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Hello! Do enjoy this chapter! And extremely sorry for the almost three months absence! I’ve no excuse, except the fact that I had flu and a very important exam AND my muse went for a long vacation. All that’s over now, so hopefully I can update faster.




Totally amazing CI by Alice Pleasance@tda!!

‘Miss Rhea? Mr. Potter would like to see you in his office.’  Mary called. Rhea noted the cold note in her tone. Even after one week of working there, Mary is yet to warm up to her.


‘Yeah, sure. Thanks.’ Rhea said in a sweet voice. She nodded at Scorpius on her way out of the room they shared. He nodded back with a smile, and she tried to ignore her thudding heart.


‘You called for me, Al?’ she said as she opened the door to Al’s room.


‘Oh, yeah. Come in Rhea.’ Al and Rhea had grown closer in the week she had been working there. Al doesn’t know that she is actually Rose, but Rhea was content.


‘Sure. What did you want to talk about?’ she asked, sitting on the chair he mentioned.


‘You know that the first time you came for this job, I straight away gave it to you without asking for any formal papers, right?’ he asked. Rhea nodded. ‘I don’t know what made me do it, but there was this voice in my head saying, ‘she’s the one.’ And I couldn’t ignore it. But the heads require your pass papers from the Healing School. They are coming for a verification round this Friday.’


‘My pass papers must be back at home. I will bring it when I come tomorrow.’  Rhea smiled at Al, feeling her heart flutter at his words and stood up to go. She had a pile of work pending, and she didn’t want to leave Scorpius to do all the work.


‘One more thing, Rhea.’ Al stopped her. She turned around, trying not to seem impatient.


‘Yes, Al? Anything else?’ she asked, her eyes narrowing when she saw Al fidgeting and running his hands through his hair. She recognized the gesture, but couldn’t exactly place it.


‘Um… actually, I was wondering whether… um… if you would like to go out for dinner tonight with me.’ Her smiled slid off as she stared at Al in shock. ‘I mean, just as friends.’ He added hastily, seeing the look on her face.


Rhea let out a sigh of relief. ‘I guess I am free tonight.’ She regained her smile.


‘Great!’ Al exclaimed happily. Too happily. A strange voice at the back of her head said. That was a voice she didn’t recognize. It almost felt like someone else was trying to talk to her.


‘So, I will meet you tonight at eight, okay?’ Al asked with a wide smile to which Rhea had to smile. The Rose inside her forced Rhea to smile at the smile on her cousin’s face. ‘Tell me your address so that I can pick you up.’


‘Huh?’ Rhea said, snapping out of her thoughts. ‘Right, my address…’ Rhea wasn’t willing to tell her address to Al. She did not want to explain to him why she was living in his dead cousin’s house. Not yet. ‘Why don’t we do this, I can meet you there itself. I probably won’t be home till late today and will be in a rush. So most probably, I won’t be ready by the time you get there.  I don’t want to keep you waiting.’ Rhea smiled, hoping Al would agree and not push her, even though her excuse didn’t even make any sense.


He seemed to understand. ‘Okay. Just apparate to Chez Potter. It is my brother, James’s restaurant.’


Of course, Rhea already knew that. ‘Okay. See you then.’ Rhea skipped out of the room.



‘What did Al want?’ Scorpius asked her as she sat down.


‘Nothing much. He just wanted some of my papers for the validators.’ She turned back to her work.



Rhea flopped on her bed with an exhausted sigh. She had so much to do that she brought some work home with her. She kept her file on the bedside table and opened the drawer. After a lot of searching, she finally found the graduation papers. With a flip of her wand, she changed the name from ‘Rose Aurora Weasley’ to ‘Rhea Maria Sanchez’.


‘Now that’s not good.’ The strange voice chided her. She felt like needles were running down her spine.


‘What?’ she turned around, trying to find the owner of the voice. She found none.



At 7:45, Rhea was almost ready. She stood in front of the mirror, turning from side to side to side.


‘Wear blue. It’s Al’s favorite color.’


‘Okay, now this is creepy. Who are you?’


‘You are looking at me right now.’ She could hear glee in the voice.


All that was in front of her was the full-length mirror, showing her reflection, blue eyes  wide with confusion and blond hair ruffled.


‘What do you mean?’ She felt stupid for talking to herself. For all she knew, this just could be her imagination. ‘Forget it, I don’t care.’ She said and pulled her hair up in a tight ponytail. After a few minutes of consideration, she changed her red A-line dress into a blue number. Why not go with the voice? Rhea didn’t know about Al’s favorite color before, she had access to only some of Rose’s memories.


It seems like the soul really does live on.


Ten minutes later, Rhea found herself at Chez Potter. The whole place took her breathe way. She could feel memories bubbling inside her, but she forced it down. The twinkling fairy lights and the beautiful garden outside was the same as it was a year ago.


‘Hey, Rhea! Over here!’ she turned to the sound of Al. He was standing near the entrance of the restaurant, in simple black shirt and jeans, which made her, seem over-dressed.


She made her way over, blushing slightly at his wide eyes. ‘Hi Al. You look good.’ She nodded, trying to ignore the fluttering in her stomach, which she found very strange.


"Thanks. You look beautiful Rhea. You know, blue is my favorite color." Al said, taking her hand, sending electric shocks down her spine. They entered Chez Potter, where James was waiting to greet them. Rhea could feel herself tense up- James always saw through Rose. But this time he didn't; he gave them a smile and guided them to their table. Al pulled the chair for her-just like the perfect gentleman.



Would it hurt to say that she had the most fun time of her life that night? She kept dancing as she flopped on her bed after dinner at midnight. For once, she was just Rhea Sanchez. Just Rhea, no trace of Rose Weasley in her to dampen her spirits. No thoughts about Scorpius Malfoy, just Al, only Al.


For once, Rhea Sanchez slept easily. She smiled as she dreamed about Albus Potter.



FINALLY!!!! I was having this huge writer’s block AND this was what I was able to scrap up.


Next up: Rhea’s memories









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