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“Merry Christmas!” Liv smiled as I turned to look at her the next morning. Christmas morning.

“Merry Christmas” I smiled back, “have they come?”

“Oh, they’ve come” she nodded, passing me a parcel and starting to open her own

We both held up the product of Nana Molly’s knitting, I received a dark red jumper with a gold A on it and Liv got an awful mustard yellow coloured jumper with a red L on it.

“Could you do me a favour?” she asked

“Sure” I nodded, putting on the jumper I’d received

“Marry me right now” she said just as I had my head in said jumper

“What?!” I spoke through the jumper, certainly surprised at her forwardness.

“So I don’t have to wear this horrible jumper” she added

“Oh” I sighed; pulling the jumper on properly, “I think you look great in it” I smirked, getting up to go to the bathroom

“I’m not hearing a yes or a no” she called after me jokingly

We have figured out quite recently that as Nana Molly gets older each family has a different colour. Well, not really, there aren’t enough colours to take up everyone but still. For example, my family, the Potters, they’re all red, all from Gryffindor (obviously); the only difference is that each little family has different coloured lettering. Dad, Mum, Lily and I all have gold because we haven’t got our own little family yet (you need kids or be married to qualify). James has black writing on his, Anna’s and Ashley’s jumpers.

As soon as we were ready we went straight to The Burrow.
“Knock, knock, knock!” Liv shouted as we walked into the kitchen to find no one was there

“We’re in the lounge” a voice shouted

We walked into the lounge to find those people with kids, James and co (in red jumpers and black lettering), Vidy and their little ones (in blue and light purple), Rox, Jason and the twins (in orange and black), Louis, Elizabeth and Elliot (in blue and light green) and Rose, Scorp and Maia (maroon and navy). As well as Nana Molly and Grandad Arthur, all of which smiled at us and most of which returned to presents after this.

“Can I have my Nana Molly hug please?!” Liv asked immediately upon reaching her

“Of course” Nana Molly stood up and squeezed her tighter than I’ve ever seen

“Livy my dear, have you and Al got something to tell us?” Nana Molly said just after she’d hugged her

“Well, umm, yes” Liv nodded and looked towards me, surprised

“Liv’s pregnant again, but at 5 months this time” I grinned widely, while picking up baby Elliot to say hello

“That’s just wonderful! You, my dear, are on the list for getting extra’s today!” Nana Molly decided, referencing to Dom of course who’s expecting a daughter around the 27th February and therefore needs more too

“Have you been to see one of those muggle doctors Livy? Did you have to do your business on a special stick to see?” Grandad Arthur asked Liv, he’s gotten quite old recently and doesn’t tend to think before he says

“I did go to the doctors actually Arthur, and I did go to the loo on a special stick per say” Liv smiled at the old man

“Did you really? Now, how exactly does that work?” he wondered aloud

“Would you like me to explain to you? Why don’t we head into the kitchen?” Liv offered and Grandad Arthur gladly accepted, taking her off to the kitchen, Nana Molly following muttering something about food (I just think she’s fascinated as well to be honest)

“So, you’ll have a little one soon?” Louis asked as he watched me carefully with his son

“I guess so” I nodded, “How you doing Lizzie? Elliot sleeping any better now?” I decided to ignore my cousin for a little bit and talk to his fiancé

“Thanks to this little man sleeping better I’m feeling a lot better thanks Al” she smiled

“Good, I’m glad” I nodded, pulling faces at Elliot

“You should be, you’ll be the one not having any sleep soon enough!” she joked nervously as I still held her son

“We really do wish you luck with that one Al” Louis said hitting me on the back in a supportive way

“Thanks” I smiled

“Right. I think he needs changing again. I’ll go take him this time Lou” Lizzie took Elliot off me, and Louis despite Lizzie saying she’d take care of him, followed her to change him

How a Weasley Christmas works by the way, is that we send all our presents for everyone to The Burrow days before the big day and Nana Molly and Grandad Arthur put them under the tree. Then those with kids sleep over at The Burrow on Christmas Eve to wake up early and get their presents. Therefore, by the time the majority of us arrive, they’ve already open their presents from us. Although Liv and I are always the first couple to come, much earlier than everyone else, so they tend to open their presents in front of us.

“Uncle Al?” Noah came over to me, followed by Clayer as soon as I’d sat down

“Yes?” I asked

“Can we please open our presents from you now?” he asked very politely on behalf of all the children in the room who had suddenly caught on and had surrounded me

“Don’t you think we should wait for Livy, Noah?” Teddy asked his son in a slightly scolding tone

“Why don’t you go get her?” I suggested, “She’s in the kitchen with Nana Molly and Grandad Arthur” (they don’t like it if you add ‘great’)

Noah ran off and returned with Liv being dragged by the hand behind him. She sat down next to me with a huge grin on her face and took my right hand in her left.

“Can we open our presents please?” Noah spoke up again

“Of course you can” Liv nodded and I agreed

Noah, Clayer, Ashley, Maia, Lola and Logan all opened their present, then all smiled and showed each other and their parents what they had received and then each in turn gave us each a hug and a kiss to say thank you.

“How did it go with Grandad Arthur?” I asked Liv, after we had a break in children

“He’s so sweet. He made me go through the whole doctor’s experience, step by step” she told me

“You know you don’t have to do that” I reminded her because she really doesn’t have to care as much as she does.

“I know but I like doing it” she shrugged, hugging the life out of a 3 year old Clayer

“Watch out there, you don’t want to kill her” I joked while Clayer looked as if she was suffocating slightly

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to squish you. I just wanted to squeeze you!” Liv grinned using a baby voice

“It’s okay Livy” Clayer looked up at her a smiled

“So, what’d you get today little miss?” I asked and Clémence sang off a long list and then brought them all to show us
We played with the all the little ones while they’re parents had a nap or a cup of tea for a bit but before we knew it all the grandparents turned up. Bill and Fleur came first (Blue and Silver jumpers) and cooed over their grandchildren. Then George and Angelina (Orange and Red) turned up and stole Lola and Logan from us, followed closely by Mum and Dad (Red and Gold) and Ron and Hermione (Maroon and Black) both taking their granddaughters off us. Being left we headed into the kitchen where we found all us so-called adults and Nana Molly and Grandad Arthur all sat having a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

“So, do you guys know the sex of the baby yet?” Teddy asked as he stood up and gave Liv his chair, passing her a mug of hot chocolate as well

“Thanks Teddy” she appreciated while I answered the question

“No. But we’re going on the 28th to find out” I revealed

“So, you’re not going to wait and see?” Rose wondered, thinking about it, we never had this conversation with her

“No. We want to know so we can be prepared” Liv said, “We don’t want to have a mad rush getting stuff just after I’ve given birth” she teased Rose, because out of everyone, she’s the only one who decided against finding out the sex of the baby

“Ha ha. When’s everyone else expected to arrive Nana?” she diverted the conversation

“The usual time Rose. Everyone’s here for Christmas dinner at 1. Whether they come a minute before or not is their choice” she shrugged, sipping at her tea

“Someone eager to open presents?” Victoire joked

“Maybe?” Rose joked as well causing everyone to laugh

While everyone laughed I noticed Rose whisper something to Scorp who then came over to me and asked if we could just leave the room for a second. I agreed. Not bothering to tell Liv, she’s in her element here, practically part of the family, I don’t think it would even matter if I was her boyfriend, maybe I should just not bother marrying her, it’d be a lot easier. (But let’s face it, we know I’m going to someday).

We went through into the scullery room and he started to talk, “Sorry this seems a bit odd”

“I’ve known stranger things to happen” I shrugged

“Rose wants me to go and get your entire family” he blurted

“What?” I asked

“I know” he exhaled a sigh along with these words, “I need you to help me”

“Why does she need everyone here now?” I wondered aloud

“She wants to make the baby announcement to everyone right now” he sighed again

“Why on earth does she need to do that?” I questioned

“I don’t know! She probably just wants to make sure she gets extra food” he exclaimed a possible theory

“Is it bad that that wouldn’t surprise me?” I laughed slightly while Scorp just scowled at me, “I’m sorry. Just tell Nana Molly then? Besides everyone tends to get here early and if not, make a speech before we eat” I suggested

“Can’t we just go get everyone?” he whined not wanting to disappoint Rose

“No. It’s Christmas! I’m not spending it rounding everyone else up! It’ll be fine” I put my hand on his shoulder and led him out of the room

“But. Al! This is pregnant Rose!” he complained

“She’s not that pregnant yet. Man up” I smirked

I led him back to the kitchen so he could hide from Rose until 1 o’clock. Escaping the wrath of Rose wasn’t hard because in this house on Christmas Day things go a certain way. Once all our parents turn up, that’s at about 10, the men and women split up for a bit. First the girls headed by Nana Molly make sure foods done or at least in the oven, welcome everyone and send them in different directions but also look after the kids. While that’s happening the men are setting up the table that now needs to sit 43 plus 3 bumps (21 and a half girls, 22 boys and 2 unknown halves), we have to find a way to make the outside warm, it’s challenging but I mean, are we wizards or not?

I was assigned to the welcoming committee along with Victoire and Roxy. Therefore, our job was to sit in the kitchen, check on the food and then direct those who walk in according to their gender. 

“Hey! I hear you have some news!” Dominique walked into the room and beamed at me, followed by Nick who was smiling too, both looking annoyingly amazing in blue jumpers with Aqua lettering

“What?! How?” I asked, standing up to give her a hug

“A certain little birdy outside couldn’t keep it in” she revealed

“Al told you? He’s in so much trouble! You were on my list to tell!” I complained

“Congratulations” Nick smiled while he hugged me

“Thank you! We’re only about a 1 month apart as well; your little girl will have a buddy soon after she’s born!” I told them

“He didn’t tell us that! What’s the due date then?” Dom grinned

“April 7th” I explained

“That’s great! So where’s everyone else?” she asked

“The lounge and then all the men are outside Nick, I’m afraid you’re going to have to brave the cold” Roxy laughed, “Dom, check on the twins for me will you?”

“Sure thing” Dom nodded as she waddled slightly into the lounge, Dom being quite a bit rounder than me, “Where are Auntie Dom’s favourite trouble makers?!” was all we heard as she went through into the next room.

I turned to smile at Rox who was already grinning from ear to ear, I suspect due to the simplicity of that statement she was reminded her childhood best friend had never really left her, even if she lived in Romania most of the year.

At around 11:30 Lily and Lysander (who unfortunately has the same fate as myself and isn’t related to a Wotter and therefore had the brave a bright lime green coloured jumper with yellow writing) turned up. Lily discreetly asking me once they had jumped out of the fireplace whether everyone was up-to-date with our news and then both proceeding to make a fuss and exclaim to everyone how wonderful it all was. Not long after them Charlie turned up and said he was pleased, heading outside to find his brothers. Then roughly 10 minutes after him, Hugo and Penny both arrived, (Hugo wearing Maroon with black lettering and Penny wearing a Mint green jumper with black lettering one- not a bad one to be honest) thinking that the news was absolutely great.

Then, at around 12 Rox swapped with Rose and Victoire wandered off to spend time with her kids and her parents.

“When you going to tell everyone about you know what?” I spoke quietly and as discreetly as possible in a house full of people

“As soon as they all get here I suppose” Rose shrugged and frowned slightly

“What’s wrong?” I asked, concerned, while getting up to take out some biscuits that had been cooked and replacing them with the next batch.

“Nothing” she dismissed, “Sit down, I’ll get that” she insisted as I moved the kettle onto the stove to make a drink

“No, I got it” I replied, to quote a young Rose ‘I’m pregnant. Not dying’, so everyone fussing isn’t really necessary, alas this does not stop them

“No. Sit” she demanded and as I dislike to admit, being pregnant is quite exhausting, so I did as I was told

“Rose. You’re not raining on my parade. You know that right?” I reminded her, because I know she doesn’t want to take this special moment away, although I do wish she’d take some of the attention, everyone keeps coming in to check on me.

“I know. It’s just a big day. I love you Livy and I’m just…” Rose began but was interrupted by her Mum, I

Who bless her soul keeps mothering us both (considering she knows about Rose too), “How are you girls doing?” she smiled as she walked in, “I’ll do that Rose, what did you want?”

We both asked for a hot chocolate and Rose obeyed her Mum and sat down without dispute, thanking her for our drinks, Percy, Audrey, Lucy, Christopher, Molly and her current boyfriend Ryan appeared from the fireplace all sporting pink jumpers with red writing. (Apart from Christopher who received a respectful turquoise jumper with navy lettering and Ryan who was sporting a awful brown number with moss green writing, poor kid).

“Liv. I don’t mean to be blunt, but have you put on a few pounds?” Molly asked in all seriousness, while hugging me

“Is it really that noticeable?!” I complained, having come up with a perfect speech to tell everyone the news, but either being beaten to it by Al or being told I was fat and telling them that way, I had not been able to use it

“Sorry. But it kind of is. I didn’t mean to make you feel bad or anything” Molly started to ramble and receive a couple harsh looks from her family before I cut her off

“No, that’s not it. I think you’ll find I’m a little rounder” I pushed my jumper tight (although thinking about it, it already was quite tight) to show a small baby bump

“You’re pregnant?!” Lucy exclaimed, one thing about Lucy, she loves babies

“That I am” I nodded, grinning.

By the time they had all congratulated me and gone out to find Al and congratulate him too, they didn’t return and Al came through the kitchen door instead

“Everyone knows!” he exclaimed

“Just Freddy and Beau left” I corrected

“Oh yeah, he’s cutting it a bit fine. Dad just told me to get everyone to start going outside. Nana Molly’s cue to get the food ready properly” he noted

“He’s got time” I decided, “Outside we go!”

“Yes indeed, save me a seat” he smiled and kissed me on the cheek, then helping me up, "and careful on the ice" to which I nodded.

“It’s got to be freezing outside Al, don’t we need coats?” Rose questioned, getting up to follow me

“Nah. You’ll be fine. Have a little faith Rosie” he shook his head and headed toward the lounge

“Look Rose it's snowing.” I remarked, opening the door and feeling the cold wind rush into the kitchen, she stood next to me to see and I whispered, "I love you to Rosie Posie, you know that".

“Come on then ladies, you’ll freeze if you stand in the doorway must longer” George joked, motioning us to move carefully but quickly towards the marquee, not dissimilar to the one that’s been used for all the weddings I’ve attended at The Burrow.

Hey Guys!
Sorry it's been a while but I hope to be updating more frequently soon (as long as submission queues are nice to me!).
So, what did you think to a Wotter style Christmas?!
-Side note, Christmas at the Burrow will have three chapters... it's super fun to write with everyone in one place.
Did you like the jumpers?? (Any confusions about the jumpers... do you guys need me to write it down in a simple way? I keep getting confused myself!)
Leave a review and tell me anything and everything, good things, bad things, things you think could be improved and advice to do that, anything at all!

Thanks so much for reading! Remember to review (it means the world and helps me a lot!)

Emz xxx 

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