galleon shoes and you both have the audacity to laugh?” I growled as I gripped Silas’ arm, almost taking him down with me as I slid on the mud again. 


“Who spends three hundred galleons on shoes?” Cyrus asked, shaking his head at the concept despite the fact that his cloak that was silk on the inside cost over five hundred. 


“Fathers that forget their daughter’s seventeenth birthday,” I replied easily, casting a sad look down at the ridiculously expensive, once adorable, ‘shit, I’m a complete fuck up as a dad so let me buy you off’ belated birthday present. They made the feeling of the only relevant parent I had forgetting one of the most important days of my life appear like nothing more than a very dull sting in the back of my mind. 


Cyrus sighed and stopped walking. “C’mon on then,” He said with a little grin, signaling with a nod of his head that he was willing to give me a ride. I felt a great rush of affection for him as I jumped on his back and wrapped my legs around his waist. Silas wrinkled his nose a little bit at our physical contact but didn’t say anything because he knew he didn’t want to be the one lugging me on his back and getting mud on the front of his cloak. 


My chin found the crook of his neck and I despised and loved him simultaneously for smelling so good. He was my favorite of all the boys to steal clothes from because I could just be wrapped in his scent all day. I always felt like I was going to damage Scorpius’ neatly pressed outfits and Silas’ clothes always smelled vaguely like the quidditch pitch. I pressed my cheek against the warmth of his neck and tugged myself closer against him. “You’re an excellent human being.” I told him and I could feel his grin.


“I know,” He said as we marched the rest of the way down the hill. Most of the class was already gathered outside of Hagrid’s hut which was a surprisingly big group considering how pointless of a class it was. 

Izzy was there, standing with the Scamander twins babbling about stuff that no one would ever understand. They were some of the few that actually enjoyed the lessons and took them seriously. Cassie and Astrid were in the class as well for who the hell knows what reason and were getting chatted up by some daft looking Hufflepuffs. 


All of the Wotters took Care of Magical Creatures too with the exception of Fred who was banned by McGonagall after he stole a niffler and tried to feed it to the giant squid. Even Molly Weasley, also a seventh year but in Ravenclaw, was taking the class which was unexpected. As Head Girl, I would’ve thought she’d be taking something a bit more serious but I suppose the loyalty to Hagrid was too strong to drop such a worthless course. She was holding hands with her boyfriend, Ashton Kirk, Head Boy and Ravenclaw as well. They’d been Hogwarts’ ‘it’ couple for about two years now because every inch of the pair oozed perfection and happiness and it was a bit sickening to be honest. 


James was there, listening to whatever Ashton was saying with what looked like feigned interest. When we got a bit closer, I saw his eyes quickly shift to Cyrus and me and something unreadable crossed his face for a split second before turning his attention back to his cousin’s boyfriend. 


Cassie’s head snapped in our direction as we approached and her mouth formed a wicked smirk. “Jordan Moseley straddling someone? What else is new?” The majority of the class predictably all snickered while I rolled my eyes at the comment that lacked both cleverness and intelligence. 


“Fuck off, Sparks.” I snapped, descending from Cyrus’ back, straight into the mud once again. “Everyone knows you shagged Quinn Samuels while you were on the rag last week.” Her face colored instantly and she looked fit to kill which I took great satisfaction in. I pushed my way to the front of the class with Cyrus’ hand on the small of my back and Silas’ on my shoulder, something their instincts always told them to do whenever someone insulted me. Well actually, typically Silas would either yell or punch but Cassie was a girl, therefore he saw it as ‘my battle’ even though it was still ‘my battle’ if my insulter was a bloke. 


A small chorus of ‘ooooh’s’ erupted at my response and my eyes rolled yet again. Hagrid called the class to settle down, looking and sounding fairly uncomfortable at the overheard topic of discussion. 


Cyrus’ hand was still on my lower back as Hagrid led us into the Forbidden Forest mumbling about how today’s class would be a ‘real treat’. He said that literally every lesson so I wasn’t expecting much and I wasn’t disappointed. When we finally stopped, there was nothing there. Hagird had this dopey grin on his face and Silas and I exchanged glances. 


“Alright, who can see ‘em?” He asked eagerly and I scanned the room as hands began to rise. Izzy was among them as well as some of the Hufflepuffs and one of the Ravenclaws. I saw James’ jaw clench a little bit before his hand went up too. “I used to do this lesson a bit earlier but the ministry thought it was a bit dark fer OWL students. They’re called thestrals and yeh can on’y see ‘em if yeh’ve seen death.” 


I couldn’t help but look over at James again and I saw Molly put a hand on his wrist in as if in a subconscious, comforting way. I was instantly incredibly curious and I wasn’t sure why. I mean why should I care who he saw die? It had zero relevance to me but the question continued to plague me the rest of the lesson. He was so bloody closed off with everything to the point where I felt like I knew nothing about him. Not that I really wanted to know anything about him but still. It had me wondering and I disliked myself greatly for continuing to steal little glances at him throughout the class. He was one of the few that opted to ride the thestral because, unlike a lot of us, he could actually see it.


For some reason he suddenly just felt like a complete stranger and it irked me. It’s not like he knew anything about me either but I felt we had spent enough time together that we should like kind of know each other at least a little bit. That wasn’t really the case though. We’d had sex so I could tell you how he looked naked, which was damn good, but that was about it. I didn’t know why I was so bothered by it but I was. 


Silas noticed something was off when we were walking back up to the castle and he nudged me with his shoulder. “You okay?” Cyrus’ eyes snapped to my face and I quickly dropped my gaze from James’ back in front of us. I slapped a smile on because really I didn’t have anything to be upset about. I was being stupid and overthinking it. We were useful to each other, after a common goal, and nothing more. Anything else fucked things up. The one time sex already kind of complicated things. The more I knew about him and the more he knew about me, the worse off we’d be and I needed to remember that. 


I nudged my brother back. “I’m fine. Starving though.” I turned to Cyrus. “Smoke a j and then hit up the kitchens before Transfiguration?” I proposed with an eyebrow raise. 


He grinned and pulled me against him. “You know me so well.” 


Hiiiii everyone. So I’m not entirely pleased with this chapter, especially the end, but it was a filler chapter before we get into the better stuff so there’s that to look forward to. I hope you liked reading it regardless though. I had a lot of fun writing the first part of the chapter because Fred Weasley is everything I want and love in a human being. Also I liked having Lily in there too because she’s going to come into play a little a bit later on. And I have to ask… Does anyone out there ship Cyrus and Jordan? Also, what are your favorite friendships so far? Or favorite anything so far? I’m curious so please leave a review and let me know! Love you all to pieces xx

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