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The girls both got very excited once I’d suggested we started Christmas Eve. Every year we do Christmas Adam’s style on Christmas Eve. And every year I deal with the same giddy, excited sisters. It brings both of them back to a time where everything was much simpler and I'm glad because the smiles on those two girls every year is quite the picture that I forget about everything else and just join in and enjoy myself. 

“Go upstairs then” I prompted, they both did as told and I moved our presents into three piles in the lounge, each next to a chair we had already picked as our spot

“Okay. Come on down” I shouted

Peyton ran down the stairs and started attacking her presents, while Liv took a bit longer after I reminded her to slow things down slightly, she then took to attacking her pile of presents. I took a few pictures of them and then dug into my own pile of presents.

“Peyton, you shouldn’t have!” Liv squealed as she opened a jewellery box to find it had a charm bracelet in it, with a selection of charms. One being a best sister charm

“But I had to really. I saw it and immediately thought of you” Peyton brushed off the complement

“Well, open your card and that little box” Liv gestured towards the table

“Okay...” she said sceptically, “Oh. Liv. Is that? Is that the baby?” she stuttered

“Uh-Huh” Liv nodded

“Oh. It’s beautiful!” she exclaimed, getting up to give us a hug

“Wait until you open the box” I said and she sat back down to open the box

“I guess sister’s think a-like” Liv smiled as her sister opened the box to find a similar looking charm bracelet with an Aunt charm on it

“It’s gorgeous!” she exclaimed, giving us a hug this time, “Does Lily get one too?”

“Yeah. Expect hers is gold” I explained

“That’s great!” she said enthusiastically

One thing that had to happen at an Adams style Christmas is muggle games. New ones and old ones. We have a Wii, a Playstation and an Xbox... as well as half a cupboard full of board games. Any new games for any of these consoles are bought for Christmas Eve. This includes dancing, sports, violence and any other genre of game you can think of, in fact, we have enough embarrassing footage of each other we could probably make a movie series (of about 8 movies).

“This year I am prepared to beat you Albus Severus” Livy taunted, rolling up her sleeves

“Is that so Olivia Victoria Marie?” I smirked back at her, picking up a remote 

“Oh it is so Big A. So prepared” she teased, picking up her own remote and perching on the edge of the sofa

“Well, shall we refer to the chart Little O” I tormented her by walking over to the cupboard under the stairs where we keep the score board on the back of the door and opening it, showing her the evidence she did not want to see.

Livy- 2023
Albus- 2025, 2026, 2027
Peyton- 2024

As you can probably tell, Liv won the very first year we set this up, an Adams Christmas Eve that is. Peyton won the year after that, and then the champion for 3 years is me. And I’m not afraid to remind the pregnant woman.

“Woah there Mr and Mrs Nicknames, I think you’ll find I’m going to make an inspired return to the games this year” Peyton interjected just as Liv was about to retort something (most likely offensive) back at me

“I don’t think so Peyton Renee” Liv turned her attention to her sister and argued while I closed the door again to the cupboard (after retrieving some games that were stored in there).

I closed it  and started to turn away before the many photographs hanging in their place on the wall caught my attention, causing me to double take to inspect them, something I haven't done in a long time. Some of them are from before we’d even met, baby Albus sits on a broomstick aged 1 and baby Liv looks about ready to sink into a bean bag aged 2. A 7 year old Liv wrapped up in woolly clothes next to a 4 year old Peyton, building a snowman. As well as us at Hogwarts, laughing hysterically at something I don’t even remember now, aged 14.
I smile a bit wider when I see Liv’s favourite photo from our graduation, Scorp, Rose, Liv and I all pulling random funny faces. All the photographs are in loads of different frames we’ve acquired and bought over the years, all very different, different colours, different shapes. Mismatched. Random. Different. Surprising. Just like us.

“Al?” Liv brought me back to life

“Yeah?” I asked vaguely

“Done reminiscing and ready to be beaten?” Liv asked, quite short-tempered

“Born ready” I nodded, sitting in between the two sisters, all three of us perched on the edge of the sofa ready for the game to begin.

Let’s just say that thanks to the majority of new games out this year being dance and song related, and both girls having done dance classes since they were old enough to walk, I lost this one. Peyton may have made a truly inspired come back this year with her beating the two of us in both dance (Liv’s pregnant and I’m an awful dancer), she then proceeded to beat us in both of the singing games because apparently she’s got a good voice now and then managed to beat us in the sports game. HOWEVER, I did beat her in the zombie game, because no matter when the apocalypse comes, I will be ready for it.
Between games we ate a buffet style lunch and then by the time we’d finished playing the board games, that Peyton also seemed to win at, it was evening and time to watch the Christmas film they’ve watched every year since they were born.
After they’d both cried at the emotion I never seem to get (I suspect its nostalgia), Peyton had to leave but said she’d be back at around 10am on the 1st.

“Well, that was disappointing” Liv sighed as she got into bed that night

“It was?” I asked, confused while turning to put on an alarm for about 7:30 the next day

“Yeah. I really thought I’d win this year” she frowned as she snuggled down

“Well, there’s always next year” I reminded her

“There is yeah but then we’ll have to add the baby’s name to the list and we all know then it’ll be them that wins” she decided

“Fine. If you want to let them win, you can. I won’t be doing so but I guess it’ll be easier to beat you and them that way” I smirked at her

“That’s not very nice” she pointed out, instinctively touching her stomach

“It’s going to be a couple of years before our little fighter can play anyway, I’ve got time to win a few more times” I shrugged,

“Al!” she squealed slightly

“What? It’s true! They’re not going to be able to play for a good 5 years! You’ve got time to win some more too if you like” I complained

“No Al, she knows!” Liv explained, throwing the covers away from her

“Who knows?” I asked, looking at her and seeing how wide eyed she was

“The baby! Stop asking questions!” she exclaimed, grabbing hold of my hand and placing it on her stomach, “She’s kicking Al. She knows you’re talking about her!” she exclaimed

“Can you hear me little fighter? You going to come and ruin my winning streak?” I asked, speaking to Liv’s slightly swollen stomach that moved slightly with a small baby’s kick

“What winning streak, eh bubs? Auntie Peyton won today” Liv also spoke to the bulge in her stomach

“I can bring it back next year!” I remarked

“Sure you can. I don’t think he will though bubs, I reckon your Mummy will win next year” Liv told our baby

“You don’t believe that do you?” I asked

"Don't listen to him bubs" Liv shook her head and spoke animately causing the baby to stir once more 

“There you have it Al, she thinks I’m going to win” Liv smirked now, apparently very proud of herself

“She thinks does she? It’s a girl then?” I asked, taking my hand off her stomach

“I’m only guessing of course, but I’m fairly certain it’s a girl” she nodded, pulling the covers back on herself

“I’m not so sure. Men are meant to be prominent in my family. I’m part Weasley” I said lying down in bed

“And the larger proportion of women really proves it” Liv grinned, sarcasm in her voice

“Touché” I said, wrapping her in my arms (being the big spoon), realising that she was right and the large majority of my cousins are, in fact, girls.

“Besides, my family’s mostly girls too” she said yawning

“They are indeed. Love you Liv” I smiled, as she placed her hands on top of mine

“Love you too Ally” she said, falling asleep

A/N- Hey Guys!
What did you think of the Adams Style Christmas?
Did you like their competitive spirit? And their nicknames coming out in the flurry of it?
Did you like how this has become and thing and Peyton is included?
Do you guys remember Liv's favourite photograph from A Person's A Person...?
The Baby knows they're talking about her? (or is it a her???) I really had to put that in, it kind of mirrors what happened with ScoRose in A Person's A Person..., so I had to included it considering now everything seems so much easier for them!

Thanks so much for reading! Please leave a review answering my questions or just stating whatever you thought about the chapter!

Emz xxx

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