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Scorpius raised his eyebrow when he saw Lucy standing outside his office, with Geoffrey standing behind her. Lucy’s face was carefully composed into a calm, pleasant smile. She stood proudly erect, not too stiffly, but still with perfect posture. She was wearing a stylish navy knee-length robe. She looked the picture of calm, pleasant composure and company. However her large brown eyes were on fire and Scorpius knew he was in trouble.




Scorpius couldn’t help but once again compare her to his grandmother Narcissa. If it wasn’t for the trademark Weasley red hair and the fact that she was a bit on the short side, Lucy really would pass for a Malfoy. For a brief moment he tried to imagine her without the shock of riotous red curls and imagine her with pin-straight blonde hair. He quickly shook the image out of his head. A blonde Lucy was unthinkable. And a blonde Lucy wouldn’t look half so good in lilac.




Geoffrey meanwhile looked distinctly uncomfortable. He kept shifting from one foot to the other, crossing and uncrossing his arms and glancing sideways at Lucy with an expression of exasperation and confusion.


Scorpius wondered if Lucy drove Geoffrey insane the same way she drove him insane.


“Lucy. A pleasure as always. What can I do for you today?” Scorpius asked with a smirk and a wink.


He smirk broadened when he noticed the wink cause her careful composure to decline into a frown. The temptation was far too great to wink at her again but he held it back as he opened his office door and held it open for her with a flourish.


“I need to speak to you. Alone.” Lucy replied stiffly.


Scorpius raised an eyebrow at Geoffrey who rolled his eyes and glanced uncomfortably at Lucy who was studiously ignoring Geoffrey and looking at Scorpius expectantly.


“Well I’m sure Geoffrey would love a break. I’ll send you a memo.” Scorpius and Geoffrey grinned. Scorpius didn’t miss the look of relief that flooded his face.


Lucy entered his office and Scorpius slid in behind her closing the door. He smirked as Lucy made herself comfortable on his chair, glaring with narrowed eyes at the row of dirty tea cups lined up along his desk from his late night work the evening before.


“What in Merlin’s name have you put Geoffrey through?” Scorpius asked in amusement as he turned on the kettle on Milly’s desk, noting that she was out and had left a note on her desk informing him that she was with Guffy going through their past cases of Qwenwood.


“Well you see it’s all my cousins fault.” Lucy replied primly, waving her wand at each of his teacups in turn with a rigorous cleaning spell which had them foaming with soap.


Scorpius rolled his eyes. The Potter-Granger-Weasley’s were always referring to one of their cousins as such as though they only had one or two not more than a dozen. “Which one?”


“Rose. She’s one of your best friends; you know what she’s like. Well she set us up on a date. I think she had some misguided idea that dating someone in law enforcement would be a good influence on me.” Lucy said, glaring at her carpets that were still occupying the corner of the office.


Scorpius barked a laugh. Rose and matchmaking was the stuff of legends. He had resisted all her attempts to match him up with her various cousins up till now. She had been particularly insistent on matching him up with Lily or Roxy. Albus had been very against it. And both Lily and Roxy had laughed heartily at Rose’s attempts.


“I see.” Scorpius said, picking up the kettle as it whistled and taking two of the now clean teacups off his desk and making tea for himself and Lucy while Lucy in an orderly manner arranged the other teacups in two neat stacks next to the kettle. “Milk or sugar?” He asked.


Lucy looked up at him. “Milk, no sugar. So you see that him being my ‘bodyguard’ is quite intolerable for the both of us?”


“It’s not like I have a wealth of aurors to pull from. Plus I can’t assign you any of your cousins, they’d let you get away with murder the lot of them. Is that seriously what you wanted to talk to me alone about?” Scorpius asked, passing her a teacup and settling himself against his desk.


“No. I wanted to ask about the wedding.” Lucy said, sipping her tea with a grace that recalled his mother and grandmother’s tea parties. He wondered what they would think of Lucy Weasley.


It took Scorpius a moment to think of what she meant by wedding, her looking at him expectantly with a shrewd gleam in her eyes that he was sure meant that she knew he had forgotten. When he finally remembered what wedding she meant he groaned. And he realised that his mother and grandmother would indeed be meeting Lucy Weasley at the wedding. As his date.


“Rosier and Selwyn’s wedding.” He mumbled.


“Yes. The wedding that may I remind you is occurring the day after tomorrow.” Lucy replied putting down her teacup.


“It is really?” Scorpius asked vaguely as he started rifling through the stacks of paper on his desk. He was sure he had stuffed the wedding invite in here somewhere.


Lucy held it out, shoving it under his nose and he scowled at it. How she had found it in all the mess on his desk he had no clue. She was right either way. Naturally. The day after tomorrow.


“Are you picking me up or are we meeting somewhere?” Lucy asked.


Scorpius looked at her thoughtfully. “My mother would be tempted to disown me if I didn’t pick you up.” He grumbled.


Lucy rolled her eyes at him. “As if she has to know. You're busy with the case, I could meet you here and drop off my ‘bodyguard’. No way am I bringing him to any wedding.”


Scorpius hesitated. “It would be more practical that way.”


“Excellent. I will see you then.” Lucy said, rising gracefully.


“You think you can live with Geoffrey hovering around until then?” Scorpius asked with a grin.


Lucy scowled at him. “I suppose. It’s very bad for my business I must inform you. And I’ll be expecting my carpets returned when we get back from the wedding.”


Scorpius shot off a memo to Geoffrey to let him know he could pick up Lucy again. “Don’t worry. You’ll have your illegal carpets back.”


Lucy smiled and Scorpius strangely enough felt that it was a significant improvement in their relationship that she hadn’t denied the fact that the carpets were illegal this time.


Scorpius opened the door to let Lucy out and as soon as she went out Milly slid in.


“Milly, my favourite auror partner, such a pleasure!” Scorpius announced with a grin, closing the door behind her.


Milly rolled her eyes. “I’m your only auror partner you ninny.”


“Well aren’t we lucky then that I like working with you or our lives would be intolerable.”


Milly grinned widely. “Nah, I’d just request a transfer and then you’d be stuffed because no one else wants to work with you.”


“Not true, everyone adores me.” Scorpius announced with a smirk.


They ignored the elephant in the room that was the fact it that had not always been true. Milly had initially become Scorpius’ partner because she was the only one who decided not to be prejudiced against his family name and judge him based solely on his results from auror training. Since then they had stuck together like glue and Scorpius always remembered the fact that it had been Milly who had smiled at him, offered her hand and told him she was excited to be his partner on the day that he had finished his auror training. Most everyone else had had several different partners since then but Scorpius and Milly had stuck together and become the best at what they did. Perhaps now everyone adored Scorpius, but it hadn’t always been that way.


“What was Lucy here for?” Milly asked, moving to the kettle to make herself a cup of tea. “Merlin, you actually cleaned all the teacups? I’m impressed.”


“As if. Lucy cleaned them.” Scorpius replied, tacking the wedding invite to the board over his desk in order to hopefully help him remember it. He would have to ask his mother if she had organised his dressrobes.


“Lucy came in order to clean your teacups?” Milly asked with a grin, rooting through the tin of teabags for her particular favourite, mint and lemon.


“No. Side-effect. She came to complain about Geoffrey and remind me about the wedding.”


“Complain about Geoffrey? What did he do, he’s a decent auror. I can’t imagine him neglecting his duty.” Milly asked in surprise.


Scorpius shook his head. “No, not so much what he did, rather my choice in assigning him. Rose Granger-Weasley once set them up on a blind date.”


An expression of horror slid onto Milly’s face. “I see.” She said faintly.


She herself had fallen prey to Rose’s blind date attempts when Rose had set her up with first Hugo, then Hugo’s friend Alistair. Both had been disasters. As an apology Rose had then set Milly up on a blind date with one of fiancé’s friend who turned out to in fact be part of a smuggling ring and the date had ended with Milly arresting her date. She had never again agreed to any of Rose Granger-Weasley’s matchmaking schemes.


“I suppose it’s a good thing that Rose is in Sweden right now so she doesn’t know about what’s going on between you and Lucy. I’m sure Rose could even ruin a perfectly good match with her skills.” Milly mused, pouring hot water into her teacup and humming happily as she sniffed her tea.


Scorpius grimaced. “There is nothing going on between Lucy and I.”


“You’re a terrible liar Scorpius.” Milly replied, settling herself into her chair with her teacup. “Anyway, Guffy and I have gone through all our stuff on qwenwood. Several of their past cases can now securely be linked to this Gwyn, if that’s her real name. The problem is that it is pretty clear that she is not the main supplier, but rather the middle man. From some of the past cases, we believe it is an upper-class pureblood who is in fact growing the quenwood here in England. We assume this ‘Clue’ person. The question is who ‘Clue’ is and how we find out. Which is naturally proving difficult.”


Scorpius slumped into her chair. “Someone who doesn’t like deatheaters.” He mumbled thoughtfully.


Milly rolled her eyes. “That really narrows it down.” She quipped sarcastically. “Not many people would admit to liking them these days.”


“Okay, a qwenwood dealer who sells qwenwood to pureblood deatheaters for a couple of years and than spontaneously decides to off a load of them. Not good for business you would think.” Scorpius said running his hands through his hair.


Never had he longed quite so much for a nice little boring domestic murder in a fit of jealously scenario.


“Not so spontaneously.” Milly reminded him. “These murders are well-planned, the dramatics, the flair and the weapons. Whoever it is must not like Lucy Weasley.”


Scorpius stiffened. “Not Lucy Weasley.” He muttered under his breathe?


“What?” Milly asked, but Scorpius was already out of his chair, pacing back in forth of his chair.


“Not Lucy Weasley. The targets are deatheaters, these are old grudges, grudges from the war before the lot of us were born. Someone with a grudge against Percy Weasley!” Scorpius ranted, gesturing wildly with his hands.


Milly looked at him confused. “Percy Weasley? The Ministers secretary?”


“Yes, Percy Weasley! It’s kind of shushed up and swept under the carpet but he worked for the ministry during the war. Got swept up in it all, like so many other teenagers.” Scorpius explained. It went unsaid that they both knew that Scorpius’ father was included in the term ‘other teenagers’.


“Must be a pretty intense grudge on Percy Weasley.” Milly murmured into her teacup.


“It’s a long shot, no proof, but it would at least somewhat explain this madness with all the objects from Lucy’s shop.” Scorpius sighed, flopping back into his chair.


As soon as he hit the seat he was up again and striding to the door. “I’m going to go ask Harry for Percy’s file.” He announced waving at Milly who waved back with a tired smile.


Scorpius strode confidently to Harry’s office. Surely here there must be some clue. Surely he couldn’t continue like this grasping at straws and finding only dead ends and circular evidence. Somewhere there had to be the evidence that would lead to ‘Clue’ and the murderer and the end of this qwenwood business.

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