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 Chapter One

Of Randomness, My Friends and Feuding




“The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they're going to be when you kill them.”-William Clayton





“Potter why don’t you go drown yourself!”




Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, producer of some of wizarding history’s finest and most glorified witches and wizards; and home to some of Britain’s best and brightest young talent. Including this year’s exceptionally gifted Head Girl, who is currently standing on top of the Gryffindor common room’s oak coffee table yelling at the Head Boy.  


“Oh come off it Evans, I was ten minutes late tops!”




“You were eleven! Eleven minutes late Potter! Do you realize how utterly unprofessional…”




May I present to you Lily Evans and James Potter, Hogwarts’ and Gryffindor House’s pride and joy; both exceptionally gifted duelers, extremely powerful wizards and two of my dearest friends.




“Evans, relax I was a few minutes late, so what? We took care of what we needed to take care of! The patrol schedules were distributed without a hitch!”




“Potter you are infuriating!”




“Gee Evans didn’t know you felt so strongly about me, care to join me in Hogsmede this weekend?”




“How many times do I have to say it, No! I will not go on a date with you Potter! I would rather date the bloody squid!”




Despite sharing quite a few qualities, like charisma, charm, and intelligence, all of which make Jimmy and Lils exceptional leaders, the pair get along about as well as fire and ice.  Not that this has ever interfered with James’ plans to one day marry my ill-tempered, red-headed best mate. In spite of the fact that the two have been feuding since our first year welcoming feast (at which James’ ended up covered in tomato sauce thanks to Lily due to his incessant red-head jokes), James is actually quite smitten with the Head Girl. 


Lily, on the other hand, despises Jim with, as she says, “the fire of a thousand suns;” which is why she is currently holding a thick, potions volume in a manner that suggests she is considering using it as a weapon. Despite the fact, that one of their jobs as Heads is to encourage peace and harmony among the students, the two rarely fulfill said edict themselves.




“Potter you are an absolute prat!”




“Yes, but I’m your prat! Or I could be; if you would just give in to the... Bloody hell woman, stop hitting me!”




“Not until you get it through that thick skull of yours that I will never date you even upon pain of death! Jess tell him he’s a prat.”




I, Jessabelle Spring, abhor it when they attempt to drag me into their fights; my position as a friend to both is precarious enough without having to take sides during their daily brawls. Lily, I have known since our very first train ride to this blessed school. I met her shortly before she slapped Sirius Black across the face after he strutted like the ginormous prick he is into the girl’s restroom. James, on the other hand, I have known since my early childhood. Both of us come from pureblooded families and were subjected to attending functions and balls from a very early age because in pure-blooded society parents take great pleasure in showing off their spawn. It was also at these boring conventions that I met Sirius Black, boy wonder and general thorn in my side. I bemoan his existence on a daily basis as he is my own personal poltergeist. 




“What have I told you lot, I am not taking sides.”




Now, before the cogs in your astute little brain begin to turn too rapidly allow me to explain one simple fact- Black and I are not Lily and James. We have a completely, totally, and utterly different relationship than Jim and Lils. James loves Lily, Black loathes me. Lily hates James because he is arrogant and immature, I hate every fiber of Black’s being for the simple reason that he exists. 


“Potter I am going to murder you!”

Someone grab the popcorn, we are in for a show. Over the years James and Lily have fought enough to figure out what pisses the other off most spectacularly. Lily, for example, absolutely loathes it when James does something to her physical being. Which is why James brilliantly just decided to turn it bright neon green, complete with Medusa like tendrils. To be honest, I’m actually quite impressed with the creative effort he put into the hex.




“Potter! You… you…”




“Speechless Lilyflower?”




Truth be told, Lily and James have gotten better since they discovered they would be co-heads together. In light of years past, the fact that they could plan a meeting together without serious injury to one or both parties was quite the serious milestone. But alas, today it seems all the baby steps they’ve been taking over the past few weeks in hopes of moving towards a tentative friendship have gone up in smoke. Which means until they get back on track towards said relationship I will be subject to hearing Lily rant about “that egotistical, idiotic prat” and James moan about how his true love hates him.

“You are so dead!”

Oh the lovely crunch of James’ nose being shattered by a textbook. Perhaps Lily and I taking those muggle kickboxing classes over the summer wasn’t the brightest idea. While our mothers signed us up in hopes it would serve as a sort of anger management, I personally believe all they served to do was instruct us how to maim and injure in new and improved ways. Madam Pomfrey is certainly going to have fun fixing Jim’s face. She really hit him, the amount of blood pouring from it right now is astounding.

“Lily! What? Lily he’s bleeding!”

Enter Remus Lupin, bookworm, werewolf, and one of Jimmy’s dearest friends. I like to think of him as the brain behind the brawn that is the Marauders. He is also generally the one who ends up having to meditate between James and Lily in order to keep the peace. He’s been known to stop Black and I from causing permanent brain damage to one another. The boy could probably mediate peace talks for England. That said Jim and Lils are in good hands. Which means my presence is no longer needed and I can scurry off and take a well-deserved and much needed shower (seeing as I did not get one after Quidditch practice this morning, because a certain messy haired Captain kept us late) before Lily realizes she voluntarily touched James and decides she needs to remove the first three layers of her skin.



I am brilliant. I am also nice and clean and relaxing on my incredibly comfortable bed after a long, steamy shower, waiting for my best friend to finish scrubbing off the top layers of her skin because she touched James. Oh the horror. As I guessed before, only moments after I stepped out of the shower Lily came storming up the stairs and into our darling dormitory fit to be tied. After screeching about James for a full five minutes she stormed off to the bathroom and continued yelling at me on the top of her lungs. Apparently it is my fault she “has been forced inflict pain upon herself for the sake of her health” because it’s my job to keep her from doing “idiotic things that threaten her wellbeing.” Weird girl. She claims the “pain she must now endure” is all “for the good of humanity” though; as James is currently sporting pink hair, polka-dotted skin, and a lovely frilly dress. Apparently James, in his brilliance, decided to counter Lily’s textbook attack by hexing her to squeak “James Potter is a sex God.” He’s in the hospital wing right now getting his nose, skin and hair fixed.

“Nothing like a nice, steamy detox after being contaminated by Potter germs.”




“And you insist that I’m the immature one, merlin Lils, even I know boys don’t have cooties…”




“Stuff it Jessabelle! I’m finished with the shower, you can use it now Jordan.”


Insert a series of convulsions and gags here. Have I mentioned Jordan Sparks? If I had to choose a single person on the face of the planet I abhor more than Black it would be her. My lovely dorm mate is the quintessential example of a superficial, plastic, bitch. 




“Finally, god Evans you took an eternity.”




Like I said, she’s a lovely girl. Did I mention she’s dating Black? I think I forgot, excuse me for my horrid manners. Jordan and Black have been “dating” since it became acceptable for girls and boys to want to shove their tongues down the opposite sex’s throats. And by dating I mean hooking up on a regular basis with the occasional date in Hogsmede.








“Whatever Evans. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to freshen up before I go find Sirikins; he promised me that I was in for a special treat this evening.”




I think I just barfed in my mouth.





“Oh poor baby,” Jessie rolled her eyes. She was leaning against the headboard of her bed with a leather bound book in her lap. Lily cringed as she walked over to her own bed, here they went again, Jordan versus Jessie match number 346.




“Did I ask for your opinion Spring?” Jordan asked haughtily, glaring at Jessie. Jessie narrowed her own eyes and something that sounded quite a bit like a growl escaped from her lips.


There was no lost love between the two blonde, Gryffindor seventh years. The two had never gotten along in the slightest. In Lily’s eyes this was chiefly because Jordan seemed to embody everything Jessie hated. Jordan was girly, boy crazy, and obsessed with her appearance. (A quintessential teenage girl in truth.) In contrast, Jessie was cynical, unladylike and rarely gave a rat’s ass about how she looked. However, the backbone of their never ending feud was really quite simple to figure out- Sirius Black. 


Jordan worshipped Sirius; he was her most prized trophy. Jordan had, had a sort of on again, off again relationship with the boy since their third year at Hogwarts. Jessie, on the other hand, abhorred the eldest Black boy for reasons no one was quite sure of. Lily had heard quite a few rumors over their years at Hogwarts, but she knew they were only speculation. Some ventured that Sirius had broken Jessie’s broomstick. Other said that they were secretly lovers and the whole “I would like to rip your guts out and strangle you with my bare hands” thing was a charade.




Lily, however, had an entirely different theory about Sirius and Jessie. According to Potter, the two hadn’t always loathed one another with such a passion. She truly did feel that there was some sort of story behind the two. You didn’t just hold up a machete to someone’s throat for no reason.


“Must you constantly act like such a bitch Spring?” Jordan flicked her hair over her shoulder. Jessie raised her eyebrows and looked up from her book, “To you? Yes,” Jessie stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.


“You’re just jealous because Siri likes me better. Everyone knows you’re secretly in love with him,” Jordan stated matter of factly. Jessie growled and lunged off her bed towards Jordan. In an instant her wand was out and her fist was clenched. She pointed the wand at Jordan’s throat, “Sparks, I thought we’d been over this. Never, ever, ever imply or say that I like Sirius Black. He is a slimy, narcissistic arse, and I don’t give a rat’s ass about how much Black enjoys using you. Now kindly vacate the dorm before I come up with a clever way to permanently maim face.”


Jordan shrieked and jumped away from Jessie, drawing her own wand, “God Evans, haven’t I requested that you keep your bitch on a leash? You have serious issues Spring.” She slammed the bathroom door shut. 




“Jess you can’t just go around and threaten to main people!” Lily scolded as Jessie re-assumed the position she had been in earlier. She opened her discarded book back up and rolled her eyes dramatically, “Says the girl who put the Head Boy in the hospital wing only a few hours ago,” narrowing her eyes Jessie hissed, “I loathe that whore.” 


“That was different and yes dear I know. Somehow over the past six years I’ve gathered as much,” Lily sighed digging through her trunk. The two friends sat in silence for a few minutes.


Said silence was then disturbed by a sickening giggle as Jordan opened the bathroom door and pranced out in all her perfumed, powder caked glory. Jessie gave her a once over and gagged visibly. 


“Jealous Spring?” Jordan said patting her hair. Jessie scoffed at the bint and continued to read the volume in her lap. Jordan grabbed her sequined cardigan from its hook on the wall and smirked at Jessie. Jessie picked her head up and glared back menacingly.”


“I mean I know you want to be me and all but seriously do you realize how ugly you look when you glare? Makes you look at least ten times more hideous. ”


“Go jump off a cliff Sparks,” Jessie groaned, slamming her book shut.


“Why don’t you.”


“Merlin, you’re insufferable.”


Jordan looked taken aback for a moment as she cocked her head to the side, “Sirius doesn’t think so,” she smirked.




“Oh for the love of Merlin, muck off Sparks.”




On the other side of the room, Lily had stopped her search and was staring at the two blondes amusedly.


“Whatever Spring. I’m off to play with Siri”


“You do that. Have fun.”


“Oh I will. Especially since the memory of your jealousy will be fresh in my memory.”

“Whatever Sparks. Tell Black I hate him,” Jessie said waving her to the door.


“Don’t be bitter because I have what you want,” Jordan said matter-of-factly, her nose in the air. Lily groaned, here they go again.


“Sparks aren’t you supposed to be gagging Black with your tongue right now instead of acting like a gnat?”


“Toodles bitch,” Jordan slammed the door behind her. Jessie glared at the door, “I loathe that girl.”


“You’ve already said that at least once in the past five minutes Jess,” Lily said as she went back to what she had been doing before.


Jessie however threw her book at the back of the door. It bounced off and slid across the wood floor the pages ruffling. She let out a frustrated scream, “How did she end up in Gryffindor? What did I ever do to deserve to be cursed with living with that stupid, powder caked bint half a year for seven years. And why must she insist that I’m in love with Black. What planet has she been on for the past six years? Planet blind moron, clearly! I do not want Black in any way shape or form! He is a narcissistic, evil, conceited cretin with the ego the size of a small third world country! I am not jealous of her. Why would I be jealous of her? Never in a million years Lils! Never in a million years! Merlin, I loathe that girl,” Jessie ranted.


“Jess, for the last time I know you do.’’


“I swear one of these days I am going to kill Sparks,” Jessie huffed sliding off her bed. 


“Lovely, I‘ll send you care packages in Azkaban.”


“Who is Jessie killing today?” A tiny brunette walked into the room, her black robes in her hands. She bent over and picked up the book Jessie had thrown and walked over to the blonde. Jessie took the book from her, sat back down on her bed, and commenced pouting.


“Hello Mary, two guesses,” Lily stated waving to their friend. Mary was the third member of the Seventh year Gryffindor girls’ trio. A hopeless romantic with a wicked sense of humor, she was an indispensable friend to both girls. As Lily liked to say, there was no one better to cheer you up.




“Not yet,” Lily replied shutting the lid of her trunk. 


“Oh… Jordan,” Mary said throwing her things on her respective bed. Lily sighed and nodded. 


“Jess you need anger management,” Mary stated matter-of-factly kicking off her black mary jane’s as she flopped down on her own maroon duvet.

Jessie just rolled her eyes and continued pouting. Mary looked up and chanced a glance at Jess, clearly her words had, had no effect on her dear blonde friend; but then again the suggestion of anger management classes never did. Mary cleared her throat, “By the way Jess, I passed James on the way up.” Lily let out a gag as Mary uttered James’ name. 


“He’s out of the hospital wing already?” Jessie asked, raising her eyebrows. Mary switched her gaze from Jessie to Lily, “He was in the hospital wing?” Lily continued cleaning up the wooden floor around her respective bed, her cheeks tinged pink.

“Lily broke his nose with a Potion’s textbook and hexed him. And you lot think I need anger management,” Jess said rolling over and tossing her book onto her bedside table. 


“In my defense he deserved it!” Lily exclaimed throwing a random shoe onto her bed.


“Of course he did Lils, he always does,” Mary said sarcastically, “And Jess, Lily only attacks James. You, my dear friend, attack anyone who slightly annoys you, Mary said shaking her head at Lily. She turned back to Jessie, “Speaking of dear Potter, I’m supposed to inform you that you have practice.”




“Of course we have practice, we only spent the entire bloody morning on the pitch! Did Hitler tell you when this blessed event was occurring?” 




“Well, I believe the words now and immediately were used.”

“What?!” Jessie jumped about a foot, and her book went flying, “He’s finally lost it.”

“He said something about the pitch being open and how you need to beat Hufflepuff. He looked a bit crazy.”

“Bloody wanker! He’s a slave driver! I blame you Lils, you’re no longer allowed to maim him or piss him off in any way until season is over! He has the worst timing, I just took a bloody shower for Merlin’s sake…” Jessie scrambled off her bed. She picked up her dirty clothes from the morning’s practice and began throwing them on.


“So Lily dearest, why did we nearly kill Potter today?”



Stupid captain! I could understand this the day before the game, but not now! The bloody game isn’t for two weeks and Hufflepuff has one returning player- a 5th year! James is insane! Absolutely, one hundred percent insane. The boy has lost it. Officially. I should probably write to his mother and express my condolences that her only son and the heir to the Potter name and fortune is going to need to be locked up in St. Mungo’s for the rest of eternity.


Brilliant I can’t find my bat.


“It’s in your trunk.”


Stupid Lily. Why is she always right? I blame her for this. She pissed him off which means that he’s now going to be taking it out on us. I can see it now- 100 suicides, 50 sprints… Someone kill me now; or at least maim me enough to get me out of practice.


“He was eleven minutes late to that damn meeting! I’ve been telling him all week he needed to be there on time, I went out of my way to remind him! But no he just had to be eleven minutes late! And then he had the audacity to turn my hair into a green snake charmed mess. Green snakes Mar, green snakes! Like I’m a bloody Slytherin.”


Sweet Merlin; obsess over the exact amount of minutes much Lils? Bloody hell, where are my gloves.


“Your gloves are on your bedside table… on top of the charms textbook… you threw them on the floor this morning and I picked them up while you were running about cursing Black to hell and back…yes there you go.”


Thank you mother Lillian.

“Get your ass on the pitch! We have to win the cup this year!”


And everyone thinks Mary’s the sweet one. I beg to differ, she’s just as evil as the rest of us.




Ah, Jimmy-poo is calling. Merlin that boy has a set of lungs on him.


“Get down here now!”


“I’m coming you prat! Keep your knickers on!”


Sometimes I hate him as well.




Truth be told, I love quidditch. It makes me happy. And a happy Jessie is a good Jessie. Nothing can destroy happiness when I’m flying around way up in the big blue sky smacking demonic balls with my precious oak bat!

“Watch it Spring.”

Except that. Sirius Black, bane of my entire existence. Stupid, immature, egotistical, annoying, and repulsive are just a few of my favorite words to use when describing the moron. Sirius, I have sadly know since the tender age of four. Like James and I, he comes from a pure-blooded family and was also dragged about to balls and galas as a child. Unlike James, I hate his bloody guts and if I could murder him without being sent to Azkaban, believe me I would jump at the opportunity. Jim and him are somehow best friends; if truth be told they’re attached at the bloody hip… constantly. Together with Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew they form the Marauders. Hogwarts’ favorite group of troublemakers, how one of them hasn’t been expelled yet I know not… 


Are you fucking kidding me? He did not seriously just hit the bludger towards me! 




“Black you absolute idiot! We’re supposed to be aiming for the chasers!”


Somehow, due to circumstances wildly beyond my control, Sirius is my fellow beater on the Gryffindor team. Pairing us together was James’ idea in fact. Little Mr. Quidditch prodigy somehow managed to convince the captain back in third year that Black and I would make exceptional beaters. And for some asinine reason he believed him. Thus to this very day I am stuck with Black as my partner. 




“Sorry darling but you got in the way!”




“I got in the way! You bastard, I know you were aiming for me!”




“Why Spring I would never purposely hit you with a bludger; accidentally, yes, but on purpose? Never.”




See what I have to work with? It really is unexplainable why the female population of Hogwarts thinks he’s bloody Casanova. 




“Sweet Merlin! Is there anything left up in that head of yours? I would hope you would have at least a few brain cells left… Merlin knows most of them were probably suffocated to death by your enormous ego or killed by all the toxins in your bloody hair care products.”


“Like you should be talking Spring. Who melted their caldron yesterday? You.”




“Oh why don’t you go jump off a cliff!”




“Why don’t you…”




“Why don’t you both shut up!”

Why does James always have to interrupt? I mean really, just when it was getting good.  I was just about to deliver the greatest insult of all time! A few more seconds and Black would have been crying in fetal position. Besides, having the two of us on the team playing the same position is technically his fault.

“5 laps both of you! Jessie go clockwise at 200 feet and Sirius go counter- clockwise at 300. Stay the bloody hell away from one another while you’re doing it and I don’t want to hear you exchange so much as a word for the rest of practice. When you’re finished we’re going to start a new drill and I expect both of you to be on your best behavior for it. Now go before I take your bats and beat you with them. ”




James is Hitler reincarnated I swear. He’s like dictator captain dude at practice, it’s really annoying actually. Last year we made a plaque for his locker that said:

Captain James Potter
Quidditch Nazi

He didn’t find it that funny. Let’s just say that practice that day was horrid, I couldn’t walk correctly for days. 





“ Damnit Black would you stop trying to kill me!” Jessie screeched smacking Sirius on the shoulder with her bat as she gave him a death glare 


“It was the only way to get your attention! And bloody hell Spring that actually hurt!” Sirius complained as he massaged the shoulder Jessie had just whacked. 


“Please you could have said, ’Jessie, James is speaking.’” Jessie spat as she put her hands on hips. 


“Like you would have heard me. You were all off in La-La land.” Sirius said mimicking her actions. 


“Would you two shut up!” James roared. Jessie and Sirius slowly turned to him and the rest of the team whom were all either stifling laughter or rolling their eyes. They were all far too used to this display to truly be phased by it. Jessie and Sirius both smiled innocently as James went back to addressing the team in a calm manner, “Now that tweedle dee and tweedle dumb have decided to join us let me begin. Okay chasers we’re going to do a rapid fire shooting drill… Jessie stop making gun motions at Sirius’ head… Jessie and Sirius, you will break out the rebounder. Kerfs, change of direction drill…. Sirius if you don’t stop poking Jessie I will let her smack you with her bat!” 




Sirius grinned and put his arms behind his back,” I’m not doing anything Prongs I promise!” 




James rolled his eyes and continued,” While we are doing that O’Brian I want 10 laps of start stops and do 15 feints. Everyone got it? Okay let’s go.” 






After what seemed like an eternity James finally stopped the drill and motioned for the team to come down.


“Good practice team.” James said as the team gathered around the goalposts clearly exhausted, “Chasers…” he began, but he was quickly interrupted by the loud, resounding smack of Jessie’s hand again Sirius’ cheek.

“I swear one of these days Black I am going to cut you up and feed you to the giant squid! Except for your heart, I will keep that and fry it up with some carrots and eat it for dinner!” Jessie screeched as Kerfs snatched her beaters bat from her grasp in order to prevent a repeat of Jessie’s earlier attack.

“If you really want me inside of you…” Sirius retorted with a suggestive look on his face. 


Jessie slapped Sirius once again and the whole team groaned, with the exception of O‘Brian who shouted, “Yes!” gleefully.




“Kerfs you owe me 3 gallons! That’s the eleventh time she’s slapped him this week and you said it wouldn’t pass ten!” O’Brian said sticking his palm out in front of his teammates face. 


“Shut up!” Jessie and Sirius screamed in unison. 


“That’s it!” James said putting his head in his hands,” Everyone one is dismissed except Jess and Sirius! You two,” he said pointing at the pair who were glaring at one another, “are picking up everything by yourselves.” He gave the two beaters one last look of disgust as he walked towards the showers. 


“Oh look at the time I really must be off!” Sirius said as he began to walk towards the showers as well. 


“Oh no you don’t! Where do you think you’re going?” Jessie yelled as she grabbed his collar and yanked him backwards.


“Unhand me woman!” Sirius yelled wiggling out of Jessie’s grasp. Once he had freed himself he scowled in her direction.

“Call me woman one more time and I’ll turn you into one!’ Jessie yelled pointing her wand at Sirius, who quickly covered the lower half of his body with his hands.


James shook his head as he slammed the locker room door behind him; leaving an irate Jessie and an annoyed Sirius behind him.




I’m bored and exhausted. No really I am. After this evening’s practice session from hell I collapsed on the sofa and haven’t moved an inch. I really should go shower (again), but that would require energy and I have none. After listening to me complain for a solid ten minutes, Mary and Lily abandoned me to wallow alone in my self-pity. They’re currently holed up in the corner playing chess and muttering to one another. Terrible friends those two. they should have stayed and upported me in my misery. That said I’ve decided that I’m going to drown in a never ending sea of boredom, loneliness, and pain. This must be what the ugly shoes you shove in the back of your closet feel like. Poor shoes. I should go give mine a hug. It’s really not their fault their so gaudy. I mean it’s not their fault Auntie Jemimah didn’t know a seventeen year old would have no use for gold platforms with dead fish in the heel and feathered ankle straps. I should get up off this couch and go take them out of the box and tell them empowering things such as “You are winners” or “You are important.” Isn’t that what they say on those muggle motivational tape things? But alas I shall not for that would mean I would be forced to move my lazy ass off the couch and that’s just not happening. 


Truth be told, I really don’t mind laying down on this couch. After nearly seven years at this school I’ve figured out which pieces of furniture in the common room and the most comfortable. And minus my favorite yellow arm chair, this couch takes the cake. Maybe it’s my sore muscles speaking, but this is my favorite couch in the whole entire world. It’s right by the fire and the cushions are so comfortable. They’re so squishy and cozy. And I can actually lie down on this couch, which is quite the feat. It must be at least eight feet long because I’m a good six feet tall and there’s at least another two feet left behind my feet.  It’s a wonderful couch. I wonder if I could take it with me when I graduate…err…back to my point… wait what was my point again… oh yea, thanks to James I’m 99.9% sure that I’m going to die! Or at least pass out for the next century.  


“I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed!”




Oh hark, look who has decided to return, the two betrayers. Regular Judases they are. 




“No, I have to. It’s beyond perplexing. They’ve been beyond nasty to one another so far this term.” 




“Potter mentioned he’s noticed it too.”




Now that’s interesting. Jimmy being observant. I love him, but the boy is the most unobservant person I know. What on earth are they discussing? What on earth could Jim have possibly actually noticed? 




“He said that he noticed before school started. She shoved him into a fountain at some gala. Said they were doing quite well before that too.”




Hold the floo. They are not...




“I still maintain that they’re secretly in love with one another deep, deep down and this is how they express their sexual frustration.”




“I’m not going to even comment, except to say, did you see how he was staring at her in Charms today?” 




“Yes. Funnily enough James stares at you the same way. What do you have to say about that Ms. Evans?” 




“Don’t change the subject Mary! We haven’t even discussed how she dumped itching powder down his pants at lunch.”




They are. They are talking about Black and I. I have been betrayed. 




“Maybe it’s a metaphor to express that she’s ‘itching to get in his pants’.” 




Oh screw how sore I am, they’re dead. 







Hello all! Currently in the process of revamping, rewriting, and resubmitting this story. I will be doing some much needed re-writing in order to streamline the story and better my editing! I'm hoping to tie in the one-shot I wrote after the completion of this story (Gram!) and deepen the plot a bit (Make their relationship more believable so that it streamline's better with the sequel) (Which means that yes, I will be finishing up the sequel eventually!) If anyone is interested in betaing for me please let me know! 




Please note that this chapter combines the original first 3 :)




As always, comments and reviews are well loved!


-Pensive Princess 

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