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We didn’t tell anyone about Baby Potter for another 4 months. We waited until we were well passed the four month mark. It was our Christmas surprise for everyone. Liv had already had to let Hogwarts know and they were all so supportive of her, which was the best. First people on the list to tell were my parents and we went to see them as soon as Liv got home for Christmas on the 19th. They were expecting us.

“Merry Christmas!” Liv shouted once we’d flooed in and made it into the corridor

“And a Happy New Year!” Mum smiled as she trapped Liv in a big hug

“Hi Dad” I nodded towards him as he appeared in the door way

“Alright Al?” he asked

“Great thanks” I smiled passing him into the sitting room

The Christmas tree was up and was perfect as always, “Did Lil come round and sort out the tree?” I asked

“Of course she did. It doesn’t look as good if we do it” Dad replied, referencing to Mum

Mum and Liv came in a sat down. We had the usual, how are you conversation and then exchanged presents before either of us to forget and then we told them.

“We’ve got another Christmas surprise as well actually” Liv grinned

“Oh you do?” Mum said, intrigued

“Yeah. We’re having a baby” I smiled

“You’re having a baby?! Thank god because Livy my darling you’ve put on a few pounds!” Mum squealed, grabbing hold of Liv’s hand

“Yeah. We are and that should explain it” she laughed

“How far along are you?” Dad asked

“5 months. I’m due April 7th” Liv explained

“We’re sorry it took so long for us to tell you but we had to be sure” I added

“It doesn’t matter! Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” Mum exclaimed

“No. We wanted to wait until everyone knows and then find out” I told her

“Well, that’s great! Our second grandchild! We may even have our first grandson Harry!” Mum continued to exclaimed

“Yes Ginny, we might. Congratulations you two” he smiled

“Thank you Harry” Liv smiled, getting up to give them a hug

Before we left Mum and Dad promised they wouldn’t tell anyone so we could tell them and said they couldn’t wait for everyone to know. Peyton then arrived just after we’d seen Mum and Dad and squealed the roof off the place. Shouting at her sister for not telling her earlier and keeping it a secret from her even though she found out the day they went out together with Maia. She also said she’d be back but had to go and tell their Mum in person, catching a portkey and promising she’d be back for Christmas Eve, which left us a few days before Christmas to tell all the important people. Although after she’d been told we had a small issue. Who to tell next. James, Lily and Scorose needed to know. Considering Peyton knew, I should have told my brother and sister before Scorose but that’s not how it happened.

We went to the Scorose household on the 18th for lunch and Liv couldn’t have been any faster at letting slip we had to tell them something.

“Merry Christmas” I said, as we walked in, shaking the snow off our shoes

“Happy Christmas Uncle Al” Maia smiled before shouting into the house

“UNCLE AL AND AUNTIE LIVY ARE HERE!” she then proceeded to walk off (This little 6 year old is confident)

“Okay, okay. I’m here little Madam” Rose walked in from the kitchen

“Merry Christmas you two” Scorp said as he stepped down from the stairs

“We have some news!” Liv blurted “and Merry Christmas” she added afterwards

“Spit it out then” Rose encouraged

“I’m pregnant again!” she squealed

“How far along?” Scorp’s facial expressions slowed down and he looked concerned

“5 months” I mentioned, a lot quieter than Liv had been previously spoken in

“WHAT?!” Rose exclaimed

“I’m so so sorry we had to keep it from you but we had to be sure this time” Liv apologised

“And that makes sense” Scorp added, walking towards Liv and giving her a hug

“I’m having a baby Scorpy” Liv dissolved into tears while Scorp comforted her

“When’s your due date?” Rose asked

“7th April” I said

“I can’t believe it!” Rose squealed, trapping me in a hug and weeping slightly onto me

“Neither can we” I whispered and squeezed her tighter

“Livy! You’re going to be a Mummy!” Rose let go of me and squealed at her best friend

“I’m going to be a Mummy!” Liv smiled, through her tears, hugging Rose whose tears become more prominent

“One baby step at a time” Rose whispered into Liv’s hair

“One baby step at a time” Liv repeated, the pair of them now sounding like a drowning cat

Maia walked into the hallway and her face showed shock, “What’s wrong with Mummy and Auntie Livy?”

“Nothing’s wrong Maia” I shook my head and crouched to be at her eye level

“Auntie Livy and Uncle Al have some big news that makes everyone very happy” Scorp told her, crouching down as well

“What news?” Maia asked me

“Auntie Livy and I are going to have a baby” I said

“When?” Maia asked

“In a couple of months” I explained

“Can I see the baby when it comes?” she asked

“Of course you can” I agreed

“Isn’t that good Mi’?” Scorp prompted

She nodded, I’m not sure she really understood but she must have done a bit because she then went and hugged Liv and her Mum’s legs.

“Congrats Al” Scorp said, standing up

“Thanks” I nodded

“Maia. Can you go and get the special gift we got Auntie Livy and Uncle Al please?” Rose said through her tears

Maia did as asked and Rose exchanged a look with Scorp. They both nodded and exhaled before Scorp led us into the lounge and said, “We have some news too. We were going to tell everyone at Christmas but we should really wait a little bit before we do”

“So, we’ll just tell you. But you have to promise not to think we’re trying to steal your limelight or anything” Rose continued

“Here you go” Maia ran back in and gave us a card

“But, we’re expecting our second child in August” Scorp finished and we opened the card to find a Christmas card signed by Rose, Scorpius, Maia and the bump

“Thanks Mi’” I smiled

“You are! Again? Oh my Merlin! That’s great!” Liv squealed

“Another little Malfoy? Does this one know?” I asked, referring to Maia

“Yeah. She does” Scorp said, just as Maia wondered off again

“What does she think?” I asked

“We’re not sure. I don’t think she fully understands yet. But we’re working on it” Rose smiled

“You can tell everyone. Don’t keep it secret. We’ve kept ours for a long time, but that doesn’t mean you have to! I can’t believe it! This is amazing. We both have people living inside of us!” Liv smiled widely

“That we do. But are you sure?” Rose asked, looking at me

“We’re sure” I nodded.

So, we told Scorose, in the hallway of their house. And then they told us about their second Baby Malfoy, which is amazing, but quite frightening too. Pregnant Rose will be coming back, joined by a pregnant Liv.
It happened quite quickly and loads of questions followed which we answered numerous times over the course of telling everyone. They both promised not to tell anyone and said the only people they were going to see before Christmas was Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron, so we decided to tell them after immediate family (they were delighted and honoured they got told separately), as well as Astoria and Draco, who we paid at visit to after Hermione and Ron (Astoria was ecstatic, they both said they couldn’t be more pleased, and were both honoured to have been told separately as well). Liv had wanted to tell them separately anyway, seeing as she loved them both like her own family. Lily screamed her head off, not very different to Peyton actually and was extremely happy we’d told her before James. She promised to help with anything before we’d even asked her anything, and couldn’t stop smiling, which meant she had to swear not to tell anyone. James, Anna and Ashley were all really pleased. Well, James and Anna were, they were really happy we were being allowed our baby this time, and so were we. By the time we told everyone else on Christmas, it had become slightly tedious answering the same questions over and over.

“Livy!” Peyton shouted as soon as she got into the house on Christmas Eve

“Pey?” Liv shouted back from upstairs, she was just changing into her Christmas Eve day Pjs

“She’s upstairs changing into the correct Pyjamas” I filled her in, while sat on the sofa surrounded my presents waiting for them both to get ready

“Thanks Al. I’M COMING UP!” she nodded thanks and took off up the stairs

Once they came back downstairs Liv looked very flustered but Peyton was beaming. Both in the most ridiculous pyjamas, I’ve ever seen, an old tradition they used to have for Christmas at home.

“What’s happened?” I asked carefully

“Peyton’s got some news” Liv said vaguely, joining me on the sofa

I turned to Peyton who looked excited, sat opposite us

“Well, I went home and told Mum. She’s so so happy! She even squealed a little bit. Anyway, she says she can’t come over for Christmas because it’s awfully short notice. I covered for you by the way, I said, you couldn’t come over because you’re all pregnant but you sent me because I’m practically you. Again, anyway, she says she’s going to come over for New Years! Isn’t that great?!” Peyton spoke quickly and all at once. I can’t be the only one who gets lost.

I looked over at Liv to see what I was meant to be feeling. She just looked exhausted. So I had no idea what to say, “Ummm... Yeah, that is great. I’m glad your Mum’s happy because of course we’re over the moon” I decided to say

“See. Al thinks it’s a good idea. Why don’t you?” Peyton said

I received ‘The Look’ from Liv, “I don’t think it’s a bad idea” she started

“Well then what’s wrong?” Peyton asked

“It’ll be stressful” Liv replied

“How?” Peyton persisted

“Well, Mum’s never visited before for one” Liv said

“I’ll come over too if you like; I’ll take her from France all the way here to Hogsmeade!” Peyton offered

“But we haven’t got any room for both of you. We barely have room for you!” Liv explained,

“It’ll be okay. We can postpone the baby’s room. You and Peyton can share our bed. Your Mum can stay in the baby’s room and I’ll sleep on the sofa” I suggested

“Sleep with my pregnant sister?” Peyton repeated

Hey! You say it like it’s a bad thing!” Liv complained

“She’s not that pregnant yet” I commented

Yet!” Liv exclaimed

“Exactly! We’re talking about a while away” Peyton decided to complain now, using Liv’s outrage as agreement

“She won’t be that big” I added

That big?! Excuse me!” Liv exclaimed, “I’m still here you know” she started flapping her hands about (the hormones have just started to kick in)

“We know. I’m just trying to make this work Liv” I said calmly, holding onto her hand

“Can you think of another idea?” Peyton asked

“Peyton. You’re on the sofa” Liv stated, patting the seat with her free hand

“Why do I have to?!” she questioned, like a child to her Mum

“Mum can’t, I obviously can’t and you don’t like Al’s idea. So this is the only option” Liv shrugged

“Fine” she resigned

“Okay. So, you’re okay though with Mum coming?” Peyton checked

“Yeah. Well, it’s done now” Liv shrugged

“It’ll be fine” I squeezed her hand a bit tighter

“Al! Oh god she’s only ever spent 4 days with you!” she realised

“And I’m charming. It’ll be fine” I joked

“Al” she shook her head at me “Wait. Is she bringing him with her” Liv quickly turned on her sister

“No. Just us girls. And Al. That’s how she put it” Peyton revealed and Liv let out a visible breath

“Good” she sat back in her seat, relaxing

“Good” Peyton repeated

“Shall we have Christmas the Adams way then?” I asked

“Yes!” the two girls simultaneously turned to each other, both grinning widely

A/N-Hey Guys!
Sorry it's been a while! I've been super busy with the House Cup on the forums, but I'm here now!
What did you think of the chapter?
As ever I want to hear your opinions especially to:
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In addition I want to know what you think of the baby? What’s your prediction, a boy or a girl f(or both couples)?

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Emz xxx

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