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A/N: AHHHH! THEY FINALLY DO IT!! EVEN THOUGH ELLE SAID SHE WOULDN’T! And just as a warning, there’s a lot of mature content in this chappie guys… just because Elle and James are just discovering each other ;) if you know what I mean. I’m so happy right now, again this and the last chapter had been two that I’d already planned out in my head so to finally write them is amazing. You don’t know how many times that I’ve seriously wanted to just stop writing this story but then I couldn’t stop envisioning these two chapters and I knew I just needed to carry on so I could write these! And this chapter is dedicated to someone who left an absolutely amazing review on the last chapter; so this is for you happyanon!

Disclaimer: I only own my OCs and the plot but everything you recognise from the Harry Potter world does not belong to me but the talented J.K. Rowling. I also do not own the song Roc Me Out which belongs to Rihanna and the label Def Jam.

There were multiple reasons why I didn’t celebrate my birthday since my Mum passed away but now as I lay, completely naked, underneath James and trying to catch my breath, they had gone out the window. My birthday had been amazing so far. I had received some pretty awesome presents, including a freaking yacht, which was more of a wedding present than anything really but that’s just details. I looked up at James, who was also trying to catch his breath, and smiled widely. It was a really giddy, happy smile because I felt amazing. As it had been a while since I had had sex with anyone, my memory of it didn’t do it any justice at all. It felt much more passionate and euphoric than I remembered or maybe that was just because it was James.

“I thought you’d be blushing by now,” James whispered, rubbing the tip of his nose against mine before kissing me again. The stubble that he had on his chin tickled me and I giggled whilst still kissing him, “What?” He pulled away with a lopsided grin.

“You need to shave, you’re all tickly.” I chuckled, brushing my fingers along his jawline and when I put my hand back around his neck, he shoved his face against my neck and started tickling me with his stubble, making me laugh louder. He pulled back when he’d finished tickling me and held himself on his forearms and went back to placing light kisses on my lips, my forehead, my cheeks, my nose, my neck and my collar bone before coming back up to my lips again.

“I didn’t know you had another tattoo here.” He trailed his finger slowly down my collar bone to the top of my left breast before trailing down the side to where my sisters’ names were tattooed just underneath it.

“Mmhmm,” I murmured, my eyes closed, as he ran his finger along it and carried on doing that back and forth, “Don’t you have any tattoos?” I asked, letting my eyes wander his body for any.

“See any?” he noticed me looking and smirked which make me blush, “And now she blushes.” I hit him over the arm jokingly.

“Do you want any?” I asked, moving my hands from his neck to his biceps.

“Yeah, I want two sleeves but Mum’s totally against it,” he rolled his eyes, “She thinks it’ll look disgusting when I get older.”

“I think two sleeves would look hot.” I said truthfully.

“You do, do you?” he smirked down at me, “What do you think I should get first?”

“Wait, are you actually getting one?” I asked, my eyes widening.

“Yeah but only if you come with me.” He Smiled.

“Okay! I’m choosing what you’re getting though.” I joked, not thinking he would take me seriously.

“Deal,” he held out his hand for me to shake and I grabbed onto it after staring at him weirdly, “Nothing too embarrassing though please.” He arched an eyebrow at me and I just smirked evilly.

“You should have thought of that before agreeing to the deal.” I laughed evilly, feeling James’ chest vibrate from laughter as well.

“Oh well, too late to back out now,” he shrugged, “Maybe we could go and get it done this weekend? Or after Tuesday?” He suggested and the reality of the wedding started to make itself known again.

“This weekend. I need something exciting to look forward to.” I teased.

“Was this not exciting enough for you?” He motioned to how our bodies were tangled together with a smirk.

“I’ll have to get back to you on that.” I blushed, feeling vulnerable and a little bit shy now that I realised that I was completely naked and we weren’t under the covers.

“Do we have to go again or do you remember now?” He leaned his head down so our lips were almost touching but not quite. He was teasing me.

“I think I remember now…” I muttered, strategically moving my forearms to cover my exposed boobs.

“Good, because I need to get showered and then we can get ready,” he let out a sharp breath, heaved himself up and I tried not to let my eyes wander down his chiselled abs and even further down, “Or we can get showered together? It would be easier and quicker…?” He winked, holding out a hand for me to take whilst standing there so casually in all his glory. What did I have to lose? I was already attached to him, I mean I’d just had sex with him for Christ’s sake! It’s not like there was anything more he could do.

“Okay but just showering…” I warned him, taking his hand and walking ahead of him, past the sliding doors to the massive bathroom and into the large shower cubicle, “Nothing else,” I turned the water on and stepped in, shivering as it was cold at first. James followed me in after a few seconds and I tried to wash my hair and body as fast as I could but I kept bumping into James every now and again, “I thought you said it would be easier?” I questioned after the millionth time my elbow came into contact with his shoulder.

“Well, I was thinking of something else when I said that,” his mouth curved into a sexy smirk and my cheeks burned red, my face getting hotter and hotter, “Just turn around and I’ll wash your hair for you,” I did as I was told hesitantly but when I felt him start to massage the shampoo into my hair, I couldn’t help but close my eyes and relax into it, “Better?”

“That was divine! Thank you,” I rinsed it all out under the water and swapped places with James, “I get to wash your hair now.” He hunched over so I could actually reach his hair and started massaging it in like how he did it with me. When he’d rinsed it out, I started putting conditioner in and was using a body wash when I could feel his eyes on me. I looked up into his hazel eyes to see them staring at me greedily, roaming my naked body. It was slightly unnerving but also kind of hot and I was getting seriously turned on right now. And I could tell James was as well.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” I said quietly but still loud enough so he could hear it over the shower. I backed up against the tile wall, shivering a little at the coldness, as James advanced and got to closer to me again, “James?” I looked up at him, the glass from the shower door was all fogged up and mist swirled around us as the hot steam emanating from the shower mixed with the cold air on the outside.

“I…” He started to say something but stopped, choosing to smash his lips against mine again instead. But this time it wasn’t slow like before, it was hungry, it was fast and it was passionate. He ran his tongue along my bottom lip, begging desperately for entry but I didn’t oblige choosing to tease him for a few moments.

“Elle…” He whined against my lips but I just smiled, kissing him and continuing to keep my mouth shut. Suddenly he grasped my hips and lifted me up so I had to hook my legs around his waist to stay up as his chest pinned me to the wall. I gasped which gave him the perfect moment to plunge his tongue into my mouth and both of ours danced back and forth, tasting every single part of each other in one heated battle for dominance. My hands moved from where they were hanging lamely by my sides into his hair and yanked his head back, making him groan feverishly and grip my hips tighter. He pulled his lips away and started kissing down my neck to my collar bone which was my weak spot and I could feel him smile in victory, I could also feel another part of him against my inner thigh and it heightened my desire. He hesitated, waiting for my response so I pulled his head away from my neck, rested my forehead against his and nodded my head ever so slightly. All that could be heard around us was the running water from the shower that we had neglected and our shallow, ragged breaths.

“I thought I said we were having a normal shower.” I teased, still slightly out of my breath and with my eyes still closed.

“I couldn’t resist,” he mumbled into my neck, making me chuckle a bit, “Can’t say I’ve ever had shower sex like that before. I need to make a mental reminder to do it again.”

“Not right now though… we need to get ready,” he slowly lowered me back onto the ground, “Otherwise we might have some awkward encounters with unwanted visitors.” I gave him a look. It was no shock to us that Lily always seemed to appear at the most inappropriate moments between me and James. It was a relief that she hadn’t walked in on us on the bed before but then again, she was probably busy getting ready to go out tonight. We finished rinsing out the conditioner and the body wash before climbing out, James wrapped a towel around his waist and I wrapped one around my body, covering everything up for one and I felt a little more relaxed. I picked up my wand from the side and started drying my hair with it, brushing through it and then straightening it. Whilst I was doing this, James pulled on a pair of plain black boxers and some black skinny jeans but not putting on a shirt so I could still admire his beautifully sculptured abs. I watched out the corner of my eye as he smothered shaving foam on his jaw and then picked up his razor, struggling to see in the mirror where to shave under his chin properly. I sighed in annoyance after watching him struggle for a few seconds before I conjured up a chair and told him to sit in it.

“What are you doing?” He asked confusedly. I pushed the chair closer to the sink, filled it with hot water and then straddled his lap and pushed his head back so he was looking at the ceiling.

“You’re doing it all jagged and it looks horrible.” I answered seriously, gently dragging the razor up his chin before washing it and repeating the action again. James’ hands wound round my waist before cupping my arse to make sure I didn’t fall but I was strangely okay with it. I guess you could say we were comfortable with any form of physical contact by now. Well, I was… I wasn’t sure about James and I was really intrigued as to what he was going to say before he kissed me. I’m not complaining though because well it led to, you know, but that didn’t mean I didn’t want to know what he was gonna say. It sounded like something important but then he decided against it for some reason. When I finished under his chin, I pulled his face down so he was looking at me as I cleaned up the mess that he made. Then when I was finished, I picked up the towel that he used and wiped away any excess foam and kissed him on the lips, “There we go! Soft as a baby’s bottom now.”

“Nice job.” He smacked me on the arse as I stood up and carried on getting ready, stroking his face in the mirror and then applying moisturiser. I put on some mascara, eye-liner and blusher before walking back into the bedroom. A natural blush made its way up my cheeks as I looked at all our clothes thrown around the room for our previous activities and began picking them up and tossing them in the laundry basket.

“Do you think I should wear a dress James?” I yelled into the bathroom from where I was staring into my half of the wardrobe, deciding between a LBD and a multi-coloured jumpsuit.

“Wear whatever you want.” He popped his head round the doorframe, a toothbrush sticking out his mouth.

“Dress it is then.” I nodded my head. His head disappeared back into the bathroom and I looked at the sexy lingerie drawer with a mixture of want and fear. I quickly glanced towards the bathroom to make sure James wasn’t coming out anytime soon and picked out a matching sexy, black lace bra and panties and slid them on, pulling the LBD over the top quickly. A few seconds later, James came sauntering in and stopped when he saw me in the dress.

“Do you have to wearing something that short?” He moaned, crossing his arms and flexing his biceps.

“You said ‘wear whatever you want’,” I mimicked his voice, “I’m wearing whatever I want.” I shrugged with a smug smirk, feeling a lot more confident and sexy knowing that I had that underwear on and he had no idea.

“Why are you smiling like that? What’ve you done?” He raised an eyebrow at me.

“Nothing love. Just put your shirt on so we can go.” I stepped into a pair of black peep-toe stilettos and grabbed my bag that had my wand, my phone and the money from when I went to that club with Molly, Dom, Fred and Al. The one that basically started this whole thing. He rolled his eyes at me but picked a white t-shirt with a circular neckline that still gave me a good glimpse of his sexy collar bones and back muscles through the back.

“You ready to apparate?” He held out his arm for me like always.

“Yep.” I popped the ‘p’ and felt the familiar navel tub where we landed outside the villa, turning around and walking in through the front door together.

“Are you sure you wanna go out tonight? I kind of just wanna stay in bed all night.” He whispered huskily in my ear, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me towards him. A girl could get used to this.

“I’m sure. I really wanna go out and let loose after that meal.” I nodded my head, snaking my arms around his waist as I felt his fingers tapping out a rhythm against my hips whilst we waited for Lily and Al to make an appearance.

“Oh good, you’re here! I’m still trying to convince Al that he needs to get out more.” Lily came down the stairs from Al’s room in black shorts, a grey sparkly tank top and black wedges.

“Al, get your fat arse down these stairs right now before I make you!” James shouted, his other arm joining his hand at my waist, effectively trapping me in his arms.

“Eurgh! You’re even more hands on now that you’re living alone.” Lily scrunched her face up at how we were stood.

“Am I not allowed to touch my fiancée now?” James arched an eyebrow at his sister and she rolled her eyes. He then made a point of moving his hands onto my arse, kissing my cheek repeatedly and then moving down to my neck where I automatically tilted my head to give him better access.

“Ew! You’re practically having sex in front of me!” She whined, covering her eyes as Al came down the stairs.

“Lily, grow up.” He rolled his eyes at her just as James pulled back laughing at how easy she was to wind up.

“He’s only joking Lils, come on.” I separated from James and walked towards her, linking an arm through hers.

“By the way, I invited Courtney, her fiancé, Valerie and Travis along as well.” Lily said, looking at me sheepishly.

“What? Why?” I spluttered in shock, turning to face James with widened eyes.

“They kind of overheard our plan and asked to come along… I couldn’t say no, sorry.” She looked at the floor guiltily.

“No, it’s fine Lily. It’s not your fault they can’t seem to keep out of my business.” I sighed heavily as we all walked outside to find them all waiting for us.

“Hey guys! We all ready and set to go?” Valerie smiled widely round at all of us, her smile faltering slightly when she looked at me, “Don’t you look darling!” She forced out.

“Thanks.” I shrugged, putting a protective arm around James, which he returned, instantly making me feel safer. We all walked down to where the nightclub was as it wasn’t that far away, James occasionally squeezing my waist to reassure me. When we arrived, the club was already in full swing with a massive line on the outside and loud, thumping bass-lines coming from inside piercing the air around us. There were teenagers on their first ‘lads’ or ‘girls’ holidays with comical t-shirts that had offensive or hilarious nicknames on the back. There were big groups of couples, already getting off in the line, well they might as well have been. The bouncer let us in immediately after seeing who it was and we walked straight into a VIP booth at the side of the club. It was a little higher up so we could see every person on the dance-floor and the bar over on the other end from us.

“We’re doing some shots first! Especially because it’s Elle’s birthday!” Lily shouted so we could all hear and reiterating the fact that it was my birthday… I had completely forgotten about that until now. Thanks Lily. James sensed my discomfort and corrected her,

“We’ll have birthday shots but after we drink normally. No mention of birthday’s! We’re here to have fun.” Lily nodded her head, understanding and ordering us all two shots of tequila so that we could dive straight in.

“Has Oliver texted you back yet after we sent that message?” I asked her when James was out of earshot.

“No, he hasn’t spoken to me at all recently.” She seemed a little disheartened.

“Ring him and ask him to come over! Meet him outside, bring him in and if you so wish, you can sleep with him until your heart’s satisfied,” I teased and she rolled her eyes, “But… after that, you call this deal off and you tell him how you feel.”

“But what if he rejects me?” She asked worriedly, staring down at her phone that showed Oliver’s contact details.

“You move on because you don’t deserve a guy like him if all he wants is to use your body Lily,” I put an arm around her protectively, “If he isn’t man enough to change for you then he’s not the one and you need to find a new man.” I comforted her as she rang him. He answered and agreed to meet her outside, she told me he seemed a bit eager and practically screamed down the phone that he wanted to meet her tonight.

“Thank you so much, Elle!” She hugged me before heading to the exit to wait for him. The shots arrived and I made Al take Lily’s because I think it was the first time since that club back in England that I had seen him properly out and I wanted to make sure he enjoyed himself for one night.

“Cheers!” James held out his two shots for me to clink mine against.

“Cheers!” I repeated, downing the two shots one after the other at the same time as him, “I think I want a good, strong drink that’ll help me get wasted.” I decided looking at Valerie and Courtney, who looked so much better than me.

“Normally I would disagree but tonight, why the hell not?” He stood up with me and we walked round the dance-floor to the bar and ordered drink after drink.

“Oh my God! Elle, are you drunk?” Lily gasped when she finally arrived back inside with Oliver and saw us leaning against the bar.

“Just a little!” I pinched the air with my fingers sloppily.

“I wouldn’t say she’s drunk… just adorably tipsy.” James chuckled, it seemed he had been drinking slower than me so he wasn’t as drunk but I couldn’t care less! I was going to get drunk tonight because I deserved it! I survived another year of awful memories, the fact my Dad still hates my fucking guts and the whole Norah situation so I deserved one night to get completely smashed! So smashed, in fact, that I couldn’t remember what I did the night before! Wait, hang on. Did James just call me adorable? That’s not right. I was wearing a hot dress with high stilettos and sexy underwear. It was not meant to be adorable, it was meant to be sexy as hell.

“I’m not adorable.” I pouted, crossing my arms.

“You so are, especially when you pout like that.” He tapped my nose.

“I’m sexy!” I whined, taking him by surprise I bet, “I’m wearing a short sexy dress with sexy stripper heels! I am not adorable!” I poked him repeatedly in the chest.

He chuckled, pulled me to him and kissed me on the lips hard, “I couldn’t agree more, Elle,” he nuzzled his face in my neck, “However, I think it’s a bad idea for you to have any more to drink. You need to sober up a bit more.”

“Ugh! Fine, but you have to come dance with me.” I put my chin on his chest, looking up at him with puppy eyes.

“You and Lily go dance, I need to sit down for a bit.” He didn’t give in and I had a feeling it was because my drunken state ruined the effect.

“Will you watch me?” I whispered sexily into his ear so that only he’d be able to hear it. I was satisfied when I heard his breathing hitch a little and pulled back with a sexy smirk. He nodded his head but didn’t say anything as I dragged Lily to the dance-floor near to where Oliver and James were stood and started dancing.

“You two are acting different around each other…” Lily looked at me suspiciously but drunk me didn’t pay any mind to the warning signals going off in the back of my head.

“How do you mean?” I asked.

“You’re more touchy-feely and every time you look at each other it’s like you want to rip each other’s clothes off.” She explained and I nodded my head to the beat and to her statement.

“We were like that in private more than public because we had to be more reserved around you lot.” I thought off the top of my head, feeling James’ eyes on me and really exaggerating my movements so that they were sexier.

“Did you two… you know…?” she looked between us in shock. I opened my mouth to answer but she cut across me, “Actually, that’s my older brother and I’m not sure whether I really want to know about his sex life.” She cringed and I giggled.

“Why are you so shocked anyway?” I raised my eyebrows in question.

“I just figured you’d, you know, not do it whilst you were living in the villa because we were there.” She said sheepishly and I had to laugh again.

“Aww Lily, you’re so adorable when you act all innocent.” She pushed the subject to the side for the time being and the same part of my mind that had the warning signals, sighed in relief that she was letting it go for now. Suddenly some hands gripped my waist and I guessed they were James’ so I put mine over the top and wiggled my hips a little.

“And what the fuck do you think you’re doing with my fiancée?” A voice that sounded so terrifying made me look up to see James storming towards me with a furious expression on his face. That’s when I gathered what happened and quickly stepped away from this unknown guy that I had thought was James. Speaking of whom, reached the guy and immediately squared him up and wouldn’t look anywhere but at this guy. Even in the half-darkness of the room I could tell that his eyes were blazing with fury, his hands were balled into fists so hard I could see the veins popping up his arms.

“No harm no foul, eh mate?” He slurred drunkenly in a cockney accent, holding his hands up in surrender and sending me a sloppy wink. This just made James even angrier as he shoved him in the shoulder, making him stumble backwards and lose his balance. James advanced on him as he lay on the floor but I stepped in between them when my mind caught up with what I had seen.

“James, stop it! Please calm down!” I pleaded, pushing with all my might against his chest to make him see reason, “JAMES?!” I shrieked loudly, attracting the attention of some other people around us who looked between me, James and the drunken guy on the floor who was hastily trying to stand up.

“You’re mine.” He growled, pulling me flush against his body and buried his face in my neck.

“I’m yours.” I whispered back to appease him. Finally he managed to snap out of it as more people started turning to stare so he grabbed my hand and yanked me back to the VIP booth, pulling me onto his lap and breathing heavily.

“What’s up? What happened?” Al asked when he saw the state that his brother was in.

“It doesn’t matte-.” I went to say before James interrupted,

“Some pervy guy was touching Elle and rubbing up against her and I just got so mad.” He spat, clenching his jaw and I could feel his grip tightening on my waist.

“Where is he? I’ll give him a piece of my mind!” Al hit his hand with his fist and I had to laugh because it was not intimidating at all, “Why are you laughing?” He crossed his arms in a huff.

“Just go back to drinking and flirting Al, I’ll sort it out.” I shooed him off towards a band of girls who had been eyeing him up since the start of our conversation, “James, can you loosen your grip please? I do actually need to breathe.”

“Sorry,” he muttered into my neck, “I’m sorry, I overreacted and I shouldn’t have pushed him.” He apologised.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to apologise. That guy had it coming to him,” I chuckled, running my now talon-less nails up and down his forearms in a soothing manner, “Plus, seeing you angry is kind of hot.” I admitted, hoping it would distract him.

“Really?” He pulled away from my neck so he could see my face and arched an eyebrow.

“Really,” I pecked him on the lips again and again, each one making a smacking sound, “Now, are you calm enough to come and dance with me some more? I’ve had enough of dancing by myself, I wanna dance with you this time.” I stood up from his lap, ignoring the looks that Valerie and Courtney were giving us, and offered my hand to James, who took it.

“You really think I look hot when I’m mad?” He asked again as we entered the crowd of people on the dance-floor. His hands instantly found my arse and I wrapped my arms around his neck, pushing myself up against him and grinding my hips sexily with the song.

“So hot.” I whispered in his ear. We continued to dance like this as a few sexy songs came on until one of my all-time favourite songs started and I just had to sing along as my head and hips rolled with the bass-line, James following my every move, “So give it to me like I want it, this is for your eyes only. Roc me out back and forth, roc me out on the floor.” I sang into his ear, closing my eyes and letting the music guide my body, “Come over boy I’m so ready, you’re taking too long to get my head on the ground and my feet in the clouds, oh oh.” I continued to sing the song to him, showing him that the lyrics I was singing were completely sincere, “James?” I looked up at him through lustful eyes.

“Mmm?” He looked down at me with exactly the same emotion burning in his eyes.

“I wanna go home. Take me home.” I simply said and he nodded, dragging me back to where Al was drunkenly chatting up a really pretty girl with brown hair.

“Hey Al! We’re going now so, bye!” James quickly said before we marched over to Lily and said the same thing. We walked back to the villa in electrified silence, apparated onto the yacht straight into the bedroom and as soon as we landed, I turned to James and started kissing him as passionately as I had in the shower. My hands slipped under his shirt, rolling it up over his head and chucking it behind me before I looped my index fingers through the belt loops on his jeans and yanked them so he was forced to stand closer to me. As my hands stayed where they were, his roamed up into my hair then down to my neck.

Before we got any further, I separated and pushed James onto the bed with a sexy smile and he sat up, watching what I was going to do next in anticipation. Slowly and sensually, I reached down, grabbed the bottom of my dress and lifted it over my head, slinging it to the side like I had done with his shirt so all I was left in was my sexy underwear and my high heels. James’ eyes bulged wider when he took in my attire, his mouth opening in shock before I walked forward and slowly straddled him, cupping his face in my hands and kissing him again.

James obviously didn’t know what to do with his hands because they stayed limp by his sides. I encouraged him by picking them up and placing them on my arse as a starting point, he then seemed to register what I wanted and moved one hand up onto the small of my back whilst the other one, still on my bum, squeezed it hard. His chest was surprisingly quite hot so I pressed my chest and stomach against it, revelling in the feel of how warm it was. James’ hands moved up my back to unclasp my bra, pulling it off. He pulled away from my lips, kissing down my neck to my collar bone whilst I gathered my hair and moved it to one side. His member dug into my thigh whilst his mouth started paying attention to my breasts.

My phone vibrated on the side table, I ignored it though because I didn’t want to ruin this moment. It continued to buzz until it stopped and James’ mouth came back into contact with mine. I sucked on his bottom lip, yanking it with my teeth and then using my tongue to show how much I really wanted this. For the first time in a few years, I was living in the moment and not worrying about the consequences even though I had done that in the past and it had never worked out well. My phone buzzed again, disrupting us for the second time.

“Aren’t you gonna answer that?” James mumbled against my lips and I sighed, knowing that he was basically telling me to answer it. I leaned over to grab it and clicked the green button without checking the caller ID.

“Hello?” James carried on kissing my jawline sexily then down to my neck where he grazed my weak spot with his teeth, completely making me forget that I was on the phone as I let out a soft moan. That was, until the person uttered the next sentence frantically,

“Elle… Dad’s done it,” I froze, “He’s given the doctor’s permission.”

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