Jealousy By: Aaliyah-Charity A/N: Hey folks! I’m going to write a story about Petunia....unfortunately it’s 2:50 A.M. so it may not be well written. Anyways, I want to write a story without adding any new characters....lately all I’ve done is add in new characters in my stories, and I want to see how I’ll do if I just stick with the characters given. I have to wake early for trombone lessons tomorrow, but it won’t go away until I attempt it! Disclaimer: Nope, ‘Harry Potter’ belongs to J.K. Rowlings, not me Petunia Dursley stood outside of her prim house, having a moment to herself. She looked upon the sky, the beautiful colors that the hues created, almost making her gasp. Immediately she connected beautiful with her sister, her dead sister, Lily. She was so beautiful, so talented, and so kind. And Petunia HATED it. If Lily weren’t so perfect, she would’ve been kinder too. But what was she supposed to do? Act like she didn’t mind that her parents favored Lily and not she? Of course she would rebel! Her face contorted into anger as she thought of how she was so plain and Lily so detailed. Lily, perfect, lovely little Lily always tried to befriend Petunia. “Come now, Petunia, let me brush your hair!” or “Petunia, why won’t you play with me?” she would say, and Petunia would yell and call her names, and once, she even struck the redheaded beauty. She couldn’t stand her and her flawlessness. Then when she was found to be a witch, it nearly drove her insane! EVERYONE practically worshipped Lily, and Petunia was in the background, forgotten and invisible. Lily tried to get Petunia more involved, but she wouldn’t hear of it. She could never forgive her, even if it wasn’t her fault. So Lily sank away to the ones who loved her more, and she was happy. Petunia was ashamed of herself, but she was too obstinate to admit it. It was just too much, to show weakness, to allow Lily to have more goodness inside her. It was selfish, but Petunia couldn’t give in. She hated herself so much that she wanted to die sometimes. Of course, she never showed it to her husband, her son in whom she loved so much, or to Harry. She wanted to be nice to him sometimes, but it was the same situation with him as was his mother. What would her husband say anyways, if she were to be nice to him? She could imagine perfect Lily crying perfect tears if she were to see her perfect son being mistreated and abused. She should be enjoying this, this was her revenge, but.... She couldn’t think was driving her insane. She was repulsed at herself, and she had to stop before she got a headache. Histrionically she went back inside and bellowed out her anger to the one she knew she could get away with it to. “HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she yelled, furious. She could hear him running frantically to her to see what she wanted. “Yes?” he asked stiffly. “Trying to impress me with your promptness? Humph....your mother was that way too. I hated it,” Petunia looked down at him, and when she saw his face, she added, “I hated your mother, Harry. But it wasn’t her fault.” He looked up at her in amazement. “Don’t look at me like that! You look more retarded than you already are! GO SCRUB THE FLOORS!” She turned sharply, and her face fell when she knew he couldn’t see. She had been so close to being civil with her perfect sister’s son. She had almost given in. Almost. For a self-esteem boost, Petunia straightened her face, and vowed that she would never do that again. But somehow, she knew that the situation would turn up again until she denied herself of it. Again, as always. A/N: Haha, well, I hoped you enjoyed that! I need some sleep now or my tutor will murder me! Eek! Please make me happy and review kindly!

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