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They say that penguins mate for life.

Sometimes, if they’re lucky, humans do too.


He’s never sure how it started. One minute, she’s just a friend and the next, he’s looking at the evening sky and seeing the colours painted there, thinking of her. Because she is beautiful like the sky and he feels like shouting it out into space, where nobody and everyone can hear. There’s nothing he wants more than to take her in his arms but there’s a war to be fought and friends who are missing and for some reason it doesn’t really feel right. Not yet. Not yet, but soon.


In the midst of the battle, that’s when he realises how hard he’s fallen. As he dodges spells and curses, he’s looking out for her all the time. And when he sees her safe once it’s all over, that’s when he knows everything will be alright.


She’s sitting there on her own, her best friend has been taken to hospital and her sister is nowhere to be seen. Take a chance, he decides. He takes a seat on the bench beside her and smiles.

‘Seamus,’ she says. He loves the way that her lips curl around his name, like it’s something precious, special. He’s about to speak, try, but she throws her arms around his neck and starts to sob, releasing all the fear and pain that the last year has brought. There’s nothing he can do but pat her gently on the back, but he doesn’t mind, because for now, she’s in his arms.


It’s summertime and they’re free, they’re all finally free, except Seamus. There’s a decision he has to make and in the end he does it by the flip of a coin: heads, he asks her, tails, he doesn’t. The galleon flicks upward and spins, spins into the sky. Red, gold, red, gold.

It lands on heads.


It turns out to be much simpler than that, in the end.

He meets her after work when she’s just finished her first week of Auror training, and he walks alongside her, nervous.

‘How did it go?’


‘That’s grand.’

‘I like your voice,’ she says. He thinks she means his accent, must mean his accent because that’s what everybody tells him, but there’s not even time for him to register the faint roses blooming on her cheeks before she leans in and kisses him.

In that moment, he feels bigger than the sky.


He’s happier than he has been for years. Every moment that he’s with her is bliss and each day he looks up to the sky.

Thank you. For this. For her.


‘We’re lucky,’ she tells him. They’re walking on the beach and looking up to the stars, and Seamus thinks he could fly through the whole of space when he has her in his arms.

‘Yes,’ he replies. He feels luckier than she will ever know.


Infinite. That’s how he feels when he’s with her, like he could achieve absolutely anything. He wants to tell her, to say those three words because he really means them, but he doesn’t.

Instead, he laughs at the little frown that appears between her eyes when she’s painting henna on her arms and then reaches his hand out as if he’s going to nudge her brush.

‘Don’t you dare.’


‘Right, that’s it,’ she says, and attacks his pale, freckled arms with the paint. Neither of them say anything about the heart she’s hidden there.


He’s stared death in the eye but he’s never been more terrified than when he takes her to meet his parents for the first time. His mam is overbearing to say the least, and hardly enamoured with the idea of her boy leaving home and starting his own life.

When she’s left, and Seamus is sitting with his parents in the living room, his mam looks over shrewdly, a glint in her eye.

‘You love her, don’t you?’

He blushes, his skin like strawberries and cream. ‘Yes.’

‘Then you’ve got my blessing, son.’


When she looks at him, Seamus feels like those brown eyes are reaching into his soul. Like she can see right through him, through the temper and the jokes and the clumsiness and the indecision. And he loves the way that it feels, knowing that she knows everything about him and still loves him for it.

‘Let’s dance,’ he says, pulling her up from her seat.

‘There’s no music,’ she complains.

‘We don’t need it. I’ve got you.’


This is a moment he’s been planning for months, put more thought into than he ever did at school, because he wants it to be perfect. Perfect, because that’s what she is. He takes her to Hogsmeade and walks her to the lake, where they first met sitting in a boat together. The words crash around his head, echoing like waves, but after all that he’s planned, all that he’s thought about, there are only four words, spoken hundreds, thousands, millions of times, that fit.

‘Will you marry me?’

She’s looking up at him and the blue of the sky is reflecting in her dark eyes, and there’s a smile on her face. She is beautiful, he thinks.



There’s a garden, and two chairs, and two people sat in them beneath the night sky.

‘You know,’ Seamus says. ‘The sky, it reminds me of you.’

Parvati places a wrinkled hand on top of her husband’s and leans towards him, so they’re looking up at the vastness of space together.

‘And you are the stars, my love.’


Seamus and Parvati count their luck by the stars in the sky.

Author's Note: This story is a present for Nadia (MissesWeasley123), who doesn't realise just how awesome she is. She's a great friend and I thought I'd share our love of Seamus/Parvati with everyone - I hope you enjoyed this, and I'd love a review!

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