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Hi! I know this story is updating too slowly, but I have a lot of chapters prewritten for my other story, so I’m uploading them first. Do enjoy this chapter!




Love this CI by Oakinwode @tda!

There was plenty to do in the house. Rhea noticed the calendar which hung on the wall beside a wide assortment of framed pictures. She would look at them later.


The date read 12 January 2027.


The last date she remembered was 12 January 2026.


It’s been a year.


12 January. Otherwise known as Albus Severus Potter’s 21st birthday.


The huge circle on the date and ‘Al’s 21st!’ written in red ink helped.


Al… she sighed. She missed Al. She missed his warm hugs, his sweet smile, hell, even his smirks!


She missed her Al so much.


She went to look at the pictures. Suddenly she wished she didn’t. When she started, she couldn’t stop.


First picture showed her with Al on their first day of Hogwarts.


A picture of her and Al in their second year.


Another one of her, Al, Hugo, Lily and James.


A picture of her with Alice and another blond girl. Freya Malfoy.


A wave of affection for Freya and Alice went through her. Her best friends, who had been there for her always. Freya, Scorpius Malfoy’s twin sister and Alice, Neville Longbottom’s daughter.


She could feel herself tearing up as she moved to the next picture. The picture made her heart stop and a thousand emotions played with her. A memory flashed in front of her.


They were in Seventh Year. Freya and Alice had dragged her to the Black Lake to take some pictures. Al, Louis and Malfoy were also there. Scorpius was laughing at something Al was telling. She felt her heart somersault seeing the carefree laugh on his face. It vanished and a scowl replaced the laugh when he saw her. She scowled back.


‘Freya… you didn’t tell me the Weasel is coming with you!’ he said to Freya.


‘Come on, bro. She’s my best friend! And she’s your best friend’s cousin. Can’t you guys get along for once?’ Freya sighed.


‘Never!’ both of them said at the same time.


‘Can’t say I didn’t try.’ Freya frowned but brightened abruptly when Al entwined his fingers with hers. Rose raised her eyebrows at Freya, who blushed.


Didn’t see that one coming.


‘Come on, let’s take a PIC!!’ Alice yelled and pushed Freya and Albus, who landed in the lake with a splash. They dragged Alice and Rose, who had been holding hands into the icy cold water with them.


‘Oh, you are not getting away!’ Rose yelled and dragged Scorpius and Louis into the water as they were trying to get away.


Her head pounded with pain, what happens always when a memory hits her like that. The picture had captured all of their laughs, Freya and Albus with arms around each other, Rose and Scorpius splashing water at each other, Alice and Louis smirking at all of them. The perfect picture.


She wiped away her tears. It was not the time to remember her past. It was time to be in the present and build the future.


Rhea went into the bedroom to clean it out. She had been putting it off for too long.


She had finished cleaning out the drawers, which were full of dusty magazines. After that she went to clean up the cluttered window-sill when a bundle of papers caught her eye.


Rhea made her way to it, and so that they were her subscriptions of the Daily Prophet. 365 newspapers littered the floor. She picked up the one dated 23 January 2026.


Rose Weasley, kidnapped or a runaway?


Rose Weasley, daughter of Ron and Hermione Weasley, head secretary of St.Mungo’s has been missing since 12th of this month. Her family had got worried when she didn’t show up for the 21st birthday celebrations of her cousin and co-worker Albus Potter. Her partner at St.Mungo’s, Scorpius Malfoy had told media that she hasn’t been seen since 11th January.


Rhea didn’t want to read more. Scorpius Malfoy… that liar…


But he wasn’t exactly lying, was he? After all, Rose Weasley hasn’t come to work since 11th January 2026. Rose Weasley hasn’t been alive since 12th January 2026.


Why defend him? She had no idea.


She took another newspaper, hoping for better news.


It was worse.


Rose Weasley… dead?


Rose Weasley, who has been missing since 12th January is now claimed to be dead. The search for the lost Weasley had been going on without a stop, but even her family gave up hope after a month of non-stop investigation. A very distraught Al Potter told us, ‘We think it’s best for us if we just accept the fact that Rose is gone forever. I know it’s going to be very difficult for us, she was so close to us all, but we have to accept it.’

Dominique Weasley seems to be with Albus. ‘Looking for a person who isn’t even there won’t do us any good. We just have to move on. Rose will always be there in all of our hearts, where she’s immortal.’

No one else of the Weasley-Potter family wanted to have a say in this very sad matter.

We spoke with Scorpius Malfoy too, seeing that he must have been very close with Rose. His words touched the hearts of all, including the members of the family, seeing how they embraced him.

‘I just want to say that, wherever Rose is, I just wish she’s happy. She deserves it.’


Tears streamed down her face. Dom and Al… her best friends….


The family seemed to have made Scorpius one of their own, her bitter side thought.


He deserves it, another part of her said.


She wasn’t sure which part was Rose and which part was Rhea anymore. Her thoughts were so mingled. Damn him… she hated him, why wouldn’t she? He had taken away her life, he’s the reason why her family is suffering so much, and she couldn’t even go to comfort them! But the unnamed desire in her heart keeps her from hating him. She hated the way he made her feel. She wanted to hate him and not think a thing about it. But her heart just won’t have it. She was going to go mad one day if things go on like this.


Were her thoughts this confused back when she was Rose Weasley?


She could feel another memory coming, as the pain in her head increased.


She was in the Heads Dorm, two large portraits of Rose and Scorpius on either side of the Dorm, concealing the entrance to their rooms.


She looked up from the paperwork she was doing as a very angry Malfoy flopped into the armchair beside her. He didn’t say anything and kept looking at her. She went back to the paperwork.


‘What is it?’ she asked finally when she had enough of him staring.


‘Are you going to Hogsmeade with Finnegan?’


She felt surprise at the question. How did he know? ‘So?’ she answered, acting as if she wasn’t trilling inside at the fact that he cared that she was going to Hogsmeade with another guy.


The human brain is a very complicated thing. You hate the guy, but you feel like dancing when he talks to you!


‘Nothing. Just wondering how long you had to beg to make him finally say yes.’


That’s rude. ‘Actually, he asked me. How did you know about this anyway?’


‘Al.’ he answered as if that explained everything. She guessed it does.


‘Cool.’ She went back to the writing she was doing.


Hogsmeade arrangement- check


Yule Ball discussion- check


It was really difficult to focus with his eyes on her. She finally snapped.


‘What IS it?’


He surprised her by picking up the fallen hair on her face and tucking it behind her ear. His touch left trails of hot fire on her face.


‘What…’ She forgot how to talk when she felt his breath on her. They were too close.


They were leaning into each other like magnets getting attracted. They broke apart when the door opened.


‘What’s going on here?’


Al! He looked stunned to see both of them so close to each other.


Rhea’s heart lurched when she saw her carefree cousin. It was too much. She loved Al so much.


‘It’s nothing. Weasley got something in her eye.’ Malfoy stood smoothly and walked up to his room, mentioning Al with his hands to follow.


That was that.


Ignoring the pain in her head, Rhea picked up the newspaper form last month.


Job opportunity available at St.Mungo’s


It’s been almost a year since the ‘death’ of Rose Weasley and her spot as the head secretary still remains empty. Her partner Scorpius Malfoy had opened up the opportunity today.

Contact Scorpius Malfoy at St.Mungo’s, Venue Street, Hogsmeade.


She knew what she had to do.


She started writing the letter that can change the future of both of them.


Dear Mr. Scorpius Malfoy,

I saw  your advertisement in the newspaper last month. My name is Rhea Sanchez, and I hope I’m not too late. I would like to apply for this job.


Yours sincerely,

Rhea Sanchez.


She attached the letter to Pixie and watched her fly away.


The replay came soon.


Dear Ms. Sanchez,

You are lucky as the post is still open. You may come for an interview tomorrow morning at 7am. Just ask for Albus Potter at the front desk, as he is the one you must meet. If he approves, you may join us.


All the best,

Scorpius Malfoy.


Just what she wanted. Tomorrow might be the best day of her life.



She woke up feeling better than she had been before.


She got dressed casually, in a simple blue blouse and cream skirt. Her favorite dress.


When she apparated to St.Mungo’s, she started hyperventilating. She was about to see Al after such a long time. The sad thing was that Al won’t even know that she was his cousin. His own flesh and blood. And if she gets the job, she gets to work with Scorpius Malfoy. The pressure was too hard to contain.


Somehow she managed to control herself and not run out of the room by breathing in and out evenly.


‘How may I help you?’ The lady at the front desk asked in a kind voice when she approached. Mary Mayfield, her memory noted.


‘I’m here to see Albus Potter regarding the job opportunity as the senior secretary.’ Mary’s eyes tightened. She was a good friend of Rose.


She regained her smile. ‘Do you have an appointment?’


‘Yes, I do. For 7am.’ She could tell what Mary might be thinking. Blond hair, blue eyes, French accent, all in one spelling TROUBLE. Mary always puts catalogs like that. Blond means bimbo airheads, blue eyes means probably fashion conscious contact lens wearer, and French accent means a slut.


It was all wrong. Mary smiled again. ‘Name please.’


‘Rhea Sanchez.’


‘Please wait.’


Rhea sat, waiting for her name to be called.


‘Rhea Sanchez?’


Here goes nothing. She opened the door to see her cousin sitting on the chair.


Her heart thudded painfully. To see Al after such a long time…


He mentioned her to sit. She sat, not taking her eyes off him.


Al hasn’t changed much. His hair was shorter and shoulders broader, other than that, he was still the Al she knew and loved. The same smile, the same bright green eyes.



‘So you are here to take over my cousin’s old post?’ his question was straight-forward, not bothering with the pleasantries. She smiled. It was so Al!


‘No. I’m here to take the post as the senior secretary, not your cousin’s post.’ She smiled.


Al looked taken aback. The Rose-style of talking startled him. ‘You get the job.’


Her heart leaped. She knew it would work!


‘Really? Thank you, Bright- I mean, Mr. Potter.’ She yelled at herself inside. She nearly exposed herself to Al! She nearly called him ‘Bright eyes’, her nickname for him. He calls her ‘carrot’.


‘Call me Al.’ he smiled. ‘You are Rhea, right?’


‘Yes. And, I guess you can call me Rhea.’ They both laughed.


Somebody knocked at the door. ‘Come in!’ Al called.


The next few seconds happened in slow motion for Rhea. It was still burned in the back of her mind.


He got inside the room, raising his eyebrows at her. Her heart seemed to stop as the person around whom her world had started to revolve stepped inside.


She looked at the blonde in front of her in bewilderment. She could handle the dreams, but seeing him right in front of her was too much for Rhea to handle.


‘Um… Rhea? This is my best friend.’ Al said.


‘Scorpius Malfoy.’ She whispered.


They looked at her in shock. ‘How did you know?’ Al asked.


She calmed herself down and tried to ignore her hammering heart. ‘You are pretty famous, you know.’


Their faces visibly relaxed. ‘Oh, right. Nice to meet you, partner.’ He offered her his hand. She took and snatched it away as an electric shock passed through them.


He looked just as stunned. ‘Did you give me a shock just now?’


She shook her head. Fortunately, neither of them had anything else to say on that matter.


‘Well, Rhea, welcome to St.Mungo’s. We hope you have a nice time here.’ Al excused himself with a last lingering look at her which felt wrong somehow. She couldn’t explain it.


Scorpius looked at her. ‘Ready?’ he asked.


‘Ready.’ She nodded.


She was ready for what was to come.



Phew, longest chapter! I have an author’s page on the forums, so pop up over there if you have any questions, and it’s the best way to know when the next chapter will most likely come up. Oh, and I know, 12th January is Zayn Malik's birthday, I'm his greatest fan, and also of Al, so i made their birthday as same! And there is a new character, Freya Malfoy! I promise, the next update will be sooner!

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