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Scorpius thought he was going to die. Of an overdose of tea. His grandmother had cordially invited him over for tea, and there really was no denying Narcissa Malfoy. Partly because he had to admit he had always adored and admired his grandmother. But mostly because she could be terribly intimidating. It had been his grandmother who had ensured he had attended Hogwarts when his father had considered sending him to Durmstrang. It had been her that had taken him to get his first wand at Ollivanders. And it had been her who had wholeheartedly supported his career in the auror department.


However tea with his grandmother when she was quizzing him about his date to Rosier and Selwyn’s wedding was torture. After two cups of tea she had wrung it out of him that it was a Weasley girl, and after two more cups of tea she had discovered that it was Percy Weasley’s youngest daughter. Scorpius was wondering if she had put verisitium in the tea as he had not intended to divulge either fact. But Narcissa had always been able to draw information out of him no matter how unwillingly.


It could also have been that he was awfully distracted. In his head he was turning over again and again the list of names that Wesley had placed on his desk of the living relatives of the twelve people whose deaths Percy Weasley had inadvertently caused. Wesley had narrowed it down to only close relatives, nothing beyond grandparents or first cousins. At it was the list was plenty long enough.


Ted Tonks: wife Andromeda Tonks, grandson Teddy Lupin, Sister-in-law Narcissa Malfoy.


Scorpius hadn’t even thought about Ted Tonks as being related to himself. It made him think about the woman sitting in front of him.


“Grandmother, did you know Ted Tonks?”


Narcissa raised an eyebrow, her face a carefully collected mask that made him think of Lucy.


“We went to the same school.” She said evenly.


“But did you know him?”


“I knew of him. He was head boy. I was several years younger you know.”


“Did you go to their wedding?”


Narcissa regarded Scorpius calmly.


“No. No one did. They eloped. There wasn’t a single person they knew or loved at their wedding. Except the other and that was enough for them. Andromeda was a very firm believer in love.”


She poured him another cup of tea and Scorpius sipped it slowly, having had quite enough tea already.


“Did you love Lucius?” He finally asked quietly, not quite daring to meet his grandmother’s eyes as he asked.


The silence hung heavy over them for a long moment. Broken only by the sound of porcelain against porcelain as Narcissa placed her teacup on its saucer.


“He was engaged to Andromeda you know.” She finally said softly and Scorpius looked up at her in surprise. She was staring at the roses that lined the flowerbeds, a faraway look in her eyes. “That was when she eloped. And my parents had promised the Malfoy’s a daughter. Bella was already married. And so there was me.” She looked at Scorpius with a soft sad smile.


“I never forgave her for that. Funnily enough I don’t think she ever forgave me for it either. In her eyes I had cast my lot in with the deatheaters and placed my heart with them instead of with her. At the time it never crossed my mind that I could have gone to her. I suppose we both played our parts in the war. And we played them well.” She reached over and placed a hand on Scorpius’ knee. “At least we both got wonderful grandson’s in our lot.”


She poured herself another cup of tea. “Now Scorpius, you really must tell me more about Lucy Weasley. And I must invite her over for tea.”


Scorpius went back to mulling over the list in his head while sipping tea and absentmindedly feeding his grandmother information about Lucy.


Yellin Fitz: No living relatives.


Abigail Fitz: No living relatives.


Jonathan Fitz: No living relatives.


An entire little family unit, wiped out by deatheathers. And no one left to mourn them.


Andrew Seacole: Unknown. Believed to be a fake name, real name unknown.


Scorpius filed it away to look into further if necessary. There were many who had taken fake names under the war in an attempt to protect themselves or other relatives. Apparently hadn’t worked for Andrew.


Lee Jordan: Mother Elizabeth Jordan, Father Robert Jordan, Aunt Mary Price, Cousin Emelia Price, Cousin August Price.


A boy who had been younger than Scorpius was now. Parents had moved to Jamaica after the war where his mother’s family, the Price’s lived.


Helen Steers: Brother John Steers (muggle), Sister-in-law Amelia Steers (muggle), Niece Helen Steers (muggle), Niece Melanie Steers (muggle).


Abram Steers: Brother John Steers (muggle), Sister-in-law Amelia Steers (muggle), Niece Helen Steers (muggle), Niece Melanie Steers (muggle).


Muggle-born brother and sister who’s only living relative was their muggle brother who now lived in Spain with his wife and two daughters.


Lawrence Hamlyn: Sister, Medora Rosier, Niece Circe Rosier, Niece Desiree Rosier.


The Rosier’s. That had made Scorpius pause. He had been unaware that Mrs Rosier had had a brother that had died in the war. He made a note in his mind to look into her family history.


“Scorpius I am under the distinct impression that your thoughts are elsewhere.” Narcissa’s voice came accusingly, breaking through his thoughts.


“My sincerest apologise grandmother.” Scorpius replied with a smirk putting down his teacup and hoping she wouldn’t feel the need to refill it once more.


Narcissa sniffed, eyeing the teacup thoughtfully as though deciding whether or not her grandson had had enough tea yet.


“You’re about as sincere as a dragon apologising for breathing fire.” She replied sharply, her words softened by her smile.


“What do you know about Medora Rosier?” Scorpius asked.


“I almost feel as though the auror department should be paying me consultancy fee’s.”


“But I’m asking merely as your adoring grandson.”


“You’re a liar, I thought I had taught you better. Medora married Fitz during the war, both of them straight out of Hogwarts. Far too young in my opinion. He sent her to France to keep her out of the hands of the Muggle-Born Registration Committee. There were rumours that her mother had muggle origins. The rumours were never confirmed and are not spoken of in polite company. Many purebloods sent relatives to the continent during the war you know. Like your mother and her sister. I wish we could have sent Draco, but… well Lucius wouldn’t hear of it. And I suppose it would have disrupted his education.”


Neither of them mentioned that Draco’s education had been plenty disrupted at Hogwarts and his education would probably have benefitted a great deal from being disrupted in such a manner.


“She had a brother?” Scorpius asked.


Narcissa nodded jerkily. “Yes. Lawrence. Much older than her. Twelve years older I believe. From her mothers first marriage. Very bright. Became an unspeakable I believe. I understand he had a particular interest in wand lore and during the war The Dark Lord had an interest in anyone with knowledge of wand lore. Medora at one point wanted to become an unspeakable also. Had a particular interest in the usage and control of fire. But her father didn’t support the idea and married her off instead.”


Scorpius nodded thoughtfully, hyper-aware that she avoided the subject that she only knew so because Ollivander the Wandmaker had occupied her dungeon because of Voldemort’s interest in wand lore. One of the many things his family had never mentioned. One of the things that Harry had patiently explained to him.


“Lawrence died in the war.” Scorpius said quietly.


“Yes. Many people did.” She whispered, picking up the teapot.


She filled his teacup and Scorpius stifled a groan.


“Now, cheerful things Scorpius. Remember the wedding tomorrow. Your mother has had your dress-robes sent to your office at the auror department.” She reminded him firmly.




“Lily I need a specific case file. Deatheater attack of Order Safe-houses in Wales on the March 22nd 1998.” Scorpius said, leaning against her desk.


Lily quickly and efficiently flicked through the archives behind her and handed him the file with a smile.


“You’ll get this case sorted out soon enough Scorpius. You’re scowling like Albus in the morgue.” She said touching his hand gently.


Scorpius attempted to turn his scowl into a grin and managed a grimace.


“Thanks LilyPea.” He said ruffling her hair, her batting away his hand, before walking towards his office, flicking through the file.


There it was. The list of twelve names that had been floating around his head all of yesterday. And there was the list of deatheaters who had been involved in the raid. Fitz Rosier, Walden Macnair, Michael Maynard and Siegfred Warrington. Four of the six victims. Scorpius cursed loudly.


“You should watch your language.”


Scorpius looked up almost bumping into Lucy who was standing outside his office. He smiled at her. She was wearing purple. A soft, warm plum purple that somehow succeeded in making his heart do funny things. And heels. Really tall heels. Lucy in heels made his head spin.


“You look beautiful.” He said softly.


Lucy looked up at him, startled. Then narrowed her eyes threateningly at him. “What’s the catch?”


“There isn’t one, damn, can’t I compliment you without there being a catch?” He asked, holding his hands up in surrender.


“I don’t know, can you?”


“No catch. Promise.”


She looked him up and down. “You do remember we are attending a wedding today?” She asked calmly, her eyebrow raised.


Scorpius cursed loudly again, flung open his office door and ushered her in.


“When do we need to be there?” He asked distractedly, dropping the file onto his desk and writing a quick memo to Milly that he needed her urgently, the memo whizzing off along the ceiling to find her.


“In two hours. I figured I’d get here early in case you had forgotten.” She said, settling herself in his chair as though she owned it.


“Thank Merlin, I could kiss you right now Lucy Weasley.” He announced, hastily flicking through his files, attempting to find the file with the interviews he had conducted with the Rosier’s. Surely there must have been something he had missed. It all kept coming back to the Rosier’s. He completely missed the way that Lucy stiffened when he mentioned kissing her.


“Maybe you should.” Lucy muttered to herself, quietly enough that he couldn’t hear. “What are you looking for?” She asked instead at a normal volume, noting how flustered he appeared.


“A folder titled ‘Interviews Case 67.’” He said absentmindedly.


Quietly Lucy flicked through the stack to her left and slid out the red folder, handing it to him with a raised eyebrow. Scorpius couldn’t help smirking at her and genuinely thinking about kissing her. He would have if he didn’t think she would slap him for it.


Milly barrelled into the office, clutching the memo he had sent her. He pointed at the folder he had dropped on her desk, flicking through the interview folder to find the interviews with the Rosier’s, scanning through what they had said.


Circe Rosier: “You should ask mother. She knows plants. Adores her roses.”


Medora Rosier: “It is a drug. My husband indulged in it…. You must understand Mr. Malfoy. My husband is dead. Finding his murderer will not bring him back. My friend is very much alive. Breaking her confidentiality could mean losing her friendship. No, my priority is currently definitely in maintaining the friendship of a living friend.”


Scorpius shut the folder with a frustrated sigh, peeling off his robe so he wore only his shirt and trousers, finding the package of dress robes his mother had picked out under his desk and shrugging them on. Medora Rosier knew what Quenwood was. Circe had said she had a particular interest in plants. But there was nothing to suggest that Medora Rosier in fact dealt in Quenwood. Albus had tested her and both girls and all of them came up negative for quenwood. She had said her friend had told her about it. Perhaps Siegfred Warrington’s wife, he understood that the two were friends, he had seen them together enough at his grandmother’s tea parties, and Siegfred Warrington had been Fitz’s supplier of Quenwood. Not enough evidence, not enough information, it was all so frustrating with this case. Not enough of anything. And now he had to go to this wedding.


Scorpius fidgeted in his dress robes. Lucy grinned at him and adjusted the left lapel.


“It’ll be fine.” She said softly and Scorpius couldn’t help but compare her voice to the soft warm plum of her dress. “I’ll wait with Lily until your ready.” She said and exited the office. Scorpius looked after her with a grin. His grandmother was going to love that girl.


Milly cleared her throat and Scorpius turned to her a smirk. “There is a link between this deatheater attack, four of the victims and the Rosier family.” He announced.


“And what exactly do you think that might mean?” Milly asked.


“I think Medora Rosier might know who Clue is.”


Milly barked a laugh. “And you’re on your way to her daughters wedding.”


Scorpius scowled. “Yeah not ideal. Can you attempt to quiz Gwyn?”


Milly nodded making notes in her case book, glancing at the Cluedo game set out between their desks.


“Is Siegfred Warrington going to be at the wedding?” She asked, tracing the outline of the study on the Cluedo board.


Scorpius grabbed a memo scrawling the question on it and sending it to Ryan. “We’ll hopefully know in a moment.”


They waited, Milly quietly shifting around the characters on the board. Mrs. Peacock in the ballroom with the dagger. Professor Plum in the kitchen with the candlestick. Miss Scarlet in the conservatory with the rope. Mrs. White in the Library with the revolver. Reverend Green in the dining room with the spanner. Carefully she held Colonel Mustard and the lead pipe in her hand, studying the board in front of her with a frown.


A memo from Ryan came back and Milly opened it quickly, read it and passed it to Scorpius with a frown.


“He’s walking the bride down the freaking aisle because he’s her Godfather. Duffy is shadowing him.” She said briskly.


Scorpius scanned the memo before tossing it on his desk.


“Well at least no one is going to be able to force tea down his throat. Standing in as the father of the bride he’ll be surrounded all day. I vote we assign Ryan to shadow him at the wedding as well thought. Maybe Geoffrey for good measure, they can both go in with invisibility cloaks.”


Milly grinned. “It’ll probably be a frightfully boring wedding and we’ll be fretting all for nothing.”


Scorpius grinned back at her. In his opinion all weddings were boring. Especially the traditional pureblood weddings like this one.

He picked up Colonel Mustard and pocketed him in his dress robes. For good luck. And because he didn’t believe in coincidences. 

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